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Fidget Cube Evangelist $txt1=preg_replace(\"/\\s{2,}/i\",\" \",$txt1);ee you Xiao Hanyue turned to the black line to the bed, then said what is your name Wind seven Black people answered very simply. Xiao Han Yue Road Wind brother Wind seven then I am the wind group, seventh Xiao slightly Yizheng month, said That Xiongtai s real name is Wind seven Alas, what is the difference Xiao Han Yue said Very different, the surname of the person, on the father, descendants were on behalf of the next generation, a continuous pulse, as the wind seven words, then, as you said, just a code. In the next ashamed Wind seven sadly then said I am a killer, tell real names, only to make their ancestors ashamed, Xiao Daxia not asked. Xiao Han month nodded and said That being the case, the wind can tell me what my brother Wind seven shook his head. Xiao Han heart to pay he is a shame to the killer, but refused to tell the inside story, the master, with what means, even able to control them so tight. Shook his head, said Wind brother do not want to say, do not force the next. Turned outward to go. Xiao Hanyue back to the residence, Zhao Youlan has long been waiting in the room. Zhao look at the girl, found that she saw thin, pale, brow, tiredness faint. Zhao Youlan raised his hand to touch fidget cube evangelist the temples, the amount of cheek, indifferent smile, said It is not my face is ugly, alas As early as this, I should flutter some powde.

t go. Xiao Han said Chang Xiong, you listen to the tone of the man, will not be the leaders Chang nine shook his head It seems not, but certainly his identity, it seems that the girl is higher than the mysterious girl. Tan Sangu often nine, when they hands Often nine The conversation is only two, I continue to continue to hear is that these, as hands on time, it seems that in two or three days Zhang Lan said They only talk about these Often nine Of course more than, but the number of them more and more, I had to hide in the dark to avoid, can not listen to it. He did not explain hiding there, but Xiao Han suddenly thought of last night and his encounter, his clothes are dry, faint muddy smell, like him last night stealth, is certainly in the pool, the gutter. Wang Shouyi said First start with the strong, we mobilize a large number of staff, go to the world of silk Zhuangzao found them Tan Sangu said After that girl arrived in fidget cube evangelist XuanYi, one after another, it has been described in the world of silk Zhuang is nothing more than One of the places they met, the four seas can be as strong as business, but also shows that buy toy fidget cube they did not destroy it, with the way, may only control the proprietor, the boss, forced him to convey orders. Wang Shouyi nodded. Often nine This organization uses the parasitic method, rather than separately to track them, it is better to lead the snake out of.e the contact with a powerful enemy, found the strength of each other s deep, Not the old monk and Mexican non sub Daoxiong the power can be completed, thanks to Xiao Shi main rely on sword Emperor of fidget cube evangelist secrets, exhibition of divinity, white girl and to, smell the two old friends, but also in time to help, this is perhaps Buddhism In the cause and effect of change, so many people can be very clever to gather one, to save this a catastrophe. Xiao Han said The master means Lonely master The old monk think, we should first try to deal with the group of famous doctors Chang nine then said That s the source of the disaster, Yang Fanghe s things may wish to temporarily aside. Bai Yuxian whispered I m afraid Tang Ming and Chen Baoshan two, the injury is very heavy But God knife Tang Ming loudly said Don charge potential although not light, but can also act against one or two second rate killer, or can cope with. Suddenly stood up, draw the sword in hand, look solemn, majestic. Array holding Hill loudly said Do not worry about me, Chen left, just do not have a role. Xiao Han said We quietly leave, will angered the two gentlemen, how could you spare your life. Array Baoshan The white girl was treated with panacea, the injury is heavy, but also improved a lot, my own martial arts limited, even though go all out, I m afraid can not help too busy, therefore, Chen left.as fighting back that did not show it. No luck to stop bleeding, making a large number of blood gush, red Department of large chest clothing. Fortunately, Xiao Hanyue is back to the door after the white jade and Zhu Yingying, etc., do not see him injured. Xiao Hanyue also try to avoid, let others see. Iron man s clever changes, hurt Xiao Han months, but it also aroused his strong win the heart. Xiao Han Yue is not a general figure of the rivers and lakes, his belly with poetry and literature, chest possession of military strategy, after being dampened, can be completely calm down, side luck pain, side thinking on the enemy of the law. Iron seven sneer soon, said Xiao Han month, abandoned sword it You do not have the chance to win. Xiao Han Yue said I have the ability to fight again. Iron seven Acts of self disgrace, but also in vain to lose a life. Right hand lift a flick. But the smell of Chi Chi scissors, that shot a knife, even closed back. Xiao Han Yue said Sure enough, the construction of sophisticated armor, the power of your enemies, it seems that all the armor on top of this. This sentence, angered the iron seven, sneer, said Xiao Han month, if you die today, one day I will take off your armor and a life and death. Xiao Han Yue said Then you will have no chance, not my enemy. Iron seven Xiao Han month, you crazy ah Xiao Han Yue said If the two do not see the next as a r.

Fidget Cube Evangelist can not help but stay. Xiao Han cross on the sword standing, said They have weaknesses and are not perfect. Bai Yuxian whispered You are wounded, go fidget cube evangelist back to the hall, and I ll wrap it for fidget cube evangelist you. Referred to the injured, Xiao Han suddenly felt the wound in the pain, nodded and said Hopefully his knife will not be poisonous, and it will not hurt my actions. Bloody bruises, the injury will not be too light Xiao received on the cold I fidget cube evangelist can move freely, the injury will not be too heavy. The mouth to speak, but in the white jade dragging under, into the hall. See Xiao Hanyue hemodialytics, Zhu Yingying not scream, but the two lines Qinglei, but like a spring flooded out, rushed to the side of a Lang. White Yuxian has been wiping away the blood of Xiao Han months chest, clearly saw a half fidget cube evangelist foot of the wound. The strange thing is that although not light dressing Xiao Han, but the wound seems to have condensation, Bai Yuxian slightly pondered, laughing Zhu sister do not cry, although this injury is not light this injury, but the bleeding has since only, dressing about All right. The original is also very worried about the master of idle cloud, suddenly laughed and said Jian Di has a naked death nickname, it appears that Xiao Shi has done the main fruit has really passed, you take a good sit, old monk should not be able to deal with armored people, but also you shot to help. Great w.iao Han Yue sword, big walk near a large front. Her experience, the line near the Han, the right hand sword a challenge, first in the hands of the plum blossom needle to open. Worried about, in the hands of the plum blossom syringes, close to his side, suddenly cast by the spring of the needle, fast and strong, within a few feet away, the martial arts and then high, I m afraid Difficult to get away. Very unexpected, that Han did not even put the plum blossom needle. At this time, Wen fidget cube thinkgeek Baiqi fidget cube gear supply fidget cube reaction also Benbing to, out of the palm, shot down the hands of another Han syringes. White jade immortal alert, sword flat chest, sword body condensate a strong internal force, as long as the Han a little action, the sword will be as fast as thunder like, out of the sound. Completely surprising is that those who have no counterattack action Han, no fear expression. Line close before the white jade fairy find those Han, one look woodenly, seems to have been dying to the situation. They do not counterattack, nor is it not brave, home life and death in degrees, but, no longer attack the enemy s ability. They are standing there, just in the attire. Think about it, a person, no matter how marked the brave, but in his bundle of gunpowder, look the same, it is a very difficult thing. White jade Xianjue extraordinary, immediately thought of the second danger, hastily cried Wen predecessors, fast back. Mout.


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