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Fidget Cube Cost t that when there is a group of body red, the body wearing two swords girl, Wai swing over. But the smell of Mr. Er s voice, came from afar, said Xiao Han month, although I am in the vicinity, but you can not see me, not in vain, and I will not appear by your ridicule, a repair of your accomplishments, is indeed a rare rivers and lakes on the master, I hope to rely on your martial arts, achievements, to identify the shortcomings of a large number of our training master Then, in accordance with their aptitude, to strengthen their training and play the task, the twelve girls, I was part of training girls killer, They are good at the art of co stroke, do not fidget cube cost know how their achievements You want to rely on your brother s sword test Xiao look. Xiao Hanyue looked through the sound, I saw a tall outside the Banyan fidget cube 6 pack tree, the sound came from there, it seems that the two hiding in the banyan tree, Miman fight the case. But Xiao Han has no chance to rush past, twelve girls have been around the red up, cloth into a fan shaped battle. Xiao Hanyue eyes turn and found that twelve girls in the twenties of the upper and lower, all graceful beauty, but each face are tightly folded, it seems that everyone s hearts are full of hatred. There is no general girl lively atmosphere, can not help but a frown, said You fidget cube cost one is the leader Twelve girls wearing the same style of clothes, simply can not tell.I fidget cube cost You are just an unnamed pawn, even the ten silver is not worth the little people Xu Xuan despise to say You want to replace Zhao girl as a hostage, do not think about what they are Xiao cold on the body shaking, eyes wide open, staring waiting for mysterious, great desperation of a flutter posture. Zhao Youlan light sighed and said Xiao Xiong, forget, you can not save me, why bother to send a life She saw the Xuan Xuan kill, but did not see the Xuan Xuan where the knife, it is life saving fast as lightning, Xiao Hanyue would like to help her save, would not suicidal. Just listen to Xiao Han Yue sighed and said Zhao Dafu saved my life, I do not think that the newspaper, how can you see being captured as a hostage, if you die, I damn in front of you Like anger to draw a general, to the mysterious dexterity, actually dodge not open, but see shadows flashing, Peng Ran earthquake, waiting Xuanxie fell 78 feet away, Zhao girl has been Xiao Han Yue hold up, jump Five feet back. But the smell of male voices, female exclaimed, mixed in one, the incoming ears. That is the excitement of Zhao Youlan, Zhang Lan, Wang Shouyi Xiao Xiao fidget cube cost Han months together to avoid the risk of sound, because at the same time exports, mixed together, anti Jiaoren not clear. This moment, however, Zhang Lan, Wang Shou yi are stunned, and Hou Xuan has to take this opportunity, a roll, leap out o.

stood, two of Mr. on the next as brothers, in the next move, but also for the second good. Xiao Han month to speculate This person argue before it, for every amazing language, it is fidget cube cost necessary to look at his betrayal of the original friend of the rhetoric, what moving place Regardless of how Mr. II as you want me to Xiaomou replaced, that is betrayed Xiao cold words on the knife like words Good for Mr. Second argument, no matter how moving words, are suspected of betrayal. Blue shirt people smile, said Yes, no matter how kind I am careful, but the sale of the two gentlemen, are not enough loyalty, students read poetry and literature, how can it be so unjust things This change, but also an accident, the Xiao Han also heard dumbfounded, can not tell why they came, can not help but frown, said Your words, repeatedly, really Jiaoren do not understand. In fact, the matter to the Ming, but, you have not let the next go on. Xiao Han Yue said Well, you please say. Blue shirt humanity The so called Mr., On which there must be a big man, the reason for this is obvious. Xiao Han month nodded. Blue shirts humane fidget cube amazon So, some things, the second can not master, Xiao Xiong fidget cube jual think Xiao Han had to nod again, said It makes sense Blue shirt people then said Second, Mr. also feel that this approach is not right, but he involuntarily, the district took a fidget cube adhd lot of mouth, convinced of the sec.od, but on the Xiao Han also maintained considerable respect, waving, said Xiao brothers, Zhao girl, please sit, please sit. Wang Shou yi followed behind Zhang Lan, the competent of the catch, although also has a heavy mind, but he was not anger in color. Four people often Huanyuan in the gathering, but has a certain seat, sit down, the Zhao girl personally holding the tea for the three. Zhang Lan drank tea, eyes condensate in the face of Xiao Han, said Seven princes fidget cube cost to me has always been foolish, can not think of today, I actually count the number of meal, if, three to five days, but also can not find the whereabouts of Zhao earth, the old lady of the palace general chair, no face and then go on. Xiao Han month, he obviously wants to Xiao Han months to give him some advice, he was the young man, has been very admired, but Xiao Han on this, but no experience, and sometimes this, I do not know how to speak. Fortunately, Wang Shouyi took the cavity, said Zhang Xiong, Xiao brother s plan has received a considerable effect, I think this 35 days, this and other stalemate situation, there will be changes. Zhang Lan nodded and said Shaw Brother, what do you think Xiao Han Yue said If we are strict agreement, the secret set leakage, I think they should come Zhang Lan said confident Xiao Han on a wry smile, said There is no absolute grasp, but there should be Qicheng odds, fidget cube cost you Xiao Hanyue turned to the black line to the bed, then said what is your name Wind seven Black people answered very simply. Xiao Han Yue Road Wind brother Wind seven then I am the wind group, seventh Xiao slightly Yizheng month, said That Xiongtai s real name is Wind seven Alas, what is the fidget cube cost difference Xiao Han Yue said Very different, the surname of the person, on the father, descendants were on behalf of the next generation, a continuous pulse, as the wind seven words, then, as you said, just a code. In the next ashamed Wind seven sadly then said I am a killer, tell real names, fidget cube cost only to make their ancestors ashamed, Xiao Daxia not asked. Xiao Han month nodded and said That being the case, the wind can tell me what my brother Wind seven shook his head. Xiao Han heart to pay he is a shame to the killer, but refused to tell the inside story, the master, with what means, even able to control them so tight. Shook his head, said Wind brother do not want to say, do not force the next. Turned outward to go. Xiao Hanyue back to the residence, Zhao Youlan has long been waiting in the room. Zhao look at the girl, found that she saw thin, pale, brow, tiredness faint. Zhao Youlan raised his hand to touch the temples, the amount of cheek, indifferent smile, said It is not my face is ugly, alas As early as this, I should flutter some powde.

Fidget Cube Cost gs regardless of Zhao Xiao Han Yue said Chang Xiong, Zhao girl only Hui masterpiece, she will deal with better than us, if we hastily chased into Zhongshan, it is not to help her, but will harm her. Son of God, you do not mistaken it often nine unconvinced, said Zhao girl is just a hand of the power of the people, you give her time, let others put her uniform paste, let others calmly arranged well, we then fled into Xiao Han frown for a while, said Chang Xiong, some things, wisdom is more useful than martial arts, Zhao Youlan if not sure, how will they go to his father Father and daughter with heart Xiao brother, Zhao girl is really wise, but she is still just a teenage girl, did not read Li, no martial arts, that a thin white meat, can withstand a few toss Xiao Han suddenly stood up, Jian Mei provocative, handsome shine, coldly said You mean, they will punish Zhao Youlan Often nine appeal breath, whispered Brother, you sit down, I just guess so, can not see, since you are so concerned about her safety, why not rely on heavy White hair dragon, Zhang Lan and Wang Shouyi s power Xiao Han slowly sat down, speculation Road I have to believe their own inference, Zhao fidget cube cost girl already in the chest Mind read turn, excited gradually flat, sighed, said I do not want to take this matter to the official Tan Sangu, Zhang Lan is not a government officialsaid princes find you. Xiao Hanyue near the front of the soft couch, seven princes whispered put the weapons warehouse, whether the enemy has been entrenched Bai Yuxian recalled Tan Sangu one, said The older generation, let us stay down, take care of princes. The old body left, you and the Princess to meet them. Zhao Youlan said No, Shaw son of the Quartet snake array, protection is very strict, as long as people can not break through, here are safe, three martial arts strength, do not stay here. Bai Yuxian nodded and said Let s go out and see. Zhao Youlan said Should the situation change, the three said to inform me. White jade cents nodded leap out, Tan San was followed behind. Zhu Yingying thought for a moment, but also followed the line out. Palace did not start earth shattering war, but the enemies are to master, they are divided by the infiltration of Fuchu in all directions. Xiao Han fear the princes of the security, guarding the entire palace, power shortage, immediately ordered the withdrawal. More than two hundred plus master of these master of idle clouds, Quartet snake array, but cloth keep very tight, within the Baizhang radius, it is difficult to enter the birds. Come to take the opportunity to enter the palace a large number, but did not launch an offensive, the two sides in the palace among the temporary confrontation into the situation. Xiao Han in this area is.


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