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Fidget Cube Release Wolong students flying month by month The first back to God doctor missing Mr. Hua Tuo of the Eastern Han Dynasty, can break the belly, wash stomach, scraping the bones of drug treatment, which is active major surgery. In the chest and back surgery, the human stomach out of the wash Shua look, then put into it, that era, there is no scientific anesthesia equipment, Mr. Hua Tuo anesthesia method is to use a needle, piercing people s acupuncture fidget cube release points. A generation of surgical geniuses, was born of suspicious Cao Cao, copy death in prison, but the most unfortunate is Mr. Hua Tuo before dying, to a living dead, meat bones of the medical books, to prison officials, prison officers Afraid of Cao Cao out by the chain, even dare not accept, Mr. Hua Tuo angry, the book to burn, peerless medicine, lost. The Warring States Bian Que sings more people, to diagnose the pulse of the disease, the insight into the five viscera disease knot, the drug to the disease, the kind of amazing sense, even with the latest scientific method of modern bolt inspection, and his ability to diagnose the disease Compared to a pity that the divine surgery of the internal medicine doctor, was the imperial doctor of the Qin Yi Li Yi jealous killing, doctors surgery, with the people died. These two medical geniuses in history, tragic, so Kan sigh, but if they are willing to accept a door a little earlier, discip.Blue shirt humanity Should the brothers a little superficial, Xiao Xiong is willing to fidget cube release listen to Xiao Hanyue really listen to confused, and a little pondered, said Willing to hear opinions. Blue shirt humanity replaced Xiao Han on startled Yi Zheng, said What do you mean Blue shirt humanity Since the two can not control the killer, the benefit of the people, Xiao Xiong replaced, why not. Xiao Han looked at the master of idle, and looked at white jade cents, said Your Excellency, the next do not understand Blue shirt people smile, said Xiao Xiong, but I think I do not know clearly Xiao Han Yue slightly pondered, said Your Excellency is the lobbyist of Mr. II, it must be the confidant of Mr. II, Mr. Xiaomou to take two generations to replace it, I do not know what the heart Blue shirt people faint smile, said people are not saints, who can not, but, people have different, committed the fidget cube release fault, also the size of different, talented people, full of ambition, power in hand, Can benefit the party, Ze million people, but once the evil, will also be bloody thousands of miles, spread the common people, so His language meaning clear, put it definitely clear, a morally righteous look, Xiao Hanyue and Lonely master, can not help but move from. Do lobbyists to do this and other realms, has reached an unprecedented level of the. Blue shirt people gently breath, said Xiao Xiong.

ed such a useless people Xiao Han Yue said Zhao girl, I am willing to try, but adults say, I am afraid I can not help I believe the father s vision, but also believe that their own views, Xiao Xiong, please you reward me a face, stay, if the pension silver side, Xiao Xiong dissatisfied, I can increase Xiao Han said has been too rich, and I am worthy of Zhang Lan then said Zhao girl, I do not interfere with how many pension silver you employ Xiao brother for Zhao s nursing home, but to trace the statue of missing cases, it is not necessary to Shaw brother to intervene Zhao Youlan gently breathed a sigh of relief, slowly said Why Zhang Lan indifferent smile, said In order to make respect, Xiao brother, but learned martial arts, but only half a year, I believe this is true Yes, Zhang adults, Han Yue did not say a lie. This is it, and learned six months of martial arts people, no matter how strong his talent, I believe it is difficult to send anything useful, say, Xiao brother has never been in the hands of people fidget cube imgur Zhao Lan Lan Zhang Lan interrupted the words, then said Zhang adults, Xiao Gongzi full of economy, its own talent to help adults out of ideas Zhang, the total can it Zhang Lan shook his head, sighed, said Zhao girl, Zhao Dafu missing case, full of secretive, Xiao Daddy even though there are poetry books, full of Mr Anthony, he Qiken willing to give. Second, Mr. Road fidget cube release Martial arts repair, to a certain state, not only the cold, heat does not invade, and can avoid the poisonous one, not afraid to say that you laugh at the words of Guo Xiong, with drugs Road, in my eyes, Xiao received on the cold Mr. Second, look down on the use of poison people, your organization, why have set up 10,000 drug Hall Second, Mr. Road Well, with the drug of the fidget cube release technology, although unable to deal with the first class master, but to deal with two or three rivers and lakes figure, it is very miraculous, although I do not like to use drugs, but Xiao Han could not help but then said Mr. II do not like to use drugs, like some against the heart of the The boat suddenly in silence, the sound was not heard a little quiet. A potential tension, filled the room. After a long time, only two long sigh, Mr. said Guo Tianwei, do you dare to contradict me In the next not into the second door, is still Keqing identity Well Second, Mr. seems to be the next grievances from the patient, said You say a reason Xiao Han Yue said Your door, once exposed identity, most fidget cube release of the poison themselves, which, Mr. II does not deny it Second, Mr. Road Well, it is justified, but it is only to prevent them from being tortured, but the door of the human, but never against the enemy with poison Voice of a meal, then s.Xiao Han Yue said Zhao girl has not been threatened Absolutely no, she said, after a flat, she will return to Zhao Fu to meet with us. Zhang Lan Road. What do you mean, we have to wait for her a year Tan Sangu said Oh Laoshen is so ask her Zhang Lan said What did she say Tan Sangu said She said she wanted us all to come and get me back. Zhang Lan shook his head and said Nonsense, nonsense, what kind of agreement Tan Sangu look to the face of Xiao Han, said Zhao girl said, I hope you live in the Zhao Fu, but she knew that this is unlikely, just a year later today, in any case to come here once. Xiao Han Yue said I must come. Tan Sangu said Zhao girl also told me that she has a painting to give you, want you to take a closer look. Xiao Han month nodded I know, what else Tan Sangu said She wants you to take good care of the princess, and especially requested me and Zhang Lan, from the sake fidget cube release of success, if you do not listen to her advice, will cause love and hate, I and Zhang Lan, no face goodbye princes. Zhang Lan said This will fidget cube on ebay this be so fidget cube release serious Tan three stations Zhao girl said, I and the princess get along for nine years, I know her character, I was also prepared to force her to go back to the palace, and now want to come, this is a big parody, but fortunately, Zhao girl reminded, Cast a big mistake, and now, the old body down to ask you Shaw son promised to do this. Xi.

Fidget Cube Release icult to prevent, or Bai Yuxian ice Han Zhu, white girl full display, a shot is five Tablets, four people injured in the cold beads under. This is a master of the rivers and lakes of the full raid, the moment, the martial arts in the most interested in several Weaponry, sword, hidden weapon, all shot, the target completely concentrated in the twelve poison killer body. For those who fidget cube vat19 counterattack over the blackwater killer, but not Shihun hand, nine dead and three injuries, Zhu Yingying Silver Flying Cream twice shot, this time, heading for the waistband leucorrhea led the head. He stood still and did not move, seeing Silver Mans fly away, was cut off his head. It turned out that he found the moment, twelve poison killer died, and really do not know how to explain to the second, died in the hands of the enemy, the idea is clean. Twenty four black guard saw the death of the head, command no one, a potential escape instinct, suddenly turned and fled. Xiao Han month no longer ordered to chase, but Fu Shen picked up two fire tube with the body, and the rest, all for Zhu girl with the Silver Moon Flying Cream destroyed. Looking at the residual body limb, Lonely Master low declared a Buddhist number, clap, chest chanting. White jade fairy said go Find the mysterious valley to go. By night cover, a pedestrian went straight to the northwest. Perhaps this change completely out of the get me a way, I pay you a thousand silver No, one thousand two silver, wanted to live forever ah These two words a great voice, most people on the restaurant can be heard. Dozens of eyes betting over, looking at Zhao Fu and Lee clerk. Lee clerk is very embarrassed, whispered Zhao housekeeper, voice small, good, this matter we talk later, you wait, I went to the kitchen to help you remind. Zhao Fu seems to have been shocked, looked around and said I m waiting for them downstairs. He hurried down the stairs. Everything with the very good. Before noon, two horses of the Han, escort a car into the car Yongle Tang, the car sitting plot over the cloth, apparently after a long journey from the two Han, are also busy schedule, traveling in Zhao Was blocked outside the drive, a full Hou Houzhao tea time, only by the Zhao girl personally welcome, people, cars into Zhao. Rain medicine floor of the food and wine, into the flowers Xuan, but with the two small two, was rejected in the Xuan, the girl from the Zhao, the food and wine into Xuan, but the two stores have seen stopped in the small two Next to the car park. Car keep the car dust. There is a very strange phenomenon in the world, the emperor s notice posted around, not necessarily someone made a special trip to see, also read the main operator, but belong to privacy, confidential things, but everyone likes to inquire, , Wi.


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