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Fidget Cube Insider fidget cube toy dynasty ecessors, I know they will come, we are not prepared to look, mobilize some troops Tan three stations shook his head, said If the mobilization of a mighty force, surrounded by this, they naturally will not come Yes Yes Yes, Tan senior means Tan Sangu said Zhang Jie, fidget cube insider Luo Biao, six Piaoshen, and twelve Lianzhuo crossbow to stay, then we are these people, the 30 arrests and archers to find ways to arrange in the Zhao government outside Arranged outside the Zhao government Wang fidget cube insider Shou yi fidget cube insider did not quite understand, What s the use Tan Sangu This war is very dangerous, the more the number of casualties heavier, should the other party to the master, 30 arrests help us little, they are arranged in the Zhao House around, responsible for the transmission of information thing. Wang Shouyi said Under the next understand, and immediately arranged tomorrow. Tan Sangu also allocated a defensive and communication methods, the whole tactic is, by the cross cover to focus on the manpower in the backyard, and then the other decisive battle. We all know the hearts of Tan Sangu design, the enemy program is based on Xiao Han for the decisive battle, the other, are the auxiliary force. Zhao Orchid in Zhao Fusheng has become a separate point, Tan Sangu did not arrange her enemy task, but did not put her stay in the inter courtyard, included in the protection of the center of gravity, and t.oat. The fire up the storm, the whole ark, shrouded in the fire under the whole, Bai Yuxian whispered Xiao Xiong, this is the phosphorus phosphorus fire team, it is said that the flame to the poison, no matter what, As long as the burn a little, the wound will fester and die, no medicine can be saved, undefined status just heard, can not think of tonight opened the eye. Xiao Han month a fidget cube insider frown, said good evil weapon, these people stay on the shore, is not the phosphorus phosphorus mine fire man Bai Yuxian shook his head, said may not, these people wear long knives, but not Yin phosphorus fire tube, undefined status known, the two of these people are very cherish the use of poison people, each person has two knife hand guard , Twenty five people on the shore, one of them, may be the head of the phosphorus phosphorus mine fire. Xiao Hanyue said These poisonous fire killer, it seems that it is more terrible than the armored people Bai Yuxian then said Xiao Gongzi means Xiao Han said kill them in one fell swoop, free from future trouble. Bai Yuxian said Little sister also has this meaning, but we only six people, once shot, must be fully applied to. Xiao Han on a white jade meaning of the words in the words, looked back at the master of a leisurely cloud, said Master see those poison killer yet Unhappy Master said Unfortunately, the old monk Xiao Shizhu know the mean.

ve to the depths of the same day, Zhu girl outside just inside the soft, deep feeling deep, you do not get caught in the idea of secular men, harm has been wrong. Xiao Han month sigh, said Zhao girl really is very detached. Tan Sangu said Well, I have to say, are finished, and I hope you can give me a promise. Xiao Han Yue said I ll go with Ying Ying. Tan Sangu said Yes This sentence, the old body rest assured that no worries, and I came back to see her still practicing Yesterday to the present, probably practiced a dozen hour, I passed her sword so For many years, but never see her so hard, fidget cube sale you know for what I know that she is intelligent, if you are willing to work hard will become a generation of fast women. Tan Sangu recalled Wang Shouyi one, said The sale of the matter, may have difficulties Wang Shouyi said This is not difficult, even if the case can not sell, you can put it down, as long as no one investigated, even if a pending case, and I immediately ordered the removal of staff. Tan Sangu eyes to Zhang Lan s body, said Zhang Xiong, why do you intend Zhang Lan said 30 years Yelang arrogance, I do not know, the real master, may not be a famous figure, the recent vision, even the expert, I would like to resign from the House of the House, return home, behind closed doors repair In the palace can be submarine repair. Zhang Lan said The predecessors would also like to stay.small sand Mi, busy Tim tea water. Chen Baoshan with Xiao Hanyue, Zhu Yingying, often nine people boarded the boat when the big cloud for leisure, rooftop ink, though not closed his eyes, but bow contemplation, seems to be thinking about a very important mind. Xiao Han heart on the illegal channels the monk together, about me to boating full moon, it seems just an excuse, do not know what important things to talk about, but see the master of idle, Po phase solemn, Bone, are non insidious, mind though strange, but not troubled. Often nine long gone rivers and lakes, rivers and lakes of the people know very well, that Mexican non sub three years already known as moving rivers and lakes, although the lakes in the rivers and lakes, but no master rumors but can not intersect Mo inverse ink, want to come is Kongmenxia. Ship to the river, the master suddenly opened his eyes and smiles Xiao Shi master, no boat within the Baizhang fidget cube insider around the boat, we can speak freely. It turned out that, in order to be afraid of people listening fidget cube insider to the conversation content, even by boat to the river, the conversation content, will certainly be very important. Black non child looked up when Haoyue, gently sigh, said Life is a few months to take the lead, how can no wine. Free Master Sixty years of Buddhism quiet life, you actually dragged into the Red, but also old monk you drink Mexican non sub.the young girl s view of good, three to five years of volatility, so, Xiao Xiong Hermitage, it is best not to lay down martial arts. Xiao Han said I hope I will not be involved in the disputes on the arena. Bai Yuxian sighed and said I want to go with you, but I know that it will make you very painful. Xiao Huang month then said Huang Tianfu is a talent, you are also infatuated Bai Yuxian sadly Yi Tan, said I know, I have to find his Royal Highness invited to enter the palace. Well, a lovers get married. Xiao Xiong, you know, why would I promise to stay in the palace it Xiao Han said This Bai Yuxian then said For you, I can not often around, Feng Shizhuju, but want to make you a confidante Xiao Han month nodded and said Xiaomou the contractor. Bai Yuxian said take care of all the way. Xiao Han Yue said Step back early Step under the small fidget cube insider building, Zhu Yingying and often nine early in the waiting, boat crossing, boarded the shore caravan. Wheel sound, set off the commoner Xiaochu criminals, but also set out the lingering memories of Xiao Han, endless frustration

Fidget Cube Insider I can only be sure that the other is not extortion of gold and silver, but it will not harm Zhao, if the other intentionally harm, you can start in the Fuchu, do not need to take him away. With a large living to go, than to kill a person more than ten times the trouble. Zhao Youlan nodded and said neither harm the heart, nor extortion of gold and silver, that their purpose is This is the reason we want to check, Dr. Zhao masterpiece of medicine, I want a case of disappearance, and his medical related Brush test to the eyes of the implication of the tears, Zhao Youlan called on one breath, said Xiao Xiong, as you say, my father still alive in the world. Yes, at least for the present, he will not have the fear of his life, his value is his ability to save, the question is what people captive him to for what Zhao Youlan said Xiao Xiong, will not be to my father for his diagnosis Xiao Hanyue pondered, fidget cube insider said If only the diagnosis, they can come to the Yongle Tang, Zhao Dafu can also go to the bright and clean, do not need to make captive to captive Eyes condensate in Zhao Youlan s face, then said I believe that the statue was taken captive, for a special reason, but also and medicine Zhao Youlan thought for a while, gently sighed, then said Xiao Xiong, I can not think of any reason, but this and Zhao Fu What is the relationship If Zhao had any secret thin.not too risky Xiao Han said Wait a minute, princes assured that the cold months will do whatever, princes good rest, the cold months retire. Seven princes said I know, I have something to trust. Xiao Han Yue said princes commanded. Seven princes said Open the box. Xiao Hanyue took the box, hesitant. Seven princes fidget cube release date smiled and said Open it Xiao Han month to open the box, remove a folding yellow Ling, said princes, this Seven princes said This is the title of the title of the three king Chao, but also harm the Troop and Laoba Xiao Han month then said princes, please close up. Seven princes looked at Xiao Han Yue nodded smile, heart of the large table of praise, illegal channels he should not even look, this young man really fidget cube insider is a rare gentleman figure. Took the secret Chao, seven princes close put away, said The cold months, such as the unfortunate death, think of ways to take secret Chao, can give five princes, eight princes look better, if there is no opportunity to think of ways to destroy it. Xiao understand the hearts of the month, this matter a lot, agreed to the seven princes will be at ease. Nodded and said Yes Hanyue down. Seven princes said persuade surplus children, tell her, I m fine. Slowly fidget cube insider close your eyes. fidget cube insider Xiao Han month on the box of the seven princes of the pillow, retreated, but listen to seven princes exclaimed The box out to fidget cube insider destroy it. Xiao Han.


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