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Fidget Cube Purchase people caught him Often nine small Princess How can she be the rival of Mr. II Often nine The details of the small princess only told the seven princes, you ask her, I believe, she will give you detailed instructions. In fact, there is no need to explain, Xiao Han heart has been a few months, it must be Zhao Orchid arrangement. There are a lot of people Those martial arts killer, and rivers and lakes figure Chang nine smile, said The culprit was alive capture alive, the rest of the people suddenly disappeared, seven princes ordered no longer held, a big martial arts shock shock, so suddenly, vanished, alas, Xiao brothers, this is What s the matter with you Xiao Han Yue smile about, said I understand, just a rough, the details are not clear. Voice of a meal, then Road Lonely master it Often nine has been back to the Jinshan Temple, the Mexican non sub back to the Tiantai Mountain, on the occasion of my trip again and again to tell you, in any case on the roof to see him, he swords swear, lifetime, no less than Tiantai step The. This is for what Old Taoist age has been high, in the Tiantai Mountain cultivation spiritual cultivation, for his benefit harm. Chang nine gently breath, then said Chen Baoshan not dead, Zhao girl saved him, he said, there are many words To tell you, but he has ink on the Tiantai Mountain, evidently has become a mantle of the old Taoist de.t they have great fear But see a flash figure, Piaoshen master Piaoshen into the room, then said Surrounded by lotus floor of the manpower, a comprehensive retreat, it appears that they are to re deployment of some, stolen a special time down and you see. Hall of the people and unrestrained clouds see the master ceremony, and even injured supine, sit cross throat of the regular nine and Chen Baoshan, also nodded and blinked. Lonely Gap hands, and slowly walk near the transit, smiled. To transit did not explain, but also return a smile. This is a smile, all misunderstanding has been completely resolved in the invisible. Xiao Han Yue said Master and the Road in time fidget cube purchase to help, so that our strength and confidence increase. Free Cloud Road The swordsmanship of the donor has reached the realm of perfection, today once the decisive battle, but also rely on the donor. Xiao Han Yue said Master heavy, Xiaomou desperately life insurance, since when the go all out. Bai Yuxian said I do not know how many secret murderers I have trained, but I know that the most powerful group of people, fidget cube purchase called armored warriors. Xiao Han Yue said White fidget cube interview girl repeatedly raised the matter, armored warrior must be terrible, and now we are here, I hope the white girl has some detailed explanation. Bai Yuxian said That is, you do not ask, I have to make fan description Like sorting thoughts in gener.

o Han suddenly sigh, then said Zhao Youlan peerless talented woman, her ideas and practices, can not be inferred with common sense Often nine slightly Yizheng, said Shaw Brothers mean Alpine Yang Zhi, some things can be difficult to see, now the most important thing is to save Zhao hundred years, I would like to thank the old often pointing to the old, the weather is not early, and often the old rest, tonight no months, maybe there will be one Field of the fight Then turned away. Chang nine wry smile, speculation Road This kid, mind thinking about I often do not even see a point out. The sky has reached the palm lights hours. Zhao Fuchu in the management of the food of the accountant, is a thoughtful person, the kitchen wine Lai Qi Quan, a meal time, personally come out to see, if not in the group of flowers in the party, he was the wine into the rice Of the room. Tonight to Xiao Han to the meal, turned out to be female bees apricot. Apricot is Zhao Youlan s personal maid, Zhao hundred years after the accident, the maid is two inseparable, has always been a matter of rice. Xiao Han month strange, looking at the apricot, said But Zhao girl something to me Xiao Hua has been showering changing clothes, for a deep blue is the strong suit, the sword is also placed on the wood case of the case, , It is clear that there is preparation for action. Xinghua replaced veget.uxian also do not like the grass without leaving Guo Tianwei this person, only one glance, actually did not say hello. Chen Baoshan then glanced into the cabin a white jade cents, Baoquan immediately, said White jade girl Bai Yuxian slightly nodded, said Wan Xiong. Chen Baoshan then said Xiao Yu Han on the whereabouts of uncertainty, I and Guo Xiong all the way to find, even without his face. Bai Yuxian eyes startled Guo Tianwei said Xiao Yue accompanied by a cold, there is a gopher door fidget cube purchase of the master, skilled in the capacity of the art of traceability This is no wonder, Guo brother on the matter very dissatisfied, brother incompetent, I really do not know how the body Erye account Chen Baoshan looked at Bai Yuxian to see her reaction. That white jade cents just faint smile, no longer answer. Boat start, Chi fidget cube purchase to the lake. Xiao Yu Han heart of illegal channels This is not a small area of fidget cube trailer Xuanwu Lake, the water is not deep, much of the surrounding buildings, what good tricks it But see the white jade fair look, revealing the color of an anxious, can not help the hearts of a move, pay the way Is there any danger this trip is not Zensheng and her talk about, stuck out some of the inside story, once falling out, it is best to suddenly shot, the control of this girl, but also less to a rival. H.C M On the white jade of martial arts, Xiao Yue fidget cube purchase Han has long admired the h.martial arts. Xiao Han suddenly on this life out of the deep sympathy of the heart, whispered What message would you give fidget cube purchase me to the king fairy, sir Pathetic slightly Yi Zheng, said you Although I am ruthless, killing countless, but I am also a man Look at your look, and the white girl must have had a lingering romance, you think about it Pathetic who broke the words of Xiao Han, then Useless , we talked about in the caravan for a long time, but it is broke up suddenly staring eyes, pegged to Xiao Han, then Do you know a woman Xiao Han month nodded. Pathetic Wencu Do not believe a woman, I for her, off to a right fidget cube purchase leg Xiao Han looked fidget cube for kids at fidget cube purchase his crippled right leg, sighed, said Since the girl is willing to Wang Xian and you two days with the car, which shows the heart is still affectionate, why should you so discouraged Pathetic smile, said Rivers and lakes, said you barren does not leave, it should be a frosty brutal characters fishes, can not think of is Xiao received on the cold Rivers and lakes above, there are many things, very fidget cube purchase people can understand, in the next very willing to Xiongtai a dedicated Pathetic fidget cube purchase people suddenly by the close, take out a white silk bag, said See Wang Xian, the silk bag to her. Xiao Han took over the hand, very light silk bags, I do not know what is stored inside, readily hidden fidget cube purchase in the bag, turned to go outside. Tsing Yi s.

Fidget Cube Purchase Zhaofu lived for three days, but has not met with Zhao Youlan, Zhao girl reclusive, has been hiding in the living of the cross hospital, but has been heard, Fuchu all affairs, by Zhang Lan, Prepared in the accountant hundreds of thousands of silver votes, gold leaf, Zhang Lan ordered the use of. Zhao girl asked Zhang Lan and not care Xiao Han, it is after a number of ingenuity, both shows the weight of Zhang Lan letter, but for the Xiao Han months to subtract a lot of disturbance. On the fourth day at the beginning of the hour, Tan Sangu decided to go to the Yang government to find out, selected Xiao Han, Chang nine, Wang Shouyi, Han Bohu counterparts, leaving Zhang Lan sits in the Zhao government, but she wants to go before Yang House, Zhao girl to see an interview. But Zhang Lan replaces Zhao Youlan back, Zhao girl was infected with ailments, at least three days to come out to meet Tan Sangu. White hair female heart unhappy, but also helpless, three hours, with Xiao Han, Wang Shouyi and his entourage of five, to Yang House. Five people have put on the night dress, in addition to carry the Weaponry, each with a limited umbrella, Xiao Han design of the umbrella, the thought has been easy to carry, you can fold one, hidden in the body, Remove, as long as a flick, take advantage of the power of spring, and soon open. This makes the art industry complex fidget cube purchase often nine, great sense of.e. Glass of wine, a touch of sweet scented osmanthus fragrance, straight into the nose. See this wine, even if people do not drink, will also cause a desire to drink, Xiao Hanyue drank a drink, but could not help but immediately drink a cup all. Fragrant stay teeth, mellow through the heart, Xiao Hanyue never drink such a good wine, wine and food, color and delicious, feel, actually a pot of wine drink bit by bit not left. Alcohol sweet, but the wine is strong, drinking a pot of wine, Xiao Han months with seven tips. At this time, Zhao hundred years slowly came in. Drunk one third wake up, not to mention, Xiao Han months have not drunk, see Zhao hundred years, and immediately stood up, his tongue, a bit stiff feeling, but the speech is still very clear. Doctor, I have only thirty two silver, I know, this is not enough Sit, sit Zhao hundred years with a smile on the left side of a wooden chair to sit down, then said I said, you are to help me busy, your condition, so I have the opportunity to verify seven Points Tongmai truth, which makes my medicine, there are further achievements. Is that important Yes, Xiao Gongzi, a lot of doctors reading the book, coupled with their practice experience, the diagnosis of the disease, there are unique, although they diagnosed the disease, but no means of treatment, methods, prescription is one of the problems , The light does.


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