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Fidget Cube Shark Tank e and death, and that is not the same. Zhao Youlan sighed and said It seems that I made a big mistake, should not find you meet Xiao Hanyue said Orchids, I hope you listen to me once, good First to save the seven princes, the future, I listen to you Zhao Youlan suddenly smiled and said You said, but the truth. Xiao Han said It is absolutely fidget cube shark tank sincere words. Zhao Youlan said Well, I told you to go, but this is outside the plan, missed fidget cube shark tank the event, you have to bear. Xiao Han said Of course, in the next will bear all the consequences. Apricot face color panic, anxious The girl, rescued the master bear, seven princes of the matter, then said later. Zhao Youlan sadly Yi Tan, then said Xiao Gongzi I have a life saving grace, and, millions of people s lives and death, always heavy hundreds of deaths, we will save seven princes Apricot shook his head, hesitantly. Xiao Han touches on some uneasy, should be saved seven princes, Zhao girl rescued the opportunity fidget cube shark tank to save his father, it was a great pity. But seven princes life in the evening, finally moved Zhao Lan, it should not be changed. Leave the public housing, the Xiao Han months only to find that people outside the house cloth Fu a lot of Jin Zhuang Han. But to Xiao Han month surprise, the Sparrow, Wu Feng is fidget cube from amazon also one of them, and, often nine have long been subdued, point the real road. Should these people appear to block, Xiao Hanyue c.elp clear the cabin water. Xiao cold wake up like a dream, looking back in the cabin water, hastily said Ying Ying, hold the bow to strangle the enemy. Turn into the cabin. But the smell slamming, the ship has broken one. At this moment, suddenly found that often nine wishful rods play a special magical effect, and saw the right hand disease extension, a stick straight to the past, wishful rod suddenly pop an edge, by the rupture of the cave, stabbed out, penetrate Water, a surge of blood, with the influx of water. It turned out that many fidget cube shark tank of the wishful edge of the organ, the organic spring controlled sharp cone sharp edge, suddenly stuck, but three or four feet away. Plus Chen Baoshan and Xiao Hanyue full of water scoop, the cabin water greatly reduced, has been able to see the size of two fist holes, the river and then flooded in. The owner of the ship ran into the cabin, remove the two quilts, sub block in two holes, and suddenly out of tears, said Unfortunately, I am a good boat I do not know what the ship made of wood, but do know is a good boat, the enemy in the water, took a lot of time, only the sailboat chiseled two holes in the river under the squeeze, Not expanded, if not a good boat, how can this be. Ship finally relied on fidget cube shark tank the riverbank, the boatman still sobbing, Chen Baoshan took out a two hundred and two of the draft, to the boatman, the owner took the draft, onl.

r, young girl upstairs to see Suddenly flying into the sky, straight stairs rushed past. A Hanmang, as she flew forward body, shot that appeared in the black man at the stairs. Black arm raised, sword flying out, sealed the white jade offensive, said Pindao Murphy. Often nine suddenly stood up and said Dao Xiong, you finally came. fidget cube shark tank Bai Yuxian called on, said The original, really help in the post. Heart a wide, flying leap down the stairs. Mexican non sub pull to the towel, took off his black robe, revealing a blue robe, said Pindao and idle to a lot of time, and the delay in meeting you and the reason is, keep on the roof, for you to resist the enemy s offensive, finally Fortunately, not life insult, retreating the enemy s three wave offensive. Often nine Now where is Master Lonely Mexican non sub channel Still on top of the roof. J, C M Bai Yuxian said Ashamed, ashamed, we simply to the front and rear, even without regard to the upstairs defense. Mexican non sub channel It is difficult to get, Pindao witnessed Chen Baoshan, often nine bloody hard battle, wanted to help, but unfortunately the top of the roof, fighting fierce, to be repulsed when the enemy, often nine, Chen Baoshan has been injured into the hall. To transit to smile about, said Dao Xiong, idle cloud is known, old friends have obeyed advice, abandon the dark cast out. Mexican non sub channel Master has kno.can guarantee to dig authentic, in order to act secret, the best night start. Wang Shouyi said What people go to Zhang and brother to study, I go to arrange, the beginning of time hands. Often nine, said No Time fidget cube shark tank to advance, no night tonight, Tianyi black hands, before the second, to find authentic, often someone last night to see the news, authentic sound of outgoing action, are three or so. Wang Shou yi nodded and said Good Chang Xiong, should not go to look at the situation in the Wuyi Lane Often nine surnamed Chang no other ability, is the ability to remember very well, Wu fidget cube shark tank Yi Lane and the palace inside and outside the garden situation, has long been memorized in the chest of the district. Wang Shouyi recalled one, bowed and said Zhang Xiong, all Yang Fu, and manpower, please Zhang brother transfer, brother and patrol camp to make a deal. Zhang Lan said The best way to keep secrets, that is, by the people of action, no longer mobilize other people. Zhao Youlan stood up, smiled and said Gentlemen ran last night last night, tonight but also action, used rice wine, please rest back to the room, you bedroom, I have ordered the maid they had a large Grace, thank the younger generation. Xiao Han back to the bedroom, Zhao Youlan has long been waiting in the room. These days, Xiao Han month busy running, two people have not even seen, between each other, seems to have a lot of things.h call, people have inverted out. She jumped back in fidget cube verge the back when the side of the body suddenly a big earthquake, a strong fire, from the ground straight up. The power of this explosion, compared to that of Han s gunpowder explosion, more powerful. Bai Yuxian feel a surge of heat, Pushen fidget cube shark tank from, suffocating. Fortunately, she dazzle, found that a moment early, but still sprinkled a smoke nitric acid soil, fell to the ground, sitting on the ground, but people unharmed. Wen Baiqi not so lucky, and that Han was blown together limbs flying, incomplete bones. Xiao Han month from the recent, flying leap, picked up the white fidget cube shark tank jade, flew away. Bai Yuxian had nothing, but by a little frightened, but was tightly holding a Xiao Han month, also took the occasion to pretend to be unconscious, closed his eyes. Xiao Han months out of the thirty feet away, only white fidget cube official jade cents down, said White girl, white girl Zhu Yingying also hastily ran over, said Jade cents sister Bai Yuxian bad loading, because, although she was sprinkled with a smoke and dust, but the body is not injured, had opened his eyes, called on one breath, said good sinister ambush. Zhu Yingying hi said Jade cents sister, you do not matter, right Bai Yuxian reason about the scattered hair, said I do not matter, smell predecessors it Xiao Hanyue sadly Yi Tan, said People have been blown up. Bai Yuxian slowly stood up.

Fidget Cube Shark Tank }down, inconvenience disturbed, had to sit quietly side. Zhao hands holding two cups of tea are also shocked there. In the elegant room, a quiet, quiet can be heard. The second back to life Shendan Xiao Han suddenly stood up, said What is more important than medicine, but what about medicine He seems to himself, but Zhao Youlan immediately received Help. Xiao Han shook his head, said A doctor to save lives, should not use this means of forced abduction, not to mention, to respect the masterpiece of medicine, if saved more than two months, can not save the man s life, the man has long been dead. Dad said you are the inner meaning of the people, really did not read wrong Xiao Hanyue not by the joy of praise, slowly moved to the eyes of Zhao Youlan s face, looked awe. Then Zhao girl, courageous smart people, often without rain silk tassels, but I can not figure out is that this and medicine have anything to do Zhao Youlan muttered to himself No rain silk tassels no rain silk tassels, do some people want to live forever Xiao cold on the cold one Girl, so that the statue of medicine, really make people immortal My father never admitted that he has this ability, but he is a generation of medical genius, to extend the life of people, should be able to do it, but my father has always advocated Suncheon act medicine. So, so respect for the Yangzhou salt beard life mirro.


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