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Fidget Cube Uk Ebay dely spread cloth. Now, Zhao Youlan can be made of the matter of longevity Shendan, has been in Jinling, and, Yuhua House sent food and wine shopkeepers personally saw the drug from the drug delivery car, moved down a few sealed boxes. At noon the next day, should Tianfu prefect adults Huangguangzhou, even Wang Shouyi called into the Church, asked Fangjian legend, Dr. Zhao has been his method of preparation of longevity Shendan, passed to his daughter Orchids girl, you are the host of this case, it should be very clear inside Huang prefect asked very subtle, but the tone between the obvious showing, he is not concerned about the progress of the case, but to verify the authenticity of this matter. Wang Shouyi shocked Leng, heart to pay Whisper news spread quickly, even the prefect adults have heard, at that time, and Zhang Lan, Xiao Han Yue this time, the agreement may not disclose the information, but the yellow fidget cube uk ebay is my boss, boss Difficult to conceal, but as explained really like, in case of trouble, would not come to naught For a time, even undecided how to answer. Huang prefect a frown, said Wang total catcher, the government asked you, do you hear Beizhi heard. Hear, why not answer up, is not the government heavy you, you have a little bit to the government in the eyes These words are very heavy, scared Wang Shouyi bent knees down, said Adults forgive sin, Beizhi just thinkin.is best not to arbitrarily export, so many enemies for many years enemies. Mo Fei stay for a stay, said Han youngest, you say It turned out that the past four years of non Mexican child and the four odd Central Plains Korea into the best friendship, can not think of the first turn turned out to be Han Chengfang. Han Cheng Fang coldly said read some affection in the past year, Han Lao Si give you a horse, you can go. Shen Cang then said Mexican Road brother, the old four words have been exported, we do not embarrass you, you go yo Mexican non face cold Su, like to attack, but long breath, put it down. But Wen Chengying loudly said Which is Xiao Han Yue Xiao Han said In this area. Shen Cang said Well, I heard, you are the head of these people, can not think of was actually a little inconvenience of the young man. Xiao Han fidget cube uk ebay month faint smile, said Zhongzhou four odd for the old do not respect, hidden hidden twenty years later, went so far as servant, willing to killer Shangguan Jie Lengheng soon, said Fruit is a crazy kid Han Cheng fang a frown, said Second, Mr. said well, this kid is unreasonable Step three steps, then said You come out, Han Siye to teach you some Xiao Hanyue review Bai Yuxian one, whispered to persuade to, and often can not be shot Bai Yuxian then said I know. A cross body, stopped in transit to the front and so on. Xiao Hanyue is a few steps forw.

ot be an ancient painting, in the Chinese painting, what people can cover the generation of painting Wu Daowu brilliant Xiao Han on the eyebrows, careful fidget cube uk ebay with the door of the cork. Fingers twist, cut open micro cracks are mezzanine, gently tear off. Star arch on the map, the original painting without loss, but the original fidget cube uk ebay map after the white silk is intact, different old and new silk, a considerable difference between the age, Xiao Han on the identification of silk, not experts, but it looks this new Silk mounted on the near, at most, but ten years. Silk on the light ink pen, the word is not painted. Writers are very hard machine, light ink with silk, is afraid of ink too thick, will be a glance to see the secret of the painting. I saw wrote Mi Zhao pledge, the tiger s mouth Tibetan Pearl, Shen Mo is now, the peace and prosperity, three king title The following is too light black, a little longer, could not read what fidget cube release to write. But this has been enough, Xiao Han heart has a general concept, but the secret Chao is the next person, the three titles will represent what But can not get very clear. This is the secret palace secret, national affairs, Xiao Hanyue although chest Luo beautiful, but also the material can not be broken, however, faintly fidget cube uk ebay feel, seven princes and two gentlemen to manage the mysterious organization, and this light ink written mysterious docume.ight, involved in the case was actually a prince officials, a product lady. fidget cube uk ebay fidget cube uk ebay Zhang Lan, often nine hands on search of two black people, only to live two black people s acupuncture points, while the two point system of points on the acupuncture points, anti them shot back. Wang Shouyi saw two black people one, coldly said The two are real dirty guilty, do fidget cube uk ebay not want to suffer from the flesh, from the real confession. Two black people looked at each other, close your eyes. Often nine good Two are rivers and lakes expert, we have rivers and lakes on the way to try the two have much stamina Eat two fingers fidget cube 9gag in the right hand, and even a black point five points. This approach can make the body line of blood back to attack, such as insect ants crawling in the bone, even if the arena killers, but also could not bear this torture. But Zhang Lan immediately found wrong, that black people s face, suddenly a thick layer of black gas pan Zhi, not to acupoint attack, already gas and death. Look at another black, is the same, on this burst of time, his face has become a purple, apparently in the Qi Du and death. Where do they hide the poison Often nine to be satisfied We searched very carefully. Zhang Lan said Poison is not hidden in the mouth. Seems to be hidden in the boots Wang Shou yi said I see them acupuncture points at the beginning of the solution, it seems to move about a footthe scandal ashamed. Xiao Han fidget cube uk ebay frowned, said Sparrow, I do not understand. What are you talking about Said the little princess, good mind, good conservation, people say that the prime minister to punt the boat, really good. Xiao Han months to understand a little, smile, said Sparrow, came up with the results did not Sparrow wry smile, said I know you are not wrong, but from my point of view, it is different, Erye grace for us, I can not betray him. Xiao Han Yue said Sparrow, I did not want you to betray two gentlemen, I just feel right and wrong between, there should be a clear, as you how to decide, I have no intention to force you. Sparrow sighed and said Xiao Gongzi, stay here is too dangerous, why do not you go We have been surrounded by a large number of experts. Sparrow ear ears for a while, said How did I not hear the cry of shouting Xiao Han Yue said Not yet, probably he is mobilizing it Sparrow pondered for a while, said On your martial arts, a person walking, fidget cube uk ebay great hope. You know, this is impossible Sparrow then said I know, said is white, but I could not help but say it. Xiao Han Yue said Sparrow, can you do me a favor Sparrow said What s busy Xiao Han Yue said Send me a message. Is it a move Yes Our staff is too little Sparrow then said You re going to start a battle here. Xiao Han Yue said Forcing the situation, we do not want to wait, only to fight a w.

Fidget Cube Uk Ebay ne. Tan Sangu a smile, said The old body to understand. fidget cube groupon Zhang Jie, Luo Biao, provoked two gas lanterns, the other also lit four special tung oil torch. The garden in an empty grass, according to a brightly lit. Bai Yuxian, Wen Tiankui, Bailong, Hou Xuan, a row of Wang Li, Xiao Han, Tan Sangu with Chang nine, Zhang Lan, Wang Shouyi, greeted. Wenkui brought twenty four knife hand, cloth into a semi circular, listed behind. But Zhao Fuchu Han Bohu, He Gang, and six bodyguards, with people hidden secret, did not show up. Ghost knife Houxuan see Wang Shouyi, immediately sneer, said Drink Wang total catcher is also ah Come, I stupid bird first fly, first to see what Wang total catch the iron wire rope. The first step out of the quick, to meet up to Shou Yi Wang. Xiao Hanyue walked in front, sneer, said White girl, this person does not abide by the rules, I learned the lessons of his girl. Right hand lift a sword. Hou Xuan surprise, people flank the side, while raising his right hand, Hanmang flash, closed to fidget cube toys for christmas gift the sword potential. Ghost knife is not better, the knife shelf, forced Xiao Han Yue Jian had to change, right wrist slightly Shen, Jian Shi suddenly changed, Hou Xuan knife closed air, Jianguang has wrist and over, rivers and lakes on the mysterious Unpredictable ghost knife, carrying a right hand, together fell on the grass. Houxuan spent a stay, shouting, to recede. Sword shoc., but you can not believe, Zhao girl cross hospital mystery, be brothers guessing to be rendered, in fact, I do not believe these things. I understand the meaning of Zhang Xiong, these things even heard in the next, will not tell others. Zhang Jie said XTC.CALM Shaw son, do not explore the idea of Xuan Qi. Xiao Han Yue said Curiosity, everyone has the As long as the line near the hospital closed Zhang Jie said The truth can be understood. Xiao Han on a smile, said Zhang Xiong, Zhao girl, please be proficient in pharmacology, Zhao Fuchu in the possession of the world s most complete drug, Orchids girl deployment of some drugs, distributed in the cross hospital around, people unconsciously, for the injury, naturally is likely. Zhang Jie meditation for a moment, said It makes sense, Shaw son please rest Zhang Jie wishful thinking is to take the power of Xiao Han Yue, a cross hospital of the secret, the solution will be the hearts of the suspect, but Xiao Han seems to deliberately avoid. In fact, Xiao Han is the most concerned about is really self protection ability, this aspect of Zhang Jie has given him a definite answer. Flower Xuan Xuan gas in the boring, Wang Shouyi, Xiao Han relative to sit, but no one speaks. In fact, the hearts of both have a lot of words to say, but no one knows how to speak. Wang Shou yi finally could not resist, and gently appealed to, s.


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