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Official Fidget Cube Online Store hand lift, illness to the bird caught, the scarecrow exclaimed, flashing behind the Xiao Han month. Master Huang did not catch a person, anger more, a wave, shouted Catch me. Two standing behind the big black, should be a cry, about overflanking over. Hanyue of the cultivation no matter how good, but the situation is pressing, can not be installed deaf for dumb, long breath, stood up, stand in front of the Sparrow, said Gentlemen, good words Two black Han, Xiao Han looked bright clothing, do not know what the source, it touches down. Yellow Master is staring at Xiao Han months, cold then So, you can talk, I thought it was a dumb Xiao Hanyue has heard a small seven children said, the young master is the court should be Tianfu son, really do not want to get in trouble, smile, said Master Huang said with fidget cube copy a laugh. Yellow Master frowned, looked at Xiao Han on a while, said you know me Xiao Han Yue said See you today. Master Huang said what is your job Xiao Han Yue said You official fidget cube online store travel scholar, passing Jinling, Wen Qin was the reputation of the quasi romantic, especially to a visit. Listen to just a Bachelor of Tourism, Master Huang s anger, and big up, sneer, said You swim to the quasi Qin painted up, and will be a dude Xiao Han shook his head, then said Zouma chapter, the game affair, in the next really unhappy, but Huang Xiong then Drink you from the lessons I comether evasive, humiliating. Zhang Lan secretly speculation Road think ah Xiao brothers a few words, even aroused the white haired dragon will let go of a war will, if she has to help, it touches on a difficult helper. Mind read, mouth, said Zhang was not only, but also willing to follow the degree of Tan senior veteran to see the white feather so powerful that the door, dead without regret. Tan Sangu laughed, said old body to avoid more than a decade, or avoid the white feather and the door to make a war results, somewhere, seems to have been noted that the next you check the whereabouts of Dr. Zhao, what can look at Wang Shouyi said old predecessors do not ask, the next inconvenience, this underground secret, in addition to this secret room, but also to where Tan Sangu said In front of a fork, but only thirty feet far Often nine one startled, said Tan senior view Yes And the exploration as many times, it is a scrap Road, half way to stop, not to dig. Wang Shouyi said Tan senior has not seen White Dragon Tan Sangu Magic White Dragon, the old body seen in fifteen years ago once, since the old body to escape refuge after the world, official fidget cube online store not seen again. Wang Shouyi said Two days ago, Bailong on the Lake in the basaltic and Shaw Brothers official fidget cube online store a official fidget cube online store war wounded, but also fled to the palace into the garden, disappeared, and so I trace the whereabouts of the White Dragon, only to encounter p.

t had to deal with the first, second, and then think about it, there are not able to help you, we are too thin power, can come in handy, only Xiao Han and two white girl you. Bai Yuxian pondered for a while, hesitantly, turned into a small building. Nine one person keep at the gate, the flow around the look, the sun, the picturesque lake, tree buds early green, a good early spring morning scenery. Unfortunately, this beautiful scenery, is about to start a fierce Li killings, and, is a cruel fight, I do not know how many silhouette will be fierce in this fierce fight in the destruction. Xiao Hanyue restored the handsome appearance, but also solved the point of the essay is a sparrow Road, sigh, said Have you thought about it Sparrow look solemn, pegged to the face of Xiao Han looked for a while, said Who is she She You mean That black and thin girl Sparrow s voice is still so cold, Zhu girl Princess, seven princes of the daughter of the daughter the look of a change in the text of a bird, became a look of surprise, said How could she have that strange idea Is her Xiao Han said What does she have Is her Xiao Han said official fidget cube online store What does she have Understand the identity of each other, the Sparrow could not help but laugh, all the troubles, dissatisfaction, are wasted in the smile, said She is generous, daughter of the body, have this mind, so that.still, but the head of the white gas, it is thick, clouds like fog. Zhao Youlan made a ruthless, that is, do not go, sitting in the room waiting hard, by the afternoon soon, until the sunset Xishan. Suddenly found a vision, Xiao Han on the top layer of white gas began to flip, Tengzhuan, official fidget cube online store like a pot of water, kept rising. Sit on the wooden couch Xiao Han on the chest began to undulate, sit cross legged body, began to slowly rise up, vacant three feet, as sitting on vacant. Several times she wanted to call out, but finally forced to hold back. I heard a long breath, Xiao Han on the vacant body, but also with the slamming crash fell on the couch. Zhao Youlan no longer could not help but cried Xiao Big Brother, you hurt yet Xiao Hanyue opened his eyes, see Zhao girl, immediately jumped to stay, said Zhao girl, when Zhao Youlan hand on the chest, smiled and said I ve been here for a long time, do not you fall Xiao Han Yue shook his head. No, but it is shocked, I suddenly seemed to fall from the air the same Zhao Youlan to see the situation, very carefully out, Xiao Hanyue has heard a loss, said What s going on I do not quite understand, but I want to Zhao Youlan slowly said This should be on behalf of your martial arts achievements, broke through a class, which may be and dad with the lily of the point of the law, to communicate with you, Governor of the pulse. Xiao Han sud.er seen in the fight, like a young boy so shy yellow figure, people from the floor of a bomb into the sky, the mouth sprayed with blood, the hands of the sword, still hard seal white jade Xianjian. Unrestrained cloud master also see secretly surprised, he knew that a stroke broken boxing boxing how much strength, and gather a little strength, strength Feng Jin, enough to open monument gravel, anyone, in this punch, no longer War of the can, unless the other party can resolve this precedent to go. But the yellow boy did not resolve to the mind of the wind. Golden Tiejiao song, the yellow official fidget cube online store sword on the strength of the sword is still so strong, actually white jade suddenly flew seven seven feet high. But his body Jian Shi, but also exposed a lot of empty doors. Bai Yuxian left waved, ice cold beads Jishe and down, hit the yellow boy. I saw his body suddenly shaking for a while, fell down. Lonely master of the broken mountain fist blow, failed to make yellow juvenile lie down, but this one ice cold beads, but to his life. At this time, that the red teenager and Xiao Han also points out the outcome. In the red juvenile recipe Kuanghan offensive, forcing Xiao Han month and back again and again, to Xiao Han Yue and he launched a fast sword each stroke, his hands fighting the twenty strokes after the fight, Xiao Han Yue finally found official fidget cube online store their sword, And their very similar to the seven Shao.

Official Fidget Cube Online Store the parents, head, I m just a normal woman, follow the big brother Chandler track. Well, then I ll call you sister. Zhu Yingying nodded and said It sounds good to hear, thank you very much, White Sister. Smile, the line to the Department Office. At this time, the first armored man, already near the line of five feet Xiao Xiao. Xiao Han month to see more clearly. The shape of the armored man, painted with dark gray color, official fidget cube online store these people in the evening action, and the night together in one, ambush, raid, it is even more hard to detect. Strictly speaking, they can not count people, after some well designed armor, has changed them a monster. Xiao Hanyue dark poly real gas, slanting raised the hands of the thick back big blow. Zhebing Dao knife thirty two pounds of weight, coupled with Xiao Han Mo internal forces to let go of the blow, the power of far more than just a thousand pounds, even if an iron bar, I am afraid it is difficult to bear the power of the knife. Knife Yang raised is not high, at any time to keep the change of strokes to change the enemy. Armored people two sharp eyes, helmet from the eye in the direct out, eyes like cold. In addition to the eyes, the body is under the protection of armor. Xiao Hanyue a touch of armored eyes, my heart is startled, only from the eyes of the resolution, this armored man does have superb internal strength, advanced repair, even if do n.leave. Tan Sangu stopped hand often nine, smiled and said Xiao Hanyue lack official fidget cube online store of rivers and lakes experience, he has become a arena celebrity, Ming gun easy to hide, stab in the hard defense, if you have to take care of, it would be foolproof. Often nine I also have this intention, I often someone is really admire him Xiao Hanyue wanted to be accompanied by the dark, hoping for his slightly cotton. Tan Sangu said Well, we decided so, these things do not tell Xiao Hanyue and best toy fidget cube the princess. Zhu Yingying put on a commoner, powder does not apply, but could not conceal that natural beauty, pedestrians on the road, the store patrons, as long official fidget cube online store as to see her, could not help but pegged to her, desktop toys fidget cube one or two also Bale, Diners, mostly so, there is a feeling of embarrassment compelling. Whenever she wanted to attack, have been Xiao Han months to stop or often nine for her to find a delicate mask to bring, be considered to solve the problem. Often nine wearing a sheepskin jacket, an old housekeeper look, Xiao Han on a blue shirt, the body wearing a sword, but like a tour of a scholar, the three go in one place, it is also commensurate, it seems an old butler , With a pair of brother and sister to vote pro, visit friends in general. Zhao left the house a few days, often nine would like to Xiao Han will be into the Zhongshan Zhao Lan inquires about the whereabouts of the fall, that know a house from.


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