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Fidget Cube Shopping split the attack. Both palm force then reality. Slamming the earthquake, the white arm and the sword in the chest, the blood burst emission. official fidget cube White robe stained with blood, especially eye catching, looks grim, horror. But the white people have not been this pain anesthesia, but more aggressive, call out, leap into the sky, relying on the marked blood of the rain, Jilu to transit. Bai Yuxian hastily cried To the old, do not and his hard hit. Zhongtian right palm has been shot, heard rushed to close the palm, sideways. With a blood of white people, such as a javelin like, call soon as the passing side to the transit. Blood misty his sight, too much fidget cube on facebook blood loss, has made him lose control of their ability, a hit in the lotus floor, above the stone walls. The whole head crashed, at the same time, by the body on the rise of a white smoke, and then fire flash explosion, the body even into deep fried powder. Zhongtian spent a stay, said How, with the gunpowder At this time, white jade has picked up the sword of the fidget cube shopping body of the sword of Tang Ming, leap back into the door, said Quickly retreat into the hall, these people are not people, and they can not recklessly. At this time, another three white people, raised his sword, slowly to three lines. Their behavior is still calm, gentle, seems to be indifferent to the companion s tragic death. Xiao Han sword after breaking on the battle, but.aughed, then said Yang is very respected Xiao Xiong s man, should the girl willing to leave, the brothers since the whole Xiong Xiong wish. Rare Yang Fanghe so generous, not care about. Xiao Hanyue whispered Ying Ying, the opportunity can not fidget cube shopping lose, go to the battle Zhu Yingying shook his head Xiao Big Brother, I always want to listen to you, do not want to bother you Well, then go out quickly to go. Zhu Yingying like mind has been decided. Suddenly flashed Silver Moon Frost , said I really would drag you, it fidget cube shopping had to go first step. Hanmang flash, stabbing the throat. Cute, stubborn girl, actually to martyrdom to complete Xiao Xiao Han month, which is too unexpected. People non vegetation, so ruthless Xiao Hanyue grab a step, hastily grabbed Ying Ying s hand, how the heart to let Zhu fidget cube shopping girl hurt. Xiao Han never think of, grew up in the palace of Jiaojiao Princess, even with such a staunch character, using the means, is so powerful, the hearts of shocked, Bao edge sharp, Xiao Han Yue not blocked by hand , His right hand quickly out, point to the Zhu Yingying right wrist vein points. If it is the hand of Xiao Han on the speed, put on any other person, are often unable to solve the Zhiying Ying nine self insured. Refers to such as electricity, the middle of the Zhu Yingying right wrist vein points, but the hands of Zhu girl Silver Flying Cream , but also to the throat before th.

can guarantee to dig authentic, in order to act secret, the best night start. Wang Shouyi said What people go to Zhang and brother to study, I go to arrange, the beginning of time hands. Often nine, said No Time to advance, no night tonight, Tianyi black hands, before the second, to find authentic, often someone last night to see the news, authentic sound of outgoing action, are three or so. Wang Shou yi nodded and said Good Chang Xiong, should not go to look at the situation in the Wuyi Lane Often nine surnamed Chang no other ability, is the ability to remember very well, Wu Yi Lane and the palace inside and outside the garden situation, has long been memorized in the chest of the district. Wang Shouyi recalled one, bowed and said Zhang Xiong, all Yang Fu, and manpower, please Zhang brother transfer, brother and patrol camp to make a deal. Zhang Lan said The best way to keep secrets, that is, by the people of action, no longer mobilize other people. Zhao Youlan stood up, smiled and said Gentlemen ran last night last night, tonight but also action, used rice wine, please rest back to the room, you bedroom, I have ordered the maid they had a large Grace, thank the younger generation. Xiao Han back to the bedroom, Zhao Youlan has long been waiting in the room. These days, Xiao Han month busy running, two people have not even seen, between each other, seems to have a lot of things. ?>id Well, as respectful from the next life. Xinghua gently sighed and said There is one thing, the girl is very sad. Xiao Han Yi Zheng startled, said And the next about it Xinghua Road In addition to you, the world is not a second person, let the girl sad. What is it Xinghua Road She gave you a picture, you read it carefully Xiao Han said very ashamed, forget the next. Xinghua Road painting it Xiao Han said That is Wu Daozi s handwriting, there are still Zhao fidget cube shopping Fuchu. The girl said, When you look at the picture, you will find a miracle when you are still in fidget cube shopping the middle of the night, said the apricot blossom Then go back. Xiao Hanyue Road Good Back immediately under the Zhao Fu to go. Xinghua Road where the other girl. Finished, turned away. Xiao Han looked at the disappearance of apricot back, only slowly turned around the line near the group ho. Zhu Yingying said Heng Hua girl said something Xiao Han moon to see the master, ink non child, said She wants us to recede. Back to Murphy some Yaran, said We worked hard to find here, how can go back. Xiao Han on smile, said Road long after the discovery of the secret, where the work of the doctor, have gone Mexican non sub said At least, we should go to see it at ease. Xiao Han said There have been arranged traps, and so we jumped into. Master Xiaoyun said Xiao Daxia, who is the female donor who Speak credible Xiao fidget cube shopping Han sa.

Fidget Cube Shopping th them is not easy, but now with Xiao Gongzi such a master, the situation has since different She praised Xiao Hanyue, do not know why, Yingying Princess also heard very happy, eyes a fat Xiao fidget cube shopping Xiao Han, Yanran smile. Xiao Hanyue but hear the face of fever, said Hanyue no experience of the enemy, experience, you have a lot of pointing. Tan Sangu said White feather to the door how many people, probably no one on the rivers and lakes is really clear that they are the most terrible, not martial arts, is the kind of shape exactly the same role in different white snake head arrows, snakeheads possession of poison needle possession of phosphorus fire, The most terrible is the explosion containing gunpowder, can not fidget cube shopping block, not hand, and before they become enemies, must first think of a way to deal with the White Snake head arrows out. Xiao Hanyue think about it, but no one spoke, nodded then This is if we prepare early, I can always find ways to deal with it, white feather so that the door, in addition to the White Snake head feathers outside, do not know what a terrible place To deal with the White Snake head arrows, white feather so that the power of the door, minus the ten of the seven Tan Sangu smiled and said Shaw son, but a well thought it Xiao Han recalled a regular review of nine, said Commonly told me that the interests of the snakehead white feather arrows, the cold.her has repeatedly praised you, not by no means, a real man how to be self defeating. A few words, aroused Xiaohan month too passion, smile, said that is, in any case, the next total effort to try. Three days time, hurried over, Xiao Han month, although not at home, but he did not waste these three days, struggling fidget cube shopping to think about what happened after, by the confusing case, to capture a little Emmanuel. But the distress is that he started to verify the law to act, he knew that once the action will inevitably lead to Zhang Lan fidget cube shopping misunderstanding. Zhao Youlan often come to visit, but not to mention the case. Xiao Han on the paternity of Zhao Fu, Xiao Hou was sent to Shi Hou, Zhao Fu is very dedicated, often Shihou around. Today, the palm lights, Zhao girl came to visit, Xiao Han recall Zhao Fu is not, call breath, whispered Zhao girl, Zhao Fu is Zhao Youlan smiled, then said Is not lazy No, no, girl, in the next need not take care of others, I want to know the origins of Zhao Fu. Zhao Youlan how smart, how could not understand the sound of the string, stay for a stay, said Do you suspect Zhao Fu it Look a whole, Xiao Han slowly said Zhao has been missing for more than two months, no news, if the intentions of the other is in extortion of money, should have news Huarong tragic change, tears Yingxi, with a seven point helplessness, Zhao Youlan said sadly. So, my father, he


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