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Fidget Cube To Buy a thing, stay for a stay, Road how Zhang Lan said true. Xiao Han Yue Jian Mei provocative, handsome shine, Zhengrong said Seven princes really distress, Xiao Hanyue also had to save his life, go Take me to find Zhang Lan shook his head, said It is not desperate thing Xiao cold on the emergency You said clearly some good What is going on Seven princes in a strange poison Zhang Lan said sadly every two days to take the next drug, twenty four hours of non eye drops, immediately pain off liver and intestine, body contraction, the kind of pain, Even if we are such a lakes, but also can not stand, not to mention, a pampered princes, but he should not hold back his teeth, every attack, a full half hour to toss him, and the spacing is very short, continuous attack , A powerful than once, really have to, had to take under the drugs he sent it Xiao Han said Who is he Seven princes is how to make such a strange drug Zhang Lan said He is a black man, wearing a mask It must be him, Mr. Second Zhang Lan then said As for the seven princes when the poison, said to be ashamed, we turned out to be ignorant, until he poisoned the suffering, we know this thing. Xiao Han Yue said Let s see the princes go. Zhang Lan said You will detoxify it Xiao Han shook his head, sadly Yi Tan. Zhang Lan looked down and whispered Brother, seven princes account for two thin.rder the palace as a place to command, People, and once on the face, they will start counterattack. Zhang Lan to see Xiao Han Yue, said Shaw Brothers, you see Yongle Tang as the enemy made the order of the Church Should be, Zhao has been caught in the vortex, Orchids girl had saved the intention of saving the family. Tan Sangu fidget cube to buy said Let s work separately, Wang total catcher, Xiao Gongzi first return to Zhao House, Zhang Lan, general chair to go to an iron umbrella, the old body arrangements, let s meet before the dark Zhao. Xiao Han Yue Zhao has long been a mysterious impulse to cross the courtyard, but still self suppressed down, he did not go to fidget cube commercial Zhao Youlan live in the inter courtyard, but to imprison the Wu Feng s cellar. These cellars, this is a hundred years of valuable drugs received a place, building a very strong, inside and outside the double iron gate, four catch fast, sub Shoumen inside and outside, Xiao Han Yue into the cellar, only to find the cellar is very comfortable, The place is large, there are mattresses, quilts, a glass, according to a room brightly, Wu Feng and the black people, their cross legged eyes closed, sitting on a wooden couch. Xiao Han on the big surprise is that the two men did not even tied to the high martial arts of the two, I do not know why not escape the intention, willing to step for the next prisoners. Xiao Hanyue waved to make the bail w.

this cylinder is often nine Weaponry. Xiao Han cross step, followed by the regular side of the body in nine, right hand in the sword on top of the hand. Tunnel is very dark, Yunzuyanli, can only see a few feet outside the scene. But the wide open spacious flat, no obstacles to go up, about a hundred feet before the lead, often nine lead the way, suddenly stopped. Originally a straight tunnel, thus divided into two, one to the northeast direction, a turn to the northwest, at the same time, the tunnel has become a lot narrower, can only accommodate one person through. Zhang Lan carefully discerned the position, whispered If the direction of the same, on the Babel House. Chang nine The right fork in the road to where, so it is not difficult to find out, now, let s first look at the rockery chamber to say. Xiao Han said The next lead the way. At the head to go forward. His extraordinary vision, can be seen outside the scene of a ten feet and found the turn of the tunnel after three feet, there are stone ring on the turn. Unexpectedly, actually unhindered along the way, boarded a stone level after 13, and sure enough, into a stone chamber. Chang Jiuhuang fire sub fold, I saw rooms and tables and chairs and taste, but also stood a burning candle on the table, burning candle, room scenery can be clear. Stone room about ten feet square, in addition to tables and chairs, there is a woo.cing Wang Shouyi had to take out the rope to fight, be considered to stabilize the situation. Since it has been moving on fidget cube to buy the hand, Xiao Han month is no longer hidden, and slowly stood up. Often nine also bright phase, walking to the side of the side of Xiao Han, said Tonight Bureau, I m afraid it is hard fidget cube to buy to good, I have seen a lot of master Competing, but never seen those black people play , Strokes are desperate posture. Xiao Han said They have always been a killer, learn the knife, naturally, are the most fierce knife blade. Chang nine Fortunately, today there is such a master with white hair dragon, otherwise Think of the martial arts of Xiao Hanyue especially above the white haired dragon, suddenly stopped. Xiao Han Yue said Tan senior martial arts strength, sword profound, rival the two, seems to have spare capacity, Wang Xiong, Han Xiong to two on one, but also temporarily maintain the unbeaten Council, I worry about is , Then the enemy appeared, then That depends on you. Xiao Han on a wry smile, said I Yes Tracking reconnaissance, I often do not descendants of a future, but the enemy fight to see you Xiao brothers. I am worried that the minds of the sword in mind not much fight, go on fighting, I am afraid that there is no face to face on the available new tactics, and, I fear Often nine then said Afraid What are you afraid of Xiao Ha.girl. But said the sound is very low, but Zhao Youlan still heard, smile, stood up, said Xinghua Huaxuan standing outside the almond flowers, crashed into the hands of holding a medicine box. Zhao Youlan opened the lid, remove a Yuping, smiles Zhu girl, which Yuping among the seven tablets of Dan Wan, with warm water buy official fidget cube delivery service, immediately give him to eat one, two hours later, cold poison Should be completely removed, if not good, after two hours, and then serving two, will be able to dispel cold poison If it s not good, fidget cube to buy is not he going to take it again Often nine shook his head, said The drug to Zhu Yingying, with apricot flowers left Huaxuan. Zhu girl immediately busy pouring, open Yuping, pour out a red Dan Wan, said Xiao Xiong, please take it quickly. Zhang Lan a pull nine, fidget cube to buy the two first to leave Huaxuan, Tan Sangu secretly sigh, and Wang Shouyi back out. Since the girl can not refuse a good intention Zhu, Xiao Han had to swallow the immortality of mouth. Water to send Dan nine abdomen, Xiao Han month immediately felt a little wrong, to speak of a strong heat flow, direct penetration into the pubic region within the hearts of surprise, hurry luck, the penetration into the pubic region of the heat forced to live. Zhu girl looked Xiao Han months frowned, could not help but smiled and said choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting c.

Fidget Cube To Buy e attack, we can at least reduce the enemy by the danger, In the fight, the interest rate adjustment of physical strength. Often nine After that Bai Yuxian wry smile, said After the matter, to be honest, not too optimistic, only to take a chance. The girl s intention is often nine gaze asked to give up. Bai Yuxian said After the night, we try to escape the siege, it is only the hope of life. Often looked at the lotus floor, under the environment, said Look at the situation, the enemy to attack from three sides, four of us not enough distribution, but the uneven strength, it is not easy to separate Xiao received on the cold What is the common opinion of Chang Xiong Often nine If the master and ink non sub cloud two focus on this, by stone floor hidden, or they can be here and a winner Chen Baoshan said They often have a brother X H HJ.C M Often nine nodded and said They met in the vicinity, just to come up with a way to call them to do it. Bai Yuxian mood up, said Well, if the two of them brought here, I believe you can try to fight a second, although the means of Mr. Liang Liling, but his men are more than fear of King, the stronger our resistance, and their pressure They will be reduced, as long as they can interrupt his command system, they will not war chaos. Xiao Han fidget cube to buy Yue said The most important thing now is how to get the news out Often nine slightly a medit.ll on behalf of one of the main figures, have their own subjective judgments, and rules of conduct, I can not ask them to make appropriate cooperation, not to mention, so missing has been three months to calm each other , Wit, and never will not pay attention to the reaction of Zhao Zhao Youlan look for a stay, hurry then You mean, people have been watching us in the dark Should be, Zhang Lan and Wang Shouyi all actions early in each other s fidget cube to buy surveillance, the other is not revenge, Zhang Lan, Wang Shouyi deployment action, nor harm the other s safety, I think this is the three Month, everything is calm reason, once I design effectiveness, opened the curtain, the scene will not be so calm. Xiao Xiong Zhao Youlan some uneasy asked What would that be like Xiao Han shook his head, some bitter authentic I can not predict the details of the changes, but Zhang Lan and Wang Shouyi representatives of the forces, the enemy is not according to both sides strike, once hit positive, the other is bound to take absolute sharp means to cut off all clues, with three Sub frightened, sadly said Killing mouth Yes, Zhao girl, only dead, it will not leak out the secret Looking at Zhao Youlan scared uneasy look, Xiao Han Yue said some of the blame Girl, maybe I have some worry, things will not be bad to that state I know you are telling the truth, the father disappeared for thr.


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