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Fidget Cube Toy Christmas Gift have a well thought out Xiao Han Yue laughed The younger generation only proposed a strategy, is feasible, but also by the old Zhuo planted it Tan Sangu said Good You say. Wuyi lane should be Tianfu s catching fast patrol, as long as the total catch Wang head back to the formalities, said to be the night police report, Yang Fu in the night of the bandits invasion Slow, slow Chang said If they do not admit to a dead, it not wasted effort This can also be seen Yangfu human, whether and we met the killer last night, collusion, alas Hou door deep as the sea, where things happened, very few people know, perhaps, fidget cube toy christmas gift Ms. Yang by what threat, not Dare to report a case, installed deaf and dumb, so that they occupy the Fuchu of the premises, committing crimes Xiao brothers right Wang Shou yi suddenly stood up, then said What is a scholar, resourceful, want to be more than I am an official of this thoughtful, Mrs. Yang in case of trapped system, we should help her one. Zhang Lan nodded and said Yes, we should have thought of this. Tan Sangu said It seems that Xiao Gongzi also gave me to convince. Chang nine When will we leave Wang Shouyi said save people such as fire fighting, since we thought, it is naturally the sooner the better. Xiao Han month to see the sky, said just after noon, if two hours, it should be very carefully searched, and if they really hide.have to admire the Lonely Master. Nearly three more, twelve black people suddenly removed from the body by a long black tube, quietly swim to the lake ark. These people are very fine water of the master, in the water procession, turned out to be not heard a little sound. Lake shore, and even left more than twenty black fidget cube toy christmas gift people. This point, out of the Xiao Han month s unexpected. However, about thirty feet, regardless of Xiao Han on how pedestrian careful, one action, is bound to alarm each other can not. Bai Yuxian whispered nearly three more, we should go. Xiao Hanyue also assess the situation, this time to avoid the enemy and the eyes, the other a number of public, even to kill most of the enemy in one fell swoop, will leak the whereabouts. Zhu Yingying, who had been on the side of Xiao Han yue, gradually learned the enemy s feelings and quietly counted the enemy who remained on the bank, whispered, They have twenty five people. Xiao Hanyue pondered a while, said Wait At this time, all the people have given birth to Xiao Han on the admiration of the heart, his decision, although some doubt, but no one opposed. Twelve black people into the not, immediately into a fan of semi circular, slowly to the ark swim. They close to the left over the ark Zhang Yu, suddenly stopped and raised the hands of the black long Jane, fidget cube toy christmas gift aimed at the ark, suddenly flash of fire, set shooting b.

adapt. Xiao Hanyue pretended to Guo Tianwei. Guo Tianwei cold, aloof, very few words, this is easy, but the difficulty is his ability to use drugs. Often nine in the Wan Changqing and Guo Tianwei who found a different color on both sides of Yao Pai, Guo Tianwei who also found a poison in the body. After the text on the esoteric, difficult to understand, but it is difficult to fall Xiao Han month, he read two, has been proficient in the general situation with the drug. Often nine and Zhu Yingying together, immediately tried to the Princess is difficult to wait, she and Xiao Han month together, obedient, but now it is unruly exception, such as just angry, often nine can But now, she is not angry, but pique, all of a sudden do not eat, all of a sudden refused to go, tossing often nine pins and needles, miserable. Finally found a chance, no wild, often nine to speed up the pace, catch up with Xiao Han Yue, said Shaw Brother, brother can not cover. Xiao Han spent a stay on, said What do you mean Zhu girl launched a daughter of temper, old brother I was fidget cube uk for sale her torture was dumbfounding, so fidget cube new colors go on, less than Jinling, I will lose this old. Chen Baoshan smiled and said You are not far away, how do I not hear Miss Zhu angry voice If she is willing to temper, it touches a good deal, the difficulty is that she refused to attack Chen Baoshan then said I can not figure out how she tortur.he idle cloud master with deep internal force cemented Anjin, of soft for just, but just in the soft, snake head white feather arrows, although a variety of strange poison change, but touch On this cloth, but lost its role. The other two white feather arrows, respectively, hit the Mexican non sub and Xiao Han month, by their dodge to avoid. At this point, the moonlight picturesque, vision Qingming. On the last month Good Then a few pieces of the ancient snakehead white feather arrows. Ji Yang left hand, but also two White Feather Arrow flew over. Snakehead white feather arrows, hidden all kinds of poison, but the shape looked, are the same, people can not think of coping with the law. Two white arrows to the boat above, in front of a, suddenly a slow, but later caught up, double arrow hit in one place. But heard the sound wave shock wave, burst out of a stream of Dong like green. With the cloud master hastily shouted Be careful poison Yin Po Big sleeve waving, an Anjin, counterattack in the past. Mexican non child Yang hand, hit a record Pikongzhang, burst casual fire phosphorus, mostly hit flying in the river, but there are two points, fell on the deck, even burning up. Xiao Han secretly surprised said Phosphorus fire has such a strong burning power, a burst of dozens of points, really is extremely difficult to protect the vicious things. Jiang surface on a flat as a mirror, X.hu no Zhang Lan slightly Yi Zheng, said Qiao out what Often nine The situation tonight some strange Zhang Lan said What is strange Often nine Our design is to entice the enemy into the hospital three decisive battle, the enemy seems to be such a plan, even the staff concentrated in the three into the hospital. Zhang Lan nodded and said Yes, it seems so, how such a clever method Often nine This is not a coincidence, but both sides of the situation in Zhao Fu is very clear, choose the decisive battle of the land, actually in one place But see the figure flying, volley bird in general, down five people. Xiao Hanyue eyes condensate injection, found that among the five, there are three know, they are the White Dragon magic knife, ghost knife Hou Xuan, and the Sparrow, another scribbled in blue clothes, and a white body Saber girl. The middle aged lady s four square towel with a white feathers. White feather so that the door finally appeared. Xiao Han heart thought the twenty four swordsman, swordsman, I wonder if there is no white feather so that the door. See the white feathers, the room often nine, Zhang Lan, who do not consciously touch the hand of God fidget cube now with the umbrella in fidget cube toy christmas gift the body. The face of the murderous world of white feathers that the door, everyone s eyes, can not help oil gave birth to a chill. That middle aged scholar Mori two cold eyes, looked around for a while, the ey.

Fidget Cube Toy Christmas Gift clear, I just learn some small insects, but on the lakes on the trick , Weird, I am more than you know, I see a lot of prestigious people, in the end, the mask expose, to know that he is a bad thing to do hypocrites, rivers and lakes risk, people fickle, brother, harm the heart can not have , Anti human heart can not be without ah Bai Yuxian suddenly seemed to think of something big, hastily said I seem to have seen him Xiao Han said Who have seen Bai Yuxian said Yang Fanghe Xiao Hanyue smiled and said The white girl to see him face, at least there should be three times, of course, is not unfamiliar. Bai Yuxian said I said is not formal and he met Chang nine then said how is a situation and meet him, the girl may remember Bai Yuxian said In that boat on top of the boat, I and Mr. Second to meet Xiao month then said It is not surprising, and he is the second gentleman to accompany the second adviser in the side of Mr No Bai Yuxian called on one breath, said That night is the second Mr. and I met alone Xiao said Mr. Er said in advance to understand That did not Xiao said Yang Fang He was extraordinary, perhaps the second fidget cube toy christmas gift intention to arrange him in the boat, dark for observation. White jade face is slightly flush, said That seems unlikely Xiao Han said unlikely, what does that mean Bai Yuxian pondered for a while, said It is relat.h laughed How then, because I already know, that mask, there is a beautiful appearance of fidget cube toy christmas gift Enchanting. Zhu Yingying breath, said I ll be relieved. Conversation between the wine and vegetables sent. Often nine for the two pour wine, whispered Son, now to Jingkou, the future line only Xiao Han Yue said Reading rolls, line thousands of miles, in order to increase knowledge, wide open horizons, long heard of Jingkou Jinshan Temple in the name, should go to experience. To Jingkou, only to see the scenery of Jinshan Temple, often nine hearts though not believe, but the mouth should be said That place often went to, eat rice wine, I ll take two to see. Xiao Han Yue said Today do not go, since you are familiar with the situation in Jingkou, then find a good inn to go, Zhu girl ran around day after day, let her have a good rest, go back later than tomorrow. Often nine nodded. Xiao Hanyue looked around and found upstairs has Bacheng guests, but did not find a suspicious person tracking, it seems that, suddenly, everything changed. Eat rice wine, often nine with two people live in the Jingkou Inn, Xiao suddenly suddenly widened, the three people to a quiet cross hospital, in addition to a wall around the outside, the garden full of planting flowers and trees, this track Courtyard, triple opposition, there are twelve rooms, one day, ten silver to the cost. Zhu Yingying lived in a room next.


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