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Fidget Cube Release Date ius and Mencius, the study of what Is he even non two words, but also distinguish not Pi clearly He is also a scholar, and Yang Fanghe after some conversation, the heart of his birth to a very good impression, unconsciously multi party defense for Yang Fanghe. Often nine breath, said Shaw Brothers, rivers and lakes on the wonders of no evil, big evil evil, not only the identity is often surprising, and also are civil and military all rounder. Xiao Han slightly Yizheng month, said Chang Xiong, but Qiaochu the Yang Fanghe who have martial arts Chang nine Although I did not see any fidget cube release date flaws, but can not assert that he really will not martial arts. Lonely master then said The old monk is carefully observed, Yang Fanghe did not like the martial arts look like, unless Bai Yuxian then said Unless otherwise Master please say. He is wearing a delicate and even we can not Qiaochu the human skin mask, otherwise, he should not escape the old monk s eyesight. Xiao Han Yue said Chang Xiong, ten years of cold window, the book avenue, and often will give birth to a kind of awe inspiring air, hand tied chicken power, but it can be as life and death as usual Throughout the ages, many scholars serve the country, If the clouds, stains can test Often nine smile, then said brothers, read a million books, mind by Tianwei of talent, for good, state, Ampang, these universities asked me not.come forward, said Zhao girl drug utility magic, just out of a sweat, I have completely good. Zhang Lan said Really Xiao Han said Zhang Xiong Is it necessary to prove that the cold months Zhang Lan looked at the regular nine, said That being the case, often said his brother out Chang nine wry smile, said Xiao Xiong, you heard not excited, since it happened, anxious useless. Xiao Han said I am confident but also Shensui Qi, you say Often nine Zhao girl gone Go Xiao shock on the big moon about, then said how to go Often nine then said It seems voluntary to go Xiao Han month odd The voluntary go This Zhang Lan then said She left a letter that is to see her father, we do not worry, but Xiao Zhang Yue But what Zhang Xiong, you can not lie to me, I want to know all the things. Chang nine Zhang brother means that Zhao girl seems to be connected to the enemy and the head, they pick her away, but also took Wu Feng and the man in black. Often during the day, defensive loose, Zhao girl s place and are fidget cube release date not allowed too close to the people, and she walked away from the Zhao girl, Is the garden side door Xiao Han Yue breath, calm emotions about excitement, said The guards who have not found a Zhang Lan said was the point of the acupuncture points, infer from fidget cube release date this point, only to think of Zhao girl and the enemy has long been agreed

, must be speech, approval of the Ministry of Punishment, which is not three or five months well. Xiao Han said In fact, Wang Xiong Tianfu cop to the identity of the total participation, to do things to facilitate more. Wang Shouyi said The official identity, there are convenient, but also bound, Yang Shangshu, General Lee, should Tianfu Hall, they will not put in the eyes, not to mention fidget cube release date my total catcher, when it comes to seven princes mansion, Dare to order the search, to be honest to the present situation, the Tianfu has been powerless, talked about the grade system, you can not easily enter the government office, but you private action, seized, to the law of sin, catch , Count your luck Often nine angrily Listening tone, you seem to have become enemies against the face, ready to catch us. Wang Shouyi sighed, said hard to say ah, Yang, Li Erfu, if someone reported that the family has a snitch, yellow prefect fidget cube release date will send me arresting people Often nine Well I came to Jinling, but you and Zhang brother asked me to come, and now, when you look at me as a flying thief, this is what the world can be really pock not called pock, called Kengren Xiao Hanyue smiled and said Wang Xiong, should seven princes also support this matter Wang Shouyi said That s easy to handle, and seven princes willing to support, one should Tianfu will go all out. But the sound step footsteps.thick night, it is difficult to see the scene outside the three feet. Bursts of cold winds to bring out the deep winter night shaw. Zhao whole house, but no lights. Completely into the dark night of being. Suddenly, a flying silhouette, with Yi Mei Piaofei sound, Yue Zhao House, fell into the first into the courtyard. Followed by people such as bat night fly, four or five shadows, rolling in, fell in the courtyard. A total of six people, the same color of the nocturnal black, fidget cube advert long body knife wear. Although the dark fidget cube release date night, but the hall is more dark, which makes hidden in the hall of Han Bohu, see very clearly. But he did not act against the enemy, but lightly waved his left hand, so that the side of the Zhang Jie standing quietly action, the news spread out. The original, in order to facilitate the enemy, the number of Zhao in the courtyard into the courtyard, have been through the wall, hall interoperability, the staff of the action, collusion, fast, secret. Six people stood in the courtyard for a moment, at the head of a sudden flying leap, kicking on the roof, leaping in the second heavy courtyard, behind five people, then action, flying into the sky. Han Bohu did not block, left fidget cube gamer light strokes, with two cassettes crossbowman, around the second to the heavy garden. Tan Sangu according to Xiao Han Yue design matrix method is to lead the enemy into the second, three double decis.hao Youlan said longevity may not be able to, but live on two or three hundred years to Dad s superb medicine, probably can be done Zhao Baonian smiled and said Laner, you have been around the topic of longevity in the top of the surgery, what are the reasons My daughter read the art of Dan Road, the hearts of a lot of doubt, would like to ask the father pointing one or two Zhao Bainian pondered for a while, said Let a person aging function, all able to newborn, or have difficulties, but to update some of them, when can be expected, but things are big, let me think about it, the world drug, Those who can contribute to the physical function of the drug. Zhao Youlan smile, said My daughter two weeks, has been thinking about this matter, it touches on several drugs, do not know whether useful, please father fidget cube uk to ask. Do not say, I want to think about it. Zhao Youlan turned around and saw his father looked serious, Ningmu meditation, seems to be thinking about a very difficult thing. She understands that Zhao Baixian considered, not entirely medical use and drug deployment, but this thing should not be made If you really can prepare a life prolonging drug, is it right Let it appear in the world. Zhao hundred years of gathering quite a lot of wealth. The money, enough for him to spend a few hundred years, also used up, money has no great temptation for him. Xiao Han came to Paradise f.

Fidget Cube Release Date ds, do not they are out of the matter Wang Shou yi quickly denied their own words, said This is not likely ah Zhang Lan that martial arts, and his rich rivers and lakes experience Xiao Han on a touch of light Wang Xiong, we met the Supreme, fidget cube release date and now, the only clue is that the two girls. Hold them Looked up and looked, that green girl and commoner female village, has been to the river, is preparing to board a boat. Wang Shou yi heart of the big anxious, air natalia, loudly shouted Zhang Jie, Luo dart stopped them. He rushed forward. Zhang Jie, Luo dart is Wang Shou yi hand the two most elite of the arrest, the drug store was infiltrated Wang Shouyi endure a note Sap, dare not have negligence, the two arms around also transferred to the catcher in Tianfu Can be considered elite to make out. But see a boat close to the shore, suddenly stood up two boatman dressed Han, jumped ashore, fidget cube release date stopped the boat will soon be the green girl and commoner female village. This one ambush prominent, see Wang Shouyi s talent, Jiangnan first catch, with extraordinary outside. Wang Shouyi Jibenrufei, catch the river. That commoner village women seem to be afraid, hiding behind the green girl. Green girl is very calm, looked two Han one, said The two are Left the first Han smiled and said Ask our leader Green girl looked back and ran to the Wang Shouyi one, said ask him Wang Shouyi t.usiness details of the action, his princes identity, these things do have inconvenience and smell of the Department. Sent away the seven princes, Wang Shouyi greatly excited In the past, we do not think the whole, fidget cube release date seven princes so support, we have to do all the bad to think. Tan Sangu is concerned about the fidget cube release date shape of the color then Really fidget cube uk want to confront the door with the white feathers, is a dangerous and exquisite, abnormal fight, Xiao Gongzi if the way to deal with the white feather so that the door, please speak out, first to prepare Snake head white feather arrows as overbearing hidden weapon, everyone is afraid of want to buy fidget cube the Office of human eyes, are focused on the body of Xiao Han. Xiao Han month faint smile, said In the next thought, such as to create a deflector can hide the iron umbrella, at least to reduce the part of the threat of white headed arrows. Zhang Lan said What kind of iron umbrella Xiao Han Yue said This umbrella is not difficult to manufacture, but requires some skilled artisans Hand out from the arms of a white paper, spread on the table, then said Steel staggered, combined with iron wire, the outside covered with tarpaulins, umbrella bone is also made of steel, handle with two feet six inches of casing, built in strong machine spring, you can shoot more than four inches of iron, Machine spring mounted on the umbrella handle, turn the iron hand.


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