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Fidget Cube Aliexpress on of more than half, looking at two women, smile, close your eyes. Crooked playing, this trick, really the Sparrow, Wu Feng to make things difficult to live, and two women on the look, frowned. Such as the half sticks of the Chen Guang, Zhao hundred years with eyes wide open also did not once, Wu Feng could not help, and took a deep breath, said Doctor, are you ready Zhao Bainian Road What fidget cube aliexpress do you want Wu Feng said What do you want drugs, utensils Say it, we Ye Hao ready for you Zhao hundred years Now, I just want to have a good rest. Wu Feng sneer, said What You want to sleep Zhao hundred years opened his eyes, looking at the Wu Feng one, and Nao Leyan, slowly turned away. Wu Feng spent a stay, turn to the Sparrow. Sparrow shook his head, indicating Wu Feng can not attack, stretched out the delicate hand, opened the folded quilts, covered in Zhao hundred years of the body, said softly Doctor, you have a good rest, we are waiting outside, what do we need Zhao a flower in the brightly lit hall, which is Zhao busy medical service after a hundred years, the rest of the pine, a few white rattan chair, everything is as natural as possible to maintain the nature of the wall hanging two celebrity calligraphy, Was actually a painting of St. Wu Daozi the stars arch on the map. Wu Daozi s paintings spread in the world, this is not much, there are three or two, are also based on Buddha li.gzhang chain attack, a moment, shoot the twenty eight palm. Xu Xuan thin body, like a windmill, within a radius of fidget cube aliexpress three feet, dodging rotation, even to avoid the palm of your hand completely do not hand frame, there is no counter attack. Zhang fidget cube aliexpress Lan stunned, and this is something he never thought about, even someone in his chain under twenty eight palm, do not frame, do not fight back, easily dodge open, and then go on, not only face No light, and no chance of winning. Wang Shouyi know Ghost Dao Hou Xuanwu high, but high to such a degree, but it is a big out of his accident, he is the first person to catch, not like Zhang Lan is so demanding rivers and lakes rules, Shua to cry out, hidden in Drawn in the iron ruler, said Zhang Xiong, this man can not let go, we jointly captured him. At this time, standing on the side of the two palace guards, but also showed the Weaponry blocking the door at the office. Zhang Lan seems to be a decade old general, and some loss We join hands Wang Shouyi then We are in the case, not the general rivers and lakes on the contest, do not need too many scruples. Vision Hyun eyes SG flash, coldly said Wang Shou yi, not me to Xuan Xuan boast, that point of your martial arts, waiting for someone s hands, but walk ten rounds. Wang Shou yi understand the mind, really do not boast of waiting for the mysterious, the only opportunity now, that is, Zhan.

d to block Ruifeng, but in the allocation of the enemy s position, to use a little more brains. Zhang Lan said Zhang good, good to take care of the princes, however, against the enemy, you need a fidget cube aliexpress very good one, you know, Spirit, Zhang Xiong keep the allocation of manpower is good, but also a fidget cube aliexpress good rest. Zhang Lan said Thank you, brother, is really a word to remind you fidget cube vancouver of the dream, I am anxious, has been a day and night did not sleep a wink, a powerful enemy, how to deal with Xiao brother also fidget cube aliexpress Qiao out Zhang Xiong tired of faint Xiao Han said physical overdraft, the protection of princes of the big office, I m afraid there are obstacles. Step out of the hall, often nine have been greeted in the shadow up, whispered Xiao fierce brother, let s go out. Xiao slightly Yizheng month, said Where to go Often nine Some people find you Xiao Hanyue a frown, said Who Often nine do not know, but to look to know. Xiao Hanyue pondered for a while, said Come to find a regular brother Often nine smiled, said Come Also proficient in the potential trace, the art of escape, in the garden, hidden for a long time, I found. Xiao Han said In addition fidget cube launch date to Chang Xiong, there are others catch up with them Chang nine In addition to the master of Mo cloud can be predicted, the other people, not yet found, come to name to see you Xiao Han month nodded and said Well, we go look, but the two sid.k, but also in the vicinity of ambush, these poison killer, although each person has two knife hand protection, but they strain less. Suddenly the catastrophe, silver Mangfei turn, those who do not know what the poison fire killer Weapon Blade hidden weapon, less than dodge, two people had fidget cube aliexpress shot block. Yinmang over, screams aloud, two one handed block of people off the arm, but the fidget cube gearbest Silver Moon Frost the power and influence diminished, Xuanfei Yinmang, involved in the crowd, howling sound, and There are two poisoned fire killer, the body of the first Department. Zhu girl Silver Flying Cream to recover the power to do, Xiao Hanyue, Lonely Master has to fly to. Xiao Han on the sword, such as flying beads splashing jade little bit of cold, stabbing Poison killer. Lonely master left palm shoot a powerful palm, a resistance to the black knife hand of the attack, the right palm force away two poisoned fire killer. The old monk knows the interests, the blow is full shot. But several screams, he played this off, Lonely Master Zhang Li shocked one person, Xiao Han on the sword, but stabbed three poisoned fire killer. This time, the real sword of Emperor saw extraordinary stunts, Xiao Han Yue Jian Shiwei, potential variable strokes, and cut off the head of a poisoned fire killer. Followed by the rush to Bai Yuxian and ink non sub, a sword with a white girl s sharp dagger, but the most diff.d Yes. Do not call Wu Feng to the doctor for some light dance no need Zhao hundred years coldly said I just want to know, why should I imprisoned here, although not see the sun and the moon here and stars, estimated that there are probably a hundred days long now Wenque nodded and said Doctor, what s wrong here Zhaobian deep note Sparrow, slowly said You mean you and Wu Feng Sparrow then said Concubine and Wu Feng, was ordered to serve the doctor, to seek weeks, so that doctors can forget the trouble Zhao hundred years sigh, said Yes, you and Wu Feng are human color, but unfortunately I am not eager for beauty of the people. Sparrow eyes suddenly in tears, whispered Mr. Zhao is really gentleman, concubine and Wu Feng, short skirts thin shirt, handle the side of the body, a hundred days to get along, Erbinsimo, sir can be less than chaos, concubine among the heart, very respectful of the President. Oh Zhao hundred years face is a touch of smile, said Sparrow, I know, you are on a life, involuntarily, your master put me in prison forbidden stone here, the supply of food, wine, and you choose this peerless beauty, belly talented beauty with me, obviously Is not harm the meaning of the. Sparrow pondered for a while, Road The doctor is the guest of our master. Zhao hundred years I d like to meet my master and talk to him in person. Sparrow said Mr. Zhao, you.

Fidget Cube Aliexpress izhu What orders Please also say it Xiao Han Yue said Master Please win a ferry, and then try to inform the late into, and so I suddenly turned and folded to the lake, board a boat hurriedly crossing, although the two are bold, but the ground is out of the area visitors, I believe that the second is not in the other so that we kill us. Unhappy Master said Yes, ink non Zi Daoshou income direction, it is where the secret valley, Daoxiong hearts anxious, great efforts to destroy Huanglong, but haste not up, the road, the other side will have heavily ambush , Xiao Shi master of this policy, is the old Na mind, first off the siege, and then the night attack, the old monk has been detected near the terrain, listen to people, such as then can use the point of suspected soldiers plan, it is not difficult to straight into the secret valley. Xiao Han Yue said Master, that the distance from the Mysterious Valley how much Lonely master reviewed a glance, said About twenty or so, right Xiao Hanyue said Should get out of the meter to succeed, leaving the Chang Xiong, Tang Xiong and other interest rates, we Qingqi disease into the enemy can also be let go between the facilities. Lonely Master said Liangzhang, there is a low forest, where the old monk to get out, and then called to shouts. Xiao Han said Master, despite the action, and no longer greeted them. Uncle Yun nodded and smiled, said, often nine flying leap rockery, looked up. Xiao Han Yue whispered Zhang Xiong, this rockery covers an area much Zhang Lan said Within this rockery, may have caves, complex room and the like Zhang Lan said There seems to be no hearing At this time, often nine have not run. Xiao Han Yue said Mr. Chang is a master tracking, I do not know how his observation Zhang Lan said If this rockery above, really have a cave, chamber and the like, often nine must be able to find. Sunlight, the figure flash, often like a big bird like a fidget cube legit nine, suddenly jumped from the air a few people in front, then Unfortunately, there is no cave above this rockery, there is no chamber Zhang Lan tight face, suddenly thawed, smiled and said Seven princes serious and honest, and rivers and lakes will not deal with people Chang nine face a change, said Zhang Xiong, do not forget you are considered rivers and lakes human Zhang Lan said Nine, do not pick the eye, I said the arena of people, refers to the White Dragon, Hou Xuan and other killer type of character, as is the martial arts White Road, the man, seven princes Daoshi very respectful, I Zhang was seven princes Of the towering guests, guests can be as evidence. Wang Shou yi whispered Zhang Xiong, let s enter the palace of the things you mention the seven princes did not Zhang Lan nodded and said Mentioned, Zhang as a chair, has always been trus.


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