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Fidget Cube Gearbest Zhaofu lived for three days, but has not met with Zhao Youlan, Zhao girl reclusive, has been hiding in the living of the cross hospital, but has been heard, Fuchu all affairs, by Zhang Lan, Prepared in the accountant hundreds of thousands of silver votes, gold leaf, Zhang Lan ordered the use of. Zhao girl asked Zhang Lan and not care Xiao Han, it is after a number of ingenuity, both shows the weight of Zhang Lan letter, but for the Xiao Han months to subtract a lot of disturbance. On the fourth day at the beginning of the hour, Tan Sangu decided to go to the Yang government to find out, selected Xiao Han, Chang nine, Wang Shouyi, Han Bohu counterparts, leaving Zhang Lan sits in the Zhao government, but she wants to go before Yang House, Zhao girl to see an interview. But Zhang Lan replaces Zhao Youlan back, Zhao girl was infected with ailments, at least three days to come out to meet Tan Sangu. White hair female heart unhappy, but also helpless, three hours, with Xiao Han, Wang Shouyi and his entourage of five, to Yang House. Five people have put on the night dress, in addition to carry the Weaponry, each with a limited umbrella, Xiao Han design of the umbrella, the thought has been easy to carry, you can fold one, hidden in the body, Remove, as long as a flick, take advantage of the power of spring, and soon open. This makes the art industry complex often nine, great sense of.inling ground, there are people who can resist This is intended to be very vague, but Wu Feng seems to have been a great shock, shut the mouth no longer speak. Wang Shou yi shrewd and capable, both understand the habits of rivers and lakes, but also to understand the bureaucratic problems, gently bite a cry, then said Wu Feng girl, I have more than 10 years of catching head, not white stem, mantis cicadas, oriole in the post, the girl only know that you sent people to monitor our actions, but do not know your actions only, Under the surveillance, if the girl does not say, we also know from where Wu Feng dumbfounded, Zhang Lan also listened to look of consternation expression, heart greatly admire, illegal channels this Wang fidget cube gearbest Shouyi really deserves to be a generation of catch, the original, he had in the messy silk out of the clue. Surprised view color, Wang Shouyi slightly pondered, then said Wu Feng girl, we blocked the Jinling four sides of the flood and drought path, but did not think you have been hiding in the city of Nanking, no matter how much force you have, background, but the iron case, the case broke out, and no one can Italy to protect you a few rivers and lakes master, can not fight horse step army, if the girl is willing to cooperate with us, I promise to absolve you Wu Feng coldly said You can kill me, but do not want to ask a word from my mouth. Wang Shou.

up. The sixth back to the white feather arrows Xiao Lan Zhang Lan saw a month, said Zhang Xiong, I would like to ask you a favor Zhang Lan laughed Well, what Xiao Han Yue said I would like to use a sword to use. Zhang Lan said This is easy, go I ll take you to choose one Xiao Han looked at Chang fidget cube gearbest nine, with Zhang Lan line to go. A full house fidget cube gearbest of the Treasury, filled with a wide range of weapons, single sword, there are as many as dozens, Xiao Han chose the shape of a simple ancient sword, Dian Dian Dian, very smoothly, Pei in the body, said Tomorrow. Zhang fidget cube gearbest Lan said Your vision is good, this sword is the second year of the General Lee back to Jinling holiday, called the seven princes, to send the gift, though not name sword, the idea is also sharp Xiao cold on the urgent solution, said so expensive sword, how can I borrow, or for a. Do not change the Zhang Lan stopped the Xiao Han Yue, said This sword though good, but not yet see the seven princes at the moment, General Lee to leave, the princes took Zhebing sword rewarded me, I do not have the sword, so, on the In the arsenal, I took the flower and offered it, and the sword gave it to you. Xiao Han said but the disrespectful, by the ashamed of. Zhang Lan smile, said is not often nine to you with a sword Xiao Han Yizheng slightly, said is often reminded of the next brother. Zhang Lan nodded and said I understand, p.and wiped the face of the smoke and smoke, think about the risk of just experienced, can not help but from the bottom of my heart gave birth to an chill, is that sudden alert to the heart, as long as a little later, And Wen Baiqi general, was blown flesh and blood flying. Zhu Yingying said my sister good quick dodge, strain is so fast, the case of a young girl, I m fidget cube gearbest afraid long been killed. Bai Yuxian smile, said I just lucky nothing. Xiao Han Yue said My sister is for me to take risks, the little brother heart uneasy. Then again This place appears to be dangerous step by step, everywhere trap. Bai Yuxian said This also illustrates the importance here Master leisurely look leisurely walk slowly over, said White donor, there is no injury, right Trust Buddha bless, late into the good. Unhappy Master said Wen Baiqi old monk old friends for many years, can not think of, Zen looked at him into the robbery ash, but can not save him. Xiao Han said fidget cube gearbest Master, jar well separated from the well, the general array is inevitable death, the old Zen Master also fidget cube gearbest do not blame. Gone with the Wind Master Guanyuan uttered a Buddhist, said The two gentlemen who means vicious, the old satisfied that the world outside of the people, but also some of the anger Ink non sub big walk over, then said double ambush, extremely insidious design, in addition to those who carry gunpowder, in fidget cube bed bath and beyond front.nd. White Jade Immortal If not Xiao Daxia appeared here, to resist the assassination of several assassin attacks, I would like to have died earlier than those killers, that moment, the two fear is not all the gentleman, righteousness, meaning betrayal initiation The. Blue shirt people actually nodded and said If the two have been in good times, Mr., fidget cube gearbest even if the next Lotus tongue, I m afraid can not convince him to betray the big man. Xiao Han Yue nodded and said That is also, a person in the past, it is difficult to distinguish right from wrong, it is difficult to persuade effective. Blue shirt humanity Xiao Dawu really is a well informed reason, the second without setbacks, do not listen to, but this setback, so that he felt the situation in danger, but also calm him down, quietly think about their own What he did, he found his own danger, also found his own mistakes Bai Yuxian then said So, Mr. Second, if not found their own crisis, there will not be righteous, justified. Blue shirt humanity This is wrong, even if the two found this matter, to be quite blame, but not so very serious, the big man will not cut his arm, the possible evolution is that large Mr. personally sits on you again to start a fierce offensive, the white girl do not forget, the second has not yet used his best, some of his trusted under his hand, not shot, he himself has a peerless martial arts

Fidget Cube Gearbest wallowed, smiled and said Hanyue, to send them to be a master out At fidget cube gearbest this time, the Central Plains has been approaching the four odd flower hall thirty feet away, Xiao Han Yue and master of idle, white jade cents in front of a row of flowers in the hall, the distance between fidget cube gearbest the two sides, but also about five feet. Zhongzhou four odd face, is also very serious, obviously, they have a lot of Xiao Han months scruples. Long breath, Xiao Han cold month, said Shen Cang, seven princes to hear the words of it to Mr. II out of it Red Shencang said coldly Xiao Han Yue, this painting Diaoliang Liang s palace, has been tilting the building, single handedly difficult to support, with your one person, how can turn the tide alone, listen to the old lady persuade, Master of the faint smile, then said Mo Dao brother of the past four years of Chivalry bile, has been obsessed, endless sea of bitterness, back to shore, now princes here, four such as willing to abandon the dark cast, princes generous, since will give four A chance of self renewal. Yellow Chengying sneer, said You are the old monk, has been registered in the seventies of the year, half life Qingxiu, temporary investment into the arena of the old, since jumped outside the three realms, why bloody rivers and lakes Lonely Master sighed, said It is not a sixtieth of the Weng, the old German not repair, Gan fall dust robbery, ol.he past. The knife as fast as lightning, that white people seem to dodge less than a knife piercing the left chest, knife forces Meng, straight through the back. In fact, that white people did not dodge, seems to have been ready to suffer this knife. But see that the knife in white people, pale face, suddenly flashed a touch of odd red, the hands of a sword unshackled out of the lightning strike, but also pierce the chest of the Tang Ming. Tang Ming forced knife, the knife is best fidget cube desk toy not out, but the white body with the forward rushed, Anjiao bad, too late, white people s sword straight through the chest. His sword in the hands, longer than the Tang Ming s sword, the blade revealed two feet long back. This change, making Bai Yuxian, Xiao Hanyue, see Zhongtian are stunned, this is what play, this is not fighting, is completely in the hard, you stab fidget cube gearbest him a knife, he does not flash not to avoid, but also you Sword. To the transit experience, the first response, call palm split out, Xiao Han months after the first, but also quickly Pichu a sword, Jianguang flash, that white man a sword right arm, has been Chopped, to Zhongtian strong Zhang Li, but also to roll volumes. That white people in the chest in the knife, right arm fidget cube gearbest was cut elbow together, but it seems I do not know the pain, bloody white robe, but again against the Sven, Puma defended exception, a fidget cube hands on left Yang fidget cube gearbest left palm, To split in to.


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