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Fidget Cube Vs Fidget Sphere Huaxuan doors were opened, fidget cube vs fidget sphere Zhao Youlan a black, slow walk in. At this time, it is midnight. Zhang Lan startled Yi Zheng, said Zhao girl, not a break Zhao Youlan laughed Gentlemen of your things, day and night hard work, Orchids very disturbed mind, just not prepared for cooking a few dishes, for you Xiao night, apricot, the night sent up Apricot, Zhao Fu crashed into the room, graceful food and wine, quietly withdrew. Zhao Youlan pull hand over a wooden chair, in the side of Xiao Han s body sit down. Room immediately quiet down, Qunhao you see me, I see you, a sudden, who do not know how to speak. Zhao Youlan feel if, said Gentlemen, but to discuss what Cheap concubine inconvenience to participate Xiao said We are really encounter some problems, are studying countermeasures Suddenly shut up, listen attentively while, then said Wang Xiong, this garden among the people who can have the night Wang Shouyi said but But heard the sound of mournful screams, incoming ears, dragging a long lingering sound, draw away. Zhang Lan said Come near Huaxuan within thirty feet. He Gang, Han afraid of the tiger at the same time from the bit into the sky, flutter Huaxuan outdoor. Often nine There should be two people, I thought it was Wang Xiong buried in the vicinity of the flower Hin, did not care Gophers in the door, it really is different from fidget cube vs fidget sphere ordinary.not push too tightly, but listen fidget cube vs fidget sphere to Zhao girl s opinion Zhao Youlan call out, said Everything from the predecessors of the old Zhang, Orchids can not buy pecking, but Zhang predecessors since asked, Orchids can not hypocritical, I feel to save his father, is the first urgent task. Zhang Lan said Well, we do so, Wang Xiong, deployed under your smart, dressed up in a variety of different fidget cube vs fidget sphere identities, looked around, they terrain cooked, wide eyelids, carefully, I believe, can find out. Wang Shouyi said Immediately, I send someone to action. Xiao Hanyue secretly observed that Zhang Lan removed to death to face the arrogance of the outside, it touches quite martial arts Mingzhu of tolerance, command if set. Zhao Youlan suddenly stood up and said Zhang predecessors, Wang total catcher, juniors have a few words, say it, I hope you heard not to take offense Zhang Shouyi saw Wang Shouyi, silent, is clearly set out, and all by Zhang Lan set an example. Zhang Lan nodded and said Good Zhao girl please say My father fidget cube vs fidget sphere s medical lush, the accumulation of a lot of wealth, younger generation would like to make one hundred thousand taels of silver, for tracing his fidget cube vs fidget sphere father s use Hundred thousand taels of silver, is a very alarming large number, Zhao Youlan not old, handwriting is great, Zhang Lan spent a stay, said This this Zhao Youlan said The other side are martial arts k.

r skill, even if they Qiaochu sword and Xiao Xiong with a source, go back to ask the sword of Emperor, the sword of Emperor Hui talent, there must be fidget cube vs fidget sphere to cope with the law, Xiao Gongzi appear rivers and lakes of things into his ears, the idea of cheap concubine is the sword Emperor may be trying to spread the news, should the Xiao Gongzi now hard to force the sword Emperor fidget cube vs fidget sphere may not be good Chang nine The white girl said is reasonable. Xiao Hanyue thought for a moment, said Now how should we Bai Yuxian said The best part of the rivers and lakes friends invited to help fist Zhu Yingying a look, then said There is no use of power in the official, we fidget cube philippines have too little manpower, strength is too thin. Xiao Han said This, this Chang nine then said This I went to arrange, Zhang Lan is also considered to Wu to human, regardless of his identity to participate in, are all should be. Xiao Han said This is best not to disturb the official people Often nine smiled, then said I will Tan and the old predecessors and Zhang Lan to discuss. Xiao Hanyue whispered If there are three or five yin and yang concentrated only one application, should have great power. Nine often nodded and said I know. Tang Xiong, to the predecessors, are not injured light, you should take a few days rest. Tang Ming said to Zhongtian together Rest assured, we can support it. Xiao Han said No Please tw.The younger generation feel like a small needle does not hurt, but the mind scruples too much, fear of life caused by big hate, not decided, often predecessors doubts the words, let go of the younger generation on the drug. I saw her first among the medicine box, remove a pill, to Zhang Lan, said Let him take this drug. Zhang Lan pinch open Xiao Xiao month of the jaws, cast pills, tentacles, speak to his skin cold, like touching the snow in general, the hearts of horror, speculation the world as much as this martial arts, it seems, Years of hard training martial arts, but the firefly light, negligible. Zhao Youlan down a cup of warm water, but the pills still stopped in the mouth, can not flow into the throat. It turned out that his tongue has frozen tongue, can not run. Zhao Youlan smile, eyes swept, said save lives, the younger generation had no secular view of fidget cube vs fidget sphere the main. Fu Xia body, the lips into the mouth of Xiao Han months, one side with the tip of the mouth of the drugs mixed with Xiao Han crossing the entrance to the water side. At this time, Zhang Lan Xiao Han is still pinching the teeth of the month. Tan Sangu suddenly out of the palm, according to the chest on top of Xiao Han, a heat flow, scored the internal organs. Full of time to spend a hot tea time, Xiao Han on the mouth of the drug, eventually being stirred, Zhao Orchid phase, the drug into the throat. Zhao a drive to the shelves Tan three martial arts how high strength Often nine quick steps into the flower Xuan, then But also with the wheel tactics to deal with Xiao brothers a person. Wang Shouyi coldly said Surname, we are talking about big things, you do not understand, do not intervene Often nine I hear very well, do not Xiao received fidget cube china on the cold Chang Xiong please sit Look to Zhang Lan s face, then said Zhang Xiong, I promised, however, the official number of courtesy complex, but a loss of brother, between the outcome, how to grasp, but also pointing Zhang brother. To win can not be defeated Zhang Lan cold Su s face showed a smile, said Can not win can not be defeated, if the owner shot, naturally to mercy, as Tan Sangu, if you can force the power, might as well give her a little lesson. Xiao Han Yue Road Were she hurt Zhang Lan said It is best to face her face, if the closed hand, save the first win, even if she did not have to scruple. Xiao Han Yue said I see, when will we leave Zhang Lan said The sooner the better, Xiao brothers sit and look, we immediately leave. Xiao Han Yue said Do not take anxious, let s go now. Often nine to see Xiao Han Yue said You really want to start with the three Tan Brother, things forced to the head, the younger do not want to die. Often nine of the breath, watching Zhang Lan, said Zhang Zongjian seats, Ta.

Fidget Cube Vs Fidget Sphere Waved his right hand, Silver Moon Flying Cream fly out. These days, she diligently practicing this technology, great entry, has been to the operation of the realm of mature, weibing shot, like a Lunar Lunfei, swept the past. Silver Moon Flying Cream has a fine cable control, can be nearly far, as far as Zhangba, the short can be close Competing. Qijue Jian Zhen is still launched, but the lineup of the sword, the fidget cube vs fidget sphere sword has been scabbard. These swordsmen, seems to have a very deep skill, sword scabbard, immediately poured out bursts of murderous. But they are still launched, still maintain a distance of about ten feet. Three feet six inches of the sword, can not attack and release freely, but the Zhu girl Silver Flying Cream is able. A Hanmang volume to bear the brunt of the sword dressed in white. Two people out of the two swords, blocked in the past. Just look at the way the two out of the sword, Xiao Han has been Qiaochu fidget cube vs fidget sphere out of that first class sword, inherited Shangguan Jie Road. That is to say, these swordsman s swordsmanship, are very much like seven evil sword. This also makes Xiao Han on the inner shock. Shangguan Jie Xiao is the case of the first class rival, should these swordsman, there Shangguanjie skill, sword, even if the sword Emperor personally Pro, I m afraid there is no victory. May be imprudent, Xiao Han on staring, vigilant. But the smell Dangdang twice, the.iao Hanyue, who sometimes mixed into the passenger group, and sometimes the two peers, although the group suddenly, suddenly single action, but in fact, it has a certain law to maintain contact. Often nine showed a high degree of skill, agreed to each other, the distance can not exceed ten feet, but unless the nine intentionally let the three see his actions, the three actually difficult to see him. At noon today, after Chapeng, Xiao Han suddenly found nine often fidget cube kickstarter youtube left note, told Xiao Han month they said tea shed in the two old man is the enemy, one of which is a master of drugs, to be especially careful. Xiao Han heart shock, illegal channels they sent a master of poison, it is really hard to prevent, and must be removed earlier. But he did not see two old man wearing a gray coat at the same time, which is the master of drugs At this time, Xiao Han and his entourage is mixed in a group of brigades, this group has a few people, two Huiyi old man was very careful to walk through the teahouse visitors, but apparently did not find the identity of the three. Xiao Han secretly raised gas suspected God, and she heard a face of a gray piles of old man said Guo old, how do you not start with ah How fidget cube vs fidget sphere do you do it, I can not see their identity, the total does not pass all the people, all with poison it Asako old laughed Guo Xiong has always been rather wrong to kill ten, refused to let one.


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