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Buy Official Fidget Cube adapt. Xiao Hanyue pretended to Guo Tianwei. Guo Tianwei cold, aloof, very few words, this is easy, but the buy official fidget cube difficulty is his ability to use drugs. Often nine in the Wan Changqing and Guo Tianwei who found a different color on both sides of Yao Pai, Guo Tianwei who fidget cube alternative also found a poison in the body. After the text on the esoteric, difficult to understand, but it is difficult to fall Xiao Han month, he read two, has been proficient in the general situation with the drug. Often buy official fidget cube nine and Zhu Yingying together, immediately tried to the Princess is difficult to wait, she and Xiao Han month together, obedient, but now it is unruly exception, such as just angry, often nine can But now, she is not angry, but pique, all of a sudden do not eat, all of a sudden refused to go, tossing often nine pins and needles, miserable. Finally found a chance, no wild, often nine to speed up the pace, catch up with Xiao Han Yue, said Shaw Brother, brother can not cover. Xiao Han spent a stay on, said What do you mean Zhu girl launched a daughter of temper, old brother I was her torture was dumbfounding, so go on, less than Jinling, I will lose this old. Chen Baoshan smiled and said You are not far away, how do I not hear Miss Zhu angry voice If she is willing to temper, it touches a good deal, the difficulty is that she refused to attack Chen Baoshan then said I can not figure out how she Zhang Zongxiao seats, please go to see the master of the injury surplus children, dressing dressing Princes assured, Xiao Gongzi mercy, this injury the old body also bear live. Xiao Han Yue smile about Royal Highness, Tan predecessors, Hanyue missed, disturbing the Yaxing, this do not over. Baoquan, turned to go outside. Seven princes stay for a stay, want to call Xiao Han month, but he is the princes identity, usually a call 100 Noble, very distinguished, a sudden, can not think of appropriate wording. Zhang Lan heart is anxious, but see the seven princes of the rigid look, I do not know how to deal fidget cube shopify with. Xiao Gongzi stay step, the old body But see silhouette Pina fly, Yingying Princess has leap into the sky, stopped the way to Xiao Han Yue, said You can not go Xiao Han Yue said Princess, but to win the cold month of the fidget cube alternative crime Zhu Yingying laugh buy official fidget cube laugh, buy official fidget cube said What crime did you commit I did not have the ability to take you down She did not become a government, a Jiao Zhi, said the words, though felt ridiculous, but it is the heart of the thought, the sentence is true. Oh Xiao Han month relaxed look a lot of buy official fidget cube small, then Then the princess stopped in the next path, what is the heart I would like to invite you to stay, because Master has a lot to say to you She suddenly lowered the voice, then said My father would also like to talk to you, but he embarras.

in the palace in it Tan Sangu nodded. At this time, Zhu Yingying sweat ran into Huaxuan, said Master, Xiao Xiong, I excel, do you want to see Tan Sangu laughed Please Xiao Gongzi pointing you Master can not have this ability. Zhu Yingying a hand holding Xiao Han said Go, you see what I got to the realm, and whether people Xiongxiongmyyan Xiao has been on the cold to accept her preparation, let her pull out of the flower Xuan. Look at the two to go far, Tan Sangu was sighed, said Zhang Xiong, you not only can not resign the palace chair, but also secretly to the master part of the Zhang Lan then said Concentrated in the palace Tan Sangu said Hidden in the dark, on the surface and the palace has nothing to do, there are secretly support the palace.Xiao Han months left on the umbrella, is a kind of Kill enemy weapon, use it to train a team of young masters, composed of an iron umbrella guard, The old body has a strange feeling that the mysterious organization, not simply, can not prepare, say, the princess thing, we can not really do not know the truth, Of the hands, regardless of the total to secretly take care of. Zhang Lan, Wang Shouyi heard nodded. Often nine Do not count me, my name is often used, but wandering the wandering life, in a place to live a long time, will I suffocate. Tan Sangu said Did not intend to stay you down Very good, so often someone will.from the array nothing more Xiao Han said The girl buy official fidget cube s meaning, but that must be blood five steps, a sudden death, be considered a winner Xuan Yi girl said You are not afraid of Xiao Han said In the next just puzzled, lakes man, why must a sudden tragedy, be considered the result. Each road, there are ways to break the resentment. Chang nine interface The arena on the right and wrong on the set, but also often to measure the standard martial arts, Xiao Gongzi is able to tongue Lotus, can not seek tongue Right and wrong answer. With a helpless smile. Xiao Han month on the second line to the North to fight. Seven black people are also figuring how to move, to the other side of the storm in the array, but unexpectedly Xiaohan month turned out to be from the cast Luo network. Knife array at the same time move around pocket around. This time, Xiao Han has long bamboo, not to let them have the opportunity to launch a knife array, sword suddenly stabbed. Do not see the sword of the situation there is any wonderful change, but the speed of thorns fast, but just right, the knife array before the start of the moment, piercing a black man s throat. The Big Dipper, a star from the bit, the whole array chaos, Xiao Han Yue Jian, means and out, such as flashlight strokes, the remaining six people have not had time to strain the whole array, have all fallen down. Zhang Lan and often nine, see s.t return to the flower hall, instead of standing side by side, visual Zhongzhou Siqi, said The you shot White Han Chengfang white white boy behind, was about to move, suddenly a low voice, came in the distance, said You come back Zhongzhou four odd together with the white youth, Wen Sheng turned around, flew over the wall away. Xiao Han said Master, do not chase down The situation is getting clearer, battle is around the corner, do not we tracing, they will find up. Bai Yuxian said First save the princes bear. Three turned back, is heard that the blue boy screams sound, incoming ears. It turned out that Zhu girl shaking Silver Moon Frost to help combat, the blue boy sword a block, cut off the sword sword Princess, Mo Fei time sword, piercing the chest vital, screams, down Dropped on the floor. Seven princes saw the daughter of great skill, heart happy, could not help but smile. At this time, Zhang Lan and the remaining nine guards together hands, as soon as possible to remove the row of Chen in front of the corpse in the flower hall. Witnessed his painstaking training of the palace guards, was so vulnerable, Zhang Lan mind share of sadness, simply can not describe, could not help but tear down the old tears. fidget cube kaufen Chang nine slowly walk over, whispered Zhang Xiong, this is the arena of the top first class master duel, I often go half a lakes, but also have not seen this master fight.

Buy Official Fidget Cube clear, I just learn some small insects, but on the lakes on the trick , Weird, I am more than you know, I see a lot of prestigious people, in the end, the mask expose, to know that he is a bad thing to do hypocrites, rivers and lakes risk, people fickle, brother, harm the heart can not have , Anti human heart can not be without ah Bai Yuxian suddenly seemed to think of something big, hastily said I seem to have seen him Xiao Han said Who have seen Bai Yuxian said Yang Fanghe Xiao Hanyue smiled and said The white girl to see him face, at least there should be three times, of course, is not unfamiliar. Bai Yuxian said I said is not formal and he met Chang nine then said how is a situation and meet him, the girl may remember Bai Yuxian said In that boat on top of the boat, I and Mr. Second to meet Xiao month then said It is not surprising, and he is the second gentleman to accompany the second adviser in the side of Mr No Bai Yuxian called on one breath, said That night is the second Mr. and I met alone Xiao said Mr. Er said in advance to understand That did not Xiao said Yang Fang He was extraordinary, perhaps the second intention to arrange him in the boat, dark for observation. White jade face is slightly flush, said That seems unlikely Xiao Han said unlikely, what does that mean Bai Yuxian pondered for a while, said It buy official fidget cube is relat.irl did not say anything, but Xiaobi a few words, I do not know the should not say Xiao Hanyue smiled, said You say Say wrong, it does not matter. Xinghua said Well Son so ordered, apricot bluntly, Miss attached to the son of a very heavy, all pinned in the son of the body Xiao Han buy official fidget cube eyebrows wrinkled, pondered without a word. Xinghua said Maybe the son did not know, Miss good nature, she broke some achievements, has to waste sleep, forget the realm, often day and night, three days and nights have not rested. Why, why do not you persuade her Servant to persuade many times, but no use, so I told the son, I hope you can persuade her. Xiao Han on a wry smile, said I I think she will listen to you. Xiao Han heart on the road. Perhaps in the past, and now, I m afraid to die, a woman changing, really is Mo can be predicted. But his mind was thinking, but nodded and said Well Have the opportunity, I advise her to try. Xinghua Road Thank you son. Xinghua turned forward to the line, to the door, suddenly stopped, back, said buy official fidget cube There is a very important, I almost forgot to tell the son of the Xiao Han said What happened Xiaohua Heng Xinghua has come to the front of the moon, only whispered Do big, sloppy, royal woman with surgery to move the situation. Xiao Han said This Son, do not understand, Miss said that you learn good, will understand. Xiao Han Yue waved.


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