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Fidget Cube Lazada ng from Beijing to go north, there are two official Road is not Xiao brothers only note that people, but did not notice the material, white jade cents by a carriage north. Xiao Han Yue said A carriage, a carriage It was a broken buggy carriage, and a young man was born. Often nine nodded and smiled and said You pay attention to this, it is also praiseworthy for one fell swoop, the broken carriage, sitting in white jade cents, the coachman of the young epigenetic, it is your old knowledge. She is a girl from the finches Chang nine, said Strangely, to Guo Tianwei identity, should be the head of the mysterious combination of considerable emphasis on fishes, white jade fairy should know why she was not two greetings Xiao Han Yue said Maybe they do not know each other. Often nine They know. Xiao Han Yue said Often brother I have been following them for two days, chasing two days and nights, time is not in vain, I heard a lot of their conversation. Chen Baoshan said Often brother to that white jade fairy fidget cube lazada high, common to catch up with her two days and nights have not been found, I do not know what to use Often nine smiled and fidget cube lazada said Two days, my body calendar seven changes, pedestrians, stores, only fidget cube gear supply woman, etc., the most unbearable, is in the car under the possession of the four hour long, should the time more, I can not stand , Is bound to be that they can not findcy swordsmanship, your talent good, but also fidget cube how it works A good foundation, I believe that will soon break through the current achievements. Thank you, Master. At this time, Xiao Han is also a big walk to Huaxuan. Zhang Lan patted the side of the seat, smiled and said Xiao brothers, sit here. Xiao Han month into the seat, side smiles I sat for a while, can not think of actually passed the noon. Tan Sangu said Xiao Gongzi whether there is Yaxing, tonight and then into the Yang Fu waste garden line Xiao Han said If the older generation of injuries may be something, in the next self Feng Pei. Tan three stations tonight and then break into the waste garden, hoping to enumerate out, therefore, only Shaw son and the old body of two people to go. Often nine At least often to go with a Han afraid tiger then said disciples Tan three stations, waved, said The old body is elected for you the main league, you better listen to the old body arrangements, often brother experienced, and good to listen to the energy, can peer, other people, They broke four players last night, it is likely to Zhao revenge this night. Xiao Hanyue turned Wang Shou yi, said Last night, Yang Fu waste park, even hurt a few lives, how could there be no signs of Tianfu have received a report Wang Shouyi slightly Yizheng, said Should the Yang government reported that the government will soon inform my office as soon.

Slightly looked, take the stage boarded the boat. Wan Changqing followed, Zhu Yingying waiting to be held, but it was Lan Shanshu hand stopped, said Little brother, you are here to wait I Zhu Yingying shocked a moment, said why Blue shirt scribes laughed Erye did not summon you Xiao Yue Han looked back that blue shirt one, coldly Let him come up. Blue shirt for a stay, said Guo Xiong, Erye only summoned you and Wan Xiong. Xiao month cold I know, Er Ye asked, by my commitment, let him come up. Blue shirt humane This one Xiao Yuehan right hand lift, said Do you want to try my invisible poison Blue shirt people quickly to a step back, said Guo Xiong, so that can not Zhu Yingying take a cross, who has boarded the boat. Xiao month cold Keep out of the cabin. Zhu Yingying nodded and said Yes Guo Tianwei disguised the momentum of thousands of Xiao Yue, in contrast, Chen Baoshan difficult to compare with the. To walk into the cabin, Xiao Yue cold fidget cube lazada flow around the look, vision and Department, can not help but stay. I saw the cabin a corner, sitting in a white beauty, Liu Mei Feng head, look solemn, it is white jade cents. Meet here at this time, completely out of the unexpected Xiao Yueman, the hearts of speculation Road It appears that this girl, but also was summoned by the Erye. Mind to read, people are a big walk to the front of a Jin Tun sat down. About Bai Y.more see the pure, the whole offensive, already magic into a sword, far from looking like a large luster, keep rolling, to the Xiao Han on the pressure down. Xiao Han Yue sword, such as electricity, poke the sword from the rolling momentum. But twenty four handle swords too fast, even if Xiao Han Yue sword out of electricity, fast, Xiao Han months did not fight back the opportunity, only the defensive power, but he also wants to seal the 24 fast sword, Very difficult things. Bai Yuxian a pull to the transit, the two were stealth in the hall on both sides of the door, to visit. Xiao Hanyue trapped in dense Jianguang, making white jade heart surprised, can not help but a frown, whispered to the transit, said To the brother, the sword of the red girl, really have such a powerful it To the Heaven Sword potential, such as the Yangtze River, endless, is what I see the sword of the sword array of the most vicious one of the sword, Xiao Daxia Although trapped in Jian Zhen, fidget cube lazada but the Jian Shi anxious not chaos, Seems to be able to support it. Bai Yuxian wry smile, whispered To the brother, Xiao Gongzi is our main force, should he really trapped, and who can resist the armored warrior But the official fidget cube online shop smell slamming loudly, Chen Baoshen not help from the back door into the hall. Often nine with Chen Baoshan behind, also retreated into the hall. Will fidget cube groupon afford, two soldiers in two, in addition.e days, to do anything Xiao month then said Even seven princes do not go see Often nine sighed, said This is not necessary, arranged to see the seven fidget cube by antsy labs princes, nor a day or two, but in addition, any action should be canceled. Xiao Han Yue nodded and said As usual brother s orders. Often nine stood up and said Disturbed for a long time, you should take a good rest, and this Zhao Fu, defense is very strict, if any sign of trouble, probably can cope with down, non essential, you do not appear Xiao month then said This is for what Often nine to give them a highly unpredictable. Turned out of the room, easily bring the door. Xiao Hanyue felt that the current situation, extremely complex, but also to the last moment, after this war, it is likely the truth. Mind to read, slowly take Zhongxinggongyue map , in the case, the candle under a closer look. This picture, he has seen many times, but did not see very carefully. Zhao Youlan repeatedly indicated that he looked at this figure, the reason, not all for this is the painting St. Wu Daozi handwriting. Xiao Han carefully under the scrutiny, really found some anomalies. Abnormal Department of the flaws are not painted, and in that the edge of the axis. Xiao Hanyue is proficient in the appreciation of painting and calligraphy, and immediately found hidden in the famous brush, there is a secret painting. Of course, it will n.

Fidget Cube Lazada want to get drugs, and even Zhao girl also captive in the past, late into the worry about the safety of Zhao girl. Zhang Lan laughed and said This point, you can fidget cube lazada rest assured, the old lady is worried that they do not move, we want to find no way, as long as they are willing to come, the old lady has to seize their grasp. Xiao Han Yue Yue breath, hesitantly. Zhao Youlan has received Zhang old predecessors, you see, we hand enough Younger generation would like to hire some staff, waiting for the old predecessors of the field, as to spend, Zhang Ye only Zhang Lan shook his head, then said Do not need, do not need, I have brought the two guards to the palace, they are I personally tune the people, had a very good martial arts base, the past two years, more sophisticated, Captive under the staff should be enough. Wang Shouyi said I chose the four most savvy players, plus I, a total of five people, Zhang Xiong see how arrangements. Zhang Lan said collection J, OM This is designed to Shaw Brother. Xiao Han took out a floor plan, spread on the table, Road Late into a good plan, also asked the two to show advice The third back to Qinhuai River Another day near dusk, Zhao Youlan leaning against the window, to see that gorgeous sunset, gradually dissipated, sunset. Suddenly, a burst of north wind, with the slightest drizzle into the rich rain, hit in the face, all of a sud.Long Road, please elaborate, the younger generation, such as effectiveness, is willing to fidget cube lazada do a good job on behalf of the division. Free Master Xiao Shi said, yes, you know what you know, tell him Ink non head note Xiao Han Yue, slowly said Shi Xiaozhu appear Jinling, in order to Shisha Jianzhao the enemy, the secret has to do the sword of God s true mass Xiao Han Yue secretly heard a shame, speculation Road He only passed me six months martial arts, how much he had learned, I fidget cube lazada also do not know, I heard that a person to practice martial arts, and reading in general, need ten years, I am half of this income, is naturally very limited But his mind to understand, can not tell the truth, it will make the Mexican non disappointed son, but inconvenient to lie, had to say vaguely Martial arts division, the vast sea, late into the old martial arts learned how much he himself is not very clear Master idle nodded and said Dao Xiong, this matter Suddenly shut up without words, flow head around. Boat on the people, all have a martial arts, also since the early warning, hear the sound of fast boat breaking water, but did not think of the identity of the Bale. Xiao Hanyue blink of an eye looked, I saw four boats, already divided by four weeks, surrounded by boats around the boat. Each boat on the boat, there are two black Dahan boat, standing on the bow of a person, is the Eastern pos.


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