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Fidget Cube Launch unusual events, Wang can catch them as a captive case of handling, I Zhangmou people can treat it as a rivers and lakes events Han was terrified predecessors mean to gather martial arts fellow, work together to trace Zhang Lan said Magic White Dragon, white feather so that the doors are there, and we a few people, I m afraid not easy to deal with Wang Shouyi anxious face, but inconvenience to prevent openings. Often nine shook his head, said not be too hasty. Zhang Lan call out, said What are your opinions Often nine Yes, we see the white feather arrows, but the white feather so that the door of what people appear Jinling, we do not know, say Zhang see such drums dry method, is bound to make a stir all of the sensational rivers and lakes, even with Zhang Brother in the martial arts of the people look, please a lot of martial arts master, went there to find the white feather so that the door Zhang Lan heart thought Yes ah I can not take them to Wuyi Lane Fuchu seven princes search, right Wang Shouyi said Chang nine right, Zhang Xiong, this matter, in the absence of complete proof, but also not spread out. Zhang Lan nodded and said Good Find a feasible method, Zhang million dead without any hesitation Often nine You have to trace the heart of the stone, I often had nine fate, however, the Chamber of Secrets among the palace, regardless of the Ming search chase, can not c.beads, in addition to my unique antidote, the never had live. Xiao Han Yue said Alas, if not happened Zhao missing doctors, I believe that their father and daughter of medical attainments, there will certainly be beyond the achievements of previous medical Voice slightly meal, exclaimed Can sigh Zhao girl from the cast, to the delicate footer, find the parent into the Zhongshan, I do not know whether the girl heard of No Bai Yuxian sure to say However, Zhao girl really into the Zhongshan, is a comment should be Xiao Xiong, it is a free throw. Xiao Hanyue sadly Yi Tan, said I hope she was lucky day phase Bai Yuxian then said We went to Zhongshan to find her Xiao Han Yue said you Bai Yuxian said I feel the penance of martial arts to develop their own momentum, has gradually won the Erye, so do not leave, fear will be wrapped around the beads of silk in general, the more tight around fidget cube launch the more incompetent from his grasp of the future. Xiao Han Yue said The armed forces can be handsome, not every man wins Chi, is this world, really have a martial arts, you can grab people momentum, to conquer people s consciousness Bai Yuxian said I do not know, but I ve felt the crisis. Xiao Han Yue said Girl is determined to leave, we naturally welcome, you are familiar with the situation here, ask the girl to lead the way, let s leave. Bai Yuxian look at the weather, said.

of Wan Changqing speak, stay, eat or even call wine call dishes, by Chen Baoshan open. On the food and wine together, Chen Baoshan waved to the shop Xiao Er No, do not bother. Small shop should be a cry, bend back. Three people sitting around the table, Chen Baoshan can not help but speak Shaw son, two did not see the common Yeah, I m a bit worried. Chen Baoshan gently sigh, said Here from the Jinling, but Barry road, often brother and we should discuss the Xiao Han on a wry smile, then Ghost hidden invisible door surgery, the world second to none, should be fidget cube launch able to protect themselves Suddenly stood up, eyes out the window, cold shouted Who But Wen Bo heard, seems to have material jump, followed by a meow of a cat called. Xiao Han Yue on breath, slowly sit down. Chen Baoshan whispered That s a good thing. It turned out that he is also focused, listening to the surrounding changes, did not smell a little sound, Xiao Hanyue rose to drink, the heart is not convinced, they heard a cat called came, I discovered that not only martial arts and Xiao Han months have great Distance, even inside or repair on, also has very big difference. Xiao Han month sighed Tonight, so often do not appear brother, I am fidget cube launch afraid that is really in trouble. Just listen to chuckle, said Yes, I was in a great deal of trouble, but finally there is danger in Kyrgyzstan, in time to come back. Wi.ian family knew her husband mind, mind some reluctantly, but not out of words to persuade Yin, Chen Baoshan only hope to go home in the future to visit his wife and children. Chen Baoshan mountain prepared a wealth of food and wine, hospitality Xiao Han months, wait until after the second night, Qian s with a pair of children, and two Chen Baoshan personal skinny girl, with a soft, silver ticket, quietly left. In addition to the fields, there is a silk dress pavement, Chen Baoshan to the accountant to continue to operate, all arrangements for the proper arrangement of all things, The weather is nearly five more, by night misty, fidget cube launch four people left Chenfu, four horses were small Chi, dawn, near the riverbank. Abandoned horse boat, four people hired a sailboat hire, north Jinling. Zhefan arrangements, it fidget cube launch seems secret anomalies, and even often this nine Laojiang Hu, also feel no flaws can be found. Calm, Jiang Zhongzhou, free civilian life, only happy Zhu Yingying extremely happy, naturally, Xiao Big Brother is often accompanied by the side of the body, is the source of her real pleasure. Cabin drinking talk, often nine talk about rivers and lakes experience, hear Xiao Han Yue, Zhu Yingying with relish. This is the next day at noon, but also a sunny weather, the river was boat, witnessed the sail boat, cross strait picturesque scenery, Zhu Yingying snuggle side of Xiao Han month, wit.he water, but a quiet. Less flashing lights that point, and Qiaoxiaoqianxi beauty, wine Shengsheng, Qinhuai actually have a quiet side. A duck wings, chicken feet Lo taste of the boat, gently paddling in the water, into the river, away from the boat. The boat about sixty of the Huiyi elderly, take care of halogen ignorant, but it is a twenty or so young people, Peng fidget cube launch hair shirt, high volume pants. Huiyi old man stopped the double pulp, smile about, said Xiao brother, I asked fidget cube launch over Wang Xiong, may have results Will afford the two men, was actually Wang Shouyi and Xiao Han change the play. Stop the boat s surface, the four no ship, broad vision, the two can safely talk. Wang Shouyi sighed and said No, that black people how to mix into the drug store, my two are responsible for monitoring the arrest, even totally do not know.I did a dozen years of the case, also encountered a lot of ferocious bandits, but I To justice Xiao received on the cold Also earned for the Wangxiong this Jiangnan first catch the reputation. Wang Shouyi shook his head and said Perhaps, more than ten years earned this reputation, to ruin on this case Suddenly he reached out a jug, two glasses, pour the sprinkling, the first to do a readily picked up a chicken feet, gnawing up. Xiao Hanyue eyes turn, saw a fusiform fast boat, from the waves, faster than the gallop, the left side of the glass, the rig.

Fidget Cube Launch nvisible Lengli murderous, people uncomfortable, within a radius of ten feet of people, have this feeling. Small shop near the white people, the more can not be more close to the homemade, the more powerful body shake, almost a difficult feeling. Great Lord you ordered to White humanity Give me four dishes, a pot of fidget cube add wine. It s I m coming in Turned around and walked away. Xiao Han on smile, said Brother, you scare off the guests, but also frightened the shop second. White humanity Unfortunately, there is no scare your lord. Xiao Han Yue said Fortunately, I am a little bolder. Lengheng white people soon, and slowly dispersed throughout the invisible murderous in the body. Xiao Han heart of illegal channels the original This is also a martial arts, able to reach him in this form of various forms of the state, when the easy task. He entered the arena, less share of life experiences, but also for this reason, Xiao Hanyue on the white people show that fidget cube launch sub high Qigong, but secretly praise, there is no fear. Food and wine was soon sent up, the shop near the white man in a small two, but also less of the kind of articulate jitter, soft legs afraid of fear, but still dare not look at him, lay down their food, immediately receded. White people pour a cup of wine, said Your name is Xiao Han Yue It is the next Xiao Hanyue said calm.Often nine smiled, turned away, leaping on the roof, disappeared into the night being. Xiao Yue Han looked at the sky, said Now, a good sleep, raise the spirit of the road again. Thirteen forty thousand poison Hall Set foot on the ground buy official fidget cube of Jinling, Xiao Yu Han immediately from fidget cube philippines the cold face, a cold majesty, so that pedestrians crossing, are afraid to look at him. Line near the entrance to the city of Jinling, it is sunset infinite good, just near the dusk of the moment. Suddenly see a blue scribes, slow walk out, just stopped ready to enter the city of Chen Baoshan, whispered Wanxiong, do not enter the city. Chen Baoshan slightly Yizheng, speculation Road Well, this man called me a million brother, may be an acquaintance, but I do not recognize, would not immediately expose the truth But Wen Xiao cold cold then said Why Old lady to go to the city floor, a cup of rain Blue shirt scribbling whispered Guo Xiong, Erye give feast, food and wine, especially wins Yuhua Lou ten times. Xiao Yue Han heart jump, pay Erye Is this evening, we must see the leadership of the organization s real head. See, you can give it a go, this is the intention of Xiao Yue Han mind early, but really should see, but suddenly produce a fidget cube launch kind of tension can not be said. Blue shirt scribes smiled and said Come with me, please Xiao Yue Han bite the bullet, suppressed under the excitement, coldly said.


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