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Fidget Cube Make Noise uma defended, sharp feeling. Xiao Han thought of the killer wind seven, seems to be the same fidget cube make noise Weaponry. Are these people in black, but also the wind word ranking killer Three black people will be one place, did not talk, only the exchange of a vision, immediately distributed into a triangular battle, with the back of the battle, contrary to the stand, six eyes, stop to the weeds in the visit. Suddenly, a black man flying over, toward the Zhang Yu a haystack, long knife over, weeds fly. Jianmang a fly together, block long knife. The original is the South Korean tiger fear of stealth, was found, that knife is very sharp, forcing Han fear tiger sword against the enemy. Black people without a word, long knife disease attack, breath attacked thirteen knives, knife straight to the point, dangerous and exquisite. Xiao Han Yue extraordinary vision, see very clearly, Han afraid of the fidget cube promo code tiger in the enemy, the use of the Tan Sangu transmission of the two including martial arts, it is the cast fidget cube make noise of parasol trick, Han Bohu actually put it into the sword Application, but fortunately so, the battle of two strokes protect the body, it did not hurt the knife in the other side. Wang Shou yi, although not see Xiao Han Yue see fine microscopic, but also see the Han afraid of tigers back again and again, the situation is very dangerous, trying to come forward to stop the other attack, was Xiao Hanyue.irl did not say anything, but Xiaobi a few words, I do not know the should not say Xiao Hanyue smiled, said You say Say wrong, it does not matter. Xinghua said Well Son so ordered, apricot bluntly, Miss attached to the son of a very heavy, all pinned in the son of the body Xiao Han eyebrows wrinkled, pondered without a word. Xinghua said Maybe the son did not know, Miss good nature, she broke some achievements, has to waste sleep, forget the realm, often day and night, three fidget cube make noise days and nights have not rested. Why, why do not you persuade her Servant to persuade many times, but no use, so I told the son, I hope you can persuade her. Xiao Han on a wry smile, said I I think she will listen to you. Xiao Han heart on the road. Perhaps in the past, fidget cube make noise and now, I m afraid to die, a woman changing, really is Mo can be predicted. But his mind was thinking, but nodded and said Well Have the opportunity, I advise her to try. Xinghua Road Thank you son. Xinghua turned forward to the line, to the door, suddenly stopped, back, said There is a very important, fidget cube for only $9.9 I almost forgot to tell the son of the Xiao Han said What happened Xiaohua Heng Xinghua has come to the front of the moon, only whispered Do big, sloppy, royal woman with surgery to move the situation. Xiao Han said This Son, do not understand, Miss said that you learn good, will understand. Xiao Han Yue waved.

heir control. White jade fairy Zhu girl, I do not underestimate the power of the palace, the Fuchu those guards, in order to resist fidget cube review I m afraid it is difficult, Royal fall in their hands, comfortable expected, not to mention, these people are stealth in Wuyi Lane Authentic, once launched, the palace is the fidget cube clicker first to bear the fidget cube make noise brunt. Xiao Han heart startled, said So to say, is the next inadvertently, upset their plans. J. Bai Yuxian said Yes, if not inadvertently, including Xiao Han months, I m afraid Jinling. City has long been under the control of Mr. II. fidget cube make noise This is it, they control the Jinling still calm and collected, and then use the power of princes, slowly Jiangnan military power, and gradually master, this is a big conspiracy, not the general arena compete for hegemony. Xiao Han said Yes They want to rebel Zhu Yingying said This person will be Xiao Hanyue mouth start, hesitantly. This matter is significant, there is no full evidence, it is not casually casually said. Bai Yuxian said Mr. II is a key figure, unfortunately, I do not know the situation in the city of Jinling, otherwise, what is his identity, should be ready to come out. Xiao Han said Mr. II is just a code, but has shown that he is not the real mastermind of the characters, on top of him, there is a referee the overall situation of the President Zhu Yingying then said Who is the big man Xiao Hanyue.ke, such as a Gongxingyue map, it is unique works. Zhao this flower hall, built in Zhao Garden, the garden is not, but a lot of strange flowers, it is the sick family thanks Zhao hundred years, that he likes to spend trees, and do everything possible to seek and derived, when For the gifts sent, Zhao 100 years in order fidget cube make noise to take care of these trees, in particular, two of the gardener is very experienced in gardening, care of these trees, but the finishing was blooming flowers throughout the year, floral incessant, called For the flowers Hin. Now, this flower Xuan, sat four people. Zhang Lan is the first, the left is more than 40 year old middle aged elite, Zhao Youlan sitting on the right, Xiao Han on the chair, tight collar Zhao girl, but to open back a foot. This is the Xiao Han months of self denial, that he is not a person to participate in this meeting, but to protect Zhao girl s nursing home martial arts. He did not arrogant, sensible, between the affairs, very measured. Because of this, so Zhang Lan light contempt for his hostile attitude, changed a lot, no longer deliberately picky about him. A girl dressed in Tsing Yi, served a tea, dim sum, retreat to the side of Zhao Youlan standing, but Zhao Youlan was a wave Apricot, you go out Apricot slightly hesitated, said Yes She turned out of the hall, and, smoothly brought the hall door. Zhang Lan looked at the left middle age.e lily, you squeeze that uplift part of fidget cube make noise the purple poisoning blood, do not be soft, we must squeeze out the red blood in order to stop. Seven princes who pulled out after twelve lilies, the two servants also began to start hands. They understand that the matter of the seven princes of the life and death, and sure enough to start heavy until the purple twelve disappeared, squeezing out red blood, four men and women sweating profusely. Seven princes face has a very painful expression, but his acupuncture points by the system, can not call out loud. Zhao Youlan view the wound situation, nodded and said with clean water for princes clean, and then put on clothes, then call me. Slowly walk outdoors. This is a small courtyard, the palace in a large population, although the kitchen, but also separate into a courtyard. Xiao Han Yue Fei in the hospital, whispered Orchids, princes of the injury Zhao Youlan said Just squeezed out some of the venom, the net change clothes. Xiao Han said That s good, can the princes into the study, where the moderate, easy to defend. Zhao Youlan shook his head, said No, you first go to unlock his body acupuncture points, so that he medication, rest an hour, re changed bamboo vinegar, but also steamed once. Xiao Han on startled Yi Zheng, said Well, then do not move. Big walk into the kitchen. Seven princes just put on clothes. Xiao Huang month to unlock the.

Fidget Cube Make Noise months have begun to think, but not yet fully think well, to be mature ideas, and then the older generation of discussions. This is the only Hui, chest Luo Jinxiu, thoughtful, different from the rivers and lakes, the character of the place. Often nine suddenly interface Tan predecessors, with your achievements, do not really know the royal palace around the rivers and lakes high people will buy fidget cube come and go Know some, but the old body has fidget cube make noise always been thought that the training of the Generalissimo in the palace guards activities, not much attention. Often nine Tan predecessors think around the palace, where the suspicious This one Tan Sangu pondered for a while, then said Before you can find out the exact evidence, you can not talk. Seven princes looked solemnly said Is the palace around, really entrenched a number of rivers and lakes fierce evil it Often nine No mistake, at least, there is a place near the palace where they settled. Wang Shouyi hear straight cold sweat, illegal channels This kid I do not know the severity of talking, straight, offended the seven princes, Zensheng is good Fortunately, seven princes very bearing, smile, said Often tracing tracing the hero can, the best in the world, I do not know can not find their place of the place Often nine It should not be difficult, the difficulty is that around the palace, are Gonghou House, often someone can not be good at tracingpot, full of a cauldron of vinegar a century, the bottom of the pot has been burning flames. Zhao Youlan line near the steamer, already set foot on the wooden chair, said propped up seven princes. Two serve in the pot side of the palace loyal servant, by the cage out of seven princes. Zhao Youlan out of the lily, stabbed the seven princes twelve points, said Take care to, as long as the steel to take the line on the vinegar, the fire can not be large, can not be broken, to see gold in the acupuncture, and some black blood Come fidget cube make noise out and call me at once. Two loyal servants should be a cry, carefully to take care of. Seven princes sweating, the muscles are trembling, evidently seems quite sad, but he was the point of the acupuncture points, can not make move to speak. Zhao Youlan in the kitchen kept walking back and forth, anxious feeling, overflowing brow. Xiao Hanyue slowly walked in, nodded and said Orchid hard. Zhao Lan Lan Huo Ran stopped, probe the first look at the sky, said What happened Xiao Han said No matter how the situation of the seven princes Zhao Youlan said Do fidget cube make noise not lie to me, tell me, I know the control of seven fidget cube make noise princes of the disease, changes Xiao Han said It seems that what, would like to hide from you, are not easy Zhao Youlan said Well, how the situation Xiao Han said The discovery of the enemy track, but no invasion Zhao Youlan pondered for a while, suddenly re.


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