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Fidget Cube Ebay Au he died one day, also asked small to carefully study, Xiao Han month nodded, then said He died, but the stars in fidget cube cost the arch chart to Zhao after the doctor Such as the intention of a moment, said about three months after sending out the arch on the map, then, his body was Jianlang very, but suddenly poisoned to death. Xiao Han said Thank you, the wishful, you go to rest Wishful a bend, said The small outdoor transmission. Turned outward to go. Xiao Han seems to suddenly think of what is important, cried wishful, Zhu Lu s death, the prince s look Ruyi pondered for a while, said This is also very important Xiao Han Yue said It is very important, princes dangerous situation, you have to tell the truth. Wishful nodded, said princes made a temper, uncle Zhu Lu s death, anger more than sad Xiao said These things can not be mentioned to others. Ruyi said So the county asked about it Xiao Han said She will not ask, once asked, you want her to ask me is. Wishful already know Xiao Han may be the princes selected by the dragon fast husband, should be a cry out of the outdoors. Xiao Han Yue slowly sat down in an ebony chair, looking at the candlelight trance. Often nine cover the door, said Brother, say it out to listen, maybe I can provide some humble opinion. Xiao Han Yue breath, said Chang Xiong view Chang nine You this is test me No, my brother is sincere. Often nine bitter smile Thi.ted by the princes, I want to deceive the princes, really do not want fidget cube ebay au to, however, you Wang captives despite the rest assured that the princes have nodded his head Xiao suddenly on the month somebody is coming Zhang Lan eyes turn, but not the figure, the hearts of strange, whispered where is it Xiao Han Yue said In the south Needless to say, the south of the rockery, dwarf pine, and sure enough there was a dressed in light blue, embroidered Phnom Penh gown. Zhang Lan spent a stay, said Seven princes Rushed to meet up. Wang Shouyi face became pale, said Oh, that s a lot to eat. Often nine coldly said You have the first Jiangnan that the momentum to go there to get it Become so timid Wang Shouyi said Seven princes is how distinguished identity, how can the same people in general If not finished, suddenly stopped. It turned out that Zhang Lan has accompanied seven princes to Zhang Xu about. Wang Shouyi grab a step, Baifu to the ground, Xiao Han month, often nine, but also had to kneel down. Seven princes suddenly accelerated the pace of the line a few people, smiled and said Get up, get up, this is the garden will Syria, not salute. A prince, so polite, Xiao Han months, often nine are also some moved, said in unison Thanks to the royal grace. But the three are still knocked a head, only to stand up. Royal eyes turn, carefully looked at the three one, smiled and.

y of the pattern, they have greater ambition. Xiao Han month nodded and said A group of martial arts clever killer, if used properly, it is certainly better than ten million Xiongbing. So many people, hidden in the Wuyi alley underground secret room often nine frowned, said Even Mrs. Yang can not be hidden from Nature, but also deceive the seven princes, Wu Yi Lane secret underground corridor, has always been connected, but it was deliberately bet it points up, I can not figure out, seven fidget cube ebay au princes knew these things, why not stop Often nine pondered for a while, said We first met seven princes, he was all normal, Zhang Lan is very careful to protect the palace, so that at least seven princes at that time have not been coerced Suddenly shut up silent. Xiao said Chang Xiong, then go on here only two of us. Often nine That time, they seem to have some fidget cube ebay kind of understanding Xiao Han month nodded and said So, seven princes pretend not to know. Often nine then said Jin Yi Wei and the East plant to ride, all over the world, although the seven princes hereditary nobles, can not avoid the East plant surveillance Xiao Han slightly Yizheng month, said You mean Often nine then fidget cube ebay au said in the next know, Jinling at least two secret factory of the East sub station, the city of Nanking, there is such a huge mysterious power, they did not even say Often, you look at the entire rockery, is there any discovery No Often nine shook his head Unless White Dragon has already found my track, deliberately put me here, but this opportunity is not. Xiao Han Yue said Zhang Xiong, should the White Dragon in the palace in the operation of a hidden hiding place, a little chance of success There is no point Zhang Lan sure to say I lived in the palace for several years, although to teach the palace in the martial arts of the main body, but also responsible for the defense of Fuchu, although the guard is not enough in this garden strict, occasionally sneaked into a half , Or it is possible, such as there is a long term potential fidget cube world class home of the Chamber of Secrets and the like, is impossible. Xiao Han Yue Yue breath, said Zhang Xiong, martial arts on the Princess how much understanding Zhang Lan has been afraid of people raised this issue, but why mention Xiao Han Yue out. In fact, the observant Wang Shou yi, had long wanted to raise this issue, but inconvenience to open, Xiao Han on this question, is a mind. I know that the county master some of the martial arts Zhang Lan s look with a sort of serious loss. But I can not think she should be so clever, see micro know, by she just jumped into the gaoming dodge it seems that her martial arts seems to have reached the stage, reached a certain level. Xiao Han Yue said That is to.lack people fell to the ground, sigh, said You kill them Back to his wife s words, just point their acupuncture points Lady Yang said That is to say, they can hear our conversation Wang Shouyi said This Zhang Lan in order to indicate, Wang Shou yi immediately said hear, unless, unlock the points they were points. Yang Fu Lee about gray hair, sadly said Tianfu patrol operations should be the day and night in the Wuyi Lane inspections, why not earlier found this thing Zhang Lan was shocked, said Lady is said More than two years, Yang government has been under their control, I witnessed their brutal means to kill our Fuchu Fuchu Master, Yang House among my servants, regardless of servant, maid , All in their hands, more than two years of change, you actually will feel nothing Mrs. Yang said sad place actually sadly want to cry. Under the damn, under the damn Wang Shou yi infinite ashamed to say Yang Shangshu know this thing He did not know, he has been stationed in Kyoto, rarely come back, fidget cube ebay au and they warned me, as long as the disclosure of a little news, Yang will be one of the most punished, do not leave, I do not want to drag, really do not want to drag to Yang Jia Men, I see their skill, come and go like a wind, I believe they have this ability. Madame, really is wronged, Houmen deep like the sea, should Tianfu in the arrest, it is.

Fidget Cube Ebay Au th the voice of Jiao crisp, drifting out fidget cube ebay au of a mysterious girl, parked in the Big Dipper after the knife array. Good clever dodge, a good bizarre shenfa, in full view, did not even see her stealth servant. People with the sound Piaofei out, suddenly appeared. Xiao Han month turned to look, I saw that young girl is very young Xuanye, Liu Mei eye, on the beauty, the body is not in the Sparrow, Wu Feng under, but his face some pale, seems to see fidget cube ebay au the sun for many years, an increase of a lot of cold Of the gas, but also set off like a long standing non worldly fairy. Can fidget cube ebay au you answer my question Xuan Yi girl coldly said can Just ask reasonable, but I believe that you do not have much chance to ask me Xiao Han Yue laughed Well Good finally met under a person can talk about the truth. You overestimate yourself Xiao Hanyue smile, fidget cube ebay said can encounter a person can talk to illustrate the hearts of many questions, this one played very valuable, Xiaomou fortunate to overcome, can be resolved to the hearts of suspicions, unfortunately killed, but also without Sorry, girl, please tell them to shoot it Xuan Yi girl down Liu Mei, said If you really have the courage of a war, why not enter the knife array That is also true. Xiao suddenly on the fidget cube ebay au cold, straight into the knife array into. Often nine sighed, said The book read too much, really will be stupid for the book, so an honest person.. This is to try, but, this matter, and what people talk about it Xiao Han made a question. Wu Feng, Wu Feng in the cellar, is the best person to convey the message, however, Zhang and I, can not come forward, private dredge, negotiations, I am afraid you Xiao Xiong brother come forward to play. Can be so, the next is bounden duty, however, Wang Xiong, Han Yue also have a thing to ask. Wang Shouyi smile about, said Please speak Xiao Han Yue said Should the negotiations fail, the two sides of the Bingren meet the situation, Wang Xiong will in turn deal with us Wang Shouyi said If this case can not do it, I immediately said sick off, closed door thank you, this matter I do not know what to do , I do not know, Less than a stone, not out of the mountains. Well, so a word for the set to tea on behalf of the wine, I King King a cup. Xiao Hanyue Duanqi cup. Health is affected, please Wang Shouyi Duanqi cup drained. Said Xiao brothers, this is the worst plan, I hope the seven princes, still support this matter, I am also a vigorous Wang, and do a case shocked the world, and then, the resignation of the total head of the job. Xiao Han Yue said My mother asked me to study the classics, to save the fame, but fortunately the younger brother did not study, if you really want to get fidget cube ebay au a bureaucracy, a lot of things are difficult to be reckless. Xiao brothers, with Jun, such as with the tiger.


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