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Fidget Cube Launch Date form, suddenly formed a cold person murderous. Xiao Han thought the hearts of the Road The Zhang brother, able to train such a brave Jagged guards, fruit is also difficult for ordinary people. Between thinking, silhouette rotation, twenty four guards turn on the powerful enemy, four leap into the hall, standing behind seven princes, the other 20 people on both sides of the flower hall, acting as the enemy. Zhang Lan smiled and said Xiao brothers, old brother can not teach them what martial arts, but they have the courage to die for the Lord, I can see Xiao Han slowly said Zhang Xiong , You and these guards in order to protect the princes as the most important, keep the flower hall. Zhang Lan said keep soldiers thousands of days, troops for a while, I Xiao Han Yue waved, said listen to me. Walking outside to the hall. Bai Yuxian Xiao Han on the side of the side, smile, said Xiao Gongzi, Qiaochu no Xiao said You said that the four young people Yes, I have never seen them, but I feel they are the killers in the killer, the elite figure out of the tempered. Xiao Han said Perhaps, they feel this is the last chance, and naturally the best people to be dispatched. White jade star head rotation, fat Xiao Xiao a month, whispered You can stand side by side with the enemy, death without fidget cube launch date regret, told Huang Dafu, I do not have negative sentiments. A few words, put it down possible, do you want to try it I might fidget cube launch date think Xiao Han Yue said solemnly But I will not take Zhao Dafu means of captivity, Zhao Dafu can formulate a longevity drugs, not yet known, but his disappearance, but has hurt the innumerable patients, the girl, if you are willing to surrender Zhao Dafu, people are safe and sound, I am You want to be too naive Sparrow looked solemnly said And fidget cube launch date anti Bin based, Xiao Gongzi, we do not want to be your enemy, but not afraid of you, you have to leave Jinling, or adhere to each other as enemies I m just a trivial figure, but to trace the whereabouts of Zhao, another person. You mean that Wang Shou yi should be the total head of the Tianfu Shouyi The powerful government, is it civil comparable, not to mention, should Tianfu, is one of the forces. , M There is also a seven princes Fuchu Zhang Lan, is not it Sparrow Lengran smile, then They harassment, we have a sense of intolerance, as they continue to nonsense, may annoy us, provoke the murderous, you go back and fidget cube launch date told the girl Zhao, asked her to cancel the report, do not attempt to trace the whereabouts of Dr. Zhao, fidget cube ship date as long as She is willing to cooperate, a year or so, Zhao Dafu can safely go back, as you Shaw son said, fidget cube launch date he is just a mediocre doctors, no one deliberately harm him, but as Zhao girl do not listen to advice, blindly To tangled down, I can not guarantee.

e master of the Buddhist master of stealth is the stealth of the generation of Buddhist nobility, for decades did not interfere in the arena, even his friends for decades, do not know he was masterpiece martial arts, but the white jade group of people who are Can be timely and to, this is by no means accidental, but, some people pre emptive messenger, the other has plenty of time to have this arrangement, this must be between us, the most trusted people, but also involved in this matter Chen Shou Inference alone There are naturally Xiao Han slowly on the Road Hearts and minds, a guilty conscience, we refused to drive your car fidget cube launch date counterparts, was originally a good intention, afraid of your injury, but you look angry, as if by a lot of grievances, such as abnormal reaction is caused I doubt the reasons for the two. Chen Shouyi a pondered, said Is there yet In fact, Xiaomou s lack of experience, hold back to the fidget cube launch date old housekeeper brother, my heart this has a sense of regret, Chen housekeeper to return, may be suspicious in the next, but Chen housekeeper s anger look, quite trying to hide something Suspicion, so that in the next heart sure Chen steward mind ghosts, of course, you start with a button to hold the mountain of the wrist pocket, it is irrefutable evidence. fidget cube launch date Chen Shou cold said Even if you know, but also how Chen Baoshan s life and death, in the hands of the old l.and wiped the face of the smoke and smoke, think about the risk of just experienced, can not help but from the bottom of my heart gave birth to an chill, is that sudden alert to the heart, as long as a little later, And Wen Baiqi general, was blown flesh and blood flying. Zhu Yingying said my sister good quick dodge, strain is so fast, the case of a young girl, I m afraid long been killed. Bai Yuxian smile, said I just lucky nothing. Xiao Han Yue said My sister is for me to take risks, the little brother heart uneasy. Then again This place appears to be dangerous step by step, everywhere trap. Bai Yuxian said This also illustrates the importance here Master leisurely look leisurely walk slowly over, said White donor, there is no injury, right Trust Buddha bless, late into the fidget cube launch date good. Unhappy Master said Wen Baiqi old monk old friends for many years, can not think of, Zen looked at him into the robbery ash, but can not save him. Xiao Han said Master, jar well separated from the well, the general array is inevitable death, the old Zen Master also do not blame. Gone with the Wind Master Guanyuan uttered a Buddhist, said The two gentlemen who means vicious, the old satisfied that the world outside of the people, but also some of the anger Ink non sub big walk over, then said double ambush, extremely insidious design, in addition to those who carry gunpowder, in front.ide whether to play hidden weapon. Mexican non sub is a sword scabbard, facing the transit, the tip of the tip, forced to Zhongtian had to be alert. Rooftop scattered Mexican non child, a generation of fencing master, since the extraordinary people and. Wen Baiqi Although the face of Chen Baoshan and often nine enemies, but the feelings are the most relaxed, Chen Baoshan iron lotus seeds, often nine of the relative concentration, he seems to constitute no threat, feeling the Bank of spare capacity, ready to hand Attack the enemy. But years of experience, so that he can not dry near, hoping to be fidget cube desk toy kickstarter issued together, and Bai Yuxian, surrounded by surrounded Thunderclap, not to mention the trip, is responsible for the command by the White Jade cents, not heard Baiyun cents Chuanling shot, Temporary patience. The formation of confrontation between the two sides of the situation, so temporarily maintained. Xiao Han heart of a move, whispered Ying Ying fidget cube launch date Zhu Yingying slow walking near, said I am here Xiao Han Yue resorted to the art of sound, said Think of a way, so that boats dock, can not reveal traces. Zhu Yingying should be a cry, slowly receded to the cabin. At this time, both sides in full alert, in the face of a strong enemy, Zhu Yingying no opponent, is the only people who can move freely. She quietly move, the line into the cabin, I saw two small sand yi each holding a kn.

Fidget Cube Launch Date l active, all speaking in the hands, in addition to seven princes, I am afraid others can not find a start Zhang Lan is Laojiang Hu, and how to understand the sound outside the fidget cube launch date string, pondered for a while, said Well This next to try to arrange, however, can not blatantly go Xiao month then how Palace among the people have been monitoring it Zhang Lan wry smile, said Zhang incompetent, and even how the seven princes controlled by others, there is no notice, but the cloth guard in the palace around the guards, not disturbed Xiao Han month nodded, then said I understand, fidget cube launch date Zhang predecessors have indeed done to the force Called in one breath, then fidget cube where to purchase said In addition to the next, there are two colleagues Zhang Lan was shocked, then said The two Xiao Hanyue whispered White fairy white girl, there is one, want to convince him in the next willing to peer Zhang Lan then said Xiao Gongzi said Uncle Master Xiao Han said The Buddhist monk deep Bo, unpredictable, perhaps, he has the drug treatment of drug can. That s the best, and it s the next, and it s time for the afternoon. Finished, then got up and went away. Xiao Han worry about the master will not agree to cloud, then know an opening, Lonely to readily agree. Shortly after, Xiao Hanyue first on the road, separated by about a husband, Bai Yuxian, idle master, also quietly left the Zhao hou.difficulties, I often made a lot of things to make his problems. Yes, old predecessors, despite the cold months to know without exception. Well, then I bluntly Zhang Lan s pride, stubbornness, it seems that in just a fight, then disappear, look and tone, greatly polite. This makes the presence of people, suddenly felt he became more amiable. The terrible ghost knife, hidden in its odd secret, unpredictable, how can you put a shot put him sealed Zhang Lan raised the first question. Oh I saw his knife, hidden in the right sleeve, so I shot to hold his right wrist vein points, but I am between the area, put him out to beat out, it touches on the accident. Zhang Lan smiled and said That secret needs fidget cube launch date extraordinary vision, but you want to grab his right wrist, what can be seized, which must have a very high carry carry tactics Xiao Han month nodded, seems to be if the Wu. Zhang Lan said Water is active, the tree has roots, any one martial arts, has a certain context system, Shaw Brothers, can you learn the sword, palm method, say a spike out of context Xiao Hanyue pondered for a while, said This thing I thought, so I feel their martial arts is poor, that is, I have not practiced a complete set of fist, sword, the nameless old man, today I pass two strokes of swordsmanship, tomorrow and pass me Two strokes, although each pattern, but not interdependent. Wang Shouyi said You s.


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