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About Desk about desk toy fidget cube Toy Fidget Cube es of note Bailong, Hou Xuan, said Distribution go, ready to sell. White Dragon, Hou Xuan, micro a bend, a wave of his hands, twenty four black people, suddenly moving rapidly, in the garden cloth into an octagonal battle, facing the surrounding houses. Sparrow in the white sword next to the girls side of the sword, his hands holding two to wear in the waist of the dagger on the hilt. It seems that the middle aged scholar in white feathers, seems to be the figure, but he was the white girl, but it seems very respectful, slow two steps, slightly bowed, said Wang Xian girl, may have advice White woman shook her head, smiles by the text of the master it, jade fairy is only responsible for dealing with that surname Xiao Xiao Han heart of a move, speculation Road So she is specifically responsible for dealing with me, I do not know what the Wang Xian is a backing Looking back, Tan Sangu is also staring at him. But listen to the middle aged scribes Lang Lang said In the following days Kui, you did not launch an ambush interception, the text of a do not want to cause melee, I hope you come out, according to the rules on the arena, a winner, Out, then do not blame the fire in the next set off the house. Tan Sangu whispered Xiao Gongzi what high Xiao Han said predecessors make decisions. Tan Sangu loudly said Since you want to follow the rules of the arena, Ming Ming to the challenge,, fidget cube antsy labs such as a Gongxingyue map, it is unique works. Zhao this flower hall, built in Zhao Garden, the garden is not, but a lot of strange flowers, it is the sick family thanks Zhao hundred years, that he likes to spend trees, and do everything possible to seek and derived, when For the gifts sent, Zhao 100 years in order to take care of these trees, in particular, two of the gardener is very experienced in gardening, care of these trees, but the finishing was blooming flowers throughout the year, floral incessant, called For the flowers Hin. Now, this flower Xuan, sat four people. Zhang Lan is the first, the left is more than 40 year old middle aged elite, Zhao Youlan sitting on the right, Xiao Han on the chair, tight collar Zhao girl, but to open back a foot. This is the Xiao Han months of self denial, that he is not a person to participate fidget cube $3.8 in this meeting, but to protect Zhao girl s nursing home martial arts. He did not arrogant, sensible, between the affairs, very measured. Because of this, so Zhang Lan light contempt for his hostile attitude, changed a lot, no longer deliberately picky about him. A girl dressed in Tsing Yi, served a tea, dim sum, retreat to the side of Zhao Youlan standing, but Zhao Youlan was a wave Apricot, you go out Apricot slightly hesitated, said Yes She turned out of the hall, and, smoothly brought the hall door. Zhang Lan looked at the left middle age.

rds resounding, great generation of catching spirit. Zhang Lan longer than one breath, said Killing life, Wang Xiong, let us collect him. His right fidget cube qoo10 hand to explore the waist, remove a pair of gold ring, sub grip hands. Hou Xuan suddenly a flash, Smart extremely bully to the side of Zhao Youlan, one hand to seize the right arm Zhao Youlan. Zhao tight girl, gambling murder bleeding, hearts have been swept fear stricken, but her teeth to hold back, there is no shouting, there would also like to get the idea will hit her mysterious idea. In fact, even if she had known, but also less than dodge. Waiting for the mysterious action too fast, fast Zhang Lan and Wang Shouyi are less than rescue. Zhao Lianlan fragile, the face of death, but surprisingly calm, in addition to some pale face, the fear of the color actually no fear. If the two girls do not scruple Zhao s life and death, despite the shot. The hall suddenly quiet down, fidget cube coloring book quietly can be heard, Wang Shouyi, Zhang Lan understand that there is no chance to save Zhao girl, for a time, stay there, I do not know how to answer. Xiao Han Yue Jian Mei provocative, handsome shine, stare Hou Xuan, a sudden opening, said Let her go Hou Xuan sneered Good big breath, let go of her, your kid is what people My name is Xiao Han, you want to hostage, I can replace Zhao girl. Haha, Xiao Han month, have not heard, you are not feel very weight.iao Han month can not help but secretly Yi Tan, reach out and cover the door. Second, what is the character, even in the heart of the inner city of Kyoto, the suburbs, to establish such a huge force Who is the big man The seven princes will not it Readers, after all, want far reaching, non general Jianghu leather comparable. Careful thinking, but also feel a lot of suspicious, such as the seven princes and frank conversation, Xiao Han months can be resolved to a lot of the hearts of the suspect. Room door, the sound of a soft knock the door. The door is not bolted, please come in At this moment, Xiao Han month really do not want to be disturbed, he about desk toy fidget cube would quietly think about it, the middle of the complex relationship. Into the door is often nine. Xiao Hanyue suddenly the spirit of the earthquake, which is often nine really understand the rivers and lakes of the accident. Goblin door is a small portal does not see the light, rivers and lakes in the know that the portal is not much, they do not have illustrious martial arts, but they have been hidden in the dark, their hideaway trace of the surgery, only rivers and lakes, they really understand Things in the rivers and lakes. This little portal, there is no strict rules of the door constraints, it is difficult to draw one or two by rivers and lakes fellow respected figures, but able to fame in the rivers and lakes on the f.that change from the Wu Feng that girl, see, I hope to trap her confession, can not think of, she was actually not eat soft and hard, drip leak. Zhang Lan Road How fake Wang Shouyi smile about, about desk toy fidget cube said If I had really identified her nest, I would have told you a long time ago, but Zhang Lan frowned, said But what Wang Shouyi said Xiao brothers said they may nest in the city of Nanking, I have not quite believe, but tonight I see Wu Feng that girl look, but also sure that Xiao brothers inferred good, they are indeed nest in the city of Nanking Eyes on the betting in the body of Xiao Han, his face is a respect for the color, then said Shaw Brothers, your martial arts, intelligence, response and the ability to break things, are very human and the only missing, is the life on the rivers and lakes, a little time, will Suddenly shut up silent. Originally, Wang Shouyi suddenly thought of Zhang Lan, is the most face saving people, when he was before, so praised Xiao Han may cause displeasure, just listen to Zhang Lan laughed and said Will become a Megatron octahedral, were moving figures of the Quartet, however, Shaw Brothers, like you this kind about desk toy fidget cube of text, Wu Quancai people, removed in the arena, is too borrowed, as long as you are willing, Would like to recommend seven princes Wang Shouyi suddenly sighed, then said Zhang Lao, the earth can not hide the.

About Desk Toy Fidget Cube said All three have been modified. Wang Shouyi inconvenience about desk toy fidget cube to open, often nine can not tell the words of elegance, the two do not speak, Xiao Han months had no choice but to speak Is Cao Min and so not afraid to disturb the palace, Guer modified into a fancy identity. Seven princes nodded and said Which one is the total Wang head Beizhi in Wang Shouyi and hastily kneel down. I said, do not have much ceremony, please quickly from. Seven princes look and Yue, seems to speak out sincere. Wang Shouyi said Thank you, princes, thank the princes, Seven princes stopped Wang Shou yi, then smiled and said Bureaucratic etiquette cumbersome, if you are too binding, it is difficult to speak freely, enjoy this Syria, the best you are the identity of my princes to go. Xiao Hanyue Fu said a good courtesy Corporal of the princes, smiled and said It s better to be respectful than younger brother. This is right, you call Xiao Han month. Seven princes nodded and said Zhang Xi told me that you want to come to Fuchu Garden to see, I would like to see you and you, but I did not tell Zhang Xi, I am afraid that affected you stop the trip. Xiao Han looked up at the seven princes, he saw about thirty seven eight, slender figure, black beard and chest, kind, since with a noble momentum, micro a bend, said Royal Highness Ritual Corporal, so that people can see the grass style, it is the.nine true The present situation to say about desk toy fidget cube it again. Tan Sangu a sigh, said So to say, they have found my hiding place, no, the old body to go She said go away, got up and went out. Zhang Lan got up and stopped, whispered The older generation, intended to go Tan Sangu suddenly said No matter where there are good, that is, can not stay here, white feather to make the door people bold, the old body to stay this, I am afraid to involve the palace of the people Xiao Han Yue said The older generation, white feather so that the door of the people, there, may have a reason Tan Sangu said What are the reasons We re tracking down a case Tan Sangu said What case, if the white feather so that the door of the people do, listen to the old body a word to persuade, it would not have traced down, you can not deal with a few of them Xiao Han said If coupled with the old No Tan Sangu shook his head, said white feather so that the door, martial arts, about desk toy fidget cube although the high strength, but the old body of self confidence, but also deal with them, but they are very hard to prevent the hidden weapon, but Jiaoren can not resist, I have seen that about desk toy fidget cube changeable , Powerful odd snake head arrows powerful, not any martial arts can resist. Xiao Han said So to say, rivers and lakes above, let them freely freely good people, but also allow them to slaughter Tan Sangu coldly The newborn calves.


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