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Fidget Cube Toy aid Naturally, after the establishment of the million drug Church, then different. Xiao Han Yue said Mr. has not told the next Two Mr. said You can rest assured that Wan Tong is the door of the new establishment of a parish, as the door of the human, missed after poison poisoning poisoning, is a highly potent general medicine, preparation is very easy. Xiao Han Yue said Is the case, Kwak naturally from life Two Mr. said Well This is a word for the set, tomorrow morning early detection, immediately became recruited Examination Xiao Han months puzzled and said What body Two sneer, said Wan Changqing, told him into my door rules. Chen Baoshan should be said It is immediately under the instructions Two desktop toys fidget cube Mr. said White girl, you intercept Xiao Han twice failed, I do not know how to explain to me Bai Yuxian said Xiao fidget cube toy Han months on the stunt, has proven to be the descendants of the sword Emperor, naturally not easy to deal with. Second, Mr. Road Even if he martial arts peerless, but he was a person, but also what to do Xiao Han Yue said Er Ye set up 10,000 drug Hall, so that the entire organization, more sound, Eryuku Guo Tianwei and I would like to co operation, within ten days can be captured Xiao cold month Two gentlemen laughed and said White girl really sure I heard Xiao Hanyue and Lonely Master, ink non sub, have come to Jinling, by.mind, one side of the oral to be faster, one hand to correct Zhao girl sitting. Eighth back to the Yang government Quest Zhao Youlan really smart people, only an hour or so, has fully comprehend the formulas really pass. Xiao Hanyue think of that unknown old man to help their internal strength, the time spent more than four hours, before they completely remember the mantra, the one hundred and sixty six sit breathing movements, even into one, the old straight praise themselves Smart, is a martial arts genius, but Zhao Youlan is in an hour, the three hundred and sixty words of the practice of true tactics, recite as one hundred and seventy seven precise action Huncheng one, to achieve the desired results. Suddenly, found a smart, intelligent several times fidget cube toy higher than their own people, Xiao Han also can not help but sigh. Zhao Youlan opened his eyes, slowly fidget cube toy under the wooden couch, slowly near the line of Xiao Han, whispered I m too stupid, and let you down No You re smart Really Zhao Youlan s face flashed from the flowery smile, then said I hope you are sincere praise me. Slowly Jiaoqu into Xiao Han s arms. Xiao Han month did not refuse, the sudden loss of joy, happy girl to slender weak, take a heavy burden, gives the impression that is so delicate and charming. Suddenly, Xiao Han felt fidget cube toy at the chest, clothes Rushi wet, can not help but stay, said Orchids, you cry Rais.

aid The doctor of God surgery, can not cure my illness Zhao Baonian eyes turn, carefully looked for a while, his face suddenly panic and excitement mixed look, said The young man, your name ah In the next Xiao Han months. Shaw son, can you wait, let me look at other patients, tonight, I carefully study your condition This, I fear the cold months Shaw son, what a difficult place, although please say Xiao Han on a wry smile, said The doctor, I am unaccompanied in Jinling, growing increasingly heavy, unable to seek work, all the body, less than thirty two silver Zhao Baitian whisk smile, said fidget cube toy Shaw son, do not worry about the cost of medicine, your condition is very rare, I d like to Xiao Dadi give me a chance to verify what my medicine At this time, suddenly came a husky voice, said Gentlemen of the folks, life saving matters, please let you let a Zhao hundred years to stand up, line out. Xiao Hanyue pondered, with out. I saw a 30 or so of Tsing Yi Han, ran sweating, followed by a soft couch, lying above a patient, cotton covered body, do not know is dead or alive That Han saw Zhao hundred years, Doutou a long bow, said The doctor, you send kindness, save Zhuo Jing people kneel down. Please, please play Zhao Baonian picked up Tsing Yi Han, then said What kind of illness Zufu life Dystocia, the doctor, only one breath, you must save her Let m.. Bai Yuxian said Xiao Xiong, defeated in one fell swoop, so they used again Xiao Hanyue a bite, sword repeatedly thorn out. Jian Zhen has been chaotic, weak protection, Xiao Han Yue, such as lightning, strokes are not lost. But he is still mercy, Jian Shi no longer stabbed to the point, fidget cube for stress and anxiety the intention is to fidget cube toy force them to hot selling! fidget cube lose their combat power. Suddenly, the sound of a recall of the red killer music. Unfortunately, a step late, twelve female killer, four major injuries fell to the ground dead, four stabbed in the right hand of fidget cube toy the joint sword, fear can no longer transport Jianke enemy. Only four out of it. Good swordsmanship, good swordsmanship Second, the voice came from afar, said They are in the mood, smart, beautiful, Xiao Xiong was actually no Lianxiangxiyu heart, and kill them. Xiao Han Yue said In the next already said, you two gentleman as a bit manly, please come out and Xiaomou must fight to the death Do not worry about the district, the door has been training a lot of specific killer, fidget cube g4mer each with the enemy, life threatening skills, Xiao Xiong take a break, and immediately there will be a master experience. Xiao Han Yue said loudly You control them in any way, I think once they wake up, first of all will find you afterwards White Jade cents near Xiao Han Yue, softly said fidget cube toy Xiao Xiong, tired, young girl and Zhu girl together enemy, you take the opportunity.help surrounded, in any case can not let them into the medical rescue princes place. Xiao Han said Do our best to Shi, the girl, but please rest assured. Zhao Youlan said rescue princes fidget cube toy of the place, in the kitchen, where as the center, around the cloth Shou. Zhu Yingying slightly Yizheng, said Why in the kitchen Zhao Youlan said use bamboo cages steamed princes body of poison, must take the weight of kitchen equipment, of course, the furnace to control properly. Not too much, not too small, which do not you bother to find a good fire workers, to pay my guidance on. Xiao Han said What should be prepared Zhao Youlan said array of old vinegar hundred altar, a large bamboo cage, the old parameters of half a catty, three sound chicken, two servants, two Xiaobi. Zhang Lan then said These are ready made, the next immediately deployed. Zhao Youlan said The male servant, female servant, to the princes of the confidant, at any time to help him clean the body. Zhang Lan nodded. Xiao Han said What is needed Zhao Youlan said fidget cube toy The best available, filled with water, distributed throughout to prevent fire attack. Zhang Lan said Immediately to do Zhang Lan said Xiao Xiong, after all the layout is complete, tell me soon, I then hands on rescue, and now I have to take a break. Yanba, close your eyes, V chair to sleep. Xinghua suddenly opened his mouth, said Gentlemen, but fidget cube new colors also out of the spirit.

Fidget Cube Toy od, but on the Xiao Han also maintained considerable respect, waving, said Xiao brothers, Zhao girl, please sit, please sit. Wang Shou yi followed behind Zhang Lan, the competent of the catch, although also has a heavy mind, but he was not anger in color. Four people often Huanyuan in the gathering, but has a certain seat, sit down, the Zhao girl personally holding the tea for the three. Zhang Lan drank tea, eyes condensate in the face of Xiao Han, said Seven princes to me has always been foolish, can not think of today, I actually count the number of meal, if, three to five days, but also can not find the whereabouts of Zhao earth, the old lady of the palace general chair, no face and then go on. Xiao Han month, he obviously wants to Xiao Han months to give him some advice, he was the young man, has been very admired, but Xiao Han on this, but no experience, and sometimes this, I do not know how to speak. Fortunately, Wang Shouyi took the cavity, said Zhang Xiong, Xiao brother s plan has received a considerable effect, I think this 35 days, this and other stalemate situation, there will be changes. Zhang Lan nodded and said Shaw Brother, what do you think Xiao Han Yue said If we are strict agreement, the secret set leakage, I think they should come Zhang Lan said confident Xiao Han on a wry smile, said There is no absolute grasp, but there should be Qicheng odds, they.how will all of a sudden disappear, I do not believe he will seventy two fidget cube toy change, the array of breeze disappear Xiao month cold This has nothing to do with the old lady, I just kill, no matter find someone. Is is Chen Baoshan said I just think this trip out of the very useless, so a few people, could not find, on the two is not a good answer. Xiao Yue cold Lengheng soon, no longer answer. Suddenly, a slippery little hand, stretched over, holding the hands of Xiao Yue Han, Zhu Yingying ears between the voice sounded, said That is my door. Zhu Yingying smiled, slowly put the body into the arms of Xiao Yue Han. Can not think of her Jinzhiyuye identity, by such abuse, oil love and affection, unconsciously hold Zhu Yingying Jiaoqu. Left Mercedes Benz caravan, suddenly stopped, Zhu Yingying also alert to sit in the body. Car curtain start, that blue scribes have long been standing in front of the car, smiled and said Guo Xiong, Wan Xiong, please get off Xiao Yue cold step under the car, find a place familiar, the original, stop at, is Xuanwu Lake. Night falls, the day has come to palm lights, surrounded by desolate, a small boat, leaning against the lake, the lights faint, out through the cabin. Blue shirt scribes laughed Gentlemen, please go to the boat. Xiao Yu Han heart to pay This is not a big mysterious lake water, even boarded the boat, do not be afraid of them.


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