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Fidget Cube Nederland e Mi Zhao pledge. Often nine According to my view, this edict may also seven princes of the House But we have Listen to me often nine whispered If the palace can not find it, you have to and seven princes secret talk once. Xiao Han said What to say Often nine Directly asked, that secret Chao is how the matter, who may be in the hands This Xiao Han months, some embarrassing, said If we can not find, let him leak, such as by a large secret, is not too presumptuous. Often nine The others can not ask, but you can Xiao Han month odd I Often nine then said He put the only daughter to you, that is, hope that the secret detention book once exposed, good for him to keep a daughter, do not you understand so intimate, what can not ask Xiao Qin month, then Seven princes poisoning deep, Zhao Youlan left behind a bottle of immortality, can be considered in the holy goods, even seven princes who can drag the toxic, but what is not symptomatic of the drug, although delayed toxicity Attack, but can not remove the body of the drug, he is fidget cube desk toy buy now anxious mood, the idea of death is very cut, the pressure, from the secret detention book, if we find those things, I think, can immediately raise his will to survive, At the very least, he can die with peace of mind. Often nine So, we only enter the inner courtyard of his wife to live. Xiao Hanyue pondered.the fire, smoked them out. Xiao Han Yue said wildfire prairie fire, once out of control, it had got, this Wuyi alley, the palace can be both Gongfu house. Wang Shouyi smiled and said Zhao government outside the water, to mobilize a group of people to irrigation down. Fire is not a flood, this method is also very must, not afraid they do not show up. Suddenly heard the wind Po Kong, a yellow figure, from a white poplar on the sweep down, to Wang Shou yi. That figure came too fast, a shortage of circular archers, but no time to put arrows. Wang Shouyi iron ruler in hand, horizontal hit, when the sound of gold and iron cross, Wang Shouyi was Zhenbu three steps. Tan Sangu, Zhang Lan, Chang nine shadow moving, has to keep that figure. Sure enough, a person, just wearing a bark and yellow clothes, hidden in the tree, it is difficult to see out. Come very young, but the twenties, hand fidget cube nederland horizontal knife, although the circle in the middle, but look calm, two Leng Li s eyes, stare at Wang Shou yi who. Wang Shou yi mind to understand, take that flying knife, the weight of multiple components, iron scales almost Zhenfei fly hand, who has stood, left hand rope at the same time fly out, iron steel cable wall together, and perhaps the next recipe. The presence of the people, are wearing the same arresting clothes, but Wang Shouyi is the most outstanding, a look that is leading the characters.

Slightly looked, take the stage boarded the boat. Wan Changqing followed, Zhu Yingying waiting to be held, but it was Lan Shanshu hand stopped, said Little brother, you are here to wait I Zhu fidget cube nederland Yingying shocked a moment, said why Blue shirt scribes laughed Erye did not summon you Xiao Yue Han looked back that blue shirt one, coldly Let him come up. Blue shirt for a stay, said Guo Xiong, Erye only summoned you and Wan Xiong. Xiao month cold I know, Er Ye asked, by my commitment, let him come up. Blue shirt humane This one Xiao Yuehan right hand lift, said Do you want to try my invisible poison Blue shirt people quickly to a step back, said Guo Xiong, so that can not Zhu Yingying take a cross, who has boarded the boat. Xiao month cold Keep out of the cabin. Zhu Yingying nodded and said Yes Guo Tianwei disguised the momentum of thousands of Xiao Yue, in contrast, Chen Baoshan difficult to compare with the. To walk into the cabin, Xiao Yue cold flow around the look, vision and Department, can not help but stay. I saw the cabin a corner, sitting in a white beauty, Liu Mei Feng head, look solemn, it is white jade cents. Meet here at this time, completely out of the unexpected Xiao Yueman, the hearts of speculation Road It appears that this girl, but also was summoned by the Erye. Mind to read, people are a big walk to the front of a Jin Tun sat down. About Bai Y.ctice all cooked Zhu Yingying said Practice mature, and, this time, I have been thinking about one thing At this time, red, yellow, blue, white, four team of swordsman, already distributed Quartet, 40 swordsman gradually dispersed, became encirclement potential. Four of the service color, staggered stand, looks strange inexplicable there, Jian guang ying, but dignified momentum. This is both odd and Jian Zhen, Jian Zhenbu Cheng, immediately poured out a strong murderous. Zhu Yingying feel an invisible pressure. Xiao Han fidget cube nederland on a very gentle smile, said Do not be afraid Zhu Yingying sweet smile, then said I m not afraid, I have Xiao Big Brother in the side of the body, I do not fear. Dunjue pressure disappears, courage. Xiao Han said Well Go on, you just have been thinking about what happened Zhu Yingying said I was fidget cube nederland thinking, should use the Silver Moon Frost with your sword, will make it more powerful. Can not think of this fidget cube nederland petite princess, even in Hong blood, but also to keep calm, thinking about this matter, has long been the determination of life and death. fidget cube nederland Such a well behaved little girl, worthy of the people to love pity. Xiao Hanyue tentatively asked Then you figured fidget cube how to make out no Think is figured out, the history is out of your sword too fast, I do not know can be with, if Suddenly she did not say. Xiao Han said If what How not to say. I said, you can not laugh at me.number of sleeves broken, did not hurt the flesh Xiao Hanyue still do not realize that already excel themselves into the body care magic, although the sharp wind knife, broken sleeve. But can not hurt his flesh, of course, to the White Dragon s fierce Li Po potential, if the direct hit, it is fidget cube indiegogo inevitable to fidget cube ebay uk Brokeback, crack skin of the crisis. Congratulations Xiao Gongzi Unarmed, repelled the White Dragon He Gang and Han afraid of the tiger as a general horse ran over, people have not arrived, could not help but cried. Xiao Han on smile, said The two have indeed come. Han afraid of Tiger Road We have been staring at Shaw son, with the lake to the Xuanwu, but a little far away He Gang then Even if we are with the Xiao Gongzi around, is also not help busy, or labor Xiao Gongzi distracted to take care of. Well, the two said well, Bailong really is a powerful figure, that knife, like a rotating wheel Xiao Han month, said with a lingering fear From the air straight down He Gang then But Xiao Gongzi still sealed his knife, and wounded him. Xiao fidget cube nederland Hanyue pondered for a while, said I seem to have kicked him, but as long as he takes another shot, I will be hurt by his sword. Han Bo Hu said But Shaw son unarmed, not out Weaponry, took a knife, Bailong this defeat was miserable. Xiao Han Yue said I forgot to bring the sword He Gang Unfortunately, we a.

Fidget Cube Nederland onceal the palace of the people, this matter, Seven princes Zhang Lan pondered for a fidget cube nederland while, said In the palace among the broken mountains, digging, it is difficult to open, if you are sure to find out where authentic, it would be better to start the night, to find out the tunnel, Not later. Wang Shou yi whispered Chang Xiong, you said that the tunnel in the palace side of the palace side Yes Wang Shouyi said So to say, that secret underground, may pass to Yang Shangshu s house, may also pass to Lee s mansion. Often nine smiled and said Yes Did not expect the next down, or you this official people, want to be thoughtful. Wang Shouyi smiled and said You finally know the powerful official of the bar I ll give you a trick, you see is not more powerful Often nine that you fat, you breathe, say it to listen, then narcissism no later than self. Wang Shouyi said Since the location of the wall in the palace side, can the palace outside, dig a tunnel into. Often nine law is not law, but that there is a middle roadway, and, non stop patrols Wang Shouyi then said This is necessary to see my ability to do official, and do not you worry, when the problem is the best start, and you have to estimate is correct, we can not dig for a long time, To the tunnel. Chang nine close your eyes, mouth recited, a moment later, opened his eyes, said Yes, there are two hour circumstances, I.situation looks, some do not reconcile, and Xiao Han is sitting on the hall, the hall is full of people on each table, only Xiao Han on a person, but sat a sit 12 Personal big table, which looks a little garish, and to a step late, no seat of the guests, can not help stare Xiao Han months glances, though not heard condemning, but Xiao Han felt the hearts of those who are cursing in the heart he. Xiao Hanyue is hoping to fidget cube nederland have a few people take a ride, he will not refuse. But his boldness, clothing and table full of expensive sale fidget cube $19.9 food, but it is prohibitive, but also makes people calm and strange, so spend the guests, should sit in the elegant room, should not be a self pouring. But these are Wang Shou yi prior arrangements, after eating a meal of rice wine after eye catching, is Xiao Han months with their own design to lure the enemy action. He also secretly look at the four sides, did not find the whereabouts of Han Bohu, but Xiao Han Yue Han also believe that fear is also Yuhuahou upstairs, rivers and lakes were acting sly, easy to accommodate the art of modification, this is very common, Lack of experience But Xiao Han hope this time of experience, can have a good harvest, in many of the drinkers, to find that one is afraid of the tiger to change the play, the surface quietly, secretly but carefully observe each guest. Suddenly a strong murderous, almost equal, Xiao Han on a cold.


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