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Latest Fidget Cube t yet fallen, has been shocked Xiao shocked the moon to fly up, fell six feet away. Zhu Yingying recovered Silver Flying Cream, hurried to the front of Xiao Han Yue, softly Xiao Big Brother, I did not wrong, right Xiao Han Yue said You did very well. Chen Baoshan latest fidget cube looked blankly Zhu girl, said latest fidget cube What girl with hidden weapon Turned to turn freely turned out to be, really unheard of, never seen. Zhu Yingying laughed It is silver on the fly cream, alas, I first applied it, so worried about injury to you, but fortunately there is no error, if hurt you really do not know how to explain to Big Brother Xiao. Chen Baoshan said As long as the killing of the old slave, that is, under the hurt, is willing. Xiao Han month sighed, said Ying Ying, really bitter you, such a short period of time, you even got to such a success, to be arbitrary, manipulate freely, really can be congratulated. Zhu Yingying sweet smile, said I am sleeping, also think of its usage, the first shot, did not let Xiao Big Brother disappointed, I was very happy. Often nine fast over the road, said J, OM Congratulations to the girl, in the next count to open a big vision. Zhu Yingying laughed, after a lot of help you to me ah These two words, unthinking, Rao is often nine Laojiang Hu, also heard stunned in there, do not know what that means, stay for a stay, said The girl is always busy to help nine, despite the orders soo.what Discretion Seven princes to get your idea Sure enough, the question asked seven princes pondered for a long time before he nodded and said Bailong sneak into the Wangfuyuan, it is an accident, if you do not tell me, I also ignorant, you say right, this matter is no trivial matter, I hope you will try to find out, this, I Will be fully supported, but non essential, it is best not to make things happen. Said that although very powerful, but not clear enough, Xiao Han said a month, said The princes mean, is that we dark investigation This area is a product of the House of the staff, if you can not find a clear evidence, I am also very difficult to speak, but you rest assured to check, but latest fidget cube some of the action is careful. This remark is very clear, Wang Shouyi bowed to a ceremony, said Yes, yes, he asked them to be as careful as possible. At this time, a palace maid, suddenly Jiben from, quickly rushed into the Camellia Court. Seven princes a frown, said What are you doing in a hurry That palace maids urgent The princess came. Seven princes What is this girl doing Just listen to a crisp crisp sound, then Road I ll see Daddy With that crisp voice, a girl dressed in yellow pants, like a fly leap into the Camellia Court. She showed a hand body effort, making Wang Shouyi, often nine are surprised, one daughter of the Jiaojiao the trunk, how to learn such a brilliant dodge Xiao Lan.

s Xiao Han heart startled, said Know this man, Huang Xiong Huang Tian said Jade cents mentioned him Oh, what did she say Huang Tianfu said Heard he fencing high strength, jade immortal is not his rival. Xiao month cold Yes, this time the next south, but also to Xiao on the cold. Under the promised brother in the next year, never self proclaimed, did not dare to delay Guo brother s time. Xiao Yue Han heart smiled and said About he wants to put the silk bag to the white jade earlier, even under the guest orders. Nodded and said If the white girl wants to see you, go there to find Huang Xiong Huang Tianfu said If the jade fairy really want to meet me, I think she will find me. Xiao Yue Han turned around, Teng Shen into the sky. Back to the room, Zhu Yingying and often nine also subsequently arrived. Often nine smile, said Is a Chen Baoshan resentment love men and women love story On Xiao Yue Han nodded and said White jade immortal love, leaving the old man off the old heart sad Zhu Yingying then White jade immortal love, love what people Xiao Yue Han said This, I do not know. Zhu Yingying then Xiao Big Brother, you have to properly persuade the letter that white jade fairy girl, she had a heart with others, so latest fidget cube will not like yellow Turned around and latest fidget cube looked, saw Xiao Yue cold with a smile, staring at her, Dunjue face a hot, said Do not come, X.ittle, only by virtue of wisdom, secretly groping, and adaptable. Girl, listen to the high. Sparrow said Well, let s just open the skylight and tell us how much money you ve got, latest fidget cube and we ll give you more, and then we ll leave Jinling. Xiao Han Yue began to feel terrible on the rivers and lakes, once involved in the right and wrong, everywhere are dangerous to the beauty of the Sparrow, even killer identity, such as non to this time, long alert, secretly note, another occasion, absolutely can latest fidget cube not escape Over the Sparrow plot. How about Xiao Gongzi Xiao Han month sighed, said Sparrow, Dr. Zhao is just a famous doctor, hanging kettle to save the world, save countless people, he should not and people forged resentment. Sparrow a frown Liu Mei children, then said How are you not a Zhao person No, I received the help of Dr. Zhao Oh, repay Sparrow slowly access Shaw son, Zhao Dafu live very well, and that he will not have the superiority of life, go back and tell Zhao girl, please rest assured that she is. fidget cube colors Xiao Han on a wry smile, said Girl girl, you go to Zhao Dafu kidnapped, for what He is just a famous doctor, and people do not dispute Sparrow pondered for a while, said Like a tooth to burn the body, people pregnant with the wall Xiao received on the cold I understand, really some people want to live forever Wenque smiled and said Shaw son, if there is th.abdomen with gunpowder, you Weibo sharp, even if those shell packaging powder hard, is unable to stop, try knife. Zhu Yingying said The distance is too far, I m afraid not the right, hurt people. Bai Yuxian smiled and said Let s save the heart, but if unfortunately hurt them, it can only blame them for the case. Zhu Yingying said is the case, the young girl try again. Right hand Yang played Silver Moon Flying Cream , like a meteor flash, and swept across the Han dynasty between the chest. This time, Zhu Yingying assured facilities, bold shot, right wrist rotation, that Silver Moon Flying Cream actually in the Han dynasty between the chest and body, turn around. Sure enough, a large black powder, spilled on the ground. Bai Yuxian said The use of ease, control properly, there are the other two. Zhu fidget cube advert Yingying sweet smile, move step by step, Silver Moon Frost series shot. But see Hanmang fly, in the other two Han Chest House which turned a turn, suddenly ruptured clothes, black powder, spilled down. Xiao Han will buy fidget cube month secretly estimated that each person s gunpowder, a full three or four pounds as much as gunpowder has lost, no longer the power fidget cube 6 sided of the explosion, the moment to walk. Bai Yuxian a hand, seize the Xiao Han months, said What are you doing Xiao Han said I went to see, how they arranged White jade fairy No You do not risk this risk, I went on the line Shaw took the hands of X.

Latest Fidget Cube h, smile, said cold months do not understand, I do not want to understand. Seven princes smiled and said Well Mingzheboshen, cold months, I wish you, such as nephew, wanted to say to you, since you do not want to know the inside story, then forget, in fact, your smart, think about it, Understand a ten of the 78, and Xiao Han said princes, if Zhao girl really can persuade the two gentlemen, you are ready Seven princes then said not to persuade, I understand that kid, since the high, Zhao group really means, will he uniforms, will not be too many, as long as the culprit to punish the culprit. Out of the small hall. Zhao Xiao girl holding the almond, citing Xiao Han Yue, boarded a small building, a bend, Road, Small building Chunxiao, a moment daughter, servant child retire. Gently brought a small wooden doors. Zhao Youlan Road Do not forget there is a innocent little princess, do you want to make a beauty of a small beauty as Shiqie, This sentence is like a sheath from the sword, sharp sharp, Xiao Han suddenly speechless. Zhu Yingying has already made a statement to show their love, but also made a clear commitment to Xiao Han, Zhao Youlan and Xiao has long been known, but the evolution, but it is unexpected, completely unexpected. Should be said that the heart does not love Zhao Xiao Lan Yue Lan, it is against the theory, but the woman s modesty, Xiao Han month s self es.o color, art, the two will be fidget cube preorder selected, but, popularity is also very important, if no one in the back support may also fall into the Xiao Han on smile, then said Is this flower, the flower Princess of the election, as well as disadvantages of not Xiao Ye, the world is no malpractice thing, I m afraid I rarely see, to care to the general, that even good, and Sparrow, Wu Feng, will succeed, but if missed this year, I m afraid to wait Years. Xiao Hanyue think of this romantic venue, actually there are so many tricks, since the boat, always get hold of a clear, smile, said Lotus, Qin quasi Fang, the world famous, wanted to come, there must be a lot of different rules Lotus Road Xiao Ye is that one side Of course, welcome guests to accompany the wine thing, split, such as said Sparrow, Wu Feng Xiao Han Yue did not finish, lotus has been picking up the mouth of the wise, said This is the means to see the guests, and the girl s mind, of course, anti foreman on the man, you can also match, as the Sparrow, Wu Feng, first arrived today, I do not understand, but look at them Xiao Ye s demeanor, latest fidget cube seems to be very welcome, but the fish and bear s paw, can not have both, Xiao Ye choose the best from the two out Xiao Han Yue said choose one Lotus Road Yes, the two of them at the same time to the Willow Fang, wanted to be a pair of sisters with good friends, Xiao Ye if you want.


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