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Fidget Cube Price Amazon is thing will not Zhang Lan said Take care of so much, go Let s take a look at the past. Often nine seems to have a well thought out, went straight to the rockery flow before the stop, looked down the cloth flowing down. This rockery width of ten feet, water, such as curtain, about four or five feet wide, from two feet high in the mountain waist gap, diarrhea in the pond before the lotus pond. The water potential is wide and not fierce, are refers to a gap in the width of the outflow, the appearance point of fidget cube for adults prime view, absolutely no flaws. Chang Nine looked for a while, suddenly flying into the sky, after the red curtain, feet in a prominent mountain rocks, hand beat. He had a good degree of rockery situation, foot position is very accurate. Wang Shou yi whispered This rockery construction is indeed a lot of effort, all the year round out of the water, there must be a wheel set, in order to stop the lotus pond water to play up, so that the water Curtain like small waterfalls, water Suddenly, often nine one inverted, piercing the curtain, fall back to the original. Zhang Lan said Find out what s suspicious Often nine shook clothes on the water, said There are some stars in the rockery Xiao Han Yue said Now that you ve found fidget cube china out, why not open it Often nine Masonry is very thick, not me this experienced people, absolutely can not hear, the mountains are empty, there mus.e, but also by the mountain peaks on both sides of the past, however, under temporary cut wall, about ten feet high, must rely on heavy rope If he had been on guard, no matter how a move, we will also run into the enemy s. Xiao han, then said No, let s go into this valley Mexican non sub The right to say, we are upright in the division. Sword out, at the head to go forward. Xiao Hanyue whispered Let each of us to keep five step distance, but also avoid them with a vicious weapon attack. Qunhao nodded should be. Xiao Han month to take the first step, walking in the ink behind the child. Followed by Zhu Yingying, Bai Yuxian, Wen Baiqi, Lonely Master. Line near Taniguchi, ink non stop, the hands of the sword balance chest, ready to resist the enemy, the strange thing is, actually did not block the person. Mexican non sub a little thought, to walk into the valley. I saw a vast grassland, has long been standing four right handed sword, left hand holding a plum blossom needle Tsing Yi Han, a row of standing. Will afford to block the power, arranged in the valley after. Look at the vast grassland, it really is a good place to fight hands. Xiao Han on the hand to indicate the back of the people, stopped, people are breathing leap, fell on the side of the ink non sub. Zhu Yingying want to follow to go, but was promptly to the White Jade cents a pull, said sister, you can not in.

you are high spirited, but we can not be hurt. Master Xiaoyun said Xiao Shi, but the owner has a well thought out. Xiao Han Yue said slightly mind, a little layout, can have much effect, late into the dare not assert. Mexican non sub Then please Xiaodaxia ordered it Xiao Han Yue a little thought, said Road long and ask the older enlighten, the two sides maintain the distance of two feet, often brother and Tang predecessors, to walk in the middle parallel, white girl walking on the left, the next broken, cloth into a rectangle Formation Zhu Yingying then said I do Xiao Han said fidget cube price amazon Your responsibility is significant, with the side of the brother to the side, center collusion, with the Silver Flying Cream support the most dangerous side. Master Yun said Well, it seems that the donor read the art of war. Xiao Han said double the distance can not exceed two feet in order to look back collusion, once the move on the hand, fidget cube price amazon it is best to focus on one, easy to each other collusion. Uncle Yun smiled and said What is the old monk Xiao Hanyue whispered The right of a look at the plains, even if there are changes, we can also find early Lonely master then said So to say, the old sleeve would not stand by Xiao Hanyue said No, master skill exquisite, younger generation phase labor bear big responsibility. Lonely master a little fidget cube reaction pondered, said The old monk is not think of, Xiao Sh.n Yue month line, the consciousness was completely wake up. Lakes life and her palace in the daughter of life, it is the two extreme differences. But Xiao Hanyue look at her, and immediately inspired Zhu an ambition of the girl, long breath, said Xiao Big Brother, I Xiao Qing Zhu gently patted the girl s shoulder, smiles I never thought this world as much as Puma defended characters Zhu Yingying then Should I use the Silver Moon Flying Cream try, can not deal with them Only one blow between them at death, or hurt them in the Shu Zhang, fidget cube price amazon Zhu Yingying s Silver Flying Cream can and far, it is the enemy of the weapon, May wish to try. Moment nod smile, said You can try, but be careful. Zhu Yingying flashed Silver Moon Flying Cream whole alert, waiting for a shot opportunity. At this time, Bai Yuxian Tang Ming who has three points acupuncture points, remove the sword in his body, took two drugs, put the mouth of Tang Ming, a package of external application of gold drugs, dressing injury. White jade immortal possession of Dan pill, but extremely rare panacea, Tang Mingdan under the pill, people immediately wake up. Bai Yuxian infinitely softly said Tang Xiong, hurt to the heart without Tang Xiong, hurt to the heart did not Tang Ming laugh, said I experienced, will be a lot of ferocious characters on the rivers and lakes, but Zhu Yingying has never been such a defiant f., can Jianfeng Qianfeng, splashing, but to the highest level, it will return to fidget cube price amazon nature, Qian Feng set one, that one Sword, contains numerous changes, as long as a little flaw, you can take advantage of, in fact, any sword, knife moves have defensive flaws, Xiao Gongzi sword, is probably to this state. Not exactly Tan Sanbu slowly into the flower Xuan. Although she has a lot of blood loss, but the internal strength deep, after a half day sitting rest, already tired and lost, spirited. Zhang Lan and so stand up, hand over to sit. Tan Sangu also rude, the first to sit down, only to indicate Qunhao sat down, smiled and said Xiao Gongzi Jian Shi change, throughout the whole Han afraid of the tiger then said old predecessors, we have fewer hands, but also met the rivers and lakes have never heard the strange enemies, if fidget cube price amazon Shaw son is willing to move his sword, pass a two strokes out, we all have The enemy can be grams of energy, do not invite people to help boxing, you can fight against the enemy. Tan Sangu put on his teacup and drank one, smiles This is impossible. Han afraid of terrified startled, said Why is the Xiao Gongzi hidden skills from Jane, or our talent is not enough, but his sword is not consistent with the sword, even if we are less than Xiao Gongzi s talent, but some Hard work, excel in a trick, two strokes, probably the total can also be it Zhang Lan, Wang S.

Fidget Cube Price Amazon scendants of the sword Emperor Xiao Han said Yes Shencang then said Jian Di now where Xiao Han said He old people such as clouds in the dragon, to come to an unsolicited, to go from time to time. Shen Cang said See you swordsmanship number, and we have learned quite similar, why not Xiao Han said fidget cube price amazon Xiaomou also strange, not a source between each other, why should there be so similar Shen Cang sneer, said If you really sword Diemen, can he speak out Xiao Han Yue said What is hard Morphology, has long been deep in my heart Chang nine hastily cried Shaw Brothers, you can quickly shut up. Xiao Han slightly Yizheng month, said Why Often nine Why not let them first Shen Cang said Who would say, not all the same Often nine not the same, your swordsmanship, although the sword is imitating the Emperor of the school, during which there are still differences, in fact, the sword got to a certain extent, there will be some similarities. Shen Cang sneer, said Even Xiao Han on the sword, slightly faster chips, but we Zhongzhou four odd, with 40 with the sword, should the joint blow, take his life, would not be easy. Often nine stay for a stay, not answer, the hearts of speculation Road this is pretty good, Zhongzhou four odd plus 40 sword hand to help, Xiao Han month against many of the master of the siege, it is difficult Predictions, to see him and Shangguan Jie hands of the s.So, you break out into the world. Xiao Han month smile, said I do not have the intention to return to Jin Jinrong, just want to make some money back, buy a few acres of Tada, cover a few Wasche, foster Gaotang, Anduo years, as the Son of Man, Such as suffering from my adult widowed mother, often relatives. I was born cold home, widow mother orphans, but an ordinary commoner fidget cube price amazon Xiaomin I was born in the home, No, Xiao Gongzi, my father read tens of millions of people, never move to teach people the idea of medicine, fidget cube but a see Xiao Xiong, but scared of the Wizards, that Xiao Xiong is the only person who can pass his medicine. Zhao Youlan to see Xiao Han Yue, look solemn, put it very seriously. Xiao Han Yue to talk about a smile, said In the next very ashamed, not into reading, fencing did not learn, nameless old man suddenly disappeared, no one advice, learn sword of the matter, also give up halfway. This is indeed a very ordinary thing, such as Xiao Hanyue such a person, such a thing, pitching are, this is far more than the tens of thousands of it Zhang Lan indifferent smile, said ah Half a year s time, not to mention school sword, and even practice a set of clever boxing, I m afraid is fidget cube price amazon also a rare marrow, Xiao Gongzi, but you statement life experience, can be confirmed is a Honest gentleman, the art of martial arts, must have ten years of hard work in order to lay the foun.


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