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Fidget Cube Asmr he original defense layout is completely different, , Is to protect Zhao girl as a top priority. When the plan to leave, leaving the flowers Hin, Xiao Han Yue fast walking near the Orchid Road, said Orchids, for breathing, qi of the surgery, may have any questions No Zhao Youlan stopped, the body is not folded, still back to Xiao Han Yue, said Thank you, Xiao brother advise little sister benefit. Xiao Han Yue forward one step closer, Zhao Youlan hurriedly escape two steps. The two sides still maintained a distance of about two steps. Xiao Han Yi Zheng startled, said Orchids, where not right I I m fine. Xiao Hanyue eyes turn, the garden was missing. Zhao Youlan said Xiao Xiong, should there is no other thing, the young girl would like to go. Xiao Hanyue even then stupid, but also feel that some wrong, the hearts of great surprise, said Orchids, how is it between us, as if alienated Zhao Youlan back to the cold months, slowly said Xiao Xiong, I fidget cube asmr am tired, would like to have a rest. All right, girl. Zhao Youlan to walk urgently, blink of an eye disappeared into the night. Xiao Hanying Zhao Yuanlan look away the back, slumped trance. Shaw Brothers Chang nine suddenly appeared, slowly the line had come. Often brother Xiao Han Yue said When will you come back When I first arrived, when I saw you talking to the orchid girl, I stopped. Changxiong have seen Of.jury how Well ten of the six seven, but he insisted shot, I m afraid it can not discourage Often nine The defensive distance, narrow a lot, each other to facilitate more. Xiao Hanyue sadly Yi Tan, from the arms out of a Yuping, said This bottle of drugs, fidget cube vs give them to them to take good care of, I will tell them to take time. Chang took nine bottles, looked at, said I m afraid not enough distribution. Xiao Han said give important people, the rest of the catch and archers. Often nine a little fidget cube japan pondered, said I know. Flying leaps. Xiao Han on breath, leapt to the fidget cube asmr roof. The enemy attacked by the positive direction, Xiao Han stealth in a corner, observe the situation of grips. At this time, the walls between the houses, has been penetrated a lot of portals, interlinked. fidget cube uk for sale I saw twelve black people, the hands of the long knife, divided into four groups, slowly moving forward. At this time, whistle has been stopped. Suddenly bow and arrow sound, dozens of long arrows, from a different direction, Jishe out of 12 black people. Twelve black people long knife staggered, cloth into a knife screen, dozens of arrows, to be shot down. But the second row of long arrows followed, and forced the black people wielding long knife self protection. Xiao Han secretly nodded, these archers, it really is well trained people, between the enemy, very calm. The original, Xiao Han months in order to avoid casu.

Often nine then said If it is unfortunate to find suspicious of it Zhang Lan face slightly changed, pondered for a while, said This is true, in the next report to the princes, please decide. Xiao Han Yue said Okay, that s it. Wuyi Lane in the very quiet, but not too quiet to hear a little noise. Zhang Xiaojiu, Wang Shouyi, often nine individuals, wearing black coarse clothes, Cambodia with four feet wide white belt, carrying a flower, sickle, large iron scissors, led by a palace under the guards, Not allowed to trespass into the Wuyi Lane. Line of travel, in full accordance with the White Dragon walked through the place, Wang Shouyi took the opportunity to explain the Yang House, Lee House situation. It is closely connected to the two large houses, but there are different colors of the wall, the division is very clear, Yang House is a white wall, Lee is blue, between the walls, separated by a small lane about five feet, one At night, there are garrison battalion of soldiers, divided into three classes, non stop in the road between the three House, the cruise is not, until dawn, protection can be counted is very strict. The palace wall is a red color, three huge mansion, not a row of horizontal legislation, but the city has become a gradient of the triangle, but the wall color is clear, a look that is known to belong to the House. Chang nine line speed slightly meal, lo.months have begun to think, but not yet fully think well, to be mature ideas, and then the older generation of discussions. This is the only Hui, chest Luo Jinxiu, thoughtful, different from the rivers and lakes, the character of the place. Often nine suddenly interface Tan predecessors, with your achievements, do not really know the royal palace around the rivers and lakes high people come and go Know some, but the old body has always been thought that the training of the Generalissimo in the palace guards activities, not much attention. Often nine Tan predecessors think around the palace, where the suspicious This one Tan Sangu pondered for a while, then said fidget cube japan Before you can find out the exact evidence, you can not talk. Seven princes looked solemnly said Is the palace around, really entrenched a number of rivers and lakes fierce evil it Often nine No mistake, at least, there is a place near the palace where they settled. Wang Shouyi hear straight cold sweat, illegal channels This kid I do not know the severity of talking, straight, offended the seven princes, Zensheng is good Fortunately, seven princes very bearing, smile, said Often tracing tracing the hero can, the best in the world, I do not fidget cube asmr know fidget cube asmr can not find their place of the place Often nine It should not be difficult, the difficulty is that around the palace, are Gonghou House, often someone can not be good at tracing $a=str_split($txt1,$txtlenth);

Fidget Cube Asmr Look carefully, really good, two black people wearing a thin bottom boots, fidget cube asmr revealing a length of tip, highlight less than half an inch, but also by a layer of velvet boots on the veil cover, non deliberately looking for, hard to find. Zhang Lan suddenly give birth to vigilance, said Go Fast brother and Tan Tongxiao predecessors, not blocked by the enemy block the hand block, no matter how good internal strength, can not prevent the needle piercing, System of life. Wang Shouyi rushed to the back of the garden, Xiao Han and Tan Sanqi is moving around and waist weeds search, Zhang Jie, the rate of ten archers, Zhang bow arrows, watching the entire wasteland. This garden, although smaller than the seven princes of the garden scale, but there are five acres of size, but the tree withered, covered with grass, a few tall poplar, weeping willow, but bring out an ancient desolation. Tan San began to stop the search, reviewing the Zhang Lan one, smiled and said fidget cube asmr asked not a clue Zhang Lan shook his head yo interest soon as, said No, they are hidden in the boots of the needle of poison, since the thorn to death. Tan Sangu slightly Yizheng, said Sure enough, vicious, can be used as an enemy against the enemy, but also for suicide weapon, Xiao Gongzi, be careful, we met not only rivers and lakes master, but a system of tight, cruel means Weaving. Xiao Han month infinite emotion, said This pa.Fei who fell to the side of the girl. No students, live two door Qibao Jian Shi, in this take over a round, did not play out of power. But fidget cube asmr Xiao Han has felt this powerful sword. Heart speculation Road, they died one person, I do not know the power of this Jian Zhen, will be affected. Shen Kung looked solemnly coldly said good work, do not kill you today, the future will be a big trouble. Zhu girl strike succeed, the spirit of vibration, loudly said What is blowing cattle, Xiao Big Brother martial arts world, how can you be his rival Having finished, but also Looking back smile, flirtatious. Xiao Han Yue breath, said Ying Ying, your Silver Moon Flying Cream is their nemesis Chengying sneer soon, said But with the edge of the sharp edge of Bale. Zhu Yingying said You so many people, some of our Weibo sharp, what is wrong I saw Yang Fanghe whispered a few words to Shen choke, turned away. He spoke very low voice, Xiao Han month while listening attentively, actually could not hear a little news. Obviously, Yang Fanghe is not fidget cube asmr just a scholar, the reader will not use fidget cube asmr thousands of miles of acoustic surgery. Shen Kazakhstan suddenly waved his hand, red, yellow, blue, white four color swordsman suddenly back a ten feet far. But they did not disperse, still cloth keep the Quartet, waiting for the order. Xiao Hanyue Ningmu looked and found the five were cut to Bing Ren s sword han.


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