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Fidget Cube Shopify the owner, has not yet had time to open, two small Chinese and foreign fast boat, already waves from. Xiao Han eyes have already seen the sharp eyes of the two boats above, the two holding bow and arrow of the Han, can not help but secretly surprised heart, speculation Road What is the study of what kind of organization Water, two roads, there are all the audience, and, ready, at any time a large number of human use Two fast boats, close to the sailing two or so, the fast boat on the Han, already cited bow arrows, arrows such as meteors, shooting Xiao Han month and often nine. Xiao Han month hands together, firmly caught the two long arrows, often nine waving Weaponry in the hands of the call, the two long arrows shot down the river. Zhu Yingying Silver Flying Cream, tight according to the side of the side of Xiao Han. Her face with a slight smile, no worries, nor shocked, it seems that all of Xiao Han months, are full of trust. To see her calm time, even the nine also whom secretly admire. At this time, Xiao Han suddenly jump on the bow, whispered Changxiong retreated, thinking that the child boat dock, here I meet. Between the words, the arrow has been as locusts and to. Although only four archers the other side, but they shoot skilled, very fast, the distance between the fidget cube shopify two sides of the past, the arrow force is very fierce. But Xiao Han Yue of the arrow approach, it.hat mysterious girl is right, the underground chamber layout is extremely luxurious, although it has been empty, but the scenery remains. Viewed the case of the underground chamber, is the evening light when the palm lights. Wang Shouyi ordered the destruction of the Chamber of Secrets, closed tunnel, so as not to be occupied by the bandits, all handled properly, the sky is near the fidget cube shopify beginning, only to find often nine disappeared. Xiao Han on the big impatient, said Chang nine brother went to where X J J Tan Sangu whispered Do not fidget cube where to buy look for him, let s go back to Zhao government to say. Ninth back to Yin Yue Fei cream Huaxuan flowers brightly lit, Xiao Han, Zhang Jie, Wang Shouyi, Tan Sangu, also with a Zhao girl, five people sitting around the table. Tan Sangu is very concerned about Zhao Youlan, but see her facial features show, pale, slightly thin, the spirit is very good. Zhao Youlan has always liked and Xiao Han months to sit together, but this time, seems to be intentional to escape, even sitting in the side of Zhang Lan, it is Tan Sangu and Zhang Lan between. Xiao Han heart has always been concerned about the safety of nine often, could not help but said often the enemy to track the whereabouts of the enemy, but also the back. Since the wind and thirteen grips, Zhang Lan not only has no arrogance, and, deep feeling rivers and lakes on the vast sea, he fidget cube shopify is so small a foot, pe.

alties, these archers cloth into the position to move inside the main, non essential, try not to reveal the stature. But the twelve black people have seen the direction of the bow and arrow. Suddenly spread to open, long knife flat chest. Listen to the sound of long whistle, twelve black people in four groups at the same time action, each group of three leap into the sky, heading for different directions. At the same time the third row of arrows, but also shot out. This time, is the side continued arrows. Twelve black people, in the air, the blade is not like standing in the field of rapid change even three arrows. Strong bow long arrows, chewy great, one was shot in the thigh, even to wear, one was shot in the left shoulder, a heart was shot into the chest, fell to the ground, I do not know life and death. The remaining nine black people, but also that burst of arrows, forcing down the field. But divided into four groups of attacks, and suddenly together one. Sure enough, well trained killer, between the enemy, change the heart. Two injured black people, a bite, pull out the long arrows, blood Chung Chung. So seriously injured, no one screamed out loud, no one look down on the ground companion. Xiao Han secretly sighed Mr. II is really very talented, actually one by one into a madman of the desperate training. Uninjured nine people in black a little pause, suddenly leaps two.deliberately to open the topic, because she does not believe that Xiao Han answered the words, Lonely Master is also not believe. Xiao Han months rarely lie, especially to deceive Zhu Yingying such a pure person, so, after completing the words, his face is not consciously thrown a touch of shame of the color. Bai Yuxian looked out. Zhu Yingying smiled and said I have seen her, she is very beautiful, but his face is too pale, the body is not very good, alas, she seems to have a very heavy heart Oh Bai Yuxian said with a smile After you see her, you have to be good to her Her words intentionally, hear the hearts of a move on Xiao Han. But Zhu Yingying did not feel, nodded his head and said I like her, who likes Big Brother Shaw, I like, but Zhao girls do not like and others exchanges, unhappy She can see Zhao Youlan has a heavy heart, white jade heart thought This girl is very smart, but she contacted too few things, the heart still maintain the purity of the fiber is not stained, I would like to take the opportunity to enlighten her a few sentence Suddenly, the hearts of another idea raised, illegal channels What am I doing Do I want to promote their trinity The origin of the royal gold and jade leaves, always grow up, and now no chest Ayutthaya, love, the future may not have such a measure, three people, really want to get together, they really will be very happ.monarchy, the momentum of the party command, and the previous Zhao Youlan, very different, can not help but stay. Zhao Youlan smile, said I speak I ask you Xiao Han Yue said I I look at or Zhao girl first to say Look for what the cold month I said first, you do not believe me, I have to endure some time, but you have to be dispatched to the enemy, is not that you have a martial arts that has invincible the world Tone has changed, and in the past that softly mildly, completely different. Xiao Han Yue fidget cube shopify said I think the cold month is not what that means Interest Orchid said You see the strength of Mr. II, but ten of the 34, he has most of the power, no mobilization, fidget cube shopify once sent, I m afraid will be a great success, fidget cube shopify even if you can save yourself, but Do not you care for the little princess of your sweetheart Besides, you are not too much to save yourself. Xiao Han Yue Yue breath, said The cold months of personal life and death is small. Zhao Youlan said It seems that you do not quite believe my words, good Let us first verify what Xiao Han said How about the confirmation of the law Zhao Youlan said You know I will not martial arts, but you want to hurt me, it is a very difficult thing. Xiao Han Yue said This is too serious. Zhao Youlan then said Well, then I attack you recipe, give it a try, you can not get down Xiao Hanyue s eyes leave a gentle and graceful impression, but at the mom.

Fidget Cube fidget cube uk Shopify distribution, face clearly visible. Wang Shouyi dumbfounded, he did countless cases, Jiangnan name catching, since the non Langdexuming but never encountered such a coincidence, the same time, the same clothing, the same burden of small cloth. That village women turn around and saw Wang Shouyi one, smiled, holding the girl s hand to the clothes, whispered Sister, take me to the painting on the fat look good Green girl sighed, said Sister, what good looking, it is a woman selling laughter, sister as thin as paper, reduced dust, how can I also dragged you into the water to Sister, I just take a look away Village female tone, full of pleading. Green girl some helpless All right, sit down and have to go. The two turned to the quasi quasi river line to Wang Shou yi s side of the line from the side, Wang Shou yi smell that green girl body powder aroma. Staring at the back of the two girls, Shou shou shook his head, called on one breath, said How can such a coincidence, but fidget cube shopify a clever design Wang Shouyi turned to look, I do not know when, Xiao Han has been standing behind him, startled Yi Zheng, said Xiao brother, you mean Xiao Han on a wry smile, said She wore the same clothes, in the agreed time to the Qin River, but she is not Zhao Youlan, Zhao girl Wang Shouyi suddenly jumped up, then said Zhao girl There are General Zhang Xi Yes He also took two guar.o and the same brother back to Jinling, raising interest a few days, fidget cube shopify and then with the common collusion with us Temporarily throw off the sword of God s miss, Xiao Han Lingtai restored Ching Ming, the moment to say something about the plan. He has a strategy of chest, though on paper, but heard the market, all convinced. Often nine consecutive should be, eyes full of appreciation of the color. Lonely master, ink non sub, Bai Yuxian also heard nodded. Often nine, Tang Ming, Zhongtian from the boat landing, straight to the city of Nanking to go, Xiao Han and his party, but turned the bow, straight into the lake. Wen Baiqi responsible for the watch, Xiao Han month and other boats sit. Everything, as Xiao Hanyue fidget cube shopify expected, their actions have been monitoring each other. But the mouth into the lake, but out of the other s unexpected, fidget cube vs clicky cube which makes the other side of the time difficult to measure Xiao Han and other intentions. At the beginning of time, Xiao Hanyue suddenly into the water, by night cover, quietly back to the other side, on the lake shore grass, hidden body. After two more, and sure enough to find dozens of black people, quietly close to the lake, gathering place in the Xiao Han, who hiding less than three permanent nine. Xiao Han has long been on the phase of the geographical situation, all of this development, are among his expected. If the material enemy, and so.


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