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Fidget Cube Japan s is you give me the power and inspiration I Zhao Youlan nodded, then said Yes, perhaps, you do not think you are pregnant with stunts, but I do not know that they have an exalted martial arts, I have full medical knowledge, the world there is a strange drug library, Know application, seven needle sink point, so Xiao brother reborn, but also inspired the young girl drug self protection inspiration, Xiao Xiong, I was a woman, but not the weak, I was strong Xiaohan Yue shocked, said Zhao girl, you I went very smoothly, the father of the complete replacement of drugs, for my help too. She faint Yi Tan, then said I was worried that I was becoming too fast and not having a woman s taste. Xiao Han said This will not it Hope not, especially in your mind Xiao Xiong Suddenly she stopped, and turned slowly outward. Xiao Han emergency month You a girl Xiao xiong, a good rest, in order to preserve the physical strength of abandoned Pei, if Mr. Chang to determine the good, there may be a tonight, there is no doubt that this is not the case, You have free time, the best view in the late night painting, a lamp alone, four outside the silence, with your wisdom, I believe there will be amazing discovery, rest it Little sister does not bother. Do not wait for Xiao Han months and then open, rushed out of the elegant room. Zhao Orchid drifted away, but left a.Qinghong sword is the princes of things, Swordsmanship, love the sword as mad, to him used, how can you take the nerve to recover. Xiao Hanyue pondered without a word. Often nine face a whole, said Shaw Brothers, things are important, the sword knife knife Liangbao, may be related to the success or failure of this war, magic weapon, the higher the achievements of the fidget cube japan hands of the power to play The bigger. Xiao Yan month then said Well I under the Qing Hong sword, but if the master refused to accept Mao Zedong Pina, in turn I will go with him to see him, and it is better to persuade him that, according to my opinion, the old monk seems to have moved his anger, and the evil is to do good. Perhaps he will accept the red sword. The two spent little tongue, even the master to accept the fidget cube japan Zheliang sword. However, he said Buddha to give up, old oil in the Jinshan Temple retreat for more than 60 years, has never been involved in the whirlpool of evil arena, this fall into the Red Dust, not only moved the angry read, but also slaughter, old monk , And therefore pay in the east, the sigh is this years of Buddhist ritual by the Buddha, turned out to be the failure to eliminate this anonymous fire, to see those evil evil line, even if reincarnation reincarnation, but also at the expense Chang nine then said to kill a person to save thousands of people, what is good, master, but please.

denly on fidget cube japan the Wu, said No matter how clever man, if there is no thirty years of meditation, can not communicate with any, Governor of the second pulse, I was in respect for life saving treatment, with the lily Huitong The Ren, Governor of the pulse. Zhao Youlan laughed Is that a great help to you Of course it helped a lot, saving my 30 year sit in. Zhao Youlan pondered for a while, said So to say, medicine and martial arts, but also a very close relationship Xiao Han month nodded and said Superior medicine, you can subsidize the martial arts on the crash, fidget cube japan breaking some restrictions on time. Zhao Youlan said May also contribute to a person s skill on the sophisticated, reaching the pinnacle of the realm. Xiao Han Yue said Unfortunately, this is not a general doctor can do things, in addition to respect that so respected geniuses, power can be back outside, look at today s world, I m afraid there is little such a doctor fidget cube japan of the ability. Zhao Youlan Road Dad to cure you, I m afraid I did not think of these, this fidget cube japan is just an unexpected discovery Xiao Han suddenly shook his hand, to prevent Zhao Youlan go on, said who It s me, Wang Shou yi Wang Xiong please. Wang fidget cube japan Shouyi slowly walk in, look at Zhao Youlan, said Zhao girl, there are important things under, and Xiao Xiong have to look at Zhao Youlan then fidget cube japan said Well You talk about it I first retire Zhao girled to the overall situation, cheap concubine had to say straight. Chang Nine It is important, the girl must not conceal, need to know the least difference, it may cause a thousand miles of fallacy. The white fidget cube japan jade fairy said Well, undefined status is not afraid of you joke me, that night on the boat above, Mr. II verbally molested me, and but also bold shot violation, the case of Yang Fanghe in the side, how could he presumptuous Suddenly the hall down Su, Jing was fidget cube alternative off the needle can be heard. All eyes are betting in the white jade face, straight Qiaode Bai Yuxian a face, as the fire in general, a bright red. Bai Yuxian bowed his head, silently, other people seem to be embarrassed to ask, a sudden, the scene stiff in there. X H , Or often nine to break the silence, gently cough a cry, said White girl, I Health and Yang Fanghe What can be similar Bai Yuxian said I mean, his hand Hand how Xiao Hanyue said hastily What is the special place I remember is the right hand Bai Yuxian long breath, so shy mood calm down, slowly said There is a scar on his right hand little finger. Xiao Hanyue a frown, said This, the next did not pay attention. Amitabha, the old monk carefully. Xiao Han said Master, but said that Yang Fanghe s right hand, there is also a scar Yes, there is a scar, his hands, such as white jade, fingers slender, a pair of handsome little handsome man.pot, full of a cauldron of vinegar a century, the bottom of the pot has been burning flames. Zhao Youlan line near the steamer, already set foot on the wooden chair, said propped up seven princes. Two serve in the pot side of the palace loyal servant, by the cage out of seven princes. Zhao Youlan out of the lily, stabbed the seven princes twelve points, said Take care to, as long as the steel to take the line on the vinegar, the fire can not be large, can not be broken, to see gold in the acupuncture, and some black blood Come out and call me at once. Two loyal servants should be a cry, carefully to take care of. Seven princes sweating, the muscles are trembling, evidently seems quite sad, but he was the point of the acupuncture points, can not make move to speak. Zhao Youlan in the kitchen kept walking back and forth, anxious feeling, overflowing brow. Xiao Hanyue slowly walked in, nodded and said Orchid hard. Zhao Lan Lan Huo Ran stopped, probe the first look at the sky, said What happened Xiao Han said No matter how the situation of the seven princes Zhao Youlan said Do not lie to me, tell me, I know the control of seven princes of the disease, changes Xiao Han said It seems that what, would like to hide from you, are not easy Zhao Youlan said Well, how the situation Xiao Han said The discovery of the enemy track, but no invasion Zhao Youlan pondered for a while, suddenly re.

Fidget Cube Japan d Yes. Do not call Wu Feng to the doctor for some light dance no need Zhao hundred years coldly said I just want to know, why should I imprisoned here, although not see the sun and the moon here and stars, estimated that there are probably a hundred days long now Wenque nodded and said Doctor, what s wrong here Zhaobian deep note Sparrow, slowly said You mean you and Wu Feng Sparrow then said Concubine and Wu Feng, was ordered to serve the doctor, to seek weeks, so that doctors can forget the trouble Zhao hundred years sigh, said Yes, you and Wu Feng are human color, but unfortunately I am not eager for beauty of the people. Sparrow eyes suddenly in tears, whispered Mr. Zhao is really gentleman, concubine and Wu Feng, short skirts thin shirt, handle the side of the body, a hundred days to get along, Erbinsimo, sir can be less than chaos, concubine among the heart, very respectful of the President. Oh Zhao hundred years face is a touch of smile, said Sparrow, I know, you are on a life, involuntarily, your master put me in prison forbidden stone here, the supply of food, wine, and you choose this peerless beauty, belly talented beauty with me, obviously Is not harm the meaning of the. Sparrow pondered for a while, Road The doctor is the guest of our master. Zhao hundred years I d like to meet my master and talk to him in person. Sparrow said Mr. Zhao, you.yi eyes sharp, looking at the Sparrow, cold on the small seven children, said what is her name Small seven fidget cube gearbest sub clutching his eyelid, said Called the Sparrow, only to Yang Liufang today, can not think of this file trouble, Wang adults Wang Shouyi waved to stop a small seven children, eyes to the lotus body, said I know you, you call the lotus Lotus Road Yes Look to the face of Xiao Han Yue, Wang Shouyi look more Leng Li, said Young visit to ask Liu, try to bravely fight hard, sooner or later to make things happen Xiao Han on the attitude, actually very tough, cold then said The total catch a serious, Qin quasi Fang, is open for people to enjoy this place, why not come in the next, I want to spend money, I m afraid you have no right to interfere. Wang fidget cube japan Shouyi spent fidget cube japan a stay, said Listen, you seem to be somebody Xiao Han Yue said Anger does not tell, there are still under the Jiuxing, Wang captain if there is nothing else, you can please. The fourth back to the text of birds wufeng Wang Shou yi angry face blue, eyes staring Xiao Han months, seems to be about to attack. Small seven children and lotus, it is scared body trembling, should Tianfu catch the head of the interest, they are very clear, Xiao Hanyue once caught in, there must fidget cube japan be a bitter taste delicious. do not know why Lotus and small seven children, all have an inexplicable concern on the Xiao Han Yue, Xiao n.


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