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Fidget Cube $3.8 . Bai Yuxian is like a sigh, each opening, always like a long sigh, as if her mind has fidget cube $3.8 an infinite Resentment, grievances. But this time, Bai Yuxian suddenly laughed, under the light of the fire, smiling Liu Mei flower Jiao. Sigh if not love, his face sorrow, laughing, but is so charming and moving. Xiao Han only feel this woman is very strange, sigh and smile, with her expression of charm, to give people two very different feelings. Xiao Han month, I advise you not afraid of you, I just want to hurt each other and not think of you but misunderstood. Sudden right hand lift, point over. It turned out that when she wanted to kill, only smile. Xiao Han right hand out of illness, reverse the other to the right wrist. His grappling technique, has been stable, shot will be in the. But this time, even failed to succeed, Bai Yuxian right handed eating two fingers slightly curved bombs, two ray of wind, should be out of hand. Xiao Han month will be on the white wrist in the right moment, the right hand was first hit. Two cold Li Jin Qi, seems to tangible things, like a needle in general, piercing the musculoskeletal. To Xiao Han Yue recent intensive internal strength, could not resist, the hearts of surprise, a breathing, Jilt back three feet. Bai Yuxian smiling and said Shaw son, can not walk, the young girl rude. Step before the right hand to fidget cube $3.8 the chest fidget cube $3.8 of Xiao Han. Xiao Han month chill, through the arm and on the known plot in the body, by a big injury, while the luck to close the acupuncture points, left hand Pichu palm. The palm of anger and anger, with his whole body s impulsive, although sharp absolutely, but completely feminine, on the surface looked, but the introduction of flat footed palm. Bai Yuxian s right hand has been forced on the chest a few inches of the chest. At this time, Tan three stations, Zhang Lan, have been seen wrong, and Xiao Han seems to have no self protection can, Tan Sangu straight on, ready to attack the enemy will save, to understand the crisis of Xiao Han Yue. But unexpectedly take advantage of the Bai Yuxian, body suddenly inverted into the sky, a retreat of eight feet away, pale face, the emergence of a flood of flush, fell to the ground, mouth spit out a mouthful of blood. White Dragon spent a stay, anxious to white jade side of the body, said The white girl Bai Yuxian coldly said Exit Turned out and went out. White Dragon a wave, drink go Followed by white jade behind him away. Sit cross regulation of the Hou Xuan, also hurriedly stood up, dozens of silhouette, leap away. A gang fights about to start the massacre, even in the Xiao Han and Bai Yuxian two strokes of each other in the invisible. Wang Shouyi was about fidget cube $3.8 to make the release arrows, but was Xiao Han to stop, said Let them exit Finished this sentence, sudd.

hat mysterious girl is right, the underground chamber layout is extremely luxurious, although it has been empty, but the scenery remains. Viewed the case of the underground chamber, is the evening light when the palm lights. Wang Shouyi ordered the destruction of the Chamber of Secrets, closed tunnel, so as not to be occupied by the bandits, all handled properly, the sky is near the beginning, only to find often nine disappeared. Xiao Han on the big impatient, said Chang nine brother went to where X J J Tan Sangu whispered Do not look for him, let s go back to Zhao government to say. Ninth back to Yin Yue Fei cream Huaxuan flowers brightly lit, Xiao Han, Zhang Jie, Wang Shouyi, Tan Sangu, also with a Zhao girl, five people sitting around the table. Tan Sangu is very concerned about Zhao Youlan, but see her facial features show, pale, slightly thin, the spirit is very good. Zhao Youlan has always liked and Xiao Han months to sit together, but this time, seems to be intentional to escape, even sitting in the side of Zhang Lan, it is Tan Sangu and Zhang Lan between. Xiao Han heart has always been concerned about the safety of nine often, could not help but said often the enemy to track the whereabouts of the enemy, but also the back. Since the wind and thirteen grips, Zhang Lan not only has no arrogance, and, deep feeling rivers and lakes on the vast sea, he is so small a foot, pe., how can the rivers and lakes on the walk On these two words of the time, knife array already launched, seven people, seven handle long knife, flipping heavy knife light, the Xiao Han months completely shrouded in a Daoguang. Tan Sangu The formidable knife array, it seems power still rumors. Holding the fidget cube noise sword, full of concentration, at fidget cube $3.8 any time into the array can be into the knife. In fact, Zhang Lan, Wang Shouyi, often nine have been Weaponry, ready to collusion Xiao Han months. Xiao Han on the knife array for a moment toy fidget cube of change, causing a burst of fright, but his sharp eyes can still see clearly, seven long knives, points from a different location, angle, attack, each knife, are pointing to the deadly, This knife array not only change the magic, and sharp knife, a great hit fidget cube $3.8 life of the potential. A sword seal seven knives, Xiao Hanyue hand eye and then fast, but also a powerful sense of difficulty from the heart, though, he still saw the attack to the seven knife, there are flaws, but that is not a person with fast technology to First to the enemy, because, at the same time to attack the seven anti long knife. To deal with this group to come from the joint attack, the only way is to use a seal in all directions from the sword to attack. Hurry suddenly, Xiao Hanyue remembered a move can resist the enemy s swordsmanship, the sword suddenly thrust flat, to draw a curved, wonder.number of sleeves broken, did not hurt the flesh Xiao Hanyue still do not realize that already excel themselves into the body care magic, although the sharp wind knife, broken sleeve. But can not hurt his flesh, of course, to the White Dragon s fierce Li Po potential, if the direct hit, it is inevitable to Brokeback, crack skin of the crisis. Congratulations Xiao Gongzi Unarmed, repelled the White Dragon He Gang and Han afraid of the tiger as a general horse ran over, people have not arrived, could not help but cried. Xiao Han on smile, said The two have indeed come. Han afraid of Tiger Road We have been staring at Shaw son, with the lake to the Xuanwu, but a little far away He Gang then Even if we are with the Xiao Gongzi around, is also not help busy, or labor Xiao Gongzi distracted to take care of. Well, the two said well, Bailong really is a powerful figure, that knife, like a rotating wheel Xiao Han month, said with a lingering fear From the air straight down He Gang then But Xiao Gongzi still sealed his knife, and wounded him. Xiao Hanyue pondered for a while, said I seem to have kicked him, but as long as he takes another shot, I will be hurt by his sword. Han Bo Hu said fidget cube $3.8 But Shaw son unarmed, not out Weaponry, took a knife, Bailong this defeat was miserable. Xiao Han Yue said I forgot to bring the sword He Gang Unfortunately, we a.

Fidget Cube $3.8 nely Master said If the two should be sincere sir should first see Xiao Da xia and each other to look at business, arrange a Li Daodao stiff way. Blue shirts humane way in the next has long been good, but if the master should first and second to discuss, is also a matter of course. Xiao fidget cube $3.8 Han said The most important first we have to understand what is the big man character How to deal with Bai Yuxian then said The young girl feel how to control those killers, how to command them, is the top priority. Xiao Han said Mr. Second, should not be under his control of the killer, handed over in the cold month command, master, Zhefan mind will not have any effect White Yuxian eyes blue shirt humane We have seen once, fidget cube etsy the young girl is also for some of your words moved by your ability to say the eye moves odd, even though the Soviet Union and Thailand alive, Zhang Yi rebirth, Item back. Blue shirt humanity In the next will not martial arts, but the study rolls, fidget cube $3.8 cold window for ten years, a clear history of ancient and modern, each and people to talk to more than the rationale to win, the girl thought it Bai Yuxian said You persuaded me to invest in the two sects of the door, not to justice to win. Blue shirt people smile, said It is because the girl was first fooled by fame and fortune, and the situation was not clear at that time, Mr. intentions where Mr. II has not fully understa.have an old brother say, Wang Xian own disposal. Ancient month should be a cry, no more words. Rivers and lakes on the rumored white feather so that the door is how fidget cube $3.8 the hegemonic, intractable, provoke them, as blame the soul, die endlessly, but actually on the white jade life from this woman, I do not know what identity, was so The power But heard white jade cents loudly said To the old, smell the old, the two is a master of many years of idle friends, the best to move with the situation, moving the master out of the right and wrong, but also to hurt you decades old friend of peace. To the transit, the smell is a hundred years old, but the white jade is also very much respect, bend should be, a cautious and careful look. Xiao Hanyue recalled the nine regular one, whispered. Think of the boats to the shore. Often nine slightly nodded, standing still. His mind to fidget cube $3.8 understand, must act in secret, but the white jade alert height, and the other side fidget cube order of the battle, want to ship near the shore, is not easy. Often nine will be water, but not fine, if want to fidget cube $3.8 act on the rivers, knowing that there is no such capability. This matter only hope in the hands of the master of ink and non cloud body, the mind read, people have quietly moved to the side of Chen Baoshan, whispered Chen Xiong, the water of the martial arts how Chen Baoshan wry smile, said It seems fidget cube creator like the situation tonight, calm.


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