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Fidget Cube Sounds oy to eat two shares of the strength of a block, the body s flying force, has been unloaded ten out of ten. Bai Yuxian sword attack followed by attack. Her powerful yellow boy, in the situation under extremely adverse, actually refused to show weakness, Jianpushengpai, hit the white jade sword. Bai Yuxian Xu Li suddenly made, hard touch sword. One is a spent force, one is poised, yellow boy was shocked to implement the disease. But his legs bent a bomb, just landing the body, suddenly bounced, crashed into the white jade cents. The sword in his hand is Weaponry, but his crazy play, the people also used as Weaponry. Lonely master loud noise of a Buddhist, left palm to draw a circle, shoot a palm force, right hand fist, suddenly pounded punch. Shaolin hiding, one of seventy two stunt broken mountain palm. Zhang Li, a block of the offensive forces of the juvenile yellow, but also rushed him forward to block the resistance of a resistance, the right hand fidget cube sounds is the focus of the offensive, an intense bundle of a little fist wind, call out. That yellow teenager, about to know badly, the hands of the sword suddenly spread into several flower sword, sealed the fist wind. Fist wind beam together, like the real general, yellow young people with a sword was shocked back out of three feet, fell on the field. Bai Yuxian Jiaochi loudly, flying and to, Jian Shi rainbow, direct youth yellow. Nev.elp clear the cabin water. Xiao cold wake up like a dream, looking fidget cube sounds back in the cabin water, hastily said Ying Ying, hold the bow to strangle the enemy. Turn into the cabin. But the smell slamming, the ship has broken one. At this moment, suddenly found that often nine wishful rods play a special magical effect, and saw the right hand disease extension, a stick straight to the past, wishful rod suddenly pop an edge, by the rupture fidget cube sounds of the cave, stabbed out, penetrate Water, a fidget cube 6-side surge of blood, with the influx of water. It turned out that many of the wishful edge of the organ, the organic spring controlled sharp cone sharp edge, suddenly stuck, but three or four feet away. Plus Chen Baoshan and Xiao Hanyue full of water scoop, the cabin water greatly reduced, has been able to see the size of two fist holes, the river and then flooded in. The owner of the ship ran into the cabin, remove the two quilts, sub block in two holes, and suddenly out of tears, said Unfortunately, I am a good boat I do not know what the ship made fidget cube sounds of wood, but do know is a good boat, the enemy in the water, took a lot of time, only the sailboat chiseled two holes in the river under the squeeze, Not expanded, if not a good boat, how can this be. Ship finally relied on the riverbank, the boatman still sobbing, Chen Baoshan took out a two hundred and two of the draft, to the boatman, the owner took the draft, onl.

earts, as rival. But see white jade look solemn, great disdain and words of seriousness, must be like a sub, in a word, caused her concern, interest only. On the experience of rivers and lakes, Xiao Yue cold solid, but the wisdom of a little wisdom, but it is difficult and, a little thought, the hearts of the plan, coldly said Wanxiong, you put the antidote to the lack of a leg of the fidget cube lad bible scholar did not Chen Baoshan slightly pondered, said To him, but Xiao Yue Han then said Do not worry, that antidote can only protect him up to 37 days to die. fidget cube sounds Chen Baoshan said Guo Xiong with the drug can, the world first Sure enough, Bai Yuxian could not help, and hastily received Wan Xiong, fidget cube sounds what is the name of the missing legged scholar Chen Baoshan deliberately pondered for a while, said It seems to be surnamed Huang He where he offended you Desperate, like, apparently, Bai fidget cube 3d model Yuxian on the old couple, still has a deep feeling. Hundreds of Xiao cold cold to say How long can he live Xiao Yue Han thought for a moment, said Not today, there are twenty days and nights. Bai Yuxian said If the little sister would like to take some antidote to Guo Xiong, Guo brother is willing to face this little sister Xiao Yue cold cold smile, said Wang Xian girl s face, Kwak dare not to, but I fidget cube sounds know, stubble does not always refuse to suffer, the young girl will have, I have never wasted so much of the tongue. In fact, Xiao Han on the various forms of the heroic momentum, the White Dragon is already some heart off, it is estimated that the young man, how can fidget cube toys for adults such a deep skill, their practice of seven Sha Shaogang, power Rin, the enemy often At that time the dark murderous show of terror, fear, in order to hit a knife, take the enemy s life, in recent years, hidden seclusion penance, see more sophisticated, but on the Xiao Han is no deterrent effect. This makes the confidence of the White Dragon a bit shaken, hoping to understand fidget cube sounds a little more on Xiao Han, forced him to Weaponry, to see whether the Weaponry Qiaochu his origin Xiao Hanyue I do not know the intention of Bailong mind, but the body condensate, such as White Dragon knife, goodbye machine shot crack. Although he has been through the Hou Xuan, Sparrow, Wu Feng two wars, but it is never the first shot attack the enemy, the chest in mind the invasion of the enemy recruited more, actually I do not know that a move to do. This is the most lacking experience of Xiao Han, no enemy of the trigger, they feel unable to start. They stalemate for a while, White Dragon gradually feel impatient, shouted, draw knife hit. This is really earth shattering knife, they see a vast expanse of white, Changhong by the day in general, electric shot and to the four sides of the willow leaves, in the f.hind his wife five feet or so at home. Although Wang Shouyi already prepared, but the face of a lady received a letter of Patent, but also not a little gaffe, a full dress, Baifu to the ground, said The total catch should Tianfu, knocking see his wife. Mrs. Yang accomplishment good, although his face is not good looking, but the sound fairly calm, light, said Wang captain please Thank you, Madam. Lady Yang said You take this sword with a knife to catch the sword, break my house first, what is the heart Wang Shouyi Road back to his wife, we are not trespassing, is the concierge brought in. Now, you tell me, what are you doing Yes, said Madam Yang, you are escorting him. Shang Shu House last night Lanna thief, but also hurt the human life, Shouyi duties, not neglect, specifically, to do fast fidget cube sounds from the Tianfu class elite You murder Lady Yang said how do I do not know, who reported the case Chest has long been a trick, Wang Shouyi calmly said should be Tianfu in the fidget cube sounds Wuyi lane in the night to catch the news of the case, Wang Shouyi Zhao traces of medical records are missing a hundred cases, at noon to Ya, get the message, immediately rushed to protect lady. Mrs. Yang pondered a little, said There is no such thing, you take them to go back I read some good intentions, I will not pursue you. Having said that, even the right hand wave, indicating Wang Shou yi immediately retreat.

Fidget Cube Sounds to Xiao Han Yue, it is generally from the people, guarding the place to live, easy to protect the owner, but Zhu Yingying must live, often nine no way. In fact, the palace in the House of luxury, but also a general inn can be compared to the Xiao Hanyue these days, has been careful to observe the changes around, but has not been found to suspicious characters, which had to ask the fidget cube 9gag nine often. Often nine fidget cube sounds people to dominate a row of the North Wing, then there are two main room, two from the health of the evil room, Xiao Han pedestrian often nine rooms, often nine alone in the mouth alone. Xiao Han month to drink a mouthful of tea, whispered Chang Xiong, is not it strange Often nine Road Feeling too calm Like all the disputes, grudges are gone, we walk a few hundred miles, actually did not find a tracking person. Often nine smiled and said They do not have to track, as long as a little arrangement, our actions will fall into the eyes of others. Xiao Han Yue said So, to lead them to show up tracking, it takes a lot of mind design all of a sudden. Often nine smile about, said Zhao girl is still near Jinling, into the Zhongshan. You are all the way to go to Beijing to the day Xiao received on the cold I do not want to bother her and give her some time. Often nine stay for a stay, said Give her time, this I often do not understand someone, is not really ready to let go of thin. $txt2 = preg_replace(\'/^\\s+/m\', \'\', $txt2);


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