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Cool Toy Fidget Cube a step, said The white girl, the foot has been short, inch long, we together to resist the enemy. Bai Yuxian see the two young people to launch an offensive fast, violent, secretly surprised heart, let go of a war, I believe you can support the recipe, but to block, resist them to launch a continuous quick hit, I m afraid little hope. But she is also determined to fight, and his right hand sword, his left hand quietly out of the ice beads Han Zhu, she believes that even in the fidget cube advert number of strokes in the fight to kill the enemy, ice cold Han Zhu also hit the enemy, this strange hidden weapon , The other side even if the skill pure, would like to also can not afford. But unexpectedly unsuited to the master and her unsuited to the enemy. At this time, cool toy fidget cube into the British after the young boy in yellow, but also Jishe out. But at the moment, the master and white jade cloud has become a cloth enemy formation. Leisure often nine sleeves waving, two shares of fierce Gangqi, Anjin, overlapping out. Internal strength to the use of such a realm of heart, white jade had to secretly admire. But that yellow juvenile, standard fierce mad fierce, even sword shaking flash, revealed by the sword of an internal force, body non stop, hard to the cool toy fidget cube front rushing. Bai Yuxian sneer, but also flying into the sky, sword piercing, but also recklessly play. Lonely Master strong internal force, and that yellow be any conspiracy, deception, alas The cool toy fidget cube gentleman is not too late in time from time to time, is this God, rivers and lakes on this some catastrophe Bai Yuxian said In the past only heard two gentlemen, never heard the big three words, heard today, he arrived here. Xiao Hanyue heart of cool toy fidget cube a move, said Why do we blind self suspicion, and its potential from the enemy, why not go out and see Often nine to observe the situation around, you can also understand some of the changes. Xiao Han Yue said Chang Laomeng injury healed, not action, look at the next go first. Bai Yuxian said I ll go with you. Zhu Yingying also go with, but often nine to stop. Bai Yuxian familiar with the situation in the vicinity, but also a very rivers and lakes on the experience, experience, she and Xiao Han counterparts is the most appropriate. At this time, keep the roof of the Mexican non sub suddenly went down, said strange, strange, cloth keep in this lotus floor around the cool toy fidget cube killer, seems to begin to retreat, and, very quickly, cool toy fidget cube if not since they open Tibet, Pindao really can not think of, as many people in the vicinity of so many people ambush. Xiao Han month stopped, said That is to say, they are ready to let us leave Often nine Although the retreat, but may not have put our plans, perhaps this is a trick. Xiao Fang said No, he does not even martial arts, full of meridians, read the book of Confuc.

, Yang Fanghe is a full of people by the theory, trustworthy. Often nine The master is a proper monk, you Xiao brothers are Confucius students, you are group figure, nature and my cock crow dog characters different ideas. Bai Yuxian said often predecessors, undefined status carefully thought about, really can not think of any suspicious Often nine wry smile, said To be honest, I often feel that someone is wrong, but can not think of where not Bai Yuxian said We do not go, even if the two temporary change of mind, we can also cope with Old monk to stay here, it is this meaning. Xiao Han month smile, then said Chang Xiong, you would be too suspicious, right Often nine without thinking. White Jade immortal anti human heart can not be, you, we take this opportunity to take a good look at the moment, the second Mr. strange weird, Changxiong of worry is not without reason. Xiao Hanyue, Lonely Master looked at each other, sitting cross legged. Zhu Yingying slowly on the side of the side of Xiao Han, sat down, whispered Brother, you are tired, take a break I keep in your side for you to protect the law. Xiao Hanyue smiled and said You should also take a good rest, this life you have never eaten this bitter it No, but I do not feel bitter, I met with the father in Beijing, you Huang Bo, Huang Shu, they are good to me, but between them, but also as we are now the same Cha.At the moment too early, although I stay in this for several months, but we can not think of what we leave will be some changes, as we sit for a while, raising enough spirit, as soon as dawn, Xiao Han Yue said Well, maybe the second person who met, there will be a life and death battle. In fact, several people are aware of, in danger, who can not predict the next step change, the night off, it would be better to dawn strain, anyway, has determined a war, not to mention, Xuanwu Lake in Jinling City, Lakers during the day and more, both hands once the fight, may be alarmed by government officials, it greatly beneficial. Xiao is most worried about the safety of Zhu Yingying, should be alarmed official, the princess away, the hearts of no scruples, but also let go. This is a very strange phenomenon, although there is nothing in the official capacity, but there is a shock in the great power, perhaps, this is the so called evil is victorious. Xiao Hanyue now also have this idea, I hope Wang Shouyi can appear in time. Xiao Hanyue and other interest rates wake up, white jade fairy has been ready for bath and very rich breakfast, soft smile, said Gentlemen, eat something, we should go. Her mind to understand that although the two sides have cooperation, but between each other, not very strong trust, at the head of eating and drinking, side said Some hard fought, fear will be inevitable.pot, full of a cauldron of vinegar a century, the bottom of the pot has been burning flames. Zhao Youlan line near the steamer, already set foot on the wooden chair, said propped up seven princes. Two serve in the pot side of the palace loyal servant, by the cage out of seven princes. Zhao Youlan out of the lily, stabbed the seven princes twelve points, said Take care to, as long as the steel to take the line on the vinegar, the fire can not be large, can not be broken, to see gold in the acupuncture, and some black blood Come out and call me at once. Two loyal servants should be a cry, carefully to take care of. Seven princes sweating, the muscles are trembling, evidently seems quite sad, but he was the point of the acupuncture points, can not make move to speak. Zhao Youlan in the kitchen kept walking back and forth, anxious feeling, overflowing brow. Xiao Hanyue slowly walked in, nodded and said Orchid hard. Zhao Lan Lan Huo Ran stopped, probe the first look at the sky, said What happened Xiao Han said No matter how the situation of the seven princes Zhao Youlan said Do not lie to me, tell me, I know the control of seven princes of the disease, changes Xiao Han said It seems that what, would like cool toy fidget cube to hide from you, are not easy Zhao Youlan said Well, how the situation Xiao Han said The discovery of the enemy track, but no invasion Zhao Youlan pondered for a while, suddenly re.

Cool Toy Fidget Cube otect themselves. In fact, it will lose their lives, suddenly scared out of a cold sweat, got up Yi Yi Road, Thank you for your advice Sparrow sweet smile, said The doctor goods respectable, cheap concubine a little cotton, but the response, but also the doctor thoughtful. Yes, yes, a hundred years from the will be careful to deal with. Sparrow said Doctor, please sit, everything as ever, cold arrogant conceited, anti people is unpredictable. And Mingjiao, grateful Zhao hundred years with emotion, said If a hundred years to protect a life, are the girl pointing. But listening to a while walking sound, Wu Feng suddenly Jiben into, urgent voice exclaimed Sparrow, Sparrow Zhao hundred years is sat, the Sparrow has greeted up, said What, so yelling, not afraid of noisy sir Wu Feng nodded and smiled, looking back a hundred years Zhao, said Doctor, I m sorry I have important things, and sister sister to discuss Zhao hundred years nodded, said Two girls please Wu Feng and the relative whisper a whisker. Zhao hundred years close your eyes, mind the idea of the words of the bird. To use what kind of law, in order to keep their lives, but can not lose their dignity Gouquan life under the coercion, that may not be real, only from the right to use surgery, to bully the party. But to hear the voice of the bird Wen Jiao sweetly said Doctor, cheap concubines to.t be a gateway to pass. fidget cube desk toy kickstarter Zhang Lan said The gateway is not on the rockery Often nine This takes time to find, the portal, access should be very convenient to fishes. Wang Shouyi then Often nine, in order to make rockery waterfall is not dry, rockery part of the hollow, may also be device wheel. Often nine smiled and said You do this catch the head, actually understand the knowledge of civil engineering Wang Shouyi smile I have done a case, to a rich garden, see the rockery is a long stream of endless, but also saw the device within the rockery wheel, the structure is very delicate Often nine cold then I found the hollow part, not the place where the wheel was installed. Zhang Lan spent a stay, said You mean, there s a secret room in that rockery Often nine Yes, and the portal is not open on top of the rockery. Wang Shouyi face a change, said Nine, this joke does not open Often nine Rockery part of the hollow, and the position among the mountainside, more than ten feet away from the ground, in order to avoid damp, to this rockery large, should the construction of compact, cool toy fidget cube which can have a very wide place. Zhang Lan, Wang Shouyi looked at each other, hesitantly, Xiao Han Yue nodded and said Since the discovery of Chang Xiong, on the way to find out the portal, go look. Often nine This is the official who can decide to find the palace in the rockery chamber, do not know wha.


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