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Fidget Cube Info lin sword, but can not argue that point is different. The middle of some different, Xiao Han month to tolerate the red teenager attacked the twenty seven sword, only to find his sword is not the sword of the power of the full play out. Always so poor that the strength is not enough, which makes the sword of the fierce minus a lot of strokes. The difference between the least bit, absurd. Yes, it is true of the Seven Shaolin sword, but the lack of that last point essence. Xiao Hanyue fully launched a counterattack, he has confirmed the heart has blocked unstoppable, by Xiao Han sword pierced by the back of the chest. Since his debut, Xiao Han month for the first time, the seven evil sword on the power, all play out. Looking back, the flower hall, the already dead a few dead bodies, blood splashing flowers. It turned out that the blue boy toward the flower hall, the guard hall before the guards suddenly opened the umbrella, turning spring, shot iron arrows. Six handle umbrella open together, six iron arrows, together shot. This spring control of the iron arrows, had a great impetus, but the blue sword of juvenile swords as fast as the rotation, the sword on the strength and big, Jian Shi distribution, such as the light body care, six iron arrows, Completely blocked to go. This yin and yang umbrella on the machine spring, just above the handle of the umbrella handle, turn again Xia, is the magic Often nine You mean Xiao Xiongyue smile, said This thing, I like the stems in the throat, do not spit unpleasant, but say it, I hope you remember the mind, not easily leak out. Often nine Well, you say, Xiao Han said Mr. Second hands of hundreds of experts, have been taken away by Zhao Youlan. Often nine heard Yizheng, said Where to go Do not know, do not know how she arranged to dispose of these people, can not predict that her approach to the future arena, is a blessing or a curse Chang nine care a glance, said Brother, what are you going to plan I was a borrowed unknown poor scholar, this time, let me see through the rivers and lakes risk, officialdom sinister Xiao Han month infinite emotion, said Come back Come, the future of the mother farm farming read, these quiet days , Do not want to Jianjian Lake, but will not be retired as official, the book from the entertainment I m afraid not easy, brother, small princess that you do not make an explanation. Chang nine We all have to come here to see you, but for the seven princes strongly discouraged, said to you quietly rest. Xiao Han nodded and smiled and said I understand what he meant, things such as the dream of fidget cube info the trace, why bitter provoke a dreamer, often brother, seven princes do not want me to reproduce the arena ah Yes often nine hand from the pocket to work out a p.

wn the matter, and told Pindao, he always believed that once you distinguish right from wrong, will make a choice. Lower the voice, then said Wen Baiqi will not let him down. To the sky smile, said Well, it seems the old monk really is a proper monk, deep nuanced. Bai Yuxian said Road long, why not please a master of the Office of Syria, research business plan Mexican non sub then The enemy is not to give up the offensive, the roof fall, immediately in the hall caused a bloody battle, and keep the stairs items can be observed in all directions changes Bai Yuxian nodded and said Xiao Daxia one pillar dyke, turn the tide, the lotus floor was unharmed, late into the worry about the lack of manpower distribution, wanted to teach Xiao Daxia, decided how to break out, as long as out of this a sparsely populated mountains, you can temporarily safe Mexican non sub then White girl, Pindao and Lonely master, see break out of fear is not easy, a radius of four or five miles, are cloth under the important defense eyes a sweep often nine, Chen Baoshan and Tang Ming, Then If you want to take them out of danger, it is even more difficult Bai Yuxian then said The younger is also thinking and this, great embarrassment At this time, seriously injured sit recruited Chen Baoshan suddenly said Gentlemen, Chen life and death is small, the overall situa.Hanyue know he misunderstood, silent fidget cube info check the presence of the person s look, seems to have not convinced, more explanation, only disheartened, smiled, no more words. Tan Sangu While Yingying not, Xiao Gongzi please explain the law of the array, so that after the know, but also Naozhuo to take errand. Xiao Han month nodded, Zhao house situation, say a set of cloth Shou method, the so called matrix method, is not a gossip Jiugong changes in the door, but the distribution of manpower, use, arrangements to the most effective place, clever Office Is a hidden arch of the long bow and Lianzhu crossbow, with the patrol of the bodyguard, master, with a phase to the support of the force. Only to hear Huaxuan human, all admire five body cast. Tan Sanfang began to mobilize manpower, rehearsal drill, provides action orders until everyone is familiar with the position changes, collusion with, only to stop the rest. Sunset gates, has arrived at dinner time, all the people, have stopped to rest, only Zhu Yingying is still practicing, Silver Moon Flying Cream. She knew the plum blossom seal characters, quickly memorize the formulas, it seems that the method is very simple, but a Qiao fidget cube info Jin, but the practice is not so easy, Zhu Yingying breath more than a thousand times, always power is wrong, Play Silver Moon Frost , like a shot out of the hidden weapon, but the body of the blade is not right, h.want to get drugs, and even Zhao girl also captive in the past, late into the worry about the safety of Zhao girl. Zhang Lan laughed and said This point, you can rest assured, the old lady is worried that they do not move, we want to find no way, as long as they fidget cube info are willing to come, the old lady has to seize their grasp. Xiao Han Yue Yue breath, hesitantly. Zhao Youlan has received Zhang old predecessors, you see, we hand enough Younger generation would like to hire some staff, waiting for the old predecessors of the field, as to spend, Zhang Ye only Zhang Lan shook his head, then said Do not need, do not need, I have brought the two guards to the palace, they are I personally tune the people, had a very good fidget cube for anxiety martial fidget cube info arts base, the past two years, more sophisticated, Captive under the staff should be enough. Wang Shouyi said I chose the four most savvy players, plus I, a total of five people, Zhang Xiong see how arrangements. Zhang Lan said collection J, OM This is designed to Shaw Brother. Xiao Han took out a floor plan, spread on the table, Road Late into a good plan, also asked the two to show advice The third back to Qinhuai River Another day near dusk, Zhao Youlan leaning against the window, to see that gorgeous sunset, gradually dissipated, sunset. Suddenly, a burst of north wind, with the slightest drizzle into the rich fidget cube info rain, hit in the face, all of a sud.

Fidget Cube Info ourth of the time. Mexican non sub angrily fidget cube kopen four are the man of iron Zheng, twenty not seen, but become Zhihuo stupid, right and wrong regardless of Shangguan Jie Shen Cang recalled one, said Boss, I do not need to talk to him and then more fee Shen Cang nodded, then said Mo Dao Xiong, if you stubborn, then fidget cube info we do not blame the old friends off. Ink non sub angry angry Wen Bai Qi Ying, brush to sound, sword scabbard, said Good Four right and wrong regardless, we can not go on, and first than the hands of Pindao sword, Son hands Shangguanjie sneer, said Mexican non sub, this is your first sword challenge, to face shameless, Xiuguai we do not read the old pay Suddenly bullying, and a move, the sword has also been scabbard, stabbed over. Mexican non sub sword seal block, turned out to be hard then Jian Shi. Shuangjian cross attack, sounded the Iron Tie ming, Autumn bisect, two pairs of swords even at the same time off. Mexican non sub spent a stay, said Shangguan Xiong s art fidget cube lazada industry, great progress. It turned out that Shangguanjie sword, internal strength, and ink are some distance, but can not think of twenty years later, even the skill into a large, compared to ink sub no less. But the smell Shangguanjie longitudinal long drink, hand sword swing, Jianguang waves, straight Chung over. The situation urgent, ink non sub had to wipe out the fidget cube nederland sword to resist. Although bo.Award Zhang Lan laughed Xiao brother, fidget cube info general teacher of this call too raw points, Zhang was born martial arts, we from the vulgar rivers and lakes, I long a few steps you, after I called Big Brother it Yes, Hanyue respectful than from life. Wang Shouyi said Shaw Brothers, Zhao Fu Zhao Dafu where the disclosure can be extended life Shendan things Wang total catcher, my father did not prepare longevity drug capacity, our father and daughter, only to explore the possibility of this Wang Shouyi laughed Zhao great medical magic, it is inevitable there fidget cube info will be rumors, the most important is, first to make respect to find, Xiao brother, that place is Yuhua then, Zhao Fu inadvertently say it Xiao Han explained To be able to fidget cube launch date Zhao in the words of some exaggeration, it attracted the attention of others. Wang Shouyi said The date is Zhao Youlan then said My father disappeared the day before. Wang Shouyi Huo Ran stood up and said I immediately went to check Wang total catch Xiao Hanyue stopped Wang Shouyi, said This matter should not be clearly investigation, the meaning of cold months Wang Shouyi, Zhang Lan are unable to listen to nod. Xiao Han Yu into the floor when the time, there are half an hour from noon, but already have three or four percent of the guests. One to send towels, a holding tea, Xiao Han selected the location of a counter near.


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