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Fidget Cube Add ver, but not the real head of the hidden, behind the scenes command, like this dark enemy, The enemy s horse before the pawns fight down, when to find Dr. Zhao, will also be a lot more innocent people, must have to think of a way, in one fell swoop, find their heads figure to do. Two hearts have their own plans, not shot. At this time, Zhang Jie, Luo bang with the archers, have arrows take the string, looked around, as long as there are enemies, immediately bow and arrow together. Wind has 13 and Zhang Lan, Wang Shouyi wrestling three or four rounds, the two sides are still unbeaten Bureau. Tan Sangu suddenly called for breath, said It seems that the master knife White Dragon knife Often nine suddenly appeared Weaponry, said can not fight go on fighting, and first their uniform to say. This time on the sidelines, often nine seems to have Qiao out of the wind on the thirteen blade on the flaws. Suddenly heard the bowstring sound, arrows Po Kong, Liu Yuanji set to the corner of injection. Xiao Han turned around and looked, I saw a corner of the park among the waste garden, I do not know when, out of the fidget cube add seven black people. They were dressed in the same clothes as the thirteen winds, and held the same shape of a long knife. Knife in hand, turned from a body of the Daomang illusion, arrows, such as Lianzhu injection, even all seven were combined to block a knife light. Tan Sangu a.o think of a way, let her speak out the truth. Zhang Lan nodded and smiled, suddenly turned to a Bao Bao on the cold, said Shaw Brothers, the second experience of skill, really is the world Jueyi, old brother and opened a vision it Hanyue lucky, Zhang has seen the award. In his feeling, he really wins the luck, Wu fidget cube add Feng shot attack, he directly grabbed her wrist, a hairpin point hairpin, enveloped around a few feet radius, he stepped forward to avoid the gold Chotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchristian louboutin outlet Instinctive reaction, to use out. Xiao Hanyue did not learn a complete boxing, palm method, but his chest in mind, is really ten million sets of boxing, the essence of palm method, are the most practical know how, direct response, simplify, see Trick trick, a strike effective. At this time, Wang Shouyi Wu Feng has solved the dumb hole, said The girl this age, no matter how powerful martial arts, it will not be the leaders, let s make a discussion Wu Feng cold then To kill to kill, there is nothing to discuss, I do not want to hear She is as brilliant as spring flowers, but quite heroic death hero. Xiao Han Yue said Wu Feng girl, listen to why not Xiao looked at a month, Wu Feng looked excited and said Sh.

Speaking fidget cube video of idle, we are more ashamed, and he retired more than sixty years, ignoring the human right and wrong, this time, even into the Red, for the rivers and lakes on the justice and effectiveness of the two old foolish, in the arena Rolling over a period of more than a year, this can also be some fame, be respected, but the old Germany does not repair, right and wrong to vote in the second of the door, white jade fairy is also evil characters, Too can change, abandon the dark cast, the old smell, do not you old to Wen Baiqi said coldly Read in the contacts for decades, I was earnest to persuade you, but also to stop the kill you To the transit then Road is not for the plan, surnamed Wen, and our friends over the years of Jia Zi, be white, and from the cut off, you do not have to worry about my safety. Moonlight, a white jade cents, Wen Baiqi Lengran, said Old to, you are an old confused, from the incompetent, stupid even pigs are not as good as To the angrily Gentlemen die, not outrageous, how do you open curse 100 odd You do not think about it, people white flowers Ruhuasiyu, you are just a bad old man, the same is no crime to fidget cube add recover, but the two did not intend to pursue Mr. White girl, but under the execution of your encyclical, you can talk and the old lady , I was carrying for you, to be honest, the soul of the killer killer, on the outside, th.o the Zhao Fu I heard that Dr. Zhao disappeared, whispered Do you remember, three months ago, I told you Lee clerk nodded and said remember Zhao Fu said This group of guests, that is, people who send medicine, Dr. Zhao to the preparation of longevity Shendan, there are a few taste very valuable medicine, can not be missing Lee account room access Is there such a drug Zhao Fu said Yes ah these herbs, two years ago on the set, those drug traffickers, spent more than two years, be considered the drug to find the. Oh, is not it a lot of money I heard, to twenty three million taels of silver. Lee accountant frowned, Road Even with the drug, which Zhao doctor disappeared, who will prepare it Zhao Fu said Orchids girl ah Zhao Dafu to the preparation of Shendan prescription, passed to Orchids girl, I heard there are two herbs, very rare, ten years eight years, not necessarily able to find that the two drugs Traders, can also really capable, more than two years time, put the drug to find the. Lee accountant pondered a moment Zhao Fu ah That longevity Shendan, is not very expensive to sell it Zhao Fu said Of course, I do not underestimate your Lee clerk, even if you Yuhua Lou boss, not necessarily affordable. Lee accountant whispered Zhao housekeeper, orchid dubbed Shendan of, you can not get one ZHAO Fu dao How do you want to live forever Who do you want to die You want.Wang Shou yi is very smart, kill him, no one chasing us again. Xiao Han on a wry smile, said He is a captain, how can kill Wu Feng laughed Xiao Xiong, and sister did not talk about a good condition Xiao Han on the hearts of a cool, pay Will they know my identity Sparrows meticulous, verbal cautious, did not reveal obvious flaws, but it was Wu Feng said. Xiao Hanyue secretly alert, take it lightly smile, said What conditions Wu Feng Yizheng slightly, said you Wu Feng, you and the Sparrow know who I am Wu Feng frowned, said Yes, do Xiao received on the cold You dare to kill the total catch of Tianfu, presumably is the same to kill me Wu Feng spent a stay, said We do not harm Xiao Xiong meaning, and very welcome Xiao Xiong to join us Xiao Hanyue eyes turn, found Wang Shouyi rope, iron ruler changes, has been able to gradually adapt to the Sparrow shenfa, although there is no ability to fight back, but can temporarily stabilize the situation, smiled and said I and Wenque Had not talked about why they came, the two sides hit up Wu Feng face a change, said Are you playing us Xiao Hanyue laugh This is not, Wu girl, the next is just tell the truth. Wu Feng eyes shot in the SG, condensate in the face of Xiao Han Yue, said Xiao Han, we are for you I know, so Xiao Han month long sighed, then said I am very embarrassed Wu Feng said What do you mean Xiao.

Fidget Cube Add thick night, it is difficult to see the scene outside the three feet. Bursts of cold winds to bring out the deep winter night fidget cube add shaw. Zhao whole house, but no lights. Completely into the dark night of being. Suddenly, a flying silhouette, with Yi Mei Piaofei sound, Yue Zhao House, fell into the first into the courtyard. Followed by people fidget cube add such as bat night fly, four or five shadows, rolling in, fell in the courtyard. A total of six people, the same color of the nocturnal black, long body knife wear. Although the dark night, but the hall is more dark, which makes hidden in the hall of Han Bohu, see very clearly. But he did not act against the enemy, but lightly waved his left hand, so that the side of the Zhang Jie standing quietly action, the news spread out. The original, in order to facilitate the enemy, the number of Zhao in the courtyard into the courtyard, have been through the wall, hall interoperability, the staff of the action, collusion, fast, secret. Six people stood in the courtyard for a moment, at the head of a sudden flying leap, kicking on the roof, leaping in the second heavy courtyard, behind five people, then action, flying into the sky. Han Bohu did not block, left light strokes, with two cassettes fidget cube ship date crossbowman, around the second to the heavy garden. Tan Sangu according to Xiao Han Yue design matrix method is to lead the enemy into the second, three double decis.onestly. Xiao Han Yue said Hanyue said the truth, the fidget cube add older generation to swear younger Tan Sangu sneer, said The matter is significant, the old body had to ask clear. What else Xiao Hanyue also some irritation, and tone has been significantly poor. Tan Sangu said Old body to see the traces of flowers left on the tree, it is the shape of a white feather arrowheads. Xiao Han Yue said That is, why conceal it White feather so that the door forced the old man out of the lakes, stealth Shishi, Xiao Gongzi Why dare to make the door and the white feather to make people against Xiao Han Yue said Tan old predecessors afraid of the white feather so that the door of the people, should the world people are afraid of white feather so that the door is not a man Shaw son a good big tone, the old body art jun, affectionate deep, but also know that the white feather so that the door of the door, Mo can be metaphor, should no one can deal with, then why should the group of people will be reported back to the lakes will be reported madman Xiao Han month faint smile, said The older generation for the princess imagination, out of love of the heart, in the next great admiration, however, you stealth palace, has attracted a powerful enemy for the princess, say white feather so that the door if the people really do evil, harm the world, The knife and the sky, to stop their fierce flame. Tan Sangu sudd.


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