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Fidget Cube Amazon Buy out one. Moreover, the left hand of each person, have been holding the hilt handle after the handle, sword pointing Xiao Han months, to maintain a ten feet or so distance. The other three, but to meet the impulse to the Mexican non sub, fidget cube amazon buy launched a fierce battle. Xiao Han spent a stay, sword flat chest, infuriating pool, standing still. He understands the situation at the moment extremely dangerous, but can not understand these white swordsman can cast several poisonous water, as long as he has an action, the other side will have poisonous water lasing out, and then try to get away, the opportunity is very poor. He also understand their practice of sword, practical sharp, but can not display a piece of bodyguard. He had to wait for that moment of opportunity, to be cast when the other poisonous water to fast shenfa, dodge open. This is the line of insurance life insurance, and the opportunity is not, but it is the only viable way to Xiao Han. Four white swordsman, Xiao Han on the sword of the spicy, but also has a fear, after all, can only die once, can not die, it is best to keep old. They are waiting, and so Xiao Xiao month action, and then grasp the opportunity, then, his body has been launched, has been no longer a significant change, the blow, more successful grasp. Xiao Han know the twelve sword, there must be a leader, command the overall situation, but he could not see w.shy and anxious eyes closed. That Tsing Yi Han happy to lie on the ground, knock on the Zhao Baonian a ring, said Doctor, you are living gods, save thousands of families to save the Buddha, I Zhao hundred years smiled, patted the Han s shoulder, said Go and find a midwife, you have a plump son. That Han is more joy, take out a silver, on the jade plate, greeting everyone lifted the soft couch, hurried away. The miracle working doctor, the miracle working doctor, the dead person, can also save a pin. I do not know who, shouting, Hou clinic patients, immediately echoed, a call to the voice of God doctor. Xiao Hanyu Zhao Baonian saw a needle to help the god of technology, the hearts of greatly admire, determined to stay medical treatment. Zhao hundred years prescription soon, day to noon, already saw 58 patients, but too many patients, Hou clinic is still full of people. Xiao Han month on the sidelines, the hearts of illegal channels This Zhao hundred years although one day earn three hundred and four hundred silver, but also very hard. Zhao hundred years, although want to early clinics, but could not stand Hou patient begging, until the sunset down, be considered stopped. Xiao Han on the bitter day, although the teeth struggling, or unable to support, leaning against a corner, fainted. Woke up and found himself lying in an elegant room in the Kam on the couch, the case o.

n the sword so deep, Chen people really eye opener. Think of practicing sword more than twenty years, would like to have not thought of the world as much as Qi Li s sword, juvenile little girl, could become this stunt, can not help but sadly sad. He knew that the power of this Silver Moon Frost Cream, all in its design and manufacture of sophisticated, the use of its operation, is also the older generation of several decades of work out of the wonderful work, Zhu Yingying is nothing more than bear The predecessors Yu Yin, so that the role of weapon play Bale. Xiao Han month is secretly shocked, Silver Flying Cream, the magic, powerful, just a strike, so flying their own, how can we avoid. For the first time, the problem encountered in the transformation of martial arts, can not help but want to get in, even the risk of the situation, has also been forgotten. Three fast boats to the second, the remaining one, naturally fidget cube amazon buy dare to pass sailing. At this time, the cabin water, already over the foot, often nine left hand scoop water, the right hand to be the enemy, but the wrist is insufficient, scoop water is limited, to the cabin of the water, more and more action between the gradually difficult. Xiao Hanyue thoughtful, Jing Li does not move, Zhu Yingying also quietly standing beside him. Chen Baoshan could not help but cried Xiao Daxia, you hold the deck above the enemy, I went to h.can be considered on the rivers and lakes on the first class expert , Which seems to be able to play with her white haired dragon girl dozens of rounds, is clearly a strong combination of mysterious training out of the super killer, this person, the other I do not know how many Its main chest figures, martial arts of the strong, since the more terrible, their own side, to work independently, in addition fidget cube amazon buy to her Sangu Sankan, Zhang Lan, Chang nine, Han tiger can only count reluctantly make up the number, the other unbearable blow each other, battle To overcome the enemy is only a Xiao Han months, as he fidget cube amazon buy felt benevolence, Yi Xingxian, once the enemy to start a decisive battle, as long as he hesitated a little, the consequences would be disastrous. This is the worry of her heart, but inconvenient to say. But the smell of Zhang Lan said Tan senior, three or four into the house, no enemy track, if they really hidden in the Yang House, also keep stealth in this wasteland into. Tan Sangu said When the imperial city to build the underground secret, criss cross, although the plugging, but still leave a lot, as long as a little fidget cube amazon buy amendment, you can stay a lot of people. Wang Shouyi said The best to force them out, the two girl, still here, both by their retreat, presumably to know some secret, or to ask them to ask Often nine do not ask them, ask also ask why they come, it is better to put.s Jian Shi. It turned out that he should carefully look, these people use the sword is not seven evil sword. A closer look at the sword road, quite similar to the party, but the speed of the sword a bit slower, Jian Shi changes less, can not help but feel great strange. Shangguan Jie breath, sword flat chest, but also learn Xiao Han Yue, the sword draw fidget cube sides a semicircle in the chest, said Well, you do not really good son, even sealed the old lady of the sword. At this time, Shen Cang, Cheng Ying, Han Cheng Fang three people, six pairs of eyes are watching Xiao Han Yue, his face is a solemn look. Xiao Han Yue long sword slanting raised, loudly said and slow shot, listen to the words of the cold months. In fact, Xiao Han on the show of hands that sword style, Shangguanjie offensive has been sealed, even if Xiao Han month is not called stop, Shangguanjie the sword is not attacked. Han Cheng Fang said Third Brother, listen to him to say Shangguan Jie sword sank, pointed tip, said Well Xiao Han said see your swordsmanship, quite like the sword of Emperor fidget cube amazon buy of the school, you are under the tutelage We have heard the name of the sword crazy, but we practiced this sword and fidget cube amazon buy he has nothing to do Address sword Jiankuang name taboo, is clearly disrespectful, but Xiao Hanyue still resist down, said The four mentor mentor, is not a disabled old man Shangguanjie said What are you tal.

Fidget Cube Amazon Buy l juncture, two Mr. Yu Jianjian million end, although the red gourd sword master, but still forced at the wind. Four Qi and six Phoenix Wai kill, but also forced Mo Fei, Bai Yuxian, Tang Ming, Zhongtian, etc. to fight back weak, but fortunately the princess, Silver Flying Cream to play a strange power. Flying around the fly, in time for the Qunhao rescue, Bai Yuxian repeatedly played Bing Shen Han beads, hurt a few people, but only Mian can protect themselves. Two reinforcements, and Chung over, white feather to make the door more than ten master, is the second offensive of the main force of the wind, Wei group of killers, appear in the presence. The power of the original had been thin Wangfuzhongren, at the moment even more weak. Xiao Han Yue leap and to. Bai Yuxian Chen Sheng said Xiao Xiong, then the sword. Lateral handed Qinghong sword. On this distraction, Xueguangjin Xian, white side of the left shoulder was red Shen Cang, thorn in the sword. Xiao Hanyue took the sword, shouted, sword Qianfeng, body with the sword slope, Zhanxia Shen Cang s right arm, relying on a fidget cube toys for adults rolling Hanmang, into the four odd Jian Zhen. He complained, his chest filled with murderous, seven evil sword in the last move, a sword of Liuhe, also received the sword of Emperor pointing, six swords to a sword, is seven evil sword in the former Six Sword changes Outline, but a sword of Liuhe, but it is seven.lot of fans to Xiao Han months to infer, guess. A line of patrol soldiers, in the sky just at night, on to the palace outside the alley. This pedestrian, it is Xiao Hanyue, etc. change, eight people, including Zhang Lan, He Gang, Chang Jiu, Zhang Jie, Luo Biao, Xiao Han Yue, fidget cube amazon buy Han afraid of tiger, Wang Shouyi, Zhang Jie, Luo Biao also with a strong bow, Two bags of arrows, the hands of persistent spear, points in the alley at both ends. Place, selected by the regular nine, Qunhao turns hands, less than two hours, has dug a ten feet deep. Often nine strokes stop, take a look at Zhang Lan, said Personnel allocation to please Zhang Xiong and Wang total catcher. Zhang Lan said The tunnel has not yet dug up Often nine hands lifted the shovel, forced a push, brick fall soil collapse, exposing a hole. Ganqing has dug to the tunnel where the brick wall. Zhang Lan probe into the hole looked at the heart secretly surprised, that authentic large scale, higher than one person, four feet wide, green brick wall, tunnel in a well ventilated, no moist feeling, obviously when the building, The cost of the project is very large. Zhang Lan gently said in fidget cube amazon buy a sigh breath Chang Xiong, this authentic, the number of risks, you know better than us, how to allocate staff, you decide, but I Zhangmou people to count. Obviously Zhang Lan of the nine can, mind already admired. Often nine good You Zha.


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