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Fidget Cube For Only $19.9 h as the power of a person, can make a martial arts disappear, personality change Zhao Youlan gently sighed and said I have to go, apricot a person probably can not take care of Xiao Lan said Orchids, although you protect their ability is very strong, but also be careful, rivers and lakes on the tricks, conspiracy, hard to detect, you will not martial arts, especially to beware of Flying, poisoning a class of hidden weapon. Zhao Youlan nodded and took out a white jade bottle, said There are twelve anti drug pills, the effectiveness of each one, you can maintain two hours, now, after the drug can bee, Xiao received the month The case was fidget cube for only $19.9 poison bees, drug mosquito bites, this drug can save However, one can only save a person, while protecting a lot of people, but the preparation fidget cube shopping of the main drug of this antidote, the stock is small, can not be wasted. Xiao Han month nod smile, was about to ask fidget cube for only $19.9 some of the drug feeding mosquito things, Zhao Orchid has first access This matter please Xiao Xiong temporarily keep secret, I go. She turned around and hurried away. Think about it, maybe the girl has the inconvenience of Zhao difficulties, Xiao Han months had no choice but to temporarily under Chennai under the curious heart, cover the door, luck adjustment. Tan Sangu rushed to the Zhao Fu, the time is palm lamp, Wang Shouyi, He fidget cube for only $19.9 Gang, Zhang Jie, Luo Biao, also in Zhao House, but.ntial Chung out. Not afraid of the enemy s fierce, but this surging river, but there is a great fear, Xiao Han secretly decided in the future no longer hurry to go by boat. Probably the ship owner also felt the situation dangerous, the only way out is to try to ship close to the river bank, his long line of water, experienced, grabbed a bucket, scoop up the river, down the cabin, one side loudly said Guys, plus the force, the boat rope to the river shore, Xiao Gongzi force of high strength, as long as the boat near the shore, we are considered a life insurance. Life and death cross, any rewards, has been insufficient courage, only life saving argument, the most effective use. Sure enough, had wanted to abandon the ship and fleeing a few sailors, but also full of facilities for the boat to rely on to the riverbank. Often jumped into the cabin, the left hand grabbed a basin of water scoop, right stick Ruyi stick, eyes flow, watching fidget cube for only $19.9 the changes in the cabin. Chen Baoshan whispered Xiao Xiong, first of these three fusiform fast boat destroyed, and then work together to deal with the enemy underwater Xiao Han on the meaning of this injury, but the situation is urgent, a bite, grabbed a long arrow throwing, though not fidget cube for only $19.9 strong bow shot, but the arrow is anxious, fast as a meteor, a more than ten branches, dodge not easy. But heard several screams, the northern fast boat on th.

want to get drugs, and even Zhao girl also captive in the past, late into the worry about the safety fidget cube for only $19.9 of Zhao girl. Zhang Lan laughed and said This point, you can rest assured, the old lady is worried that they do not move, we want to find no way, as long as they are willing to come, the old lady has to seize their grasp. Xiao Han Yue Yue breath, hesitantly. Zhao Youlan has received Zhang old predecessors, you see, we hand enough Younger generation would like to hire some staff, waiting for the old predecessors of the field, as to spend, Zhang Ye only Zhang Lan shook his head, then said Do not need, do not need, I have brought the two guards to the palace, they are I personally tune the people, had a very good martial arts base, the past two years, more sophisticated, Captive under the staff should be enough. Wang Shouyi said I chose the four most savvy players, plus I, a total of five people, Zhang Xiong see how arrangements. Zhang Lan said collection J, fidget cube unilad OM This is designed to Shaw Brother. Xiao Han took out a floor plan, spread on the table, Road Late into a good plan, also asked the two to show advice The third back to Qinhuai River Another day near dusk, Zhao Youlan leaning against the window, to see that gorgeous sunset, gradually dissipated, sunset. Suddenly, a burst of north wind, with the slightest drizzle into the rich rain, hit in the face, all of a sud.ow they are under control Bai Yuxian said I heard two gentlemen said, there is a strange martial arts, from Tianzhu, called the heart system Lonely master said old monk also heard of this wonderful, Shaolin Temple among 72 kinds of stunts, there is such a martial arts, the old monk know, fidget cube for only $19.9 Buddhist lion roar, you can crack, old monks to help them Wen Baiqi urgent Master and slow Unique master recalled a hundred odd one, said Wen brother what opinions Wen Baiqi said The three people pregnant with gunpowder, explosive power and amazing, should allow them to solve the prohibition, chaos everywhere, how do we deal with Lonely master a little stay, said This Wen Baiqi then said I know you feel kind, but between the war, ghost fraud, not without prevention. Lonely silent. Xiao Han Yue said Master, the view of the cold months, in addition to their sanctity of the system, there should be another ban, so that they can not move Ink non sub then said Xiao Daxia also found fidget cube for only $19.9 what Suddenly, Murphy on the young man, gave birth to a great admiration of the heart, he not only inherited the sword Emperor of the secrets, and his own talent and wisdom, but also the general martial arts and no one can. Xiao Han said Should they be charged with the heart surgery system, should not be stuck Bai Yuxian a cry, said It makes sense, cheap concubines shot to try. B.r Xiao Han month, everyone Huaxuan, immediately ran to the soft bed before, look carefully. Zhao Youlan put on a candlestick, so that Zhao Youlan can see more clearly. After a careful view of Xiao Han months, Zhao Youlan serious look, become a little loss, said In the cold poison, but he hurt where Zhang Lan hearts of illegal channels It seems that the daughter is not as good as his father, Zhao Bainian as here, there will be the rescue of the law often nine Xiao Gongzi and palm injury, should hurt in the right hand. Zhao Youlan also grabbed the right hand of Xiao Han Yue looked for a while, shook his head and said The right hand without injury Heart of a sudden move, rolled up the right hand of Xiao Han Yue sleeve. I saw Xiao Han on the right arm, and sure enough there are two small black spots, only the pinhole size, inattention is difficult to see out. Fortunately, Zhao Youlan very carefully. X X , OM Hand out, slender black spots on the two points by the press, Zhao Youlan only sighed and said This is here, just do not know what he used hidden fidget cube for only $19.9 weapon, shot into the Xiao Han Xiao Gongzi right arm into. Tan Sangu slight Yizheng, said What is a hidden weapon, not Zhang Li Zhao Youlan said late into the martial arts will not, but I know Shaw son of the internal forces are very deep, but cold Po Zhangli, he will not hurt so heavy. Often nine There is no way to treat Zhao.

Fidget Cube For Only $19.9 y a hemp body, fainted. Xiao Han stopped the pace, said After that Zhang Jie said Later, Zhao girl s personal girl came out almond, and took out a Dan Wan, who fainted down in fidget cube for only $19.9 the brothers, immediately woke up, apricot also took out 40 gold leaf, asked him to give Zhao Fuchu guards of the brothers. What s the matter How did the man faint Zhang Jie said I asked the brother, he himself is not very clear, as if the calf suddenly a pain, people fainted in the past, of course, the brothers are aware of this matter, together with Zhao girl shot generous, we all comply with With this agreement, the defense in a small cross hospital Zhang feet outside the place. Xiao Han Yue said Zhang Xiong did not trace down How to trace Zhang Jie smiled and said Injured party, are not sure why, to ask fidget cube for only $19.9 inside, only to ask Zhao girl and apricot. Xiao Han month nodded and said That is also true. Zhang Jie said This thing, I did not tell the boss, because the apricot repeatedly asked, those gold leaves is the girl Zhao sent a little brother guard meaning, not Zhang Yang out, when I and Luo Bing in Wuyi alley ambush, Leaves, they have been divided, it is difficult to hand him out. Zhao girl automatically took out the property, condolences to the hard work of the brothers, well deserved Zhang Jie breath, said Shaw son said, I rest assured, forty gold leaf, each piece has five or two, is a big handwriting.t listen to the master of low Yun declared a low number of Buddhas, said It seems that things more and more complex, sword Emperor, such as they were imprisoned, the world who can and they resist Field immediately silent. After a long time, Xiao Han months only sighed, said If he really was to use the elderly, but also out of being forced. Mexican non sub Road Now the most important thing is to first find out where the sword emperor now Lonely Master Chang Mei eyebrows, hesitantly. Originally, he suddenly thought of, to see the mountain valley, anyone can change the appearance, why not To the cultivation of the sword of Emperor, Ding Li, may have left hand, but Xiao Han may not be able to distinguish clearly, as long as the sword of the emperor s false appearance, perhaps to Xiao Han on abandoned sword tied, but now against Mr. II The focus of the main, seems to have concentrated in the body of Xiao Hanyue the old monk did not dare to think about it. Want to go is too terrible can not help but sigh Yi Tan, said Is it really a foot high Road, the devil high Zhang Yi call Ordinary people looked at a master of idle clouds, did not ask. Originally, often nine also has a master of the same idea, therefore, he can listen to the meaning of the language. Understand, fidget cube for only $19.9 but can not say it. But see Xiao Han Yue looked up at the sky, mouth slowly said Should find him the elderly, we.


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