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Fidget Cube Comparison t go. Xiao Han said Chang Xiong, you listen to the tone of the man, will not be the leaders Chang nine shook his head It seems not, but certainly his identity, it seems that the girl is higher than the mysterious girl. Tan Sangu often nine, when they hands Often nine The conversation is only two, I continue to continue to hear is that these, as hands on time, it seems that in two or three days Zhang Lan said They only talk about these Often nine Of course more than, but the number of them more and more, I had to hide in the dark to avoid, can not listen to it. He did not explain hiding there, but Xiao Han suddenly thought of last night and his encounter, his clothes are dry, faint muddy smell, like him last night stealth, is certainly in the pool, the gutter. Wang Shouyi said First start with the strong, we mobilize a large number of staff, go to the world of silk best fidget cube toy Zhuangzao found them Tan Sangu said After that girl arrived in XuanYi, one after another, it has been described in the world of silk Zhuang is nothing more than One of the places they met, the four seas can be as strong as business, but also shows that they did not destroy it, with the way, may only control the proprietor, the boss, forced him to convey orders. Wang Shouyi nodded. Often nine This organization uses the parasitic method, rather than separately to track them, it is better to lead the snake out Han Yue said What do you promise Tan Sangu said Let her go with you You wandering Ye Hao, fidget cube comparison to find a place to study martial arts Ye Hao, read a lot of Princess, full of literary talent, to accompany you to chat, enough competent, the old body do not you have any commitment, Naturally, know the woman if the father, seven princes would let her out Recover all the letters, is also her freedom, Xiao Gongzi should understand. Xiao Han Yue said This, I Shaw son Tan Sangu infinite emotion, said This is the old body to ask you, but also the meaning of Zhao girl, Zhao girl told me to tell you a few words Xiao received on the cold Old timers remember Tan Sangu said Remember, just do not understand the meaning of words Xiao Han Yue said How to say that Tan Sangu said Zhao said the girl can cure medicine, can kill, she has non her, these words, Xiao Gongzi understand I understand, Zhao girl also said something Tan Sangu said But she would like to sacrifice to try to see if we can find a way to Zhu girl read the Confucian right way, it is safflower Green leaves, to get along for some time, when can become known, this sentence the old body Daoshi understand, that Zhu girl refers to the princess. Xiao Han Yue said Thank you seniors. Obviously, he made every effort to know the meaning. Tan Sangu a smile, said The last few words, seemingly ruthless but fidget cube comparison affectionate, lo.

ck is not fidget cube comparison only envy cents feeling. Unfortunately, all the good things, always so short, three days after everything has become a thing of the past. That small upstairs nestled affectionate, candle light pity honey love, have disappeared without a trace. Xiao Hanyue like to do a dream, woke up, still sleeping in a small building fidget cube comparison on the nuances. But opened his eyes, is already a matter of people, standing in front of the bed is often nine mice. Still lingering fragrance, beauty can be Xiao Han suddenly stood up and took up. But Wen Changjiu gently called for one breath, said Well, finally wake up. I Xiao Han month secretly breath, so that they become sober, identify the eye some of the personnel situation, slowly said Chang Xiong, how is this going Often nine wry smile, said What you eat Ecstasy drugs, even so good sleep Xiao Han spent a stay, said Did I sleep a long time Chang nine I get the news of the Sparrow, came here, keep here, has been a day and a night. Xiao Han on a wry smile, said Twenty hour. Often nine Of course more than, the scarecrow informed me when Hou, has told me that you slept twelve hours. That is to say, I have slept for two days and two nights Chang nine It appears that at least is the case. Xiao Hanyue suddenly alert, anxious The second gentleman Chang nine has been taken into custody should be among the Tianfu jail. Oh Xiao Han said What.ooked up and hit the sword in the bowel, Jianmang fidget cube comparison into the throat. Sword life. Two Mr. heart startled, suddenly thrown his right arm, sword emperor s body fly away, wrist wielding a sword, piercing Xiao Han. This is the enemy of his mind. A moon like Hanmang, lightning and to. Zhu Yingying promptly played the Silver Flying Cream. Lonely master fidget cube twitter like a giant bird volley, relying on a ray of Po Guanghua, straight split down. Mr. forced to turn the sword, the shock of the Silver Moon Flying Cream. Liangbaojiandao fidget cube demonstration phase, Jin Tiejiao Ming, the flash of a touch of Mars. But the master of red fidget cube comparison hair Po sword, already Pukong Zhanxia. Two Mr. Lengheng soon as the sword of the intestine for a touch of Hanmang, hard seal sword, mouth and loudly shouted kill up Xiao Han on a roll, pick up the sword of Emperor s body, fidget cube comparison jumped twenty feet. But the sword emperor eyes closed, throat blood Chung, the key in the sword, already gas must, but Xiao Han also did not give up, anxious to sweep Feiteng, toward Zhao Youlan stop where, said Zhao girl, fast, fast, save Save my master. Zhao Youlan look Jian Di injury, shook his head, said He is dead. Dead, but is just a matter, do not have saved. Xiao Han Yue said You superb medical No one kind of medicine, can really a dead person to save. Zhao Youlan said I can not, father can not, even Hua Tuo resurrection can not. Xiao Han said You quietly, you car.e the details of the situation. Xiao Hanyue not yet had time to open, suddenly feel the fragrance blowing, a girl wearing a green dress skirt, jumping jumping rushed in, sweetly said Dad, almost midnight, how do you not rest Suddenly saw a strange man, stripped of the upper body, fell on the bed, can not help but stay, pretty cheeks, flew up two blush, was about to turn out, but listen to Zhao hundred years laughed and said , But also remember the father to you talked about the seven pin Tongmai acupuncture it Zhao Youlan nodded and said Daughter remember. Zhao Bainian said This needle under the law is acupuncture surgery, the most difficult stitches, seven staggered, open up the fidget cube ebay uk body s meridians, acupoint recognition, not the slightest mistake, each a needle Of the points, are the intersection of meridians, Dad pointed to you Turned around and looked, saw Xiao Han Yue pulled a sheet covered the upper body. Zhao hundred years a frown, and thrown off the sheets on the body of Xiao Han, pointing off the needle points, told Zhao Youlan listen. He bitter addicted to medicine, ignoring the ritual between men and women, Zhao Youlan although listening, but his face has not been shy red legs, and finally Zhao finished a hundred years, and immediately turned and fled out. Looking at the back of Zhao Youlan disappear back smile, Zhao Baonian turned to Xiao Han looked, smi.

Fidget Cube Comparison ecting paintings Ruyi pondered for a while, said Royal High appreciation of the ability of painting and calligraphy, collection is also very rich, but not fascinated, and vision is high, the general painting, not on the eyes Shaw month then said There is no painting of fidget cube comparison the painting of St. Tao Ruyi Road There are two Xiao cold on the emergency You can remember what to draw Wishful to take painting a holy pen, to Buddha up, the Royal collection of a Dharma crossing map. Chang nine There is a picture of what Ruyi pondered for a while, said Seems like a star arch on the map Xiao Hanyue heart overjoyed, but as far as possible to make the surface calm, smile, said Good Take the star arch moon chart out, give me a look. Wishful The painting and calligraphy are hidden in this refusal to be a small look to see to walk near the wooden fidget cube comparison cabinet, remove the two keys, was about to open the wooden cabinet, suddenly stopped, said The picture, As if to give people the Xiao Han said Ruyi, this matter a lot, you want to clear I remember very clearly, the princes of the painting to the people. Wishful, said. , Or handed to him. Xiao Han said Who is that man Wishful Zhao hundred years Zhao Xiao Han said You remember correctly, right Wishful Yes, small things handled not much, this is just one of them, do not fidget cube comparison remember very clearly. Xiao Han Yue said P.d authentic Road, surprised to see the emergence of the palace night pedestrian, can not think of staying in the home of Zhao Youlan, actually also has earth shattering changes, the moment nodded and said I listen to this car. Zhao Youlan said You are among the flowers, may have felt what is missing Xiao Hanyue pondered for a while, said Painting the saint Wu Daozi Zhongxingpengyue map I took it down, the collection of Xiao Xiong s table in the bucket, spare time, may wish to take out a closer look, see if you can Qiaochu out of the wonderful Xiao Han said The generation of painting the saint s handwriting, its extraordinary place I do not say good or bad painting, the value of Zhao Youlan said is the mysterious painting, as I tell you, then you lost a search for mysterious fun, Xiao Xiong, my father disappeared for several months, I seem to have a few decades, the fidget cube comparison past Do not understand things, now understand Xiao Han month sighed The worry makes people precocious, the girl and the beginning of the next, there is a big difference. Zhao Youlan said is not less a naive, pure girl feelings Xiao Han Yue said But more than a stable, mature charm, adventure, such as barbarians pride, Orchids girl, I really admire you, a weak woman who will not martial arts, at the dangerous rivers and lakes in the stormy, Can be so calm. Zhao Youlan smile, said Thank you, thi.


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