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Fidget Cube Official Video understand the previous two days, to the often nine tortured, and now is not in the palace, exhausted, can be free to fidget cube official video send Miss temper, which is often nine of their own good, is Xiao Yueming friends, This person can not offend, the hearts of the idea of turning, people are slowly walking to the side fidget cube official video of the regular nine, whispered Uncle, I know, two days ago, I give you Tim a lot of fidget cube kickstarter purchase trouble, but I am a child it Uncle, do not and fidget cube official video I generally experience. No, not often nine straightforward laugh. Uncle Uncle is so old, how can you and your children angry, I see this name Yu, from the elegant point, called a small pearl, how Xiao month cold Little Pearl Often nine Yes, ah She is exquisitely carved, like a pearl, now is a living in rivers and lakes, put up with grievances, called her little pearl, why not Often brother Xiao Yue Han laughed There is no need for pearls, but the name is not the name of a follower. Often nine That s okay, Little Pearl. Zhu, pig homonym, called a follower of the nickname, should be able to mix in the past Xiao Yue Zhu Yingying looked at the cold, said That s called your bead. Zhu Yingying nodded. But the smell of wooden doors Yeah, Chen Baoshan line in the room, said The legless scribe is gone. Originally, Chen Baoshan stay in the Dasheng Inn, see Huang Tianfu left, only to come back. Xiao month cold He will not martial arts C.track of the surgery, but it is a little success. Seven princes smiled and said Well, the art of tracking, who often traitors Magic White Dragon Suddenly shut up silent. Seven princes nodded and smiled Is not the White Dragon to hide in this garden. Chang nine thought I do not turn to speak, he happens to ask me, had to bite the bullet and go on. The moment will be very carefully through the situation again. The seven princes are Shensuzhu gas, drink a cup of tea, and then look back Zhang Lan, said There is such a thing, to find some prospectus no Zhang Lan shook his head and said Have been checked rockery, no trace. Seven princes This garden, always alert lax, should I send some people to help you check to see. Wang Shouyi said Not have labor princes Xiao Han Yue said Cao Min and other ventured to offend the palace, has been disrespectful, afraid to re labor princes trouble. Zhang Lan said Seven princes, by their own investigation The truth is not clear, should fidget cube official video not fidget cube official video be overstaffed, Zhang Yang out. Seven princes nodded and said Zhang Xi, who is like a white dragon fidget cube official video figure Zhang Lan a little meditation, said Bailong known as the magic knife, martial arts strange, knife out of life, is the rivers and lakes on the fear of a super killer, and ghost knife Hou Xuan, God knife Tang Ming, rivers and lakes are known as the three famous knife. Oh Seven princes nodded and s.

s staring at the nonsense it Xiao Han month is a smile, said Perhaps I have martial arts, but I have never tried. Wang Xiong, I practiced martial arts, but never and people had action, just, I just desperate hard Wang Shouyi then Brother, you Zhang Lan breath, then said I believe that Xiao brothers say, he has a peerless martial arts, but he does not know. Xiao brother changed by the Shaw Brothers, tone, and more a affectionate, but also a few more respect. Wang Shouyi looked Zhang Lan, said This, is it possible Zhang Lan said Xiao fidget cube official video brothers say is the truth, but the middle, but some mysterious mysterious, but I believe you can ask to understand This look, Xiao Han stunned, he sealed the ghost knife, save Zhao Youlan, completely out of a sense of instinct, that the rapid changes in the process of brake, is not expected, in his own feeling, indeed Full of luck, he did, but even their own have a lot of questions It is hoped that Zhang Lan s question, let him deduce a change in the process, those who memorize in the chest martial arts formulas, hook draw a complete system. Looking at Xiao Han Yue, Zhang Lan sound jerky, fidget cube official video said Shaw Brothers, in the confirmation of one thing, the language has a clean disk between the sharp, I hope you do not mind. Zhao Youlan suddenly interface The older generation is right, my father in medicine these years, can break through a lot of.s Jian Shi. It turned out that he should carefully look, these people use the sword is not seven evil sword. A closer look at the sword road, quite similar to the party, but the speed of the sword a bit slower, Jian Shi changes less, can not help but feel great strange. Shangguan Jie breath, sword flat chest, but also learn Xiao Han Yue, the sword draw a semicircle in the chest, said Well, you do not really good son, even sealed the old lady of the sword. At this time, Shen Cang, Cheng Ying, Han Cheng Fang three people, six pairs of eyes are watching Xiao Han Yue, his face is a solemn look. Xiao Han Yue long sword slanting raised, loudly said and slow shot, listen to the words of the cold months. fidget cube thingiverse In fact, Xiao Han on the show of hands that sword style, Shangguanjie offensive has been sealed, even if Xiao Han month is not called stop, Shangguanjie the sword is not attacked. Han Cheng Fang said Third Brother, listen to him to say Shangguan Jie sword sank, pointed tip, said Well Xiao Han said see your swordsmanship, quite like the sword of Emperor of the school, you are under the tutelage We have heard the name of the sword crazy, but we practiced this sword and he has nothing to do Address sword Jiankuang name taboo, is clearly disrespectful, but Xiao Hanyue still resist down, said The four mentor mentor, is not a disabled old man Shangguanjie said What are you tal.olding the tip of the sword into the Shangguan Jie out of the left hand. Shangguanjie by sword, only then in the hands of the truncated sword abandoned, said Zhongzhou four Qi Lian Jian dozens, but forty years ago, the sword, like a boxing leg, nearly a dozen Years, we are considered to be a real sword, tricks Xiao month on the road only seven strokes Shangguanjie said No Only five strokes, it is already enough, take the people s life, a move is enough. Xiao Han on the heart to pay Seven evil sword, it is seven strokes, how he only five strokes, is this another sword is not a law, but why and seven evil sword is so similar to it , There really is a master and the same intelligent, creating another set of swordsmanship Shangguanjie sword in the fidget cube official video hands of a sudden wave, interrupted the thoughts of Xiao Hanyue, then said The old lady of the sword, off your right hand. Sword flash, Zhanxiang right wrist. Xiao Han Yue to see the sword fidget cube official video potential of the road, resembling fidget cube official video Qisha Jianzhao in the cloud cover on the moon, the move of the sword in the virtual virtual reality, there are virtual, Jian Shi attack place, it is changing. Xiao Han moon body with the sword move back three steps, the sword is fidget cube youtube in front of a semicircle. Shangguan Jie stay for a while, felt the sword potential of an empty, but to close the sword. Xiao Han did not fight back, but sealed the other.

Fidget Cube Official Video also a devout love, Zhao girl in full view of the expression of a wish. Imagine a girl home, crossing the infuriating mixing drugs, this thing passed out there who can marry her, she has any face, to marry someone else Often nine seems to be no thought so far reaching, smile, said Xiao brothers, Zhao girl to see you tomorrow, you can take the disease symptoms, told her a clear martial arts, if it is infuriating can not Get together, then the same as ordinary people. Xiao Han said The cold months down. Chang nine seems to be suddenly thought of what happy things, could not help but eat up laugh. fidget cube official video Xiao Han month odd Chang Xiong, how suddenly happy I thought of one thing, if the Yingying Princess is also among the flowers, do not know what would be the situation The voice of fidget cube from amazon a meal, then said Strange Last night, turned upside down, we who Princess girl, how has not appeared Xiao Han Yue smile about, no longer ignore the regular nine, close your eyes, sit cross cut interest fidget cube official video rates. No matter how things change, development, Xiao Han self awareness has become the focus of the event, he must as soon as possible to restore physical fitness. In fact, after several fight after the conflict, Xiao Han on the arena has a lot of understanding, since the bear this sword of a martial arts, has been doomed to involvement in the whirlpool of rivers and lakes. Jing Qi esoteric breathing, qi of, and sure enough to make the beard mirror live more than thirty, Dan lives absolutely, die a natural death. Beard mirror died two years ago, that funeral, do a sensation, white silk cover days, prime flower shop, cotton even more than ten years, from the mansions to the cemetery a plain white, who attended the funeral, every People to send a white gauze gown, take silver twelve. Beard mirror alive when Hou, did not do anything good, after death is a big broken lotus capsule, twelve silver, not a small number of people to do two last month s long term workers, may not be able to earn, and now as long as the day Time, there is food, drink, there are twelve silver can take, lively look, who refused to go, that day is simply a sea of people from the mansion discharged from the long queue until the cemetery, estimated there are nearly a hundred thousand people. This funeral, it really is a sensation in the south, after two years, still talked about, beard mirror million gold continued life of things, has been not much. Someone to the beard mirror family confirmation, Hu family s answer is unknown, is true or false, only the beard mirror a person knows, but the beard mirror is dead. Also asked Zhao Baitian, Zhao fidget cube cheap hundred years just shook his head wry smile, refused to admit, things such as the dream of a trace, which became a difficult condensate condensate case. This is a late a.


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