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Hot Selling! Fidget Cube erest rates, Tang Ming also sit in the corner of the room, Zhu Yingying holding the Silver Moon Frost keep in the side of Tang Ming, Chen Baoshan serious injuries, even if the white fairy Xianling Dan continued life, but not a short period of time can act on the situation and can not abandon him to leave, it seems that today the situation, only the stiffness down, the result is difficult to predict, Troubles, the deep latent Yi Shu shaped master, simply closed eyes, to adjust interest rates, ready to fight for time, restore physical fitness, once the situation worsened, and only lay down a fight. In danger, the situation changes unpredictable, everyone s views on the situation is different, the feelings are not the same. But listen to the transit loudly said Let s so hot selling! fidget cube decided, Wen brother to talk about Wen Bai smile about, Road Old to, do not keep too much hope, to convince them of little chance To the transit then They will not give up, only to let go. Wen Baiqi nodded, turned to go outside. Bai Yuxian eyes flow, I saw a black body, black towel masked people appear in the stairs door, heart startled, this thought, only to the defense, the latter two, but ignored the roof of the defense. Although this lotus hugs thirty feet tall, and are made of huge stone, but it is difficult to master rivers and lakes. White jade immortal, whispered Note to the back door brothe.rds resounding, great generation of catching spirit. Zhang Lan longer than one breath, said Killing life, Wang Xiong, let us collect him. His right hand to explore the waist, remove a pair of gold ring, sub grip hands. Hou Xuan suddenly a flash, Smart extremely bully to the side of Zhao Youlan, one hand to seize the right arm Zhao Youlan. Zhao tight girl, gambling murder bleeding, hearts have been swept fear stricken, but her teeth to hold back, there is no shouting, there would also like to get the idea will hit her mysterious idea. In fact, even if she had known, but also less than dodge. Waiting for the mysterious action too fast, fast hot selling! fidget cube Zhang Lan and Wang Shouyi are less than rescue. Zhao Lianlan fragile, the face of death, but surprisingly calm, in addition to some pale face, the fear of the color actually no fear. If the two girls do not scruple Zhao s life and death, despite the shot. The hall suddenly quiet down, quietly can be heard, Wang Shouyi, Zhang Lan understand that there is no chance to save Zhao girl, for a time, stay there, I do not know how to answer. Xiao Han Yue Jian Mei provocative, handsome shine, stare Hou Xuan, a sudden opening, said Let her go Hou Xuan sneered Good big breath, let go of her, your kid is what people My name is Xiao Han, you want to hostage, I can replace Zhao girl. Haha, Xiao Han month, have not heard, you are not feel very weight.

er the command of the President Between the conversation, a dressed in blue shirts, white teeth of the young people, has walked into the hall. Xiao blue eyes on the blue body, but also the future and openings, and that blue shirt who has been the first hot selling! fidget cube to say Gentlemen, despite the rest assured that the two sent to the district to Mr., the staff to withdraw from a mile, the next Before leaving here, no one will be darkly attacked, the district unarmed, not martial arts, hot selling! fidget cube if you want to take the District of life, but little effort Bale, by me as a hostage, you can rest assured. Master Yun said Let s own way to prevent, do not have to boast of the donor. Blue shirt people faint smile, said The master, but the Jinshan Temple Abbot idlers elders Lao Yun said It is the old monk, however, the old monk has resigned from the abbot of the Jinshan Temple, two of the President in retaliation, even though to find Laona is, Jinshan monks, except the old monk and a limited number of people, Blue shirt humane Master heavy, and second, Mr. Buddha has always respected human, how will there be retaliation for the move Unhappy Master said I hope Mr. II heart like Master assured that this students can guarantee Blue shirt voice of a hot selling! fidget cube meal, then said Mr. II is planning to build a Buddhist temple in the jungle, imposing, not to White Horse Temple in the United States in front o. }ay in line came in, unless it is their own people know the connection code, can not disturb the guards. Therefore, Xiao Hanyue did not feel surprised, but secretly for the alert. Zhang Lan also found, Huo Ran stood up and said You are always nine. Come to stop, reach out and touch the face, long to be seen, the whole face has changed shape, slim, such as monkeys, but a lot of young, smiles It is the district in the next. He just laughed Just still talk about you, afraid you fidget cube black and green are white dragon slaughtered Often nine smile about, then Poor then a little bit, Bailong has been moved to me doubt, but fortunately I am very calm, not seen flaws. Wang Shou yi is often very much respect for the nine, a Baoquan, said First brother, please enter the seats, let s talk while drinking. Often nine do not humility, the line into the seats, Zizhenziyin, drank nine glasses of wine in one breath, eat six dishes, only to put down chopsticks, smiles What do you want to ask Wang Shouyi said Chang Xiong, White Dragon is not into the Wu Yi Xiang Often nine nodded and said Yes, it seems that Wang is also very useful catching the head of cloth eyeliner. Zhang Lan Road He went into that house Often nine Wu Yi Lane are not allowed to enter the inside, not seen pedestrian during the day, White Dragon walking against the wall, to hot selling! fidget cube avoid the guardian of people, leap into a wall Zhang Lan and fro.

Hot hot selling! fidget cube Selling! Fidget Cube ent to his feeling, but it is two completely the same feeling. Xiao Xiong, be careful. Zhao Youlan suddenly a right hand Yang, a white powder shaped like clouds, spilled spilled out. I do not know what Qi Po powder, Xiao cold on a hurry to close the breathing back to the one on. Is this step back, ears have been sounded buzzing sound, a lot of mosquitoes, flying around the surface, evidently, it seems at any time may be bite on one. Zhao Youlan crisp but with a cold accent, slowly said Shaw, do not frivolous, it is poisoned mosquitoes, vicious incomparable, as long as they bite on one, will immediately fainted, Xiao Han Yue smile about, said Orchids, you have to prove what Zhao Youlan said You think about it, your fast sword, can be a beheaded attack to your mosquito. Xiao Han said No, they are too small. Zhao Youlan said What can you do Shaw month then said kill you, if you are really my enemy, you sprinkle powder at the same time, I have plenty of time to kill you. Zhao Youlan sighed and said Yes, but you will die in my mosquito, Xiao Xiong, guilty of it But to fly around in front of the giant mosquito, painted painted on the ground to die. Xiao Han spent a stay, said This is how going on Zhao Youlan said I just prove to you, a man alone martial arts alone, not necessarily invincible, if I release the mosquito earlier, you have close to my chance Xiao Hanyue pondered for a wh.t that when there is a group of body red, the body wearing two swords girl, Wai swing over. But the smell of Mr. Er s voice, came from afar, said Xiao Han month, although I am in the vicinity, but you can not see me, hot selling! fidget cube not in vain, and I will not appear by your ridicule, a repair of your accomplishments, is indeed a rare rivers and lakes on the master, I hope to rely on your martial arts, achievements, to identify the shortcomings of a large number of our training master Then, in accordance with their aptitude, to strengthen their training and play the task, the twelve girls, I was part of training girls killer, They are good at the art of co stroke, do fidget cube toy stress relief adults not know how their achievements You want to rely on your brother s sword test Xiao look. Xiao Hanyue looked through the sound, I saw a tall outside the Banyan tree, the sound came from there, it hot selling! fidget cube seems that the two hiding in the banyan tree, Miman fight the case. But Xiao Han has no chance to rush past, twelve girls have been around the red up, cloth into a fan shaped battle. Xiao Hanyue eyes turn and found that twelve girls in the twenties of the upper and lower, all graceful beauty, but each face are desk toy fidget cube tightly folded, it seems that everyone s hearts are full of hatred. There is no general girl lively atmosphere, can fidget cube japan not help but a frown, said You one is the leader Twelve girls wearing the same style of clothes, simply can not tell.


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