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Fidget Cube Official Sale es against, dangerous Wanduan, often brother, to be careful Often nine the ability to fight a powerful enemy, although I did not, but the ability to escape life, I can cope. They met in the palace outside. I d like to see what kind of people Xiao Han looked awe inspiring, said The best is Mr. Second, we can face to face for a life and death, but also can reduce some casualties. Often nine smiled and said good Xiao brothers pride of dry clouds, Xiaosheng Haosheng admire. They leaped out of the wall flying, but see a sentry brave, holding the torch, guns in hand, knife sheath from patrolling. Ganqing Tianfu has sent troops and horses to patrol the palace, but they only patrol Fu House, seems to have no royal order, not into the palace being. This group of soldiers, which Wei Zhuang, a large number of often fidget cube official sale about nine estimates about at fidget cube official sale least 100 or so. This is not an ordinary patrol, but the army out, ready to meet the enemy. Xiao Han heart also feel strange to fidget cube official sale see the military power and prestige, has not been like the city of Jinling defense soldiers, but the official battle against the enemy army. Straight until the whistle in the past, Xiao Han stood up, said Chang Xiong, where are they Chang nine slowly from the shadow line, said Xiao Daxia come from But not far from a mound, suddenly split, the line out of a thin man dressed in yellow clothes, said The next w.up. The sixth back to the white feather arrows Xiao Lan Zhang Lan saw a month, said Zhang Xiong, I would like to ask you a favor Zhang Lan laughed Well, what Xiao Han Yue said I would like to use a sword to use. Zhang Lan said This is easy, go I ll take you to choose one Xiao Han looked at Chang nine, with Zhang Lan line to go. A full house of the Treasury, filled with a fidget cube official sale wide range of weapons, single sword, there are as many as dozens, Xiao Han chose the shape of a simple ancient sword, Dian Dian Dian, very smoothly, Pei in the body, said Tomorrow. Zhang Lan said Your vision is good, this sword is the second year of the General Lee back to Jinling holiday, called the fidget cube official sale seven princes, to send the gift, though not name sword, the idea is also sharp Xiao cold on the urgent solution, said so expensive sword, how can I borrow, or for a. Do not change the Zhang Lan stopped the Xiao Han Yue, said This sword though good, but not yet see the seven princes at the moment, General Lee to leave, the princes took Zhebing sword rewarded me, I do not have the sword, so, on the In the arsenal, I took the flower and offered it, and the sword gave it to you. Xiao Han said but the disrespectful, by the ashamed of. Zhang Lan smile, said is not often nine to you with a sword Xiao Han Yizheng slightly, said is often reminded of the next brother. Zhang Lan nodded and said I understand, p.

ecessors, I know they will come, we are not prepared to look, mobilize some troops Tan three stations shook his head, said If the mobilization of a mighty force, surrounded by this, they naturally will not come Yes Yes Yes, Tan senior means Tan Sangu said Zhang Jie, Luo Biao, six Piaoshen, and twelve Lianzhuo crossbow to stay, then we are these people, the 30 arrests and archers to find ways to arrange in the Zhao government outside Arranged outside the Zhao government Wang Shou yi did not quite understand, What s the use fidget cube features Tan Sangu This war is very dangerous, the more the number of casualties heavier, should the other party to the master, 30 arrests help us little, they are arranged in the Zhao House around, responsible for the transmission of information thing. Wang Shouyi said Under the next understand, and immediately arranged tomorrow. Tan Sangu also allocated a defensive and communication methods, the whole tactic is, by the cross cover to focus on the manpower in the backyard, and then the other decisive battle. We all know the hearts of Tan Sangu design, the enemy program is based on Xiao Han for the decisive battle, the other, are the auxiliary force. Zhao Orchid in Zhao Fusheng has become a separate point, Tan Sangu did not arrange her enemy task, but did not put her stay in the inter courtyard, included in the protection of the center of gravity, and t.too big, if only the two of us here to keep the night, a bit deserted feeling, fidget cube official sale but I do not feel any crisis Often nine I feel, however, the crisis is not Murder, no matter how good the martial arts, it will not come before the crisis, be alert. Xiao Han Yue said If so, how can you feel it Often nine This is the accumulation of experience in rivers and lakes, struggling out of death by the sensitive tentacles. A bat, and draw the empty, the original, the night has been down. Xiao Han suddenly have a startled mind feeling, smile about, said Perhaps I really should have a sword, here is too quiet, so there is a kind of death breath, as if the palace this place, should be servants like clouds, bustling fishes. Often nine You are a wise man, smart enough to be able to quickly by my induction, you know I and the general arena lakes have many different places Xiao Han Yue said I have never had the experience of life in rivers and lakes, I hope to broaden the knowledge of some rivers and lakes. Often nine I came from a very fidget cube official sale strange martial art, rivers and lakes to know the martial art of people, it is rare, Zhang Lan, Wang Shouyi are my friends for many years, but they know that I am good at tracking the art, but do not know me Of origin, and even, they may not have been to my martial art It must be a mysterious martial art Often nine , COM Is not a mystery, but secret, the portal, in.sed to stop you, but I can see his look, the father s mind has been hiding from me This one Xiao Hanyue pondered, hands on trial, to see the edge of blood on the edge of the situation, to stay, with an embarrassing feeling of difficulty. Tan Sangu has been over, said Shaw son, seven shamans with a sword, the case must see the blood, your heart is loyal, the old body is not hit by heavy, on the division of another nickname, called Jian Di, Kendo emperor, it is unparalleled honorific , Until he hit seven evil after the swords, this recipe is too high handed, so the lakes man also known as his sword madman, although some ridicule taste, but his life Jianjian crazy like mad, not so, Can not create this and other mysterious Qi sword out. So, Tan senior family division has seen it Jian Di Although the name of moving the world, but his people are not many, his game dust, home addressless, often rivers and lakes, such as the breeze transition, no trace can be found, is a big market hidden, count them , Fear has not heard his news for decades, and Xiao Gongzi even had to look down upon him, granted to the art is difficult to dream of the adventure. Xiao Han Yue gently sigh, illegal channels ashamed to learn a teacher a skill, today was to know that the elderly a little ins and outs. Zhu Yingying smile, said Well, Shaw son, my master said very clearly, you can stay, please talk to the fl.

Fidget Cube Official Sale uch a fast sword, not to mention that armored man waving his hands, defense is extremely strict, you want to break through the two iron fist protection range , Easier said than done. But Xiao Han on fast sword can. Although the hard armor was Xiao Han months to identify the weakness of the sealed his offensive, but still can not hurt fidget cube promo video him. Zhu Yingying issued a Silver Moon Flying Cream. Hanmang rotation, like Lunyu, flying and to, armored people have one of the greatest shortcomings, that is not flexible enough to dodge, seeing Hanmang fly and to, raised his left arm block in the past. I heard a slight metal Jiao Ming, an armored man left arm, cut off from the elbow between life and life. Blood gush, armored personnel felt a sharp pain, shouted, turned away. Zhu Yingying should be made once again, Silver Moon Flying Cream , may be able to get the armored man s life, but she was in the recovery of the blade edge, froze at the local. Wen Baiqi Fu Shen picked up a length of iron arm, remove the broken hand. At this time, white jade has been put into the hall to the transit, but can not remove him through the left shoulder through the knife. It turned out that there is a barbed tip at the tip, the other side there is a round iron handle. Want to remove Flying, it is necessary to great trouble. White jade cents the thought of the hands of the girl, Silver Moon Flying Cream, since disappeared, deep latent Lee House, homes of the unusual situation. Just listen to nine often cold, said Can not be wrong, unless Yang House among, there is a tunnel, leading to elsewhere Tan Sangu a smile, said In fact, the seven princes Fuchu authentic, may be access to Yang Fuchu, somehow, even closed up for the people. Often nine The older generation is not raised, the next is also inconvenient to ask, that authentic exports, the older generation is aware. Know, authentic exports, within the study in fidget cube official sale the Princess s fidget cube official sale Zhang Lan was shocked, said This is not too dangerous Tan Sanqi then said Before I came, has been in the entrance of the hands and feet, arranged for the defense. Often nine The tunnel, the building has a very long time, according to my view, not only through the palace, Yang house, general house three houses, I m afraid will lead to elsewhere Tan Sangu When the king of the south side of the king, please, Jianwen Emperor She suddenly shook her head, shook her head, exclaimed This is the royal household chores, not worth mentioning, but the tunnel, it is an internal palace, far from a long, but most are closed, cut off. Often nine nodded, said This is right, that tunnel can be parallel to several people, works vast, is not martial arts, secret construction. Zhang Lan said Chang Xiong, you actually see what Affirm the Yang House suspicious. Two m.


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