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Buy Fidget Cube Chen Baoshan angrily Inadvertent old man, Chen Baoshan, if I have three inches of gas, will never let you, a kind of, you immediately kill me Chen Shou It is nothing to kill you but nothing. And buy fidget cube slow Xiao Han received on Chen steward promised me things, not unfulfilled. Chen Shou laughed and said Everything as you expected, the old lady five years ago, has been absorbed entry. Yes, Chen Baoshan all the arrangements are sent out by the old lady, this time, the old talent is prepared to take the opportunity to coachman, , Can not think of, but was you this Mao Xiaozi, see also flaws, so that a good old lady a great credit, loss of a collapse, want to come really hateful. Xiao Han month to hear his mouth odd odd tight, can not help but a frown, said You betrayed the old master of thirty years, there should be a reason for it What causes you to destroy the emotions, forgetfulness, meaning offending Chen Shou Do not want to ask the old lady what the mouth, the old lady can say, he would say, can not say Well, then pick you can say, say it Chen Shou pondered for a while, said Chen Baoshan this family, just a big bird in the forest, is so insignificant, he will be the reason for attention, because he met the reason Murphy, Lonely old monk of the high martial arts, so that we Once on the river volley, defeated. Xiao Han Yue said What is the organization, and, the Central Plains four odd years ago and he learn from the sword, are not his opponent, he once to an enemy four, and Zhongzhou four odd fight three hundred strokes, still remain undefeated situation. Think of more than ten years later, Shangguanjie a person can beat him. Make ink non heart is shocked, over the years, he has not rested, and, self confidence in the swordsmanship, with more sophisticated, especially strong over the past many. Xiao Han month faint smile, said victory or defeat is commonplace Shangguanjie angrily You really are crazy, very, on this sentence, enough for you to die once. Xiao Han month tolerance under the anger, called on one breath, said Your swordsmanship, but the second to teach it He suddenly thought of the two of Mr. understanding, it is not much, if more sets to ask some of the inside story, the enemy of the time, also a lot of some preparation. Shangguanjie Lengheng soon as, non asked, and said I heard your sword is very clever, just do not know how compared to ink non sub Xiao Han secretly said It seems difficult to ask what his mouth. Slightly a pondered, said In the next sword of attainments, although not as Mexican non sub veteran, but the sword is very practical What does that mean Shangguanjie broken sword right hand chest, left out. A dressed in blue Jinzhuang young swordsman, immediately pull back the sword, down h.

hu no Zhang Lan slightly Yi Zheng, said Qiao out what Often nine The situation tonight some strange Zhang Lan said What is strange Often nine Our design is to entice the enemy into the hospital three decisive battle, the enemy seems to be such a plan, even the staff buy fidget cube concentrated in the three into the hospital. Zhang Lan nodded and said Yes, it seems so, how such a clever method Often nine This is not a coincidence, but both sides of the situation in Zhao Fu is very clear, choose the decisive battle of the land, actually in one place But see the figure flying, volley bird in general, down five people. Xiao Hanyue eyes buy fidget cube condensate injection, found that among the five, there are three know, they are the White Dragon magic knife, ghost knife Hou Xuan, and the Sparrow, another scribbled in blue clothes, and a white body Saber girl. The middle aged lady s four square towel with a white feathers. White feather so that the door finally appeared. Xiao Han heart thought the twenty four swordsman, swordsman, I wonder if there is no white feather so that the door. See the white feathers, the room often nine, Zhang Lan, who do not consciously touch the hand of God with the umbrella in the body. The face of the murderous world of white feathers that the door, everyone s eyes, can not help oil gave birth to a chill. That middle aged scholar Mori two cold eyes, looked around for a while, the hold the right to hold the left, maybe two will come to nothing. Xiao Hanyue finally understand the meaning of the lotus, the hearts of speculation Sparrow, Wu Feng appeared very suddenly, the lotus move a few days ago, but also not without reason, it would be wrong to be caught in between them, may be able to manage a clue. Mind to read, long sigh, said Can be borrowed, the district can not stay in Jinling for buy fidget cube too long, although the stunning current, only Wangyangxingtan. Lotus laugh laugh, said Xiao Ye can stay a few days Xiao Han Yue said Can you stop for up to three days Lotus Road That s a desperation. How about a throw Lotus Flower Road strong medicine heavily, as people from the match, to see if they can tempted, however, Xiao Ye first to decide, like that one Soft curtain start, the text of a smile came in buy fidget cube a smile, said Lotus sister, what are you talking about Lotus mouth chuckle, said What to talk about Shaw uncle to ask Scarab near the Xiao Han month sat down, said Xiao Ye, can not tell me what is it Xiao Han Yue on his face a hot, said We re talking talking about you What about me This this Xiao Hanyue Although there is ulterior motives, but he is the beginning of the breeze into the market, but also difficult to fully adapt to this for a long time, this does not come out. Lotus staring at Xiao Han on smile, said It seems that Xiao Ye is no., how can you become so kind today. Another gray clothing should be said I Guo Tianwei drug targets are martial arts master, the general civilian population, but I never start. Xiao Han months to understand the mind, and that face is no pock of talent is the master of drugs. Suddenly speed up the pace to go forward. Zhu Yingying Chen Baoshan has been a hint of Xiao Han Yue, gopher door has a very good contact method, a move, a gesture, represents an action. Walking in the crowd of Xiao Han suddenly disappeared, Chen Baoshan Zhu Yingying snake Yinchuan hidden into the road among the grass. Smart action, making the peer among the passengers, not even a person found. Xiao Han months just implicit body, often nine suddenly appeared in the buy fidget cube side, smiled and said Shaw Brother, what are you going to do Kill the poison master What is he I heard them talk, he called Guo Tianwei. Often nine stay for a stay, said Guo Tianwei, barren without Guo Tianwei How do you know him Xiao Han Yue said with a strange feeling Since you know that he is a drug master, naturally early to know who he is. I can see he will use drugs, it is the experience of rivers and lakes, but I do not know who he is. Xiao Hanyue pondered a front I see, it is a kind of experience, experience accumulated observation. This is called Jianghu experience, but I think it would be Guo Tianwei. Xiao Han Yue said Is not he terrible.

Buy Fidget Cube e sword beads, who went forward to move forward. Zhang Lan mind to understand, at the moment is their desperate time, shouted, the combination of the body s skill, Jichong past, while turning the handle, six iron arrows, continuous injection. This is a fight old way of life, almost the same blue jersey and juvenile standard defended action, the people also dissolved as Weaponry application. A welcome one to the two sides, rapid Jin Jin. Sword of the sword of the young blue sword cut, sprinkle a Jianhua, edge of the iron injection of iron arrows, four were Zhenfei, two broke into Jian Wang, was he flashed. Sword into disease, strength Dodge, even crushed the hands of Zhang Lan umbrella, cut off the iron bone. Zhang Lan met a real first class master, but he had already put the life and death, throwing an iron umbrella, remove the double ring. Not enough time shot, a figure, like arrows in general, direct over, crashed into the blue boy. Blue boy sneer soon as, sword lightning Pichu. The sword force Dodge, and that fly from the shadows of the silhouette, actually even a man with a sword was split for two halves, blood and broken umbrella, fall to the ground. Zhang Lan a female ring, smashed the past. Blue boy sword a move, zipper ring was shaken up soar, although not sell, but empty door big exposed, blue clothing juvenile Jian Shen Yi, point forward chest. A Pak Mong, from the ai.owed Xiao Han months, and become obedient, and now, Zhu girl dressed as a young servant, perhaps nine is still a little angry heart, a charming girl Zhu, dressed very Weird, delicate bright red color. Become black and thick, crescent shaped eyebrows, also become very rough look, like a mountain village in the cattle child. But as a closer look, it was found that Zhu lovely girl side, bright eyes, white neat teeth, and show delicate hands, but unfortunately the slim figure. But was covered by a wide and large clothes. Often nine to the girl after the portrait of Xiao Han months, the portrait suddenly disappeared in general, two days and two nights, did not even met and Xiao Han months, Xiao Han not help to take up the heart, but did not say it. That night, to fidget cube hk the 100 set, Xiao buy fidget cube Han, etc. stay in a Taiping inn. Hundreds away from Jinling, but about hundred miles, where not because it is located in buy fidget cube the area, just a day away from the Jinling itinerary, which became a very fast development of the town, the fidget cube real population is also more set by the 100 People gathered to thousands of people, close to the official Road store, opened a dozen inn. Taiping Inn is the best collection of a hundred pubs, but also run the wine business. Xiao Hanyue and so on to a cross hospital, the rice wine in a small hall in the cross hospital. Chen Baoshan this way as far as possible in the imitation of the tone.


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