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Fidget Cube Early Bird Wang Shou yi is very smart, kill him, no one chasing us again. Xiao Han on a wry smile, said He is a captain, how can kill Wu Feng laughed Xiao Xiong, and sister did not talk about a fidget cube early bird good condition Xiao Han on the hearts of a cool, pay Will they know my identity Sparrows meticulous, verbal cautious, did not reveal obvious flaws, but it was Wu Feng said. Xiao Hanyue secretly alert, take it lightly smile, said What conditions Wu Feng Yizheng slightly, said you Wu Feng, you and the Sparrow know who I am Wu Feng frowned, said Yes, do Xiao received on the cold You dare to kill the total catch of Tianfu, presumably is the same to kill me Wu Feng spent a stay, said We do not harm Xiao Xiong meaning, and very welcome Xiao Xiong to join us Xiao Hanyue eyes turn, found Wang Shouyi rope, iron ruler changes, has been able to gradually adapt to the Sparrow shenfa, although there is no ability to fight back, but can temporarily stabilize the situation, smiled and said I and Wenque Had not talked about why they came, the two sides hit up Wu Feng face a change, said Are you playing us Xiao Hanyue laugh This is not, Wu girl, the next is just tell the truth. Wu Feng eyes shot in the SG, condensate in the face of Xiao Han Yue, said Xiao Han, we are for you I know, so Xiao Han month long sighed, then said I am very embarrassed Wu Feng said What do you mean Xiao.ple. But the three armored people have become the body of three dressed in armor, naturally can not echo. Just listen to the voice of a clear Lang, pass over, said Second, please Xiaodaxia speak. A corner, slowly walking out of the bright blue wearing Jinliang Er, followed latest fidget cube by four men and four women, , The woman s sword. White jade fairy flying on the side of the side of Xiao Han, whispered Xiao Xiong, that four men and four women are the second from the guard, have a special skill, can not be ignored. Xiao Hanyue looked back and saw the master of idle clouds, the sword of Tang Ming, ink non sub, Zhu Yingying, are standing in the hall, nodding smile, said I thank the white girl pointing, from the next will be careful. Go outside. Master Xiaoyun said Xiao Shi master, poor monks to accompany you to trip. Mexican non sub said Pindao also go. Xiao Big Brother, I can not go Just listen to the sound of warbler Yan language, the tone of the tone, known to the princess. Bai Yuxian laughed Xiao Xiong I accompany the princess. Xiao Han month nodded, a big walk out, Lonely Master, ink non sub, Zhu Yingying, white king cents, followed by out. The two sides separated by ten feet or so, stopped. Mexican non child has been discarded mark knife, armed with a sword, Lonely Masters put red hair sword, hidden within the robe. Second, fidget cube early bird the eyes of a Mr. Bai Yuxian eyes, smiles The white girl, the s.

hand lift, illness to the bird caught, the scarecrow exclaimed, flashing behind the Xiao Han month. Master Huang did not catch a person, anger more, a wave, shouted fidget cube early bird Catch me. Two standing behind the big black, should be a cry, about overflanking over. Hanyue of the cultivation no matter how good, but the situation is pressing, can not be installed deaf for dumb, long breath, stood up, stand in front fidget cube for anxiety of the Sparrow, said Gentlemen, good words Two black Han, Xiao Han looked bright clothing, do not know what the source, it touches fidget cube toy dynasty down. Yellow Master is staring at Xiao Han months, cold then So, you can talk, I thought it was a dumb Xiao Hanyue has heard a small seven children said, the young master is the fidget cube early bird court should be Tianfu son, really do not want to get in trouble, smile, said Master Huang said with a laugh. Yellow Master frowned, looked at Xiao Han on a while, said you know me Xiao Han Yue said See you today. Master Huang said what is your job Xiao Han Yue said You travel scholar, passing Jinling, Wen Qin was the reputation of the quasi romantic, especially to a visit. Listen to just a Bachelor of Tourism, Master Huang s anger, and big up, sneer, said You swim to the quasi Qin painted up, and will be a dude Xiao Han shook his head, then said Zouma chapter, the game affair, in the next really unhappy, but Huang Xiong then Drink you from the lessons I cometoo big, if fidget cube early bird only the two of us here to keep the night, a bit deserted feeling, but I do not feel any crisis Often nine I feel, however, the crisis is not Murder, no matter how good the martial arts, it will not come before the crisis, be alert. fidget cube early bird Xiao Han Yue said If so, how can you feel it Often nine This is the accumulation of experience in rivers and lakes, struggling out of death by the sensitive tentacles. A bat, and draw the empty, the original, the night has been down. Xiao Han suddenly have a startled mind feeling, smile about, said Perhaps I really should have a sword, here is too quiet, so there is a kind of death breath, as if the palace this place, should be servants like clouds, bustling fishes. Often nine You are a wise man, smart enough to be able to quickly by my induction, you know I and the general arena lakes have many different places Xiao Han Yue said I have never had the experience of life in rivers and lakes, I hope to broaden the knowledge of some rivers and lakes. Often nine I came from a very fidget cube early bird strange martial art, rivers and lakes to know the martial art of people, it is rare, Zhang Lan, Wang Shouyi are my friends for many years, but they know that I am good at tracking the art, but do not know me Of origin, and even, they may not have been to my martial art It must be a mysterious martial art Often nine , COM Is not a mystery, but secret, the portal, in.s time, is a sunset, the beginning of the night the moment. White haired girl catching too fast, both end to end, Zhang Jie too late to order the arrow. XuanYi girl in the air, willow waist light fold, suddenly turned the body, hair palm split to tan sanangu. Tan Sangu control palm, the two palm force then, Tan three stations were shaking off the field, and that mysterious girl is that the power of shells, the body has soared up eight steps, flying out of the wall outside. Zhang Jie shouted shot Immediately arrows Po Kong, more than a dozen tributary vector chasing mysterious girl. But has been a step backward, falling on the wall outside, Zhang Lan, often nine, jump over the wall, the mysterious girl has to go to such as the Yellow Crane. Tan Ergu catch up, and can not think of them actually in this underground trail, as a place to save. fidget cube early bird Wang Shouyi mouth does not speak, but my heart was greatly depressed, if we can advance to a large number of troops and horses, surrounded by this round and round, that Xuan Yi girls, can not easily escape. Xiao Han standing on the ground did not move, thinking about Xuan Yi girl leaps and bounds of speed shenfa, what methods can be stopped her. Yang Fu Park under the waste, it really is authentic vertical and horizontal, everywhere Chamber of Secrets, want to come, then open to avoid this tunnel. This place should be a collection of things. T.

Fidget Cube Early Bird than the second wave of fidget cube early bird Mr. right hand, which fidget cube early bird will cut off the remaining one arm. In fact, the whole audience, all for this situation sigh, when the world martial arts in the first master, known as the sword Emperor of the strange man, was so tortured, so persecution and humiliation. Ink non child had to Xiao Han months of patience, but at the moment, he was no longer able to bear it down, shouted Mr. II, open sword Emperor Two gentlemen sneer soon, then hum Relying on you Mexican non sub sword like crazy people, the hearts of the fencing of the worship of everyone, it is not under the Xiao Han month, the moment a chest, said put him, Pindao willing to body instead Two gentlemen laughed, said You alone Murphy Wangfu in your ten eight, the son will not mind. Xiao Han suddenly abandoned the hands of the Qinghong sword, said Second, Mr. Xiaomou how Mr. Second, his face flashed a real smile, said You can talk about, say, how are you ready to teach him You want me to cut off one arm, put him right Mr. Second said Also out of the palace Xiao Han on a wry smile, said Mr. Second, the District should Ruoyipi an arm, naturally has no resistance to the power, whether to withdraw from the palace, is not important. Second, Mr. pondered for a while, said Xiao Han months, to be honest, I did not win. But unfortunately the overall situation, I can not underestimate the enemy in.the scandal ashamed. Xiao Han frowned, said Sparrow, I do not understand. What are you talking about Said the little princess, good mind, good conservation, people say that the prime minister to punt the boat, really good. Xiao Han months to understand a little, smile, said Sparrow, came up with the results did not Sparrow wry smile, said I know you are not wrong, but from my point of view, it is different, Erye grace for us, I can not betray him. Xiao Han Yue said Sparrow, I did not want you to betray two gentlemen, I just feel right and wrong between, there should be a clear, as you how to decide, I have no intention to force you. Sparrow sighed and said Xiao Gongzi, stay here is too dangerous, why do not you go We have been surrounded by a large number of experts. Sparrow ear ears for a while, said How did I not hear the cry of shouting Xiao Han Yue said Not yet, probably he is mobilizing it Sparrow pondered for a while, said On your martial arts, a person walking, great hope. You know, this is impossible Sparrow then said I know, said is white, but I could not help but say it. Xiao Han Yue said Sparrow, can you do me a favor Sparrow said What s busy Xiao Han Yue said Send me a message. Is it a move Yes Our staff is too little Sparrow then said You re going to start a battle here. Xiao Han Yue said Forcing the situation, we do not want to wait, only to fight a w.


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