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Fidget Cube Gamer evil sword in the Jianjue essence. Xiao Hanyue has been do not understand the seven evil sword, in fact, only six strokes, listen to sword Emperor instructions, only to understand, the seventh move is backhand sword, the former six strokes back out. Now, he is playing a sword of Liuhe. This is the nemesis practice on the nemesis, a facilities to start, suddenly flying sword from the bloody bloody. Zhongzhou wind odd and accompanied by the composition of the Jian Zhen, to extract the Sword Emperor Qisha sword against the move, just run into nemesis, they out of the sword of the gap, it is Liuhe against the offensive. Xiao Han on a crazy fight, Zhongzhou four odd and dozens of subordinates, they died under Jian Jian. Blood cheap clothes, Xiao Han on the face, but also splashed with blood beads. While not a fight, but a massacre, strange sword, coupled with the sharp sword Qinghong, resulting in a tragic scene of the massacre. Both sides were swept away fidget cube ship date the souls of a massacre of overawed, and no one stop, but they stopped their hands. Two gentlemen smile, said Xiao Han month, we meet each time, your Yin Qi skills appear. Xiao Han looked at the floor over the body of a cross, said This is your fault. My fault, these people, not always kill me Mr. II said They are dead in your sword. Xiao Han Yue said My master died, you kill him, and, before he died, you scrap his martial arts, s.can guarantee to dig authentic, in order to act secret, the best night start. Wang Shouyi said What people go to Zhang buy official fidget cube and brother to study, I go to arrange, the beginning of time hands. Often nine, said No Time to advance, no night tonight, Tianyi black hands, before the second, to find authentic, often someone last night to see the news, authentic sound of outgoing action, are three or so. Wang Shou yi nodded and said Good Chang Xiong, should not go to look at the situation in the Wuyi Lane Often nine surnamed Chang no other ability, is the ability to remember very well, Wu Yi Lane and the palace inside and outside the garden situation, has long been memorized in the chest of the district. Wang Shouyi recalled one, bowed and said Zhang Xiong, all Yang Fu, and manpower, please Zhang brother transfer, brother and patrol camp to make a deal. Zhang Lan said The best way to keep secrets, that is, by the people of action, no longer mobilize other people. Zhao Youlan stood up, smiled and said Gentlemen ran last night last night, tonight but also action, used rice wine, please rest back to the room, you bedroom, I have ordered the maid they had a large Grace, thank the younger generation. Xiao Han back to the bedroom, Zhao Youlan has long been waiting in the room. These days, Xiao Han month busy running, two people have not even seen, between each other, seems to have a lot of things.

tment room in an hour long stop, are less than a chance to speak and Zhao hundred years, Zhao Bainian has been bowing to work, see also Xiao Han did not see a month. Back to the elegant room, but also the lamp when the case has been placed on the case of food, six dishes, four fidget cube gamer meat and two elements, and usually different, even more than a pot of wine. Xiao Han accommodation in the same room, every day when the meal, by Zhao Fu to send meals, meals each meal, are very rich, but still the first time there is wine. The second strange thing is, Xiao Han found a new clothes on the bed. Zhao Fu slowly walked in, said Mr. Shaw, wine and wine cooler, please use it early Why is that I m just a patient seeking a doctor Zhao Dafu s instructions, this pot of wine is a good Guihua Lu, Zhao Dafu is personally prescription brewing, in addition to his own use, never use it to entertain guests, you are the first guests to receive hospitality by the osmanthus. Zhao Fu, you are not mistaken I am not a guest, I am just a patient. Not wrong, Mr. Shaw, that several sets of new clothes, but also Zhao Dafu told the rush made. Xiao Hanyue smile, said For a patient, why should such a generous, I Mr. Shaw, first please eat it, wait a minute, Zhao will see you, have any questions, face to face to ask Dr. Zhao, you please eat, I do not disturb. Xiao Han on a wry smile, since pour a glass of to be you do not thin, how the meaning of ruthless face down. Bai Yuxian then said Mr. II surrounded the fidget cube gamer lotus floor, such as non Xiao Daxia and other fight to help boxing, Bai Yuxian I have to travel to the soul. Second, Mr. called one breath, said Xiao Daxia have Princess match, white girl of fidget cube gamer some affection, I m afraid is falling intentionally, water ruthless. Bai Yuxian coldly said I and Xiao Daxia is a moral turn, two of these words, do not think it is cold Second, Mr. faint smile, said Zhao girl is and is dead Xiao Hanyue heart of a dynamic, underground passage It seems that he is mistaken that we Zhao girl captive over, he did not know the inside story, since there is no need to expose, faint smile, said still alive. That s good Mr. II said Seven princes do not breathe Mr. Second to be disappointed. Xiao cold month, said The seven princes of poisoning, has been greatly improved. You Zhao Zhao girl captive, is to save seven princes Xiao Han Yue said Mr. two opinions. Two Mr. said Xiao Han months, you are the lakes of human, why intervene in the official matter Mr. II is not a lakes man Well, you want to know my true identity Xiao Han said do not want to know, but know the next, you are just a mysterious portals on the rivers and lakes. Second, sneer, said The palace has been under my heavy siege, even if you martial arts Xiao Xiaohan masterpiece, it is difficult to a c.d man, said Wang total catcher, there is no news Adults, Shouyi is ashamed Zhang Lan a frown, said So a big one, do not turn into a breeze will not go Wang Shouyi smile about, said Adults, like a stone, like the sea, in addition to Tianfu s arrests completely dispatched, even Jingkou, Tongzhou and Su, Hang two states of the arrest, have been dispatched, drought and fidget cube desk toy amazon drought, in addition to Mingka inventory, There are dark exploration patrol, four way co ordination, unless, he can Zhao night out of Jinling, travel miles away Zhang Lan then said impossible Wang Shou yi turned around and looked at Zhao Youlan, said The statue missing a few days Xiao Hanyue mind speculation good interest Wangzongpu head, between words, it is set traps, hope orchids do not be fooled to do. Zhao Youlan really did not fooled, then immediately When the night after the more, I left my father s study, the next day on the three pole, found his father is not, before noon, has been reported to your government. Wang Shouyi nodded and said Zhang adults, Beizhi received a report, known to the matter is no trivial matter, one side inform the criminal case master, one side ordered the expedition dispatched, the closure of water and drought two way mark, before sunset, the prefect summoned Beizhi adults, research case, with the seven princes Xuzhou, within a radius of two hundred years, have been u.

Fidget fidget cube gamer Cube Gamer owed Xiao Han months, and become obedient, and now, Zhu girl dressed as a young servant, perhaps nine is still a little angry heart, a charming girl Zhu, dressed very Weird, delicate bright red color. Become black and thick, crescent shaped eyebrows, also become very rough look, like a mountain village in the cattle child. But as a closer look, it was found that Zhu lovely girl side, bright eyes, white neat teeth, and show delicate hands, but unfortunately the slim figure. But was covered by a wide and large clothes. Often nine to the girl after the portrait of Xiao Han months, the portrait suddenly disappeared in general, two days and two nights, did not even met and Xiao Han months, Xiao Han not help to take up the heart, but did not say it. That night, to the 100 set, Xiao Han, etc. stay in a Taiping inn. Hundreds away from Jinling, but about hundred miles, where not because it is located in the area, just a day away from the Jinling itinerary, which became a very fast development of the town, the population is also more set by the 100 People gathered to thousands of people, close to the official Road store, opened a dozen inn. Taiping Inn is the best collection of a hundred pubs, but also run the wine business. Xiao Hanyue and so on to a cross hospital, the rice wine in a small hall in the cross hospital. Chen Baoshan this way as far as possible in the imitation of the tone.said sweat in a strong aroma. Zhu Yingying eyes light up, said really fragrant Yes It is the orchids and musk tune out of the flesh powder, uncle gave me, musk distribution of strong, so that a lot of orchid fidget cube gamer flavor, I brought a box out Suddenly found Xiao Han months absent minded, seems to have not listened to her to speak, can not help but stay, said Xiao Big Brother, if you do not fidget cube gamer like this fragrant ignorant, I will not use it. I I think, this expensive aromatherapy, in addition to the princely home, most people find it difficult to get, this smell will make people think of your identity. HJ.C M Yes Zhu Yingying suddenly said I went to the box of powder lost, no longer use it, thank you, Xiao Big Brother, you are so concerned about me, I was very happy. Turned Jiben away. Xiao Han on stunned, but he is casually two words to deal with it, the Jiaoqiao daughter, would be so serious, think of Zhao Youlan suddenly cold, heart is filled with emotion, to think hard, really want to For what Xiao brothers often nine slowly over the walk, then said You see it Xiao Han said Qiao out what Yingying Princess ah Xiao Han said She grew up in the protection of all sorts, under the care of innocent, Jiao Zhi innocent, on the human Often nine shook his head, stopped fidget cube gamer the words of Xiao Han, said Well put it, she is Jiaozhi innocent, but she was a smart pe.


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