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Fidget Cube Commercial d I promise. Xiao Han shook his head, said Sparrow girl, is not sincere words, in fact, you can not make any decision Sparrow sadly Yi Tan, said fidget cube commercial Listen to your tone, it seems that we should immediately fell out, become friends of the enemy Xiao Han Yue said We have always been enemies, Xiaomou all the actions, but also early fidget cube commercial in your surveillance under the two to Yang Liu Fang, is to deal with me Sparrow then said Yes, we come for you, but it does not harm your heart, just want to convince you to turn the enemy as a friend, to join us Zhang Lan then said What is your sanctity Sparrow look at Zhang Lan, said Do not say I will not say, even if I said, you may not know Zhang Lan said Rivers and lakes of human, a little name of the first, even if Zhang has not seen, but also a little heard Xiao received on the cold Zhang old, well, they will not say Eyes turn to the face of the bird, then said If you disagree with me, then kill me, right Sparrow said Xiao Xiong, sister guarantee everything as you wish, as long as you are willing to leave with us to see in the Xiao Xiong s sake, the young girl promised you let Wang Shouyi and Zhang Lan Xiao Han shook his head, then said Sparrow girl, we do not talk about the conditions before, each other is not hostile. Sparrow eyes flash in the gods, fidget cube sounds said Xiao Xiong do not insatiable, forced us to Wu F.ust be Niubizi Road Free Master Amitabha, old monk more than eighty years old, but also without assertive, old friend of good intentions, old monk Xinling, not for the old monk absolve. White beard tall old man shook his head and said The old monk, smell the brother has given you the steps, by the opportunity to go Do we, fidget cube commercial fifty or sixty years of friendship, really want to be turned into a feud for the enemies do not Free Master Lan due to fruit, only people looking for, two friends of the moonlight tracking, what is for what Skinny old man angrily I and to the brother, has spent countless words, only then you cultivate life Jingkou, zoned forbidden area, not allowed to disturb people, you can keep the Jinshan Temple, as your abbot, for your abbot, you do not know the truth, , As long as you do not stick rivers and lakes to ensure that you are a pure land Jinshan Temple, the friendship, how deep, you really do not appreciate it Bai Yuxian eyes turn, saw the white beard old man and a skinny one, said To the old, with the old, do not worry, Lao Yun old abbot, never intervene in the rivers and lakes in the desktop toys fidget cube matter, would not want to come in the old year, could fidget cube ebay au not live in distracted, but since he is an old friend, , But is a little landlord of the friendship, but the hope that some of the master, tonight, the matter will disappear. Has not spoken ink non sub, suddenly opening, said.

eadache is not Save the enemy heart. Bai Yuxian said So, the two on the use of them and Shaolin, Wudang negotiations went Negotiations Unrestrained cloud master showing infinite care, said The girl knows how much Not much Bai Yuxian said I just heard some news, but can guarantee that this message is absolutely correct, white feather to the door, in addition to leaving the two masters, and 35 from the people, the real Strength, under their leadership, north to the Central Plains and Shaolin, Wudang negotiations went Lonely Master low declared a Buddhist number, said The girl can know the outcome of the negotiations Bai Yuxian said not very clear, so far, the white feather so that the door has not come back. Heart is secretly speculation See Lonely Master, so concerned about Shaolin, is the old monk is also a Shaolin Temple is not a Just listen to the master of exclaims Shaolin Temple does not agree to help the conditions of Zhou, abercrombie, I m afraid it is inevitable a bloody war. Often nine The white girl, how long has this been Bai Yu Can pondered for a while, said about four months or more. Often nine This is a martial arts in the earth shattering event, should the two sides have a blood ah. Do not a month will coax the lakes The Shaolin Temple has not changed. Master often nine said The next can only say that the Sha.uch a fast sword, not to mention that armored man waving his hands, defense is extremely strict, you want to break through the two iron fist protection range , Easier said than done. But Xiao Han on fast sword can. Although the hard armor was Xiao Han months to identify the weakness of the sealed his offensive, but still can not hurt fidget cube commercial him. Zhu Yingying issued a Silver Moon Flying Cream. Hanmang rotation, like Lunyu, flying and to, armored people have one of the greatest shortcomings, that is not flexible enough to dodge, seeing Hanmang fly and to, raised his left arm block in the past. I heard a slight metal Jiao Ming, an armored man left arm, cut off from the elbow between life and life. Blood gush, armored personnel felt a sharp pain, shouted, turned away. Zhu Yingying should be made once again, Silver Moon Flying Cream , may be able to get the armored man s life, but she was in the recovery of the blade edge, froze at the local. Wen Baiqi Fu Shen picked up a length of iron arm, remove the broken hand. At this time, white jade has been put into the hall to the transit, but can not remove him through the left shoulder through the knife. It turned out that there is a barbed tip at the tip, the other side there fidget cube commercial is a round iron handle. Want to remove Flying, it is necessary to great trouble. White jade cents the thought of the hands of the girl, Silver Moon Flying Cream, since the.s, still swell, muster, showing his deep internal strength, has reached the realm of perfection. White fidget cube commercial feathers to the door of the hidden weapon, Megatron, idle master to deal with the ancient month. The original calm river surface, immediately full of tension, white jade on the ship fast boats, menacing surrounded by boats, looks to take advantage of, but Xiao Han months allocated to the enemy battle, the situation suddenly changed, Xiao Han, idle Master, etc., but to inferior to excellent. This Daoshi out of white jade cents unexpected. Four way people have been on the boats on the enemy attracted, forming a stalemate situation. Lonely master on the white feather to make the door of the ancient month, ink on the sub sub to the transit, often nine, Chen Baoshan automatically adjust to the smell of a hundred odd, Xiao Hanyue eye on the white jade, Zhu Yingying hand Silver Moon Frost center collusion. Bai Yuxian and other pedestrians, are the master, but they forgot to deal with people, but also masterpiece masterpiece, the biggest mistake is that they underestimated the idle cloud master. Of course, the master of idle cloud for decades has never been to ask the arena, the rivers and lakes of human, he is completely unfamiliar, and he intersects for decades to transit, smell 100 odd, actually do not know the old monk but empty door in the peerless Supreme Xiao Han Yue force toge.

Fidget Cube Commercial g master although domineering, arrogant, but not stupid, a review of the Xiao Han month, said Did you save me Xiao Han month sigh, said Very lucky, is the life of Master Wong Xiongtai is the hands of fast, just more offended, but also look Xiongtai Haihan. Xiao Hanyue not yet, and back, while the sound of rapid action, Wang Shouyi has been like a gust of wind as the line came. Master Huang Shouyi saw, like to see fidget cube commercial the savior in general, the sound and big up, said Wang always catch just come, someone to assassinate me, go grab the assassin Take a look at the yellow master half of the face are blood, Wang Shouyi dark shook his head, but still Baoquan a ceremony, said Who is to assassinate Master Master Huang said How do I know, I did not see the assassin. Wang Shouyi recalled one, whispered Master, I ll escort you back to cure injuries To mention the injured, the young master suddenly felt hurt at the drama pain unbearable, one hand according to the ears, said Wang total catcher, you must catch the assassin, that knife almost to my life. Wang Shouyi said Master rest assured, I will explain their search assassins, I ll send you back Yellow Master nodded, reviewing Xiao Han, I would like to thank the feelings of the fidget cube commercial rescue, another day and then compensation. Xiao Han said You re welcome Master Huang eyes to the Sparrow s face, looked for a while, only to turn away. Wang Yang Fuchu, the scale must be quite large, not difficult to find, Deployment, it was assigned by the Tam old predecessors. Tan Sangu pondered a while, said This is so dignified to go, manpower can be more natural, leaving fidget cube commercial Zhang Jie, Luo shop and six Pizi Zhao defense how to Wang Shouyi said old predecessors, Yang Jia Shi Chuanjia, do not know martial arts, brigade troops to make them feel the power of the huge government, they believe that we can really protect them, they will cooperate. Tan Sangu said Wang is the captain of the meaning of To Zhang Jie, Luo Biao, with 20 arrests accompanied, each with a strong bow, long arrows, once the move to get started, may be sent to point use, I do not know fidget cube real how the predecessors intended Tan Sangu said Twenty Zhang Qiang fat, great power amazing day, even if the first class masters, but also difficult to cope with, so decided Zhang Lan grabbed his eyes, then said Zhang Xiong convenient counterparts Yes, modified look, posing as a quick H H HJ, C M Zhang Lan, He Gang, Han afraid of the tiger are for the arrest of clothes, even Tan Sangu also pretended to capture the identity, Zhang Jie, Luo Biao, each with 10 archers, from the Wang Shouyi with, mighty Yang Shangshu arrived at the house. This is a dignified knock on the door, the door is a gray gown around fifty old man, saw so many people, with a sword immediately.


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