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Fidget Cube Toys s elite division, stealth killer wings, armored warriors defeated, the battle if the fight to go on, the two even if the President can win, will win very miserable. Bai Yuxian said often predecessors nuanced, late into the admiration, but the two incarnation Yang Fanghe to this line, where is the heart Xiao Hanyue said If so, to the intention of a check the actual situation. Chang nine I think is pre deployment. This sentence has a very powerful power of shock, the Office of the people can not help looked around. Two old friends to follow that two years, Mr., can not distinguish his identity Wen Baiqi smile, said to say ashamed, two drinks and I banquet two times, but now want to come, but has been like a mist in the flower, the vague can not see clearly. This kind of thing, hiding, but my name often Xiao Han received The shape of the trace of the surgery Often nine nodded, then said Yes, although clever different, but the variance of their cases, Wen Xiong, brother to think carefully to look sharp to the two eyes, rivers and lakes of the Road, how Lianlian Guo Several people are not clear To Zhongtian said Changxiong not mention, do not think the next, the said to think about it, but it is so, are rivers and lakes above, there really can change the shape of the wonders of it No, but really caught in them, there are intricate sense of unpredictable, but once put.ely different. Hard, Xiao brothers Zhang Lan hastily welcome the first two steps, then Xuan has been ready for food and drink, come and drink two. Xiao Hanyue was on the chief, Wang Shouyi personally took a cup of wine, said Xiao brothers, a war fame, defeated the White Dragon Xiao received on the cold Wang Xiong, in the next hope is to find out Zhao Dafu s foot place. Rest assured, rest assured, this time, we can find out their stealth, fidget cube toys and soon, there is news back Wang Shouyi said with confidence. The news really fidget cube toys came soon, Xiao Han drink the second glass of wine, a man of Tsing Yi hat, already quickly into the flower Xuan, Wang Shouyi a bend, turning his eyes, hesitantly. Wang Shouyi said Here are all people. It is fidget cube toys their turn to monitor the White Dragon, Wu Yi Lane to disappear. Wang Shouyi spent a stay, said What Wu Yi Lane White Dragon fidget cube toys in the Wuyi alley, suddenly disappear. Wang Shou yi s face looked awe, fidget cube china waved his hand, said You know, you go Qingyi people and a line of ceremony, out of the flower Xuan. At this time, the flowers in the Xuan Xuan of the air, it seems to be a sudden condensation, Wang Shouyi face a pale, Zhang Lan is also a look of serious, Han Bohu, He Gang also cold face, not a word. Xiao Han Yue gently breath, said Wang Xiong, Wu Yi Lane, is a place Wang Shouyi smile about, said Wu Yi Lane Wu Yi Lane Looked.

House, other places, probably will fidget cube groupon not copy Xiao Han said But we have searched very carefully. Chang nine then said I was thinking, where there are plastic dragon place Xiao Han said This palace, there is no place to go Often nine the wife of the inner courtyard. Xiao Han said not easy to go Often nine must go, ten search nine, the rest of a place, if with the negligence, it was a big pity. Xiao Hanyue pondered for a while, said Chang Xiong, should not find the princess to ask her, she grew up in this, may be able to provide us with a little clue. Well often nine whispered If the princess asked up, do not tell her the actual situation Nature can not, this matter is significant, even found, can not say out Xiao Hanyue sadly said I hope the seven princes can support to that moment, let him see the secret note we find the remand book Chang nine then said Xiao brothers, you tell the truth, seven princes of the poisonous injury, there is no hope of treatment Xiao Han Yue smile about, said Although the master of Master Liao Yun medical, but he quietly told fidget cube toys me that there is no solution to the body of the seven princes of the drug s ability, the only chance is to find Zhao girl. Often nine However, Zhao Youlan body in Longtanhuxu, do you want to take a fidget cube toys trip to it Xiao Han Yue said Go, but not now, now the first important thing is to find a way to find th.which is only a few girls wash clothes. Wang Shouyi saw standing on the side of the Luo dart a Luo Dapo lower body to go, pick up clothes view. He looked very carefully, but only a few pieces of clothing and eye, even the copper can not find one. Wang Shouyi frowned, said The girl is My name is lotus, Waiting on the Yang Liufang, she is my sister. Willow Fang Wang Shou yi looked up, and sure enough to see the forest in the water, there is a Yangliu Fang, about stopped at the feet. Grandpa Lotus smile, said If there is nothing else, I want to go. fidget cube toys Wang Shouyi said Oh, where Nature is back to Yang Liufang, and if the grandfather had to question, I wait on Yang Liufang. Lotus replied calm. Can not think of the reasons to stay difficult, Wang Shouyi had waved his hand, said Well, you go back, but can not leave Yangliu Fang, fidget cube toys as well as sister, please temporarily keep her, can not leave. Lotus nodded, holding the hand of her sister, boarded a pin boat. Looking back at a cold Xiao month, Wang Shouyi some at a loss, said Brother, how is this going on But heard the sound of walking, a Han Ji Ben and to, loudly asked Who is the king of the total catcher Wang Shou yi to see that about thirty six Han, a blue tight clothes, said That is, you Han Bohu, Zhang Zhang Zhang adults want me to inform the king of fidget cube toys the total catch soon as, go back to Zhao Fuchu. Wang Shou yi do.Youlan nodded and said Yes, but I want to know what he was under the vicious weapon hidden in order to testify against drugs, so that he recovered earlier, or even back his cold poison, but also to no avail. Tan Sangu said to see the old body, they fidget cube toys are right palm, that girl did not play hidden weapon. It should be a very small hidden weapon Zhao Youlan said The kind of small as hair in general, hidden weapon has a very strong cold poison, or the first injury for the hidden weapon, after being cold poison invasion. Zhao Youlan said Zhao girl, often a decades gone rivers and lakes, has never encountered such a severe cold poison Qigong, no matter fidget cube toys how Shaw Brothers hurt, the next feeling should first find a way to save him, and then Make sense. Zhao Youlan pondered for a while, nodded and said I went to prepare it. Turned outward to go. Looking at the back of Zhao Youlan disappeared, Tan Sangu sigh, said Zhang Xiong, often brother, please think about it, on top of today s martial arts, what hidden weapon, with such a heavy cold poison Zhang Lan shook his head, often nine condensate head meditation for a while, said can not think of Wang Shouyi has not been open The next thought of a hidden weapon, do not know is not right Zhang Lan said Listen to hear it Wang Shou yi I heard that there is a hidden weapon on the rivers and lakes called fidget cube toys the ice cold Han Zhu, Xiao brothers d.

Fidget Cube Toys Often nine then said If it is unfortunate to find suspicious of it Zhang Lan face slightly changed, pondered for a while, said This is true, in the next report to the princes, please decide. Xiao Han Yue said Okay, that s it. Wuyi Lane in the very quiet, but not too quiet to hear a little noise. Zhang Xiaojiu, Wang Shouyi, often nine individuals, wearing black coarse clothes, Cambodia with four feet wide white belt, carrying a flower, sickle, large iron scissors, led by a palace under the guards, Not allowed to trespass into the Wuyi Lane. Line of travel, in full accordance with the White Dragon walked through the place, Wang Shouyi took the opportunity to explain the Yang House, Lee House situation. It is closely connected buy fidget cube to the two large houses, but there are different colors of the wall, the division is very clear, fidget cube imgur Yang House is a white wall, Lee is blue, between the walls, separated by a small lane about five feet, one At night, there are garrison battalion of soldiers, divided into three classes, non stop in the road between the three House, the cruise is not, until dawn, protection can be counted is very strict. The palace wall is a red color, three huge mansion, not a row of horizontal legislation, but the city has become a gradient of the triangle, but the wall color is clear, a look that is known to belong to the House. Chang nine line speed slightly meal, lo. foreach($txt as $text)


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