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Best Toy Fidget Cube od, but on the Xiao Han also maintained considerable respect, waving, said Xiao brothers, Zhao girl, please sit, please sit. Wang Shou yi followed behind Zhang Lan, the competent of the catch, although also has a heavy mind, but he was not anger in color. Four people often Huanyuan in the gathering, but has a certain seat, sit down, the Zhao girl personally holding the tea for the three. Zhang Lan drank tea, eyes condensate in the face of Xiao Han, said Seven princes to me has always been foolish, can not think of today, I actually count the number of meal, if, three to five days, but also can not find the whereabouts of Zhao earth, the old lady of the palace general chair, no face and then go on. Xiao Han month, he obviously wants to Xiao Han months to give him some advice, he was the young man, has been very admired, but Xiao Han on this, but no experience, and sometimes this, I do not know how to speak. Fortunately, Wang Shouyi took the cavity, said Zhang Xiong, Xiao brother s plan has received a considerable effect, I think this 35 days, this and other stalemate situation, there will be changes. Zhang Lan nodded and said Shaw Brother, what do you think Xiao Han Yue said If we are strict agreement, the secret set leakage, I think they should come Zhang Lan said confident Xiao Han on a wry smile, said There is no absolute grasp, but there should be Qicheng odds, they.d Yes. Do not call Wu Feng to the doctor for some light dance no need Zhao hundred years coldly said I just want to know, why should I imprisoned here, although not see the sun and the moon here and stars, estimated that there are probably a hundred days long now Wenque nodded and said Doctor, what s wrong here Zhaobian deep note Sparrow, slowly said You mean you and Wu Feng Sparrow then said Concubine and Wu Feng, was ordered to serve the doctor, to seek weeks, so that doctors can forget the trouble Zhao hundred years sigh, said Yes, you and Wu Feng are human color, but unfortunately I am not eager for beauty of the people. Sparrow eyes best toy fidget cube suddenly in tears, whispered Mr. best toy fidget cube Zhao is really gentleman, concubine and Wu Feng, short skirts thin shirt, handle the side of the body, a hundred best toy fidget cube days to get along, Erbinsimo, sir can be less than chaos, concubine among the heart, very respectful of the President. Oh Zhao hundred years face is a touch of smile, said Sparrow, I know, you are on a life, involuntarily, your master put me in prison forbidden stone here, the supply of food, wine, and you choose this peerless beauty, belly talented beauty with me, obviously Is not harm the meaning of the. Sparrow pondered for a while, Road The doctor is the guest of our master. Zhao hundred years I d like to meet my master and talk to him in person. Sparrow said Mr. Zhao, you.

have been waiting for a hundred days, why anxious in a moment, please wait a few days, the owner has been under the instructions, he recently busy some fidget cube malaysia business, a spare time, should come to see Mr How long will it take This, undefined status can not answer, I think it should not be too long Zhao hundred years pondered without a word. Sparrow gently sigh, said Doctor, concubine body a few words I do not know the severity of the words, say it, I hope not to take offense Zhao Baonian looked at the Sparrow, mind thought this girl age water, but the understanding of the business, but it is much more than her age, a total of intelligence, not like love orchids under the talent solid good, but Acquired culture, is also important, no ten years eight years, can not cultivate her this learned, ability to sing and dance skills, intellectual to knowledge based, wisdom to talent as a base, Sparrow wisdom double , How can contempt. Mind read, smile nodded, said Sparrow girl, though, please, listen for a hundred years. The doctor made a heavy statement, undefined status want to ask Mr. is to you peerless medicine, is not really make a person immortal Questioning Although the expected, once confirmed, Zhao hundred years can not help but stay one, said Who wants to live forever Doctor chest chest beautiful, but also cheap concubine best toy fidget cube respect it Zhao hundred years sigh, said Sparrow girl, immor.not too risky Xiao Han said Wait a minute, princes assured that the cold months will do whatever, princes good rest, the cold months retire. Seven princes said I know, I have something to trust. Xiao Han Yue said princes commanded. Seven princes said Open the box. Xiao Hanyue took the box, hesitant. Seven princes smiled and said Open it Xiao Han month to open the box, remove a folding yellow Ling, said princes, this Seven princes said This is the title of the title of the three king Chao, but also harm the Troop and Laoba best toy fidget cube Xiao Han month then said princes, please close up. Seven princes looked at Xiao Han Yue nodded smile, heart of the large table of praise, illegal channels he should not even look, this young man really is a rare gentleman figure. Took the secret Chao, seven princes close put away, said The cold fidget cube info months, such as the unfortunate death, think of ways to take secret Chao, can give five princes, eight princes look better, if there is no opportunity to think of ways to destroy it. Xiao understand the hearts of the month, this matter a lot, agreed to the seven princes will be at ease. Nodded and said Yes Hanyue down. Seven princes said persuade surplus children, tell her, I m fine. Slowly close your eyes. Xiao Han month on the box of the seven princes of the pillow, retreated, but listen to seven princes exclaimed The box out to destroy it. Xiao Han.Zhu Yingying raised his head, sweet smile, was actually innocent deep, no fear of color. Often nine smiled and said Zhu girls wear this, at least, it is not appropriate to let too fidget cube keyring many people know what you are. Zhu Yingying turned around and glanced, said what is that Human skin mask Zhu Yingying Xiao Xiao look at the month, Xiao best toy fidget cube Han nodded smile, Zhu Yingying took over, wore up. This mask produced exquisite, Zhu Yingying worn on the face, there is no sense of discomfort. Fourteenth back to the white killer A few hundred feet, the sudden appearance of best toy fidget cube a group of silhouette, the line directly to the lotus floor over. Enemy finally appeared, but the momentum is out of the big nine unexpected. They are not leap to, nor is the hidden encirclement from, actually is divided into three lines, walking calmly straight over. Shadows asymptotic, can be roughly seen, three rows of men, each row of twelve people, a total of thirty six individuals, are wearing a black dress, the body wear long knife. Xiao Han Yue said Wind group killer Often nine Thirty six people, implied the number of stars, is probably the combination of the knife array hit, we rely on heavy stone to the enemy, do not be trapped by them into the knife array. Xiao Han Yue said White girl went to a half stick of incense If not finished, white jade fairy has flow like a flow vector from the Chi, behi.

Best Toy Fidget Cube e to think about it, can say, I have said very clearly, and now that you Make a decision. No matter how clever Xiao Han month, but he is entering the arena, and other complex and important things, pondered for a while, said Too sudden, I must think slowly. At this time, ruddy whispered softly cried Let go. Wang Shou yi right hand Tiechu, crashed, but Wang Shouyi left copper ring chain, but illness rolls to. But she forgot that the ring there are half wrapped around the arms of Wang Songyi, which copper ring of the wonderful, dodge the distance, but also just the right, Department, that is, it can be the length of heart, Wang Shouyi in this steel ring chain. Under the hard work for several decades, has to send and receive Xpress, the length of wishful realm, but see a sudden burst of brass rope chain two feet long, swept away. Straits strain fast, hastily between a bow, rope passing, beat up the bun into the bun hair. Wu Feng move a cross, people have come to the Sparrow side, said Are you hurt Textual rationale about Phi long hair, said Fortunately, I forgot his left hand ring, can be long or short, almost suffered a major loss. Xiao Han looked up and saw Wang Shouyi back near the wrist of his right hand, the blood flow out, the injury seems not to light, mind to pay Two Ruhuasiyu girl, even so skill, both can not be mixed into them, will have to try to capture the next two tal.not stick to the disease, while in the more magical. Xiao Han said The doctor cold on the disease, is not already good You have no disease, stagnation infuriating, the beginning of the flow, it is completely good. I should also leave, on the medical expenses, the cold months will be sent as soon as possible to find ways. He said to go away, Bao Quan a long bow, go outside. Zhao hundred years did not discourage He can see that the young man, although very poor, but Fengrui Ling Li, not easily accept the help of others. best toy fidget cube A burst of incense wind sent, Zhao Youlan slowly walked in, said Dad, he is gone I can not keep him, because he will refuse, perhaps, our method is wrong. Smile, Zhao Youlan slowly said Dad, must he Zhao hundred years long breath, said Medical Tao of the school, profound, learning people, in addition to practice makes perfect, the talent is also very important, talented people, in order to analogy, give top priority, medical progress, must Genius constant investment, can be a great harvest, Xiao Han is a genius Dad, you see him several times, how can he be a genius Zhao Baixian smile, said The father saw the patient, no fewer than tens of thousands of the public, on a person s appearance and wisdom, naturally there is a unique evaluation, which is a kind of experience, experience. Zhao Youlan Li Binbian floating around the edge of the distribution, said Da.


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