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Fidget Cube Verge ourth of the time. Mexican non sub angrily four are the man of iron Zheng, twenty not seen, but become Zhihuo stupid, right and wrong regardless of Shangguan Jie Shen Cang recalled one, said Boss, I do not need to talk to him and then more fee Shen fidget cube verge Cang nodded, then said Mo Dao Xiong, if you stubborn, then we do not blame the old friends off. Ink non sub angry angry Wen Bai Qi Ying, brush to sound, sword scabbard, said Good Four fidget cube verge right and wrong regardless, we can not go on, and first than the hands of Pindao sword, Son hands Shangguanjie sneer, said Mexican non sub, this is your first sword challenge, to face shameless, Xiuguai we do not read the old pay Suddenly bullying, and a fidget cube malaysia move, the sword has also been scabbard, stabbed over. Mexican non sub sword seal block, turned out to be hard then Jian Shi. Shuangjian cross attack, sounded the Iron Tie ming, Autumn bisect, two pairs of swords even at the same fidget cube verge time off. Mexican non sub spent a stay, said Shangguan Xiong s art industry, great progress. It turned out that Shangguanjie sword, internal strength, and ink are some distance, but can not think of twenty years later, even the skill into a large, compared to ink sub no less. But the smell Shangguanjie longitudinal long drink, hand sword swing, Jianguang waves, straight Chung over. The situation urgent, ink non sub had to wipe out the sword to resist. Although bo.e ability, Xiao Bei can not help but admire, and even can be mixed here eyes surprised Bai Yuxian then said Want to be a great help fidget cube verge white girl. Bai Yuxian said Imagine we get along with one, there is no point master and slave affection. Sparrow then said I was ordered to serve the girl, since the female servants do to identity, but you are willing to leave Erye, why do I want you as a master Fairly reasonable, however, the girl, I can never see you as a girl, you civil and military, beautiful, why would like to be slaves Thank the white girl s pity Xiaobi bitter life, the girl used to, and do not think there is anything wrong Look to Xiao Han on the face, then Road You want to kill me No, just leave you, Sparrow, can not tell me Sparrow then said I will not tell you what You want to remediate Xiaobi, despite the shot A closed eyes, a tie on the hands tied look. Xiao Hanyue whispered Sparrow girl, wronged you, you fidget cube verge are loyal to the master Fuji, and not wrong, I can not bear to kill you, but also a sincere, so for you, should be the best way, and Sparrow, you read Wan Juan, Absolutely, right and wrong, Mo for the section of the arrest, you have to think about it Picked up the paper bird, on the corner. Sparrow did not answer, the tears are kept by the closed eyes poured out. Bai Yuxian whispered Xiao Xiong, the essay girl is Erye s trusted

yi eyes sharp, looking at the Sparrow, cold on the small seven children, said what is her name Small seven sub clutching his eyelid, said Called the Sparrow, only to Yang Liufang today, can not think of this file trouble, Wang adults Wang Shouyi waved to stop a small seven children, eyes to the lotus body, said I know you, fidget cube verge you call the lotus Lotus Road Yes Look to the face of Xiao Han Yue, Wang Shouyi look more Leng Li, said Young visit to ask Liu, try to bravely fight hard, sooner or later to make things fidget cube verge happen Xiao Han on the attitude, actually very tough, cold then said The fidget cube verge total catch a serious, Qin quasi Fang, is open for people to enjoy this place, why fidget cube verge not come in the next, I want to spend money, I m afraid you have no right to interfere. Wang Shouyi spent a stay, said Listen, you seem to be somebody Xiao Han Yue said Anger does not tell, there are still under the Jiuxing, Wang captain if there is nothing else, you can please. The fourth back to the text of birds wufeng Wang Shou yi angry face blue, eyes staring Xiao Han months, seems to be about to attack. Small seven children and lotus, it is scared body trembling, should Tianfu catch the head of the interest, they are very clear, Xiao Hanyue fidget cube verge once caught in, there must be a bitter taste delicious. do not know why Lotus and small seven children, all have an inexplicable concern on the Xiao Han Yue, Xiao n.e, called brothers envy. Xiao Hanyue turned around and looked at the sound, saw Yang Fang He Peng shirt fluttering, standing outside Jian Zhen, can not help but a frown, said What are you Brother Yang Fanghe Xiao Hanyue faint smile, said Yang see at this moment, also refused to really meet each other Yang Fanghe laughed Mr. II has been difficult to be independent, should the Xiong Xiong fidget cube verge willing to yield to the two under the President, the third place in the top spot, brothers, when to try to convince the big gentleman. Xiao cold month, said Xiao Mou has been cheated once, even if the tongue can Lotus Lotus, I m afraid will not let me once again when the. Xiao month is no longer easy to believe that any person, anything, especially in front of this liar. Yang Fanghe said Xiao Xiong British liver and gallbladder, death, brothers can see, however, Xiao Xiong, how can not think of it for the Zhu girl Her beautiful years, He actually knows the princess Xiao Han on a cold heart, said Yang Xiong, you know she is innocent, why not let her go Yang Fanghe Road Brothers have this intention, Zhu girl how willing to abandon Xiao Xiong willing to go Zhu Yingying shocked, eared ears. Suddenly staring eyes, stare Yang Fanghe, said You Your voice, I seem to have heard, you Of course heard, Yang and Xiao Xiong talk several times, the girl all Xiao Xiong side of the body L.brothers, big event, the more to be calm, I have not yet finished. Xiao Han Yue Road, Needless to say, I understand that the division is also into their hands. Several people s hearts also have this suspicion. Even if there is something, you so hurry to go back, but also do Chang Lengli nine eyes, staring at the face of Xiao Han months, said Sword Emperor then pass you martial arts, right How great is your expectation, and you are so frivolous, ignorant of the overall situation, once he knows, would not he sad disappointed These words reminded Xiao Han month. Xiao Hanyue sadly said Then I should be Often nine listen to me finished, we all come to study a viable approach, but must first ask for evidence. Xiao long month on the breath, said Yes Yes Yes, Chang Xiong said very, the cold months of teaching. Often nine looked back, said The ship is not temporary shore, let s talk about it on board. This is a very safe way. Bai Yuxian eyes a look around, said Well, here a broad horizon, will not be given wiretapping. Mexican non sub said Chang Xiong, go on, Pindao stay in mountains, on the judgment fidget cube invention of the ability to infer, Pindao is difficult and common million Often nine hurry said Dao Xiong weight, as usual, a reference to the inadequacy of the Department, but also hope Road brother pointing Voice, said So, I expect the sword Emperor his old man may have been in the hand.

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