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Sale Fidget Cube $19.9 ive battle within the courtyard in order to focus, but also makes a strong bow crossbow concentrated, play with the power. Defensive in the other side of the regular nine, Zhang fidget cube materials Lan, also found the enemy invaded, a group of six, straight into the triple courtyard. In fact, the invasion of the enemy Zhao, is divided into four sides, each group of six individuals, a total of twenty four. Zhao Fu in the situation of the people, it seems that there is a considerable understanding of sale fidget cube $19.9 a government, and immediately to the third focus within the courtyard. It turned out that the whole Zhao House, is the seat of a three into a large house, the third after the hospital, is the garden. Come and look over the house, but no one stop, quickly put the four groups of staff, concentrated in one place. This situation is somewhat strange, anti action between those who come to become careful. A closer look, found the incoming, although wearing the same color of strength equipment, but the four led the people, in the arm, are wrapped in a white ribbon, at the moment, four people are set to discuss one. Just listen to one of the arm wrapped around the white ribbon, said strange ah I heard Wang Shouyi Tianfu should be the elite to arrest dozens of people, are sent here to protect the safety of Zhao House, how could not see a man shot catch cut Another person replied As far as I know, Zhao that girl.t be a gateway to pass. Zhang Lan said The gateway is not on the rockery Often nine This takes time to find, the portal, access should be very convenient to fishes. Wang Shouyi then Often nine, in order to make rockery waterfall is not dry, rockery part of the hollow, may also be device wheel. Often nine smiled and said You do this catch the head, actually understand the knowledge of civil engineering Wang Shouyi smile I have done a case, to a rich garden, see the rockery is a long stream of endless, but also saw the device within the rockery wheel, the structure is very delicate Often nine cold then I found the hollow part, not the place where the wheel was installed. Zhang Lan spent a stay, said You mean, there s a secret room in that rockery Often nine Yes, and the portal is not open on top of the rockery. Wang Shouyi face a change, said Nine, this joke does not open Often nine Rockery part of the hollow, and the position among the mountainside, more than ten feet away from the ground, in order to avoid damp, to this rockery large, should the construction of compact, which can have a very wide place. Zhang Lan, Wang Shouyi looked at each other, hesitantly, Xiao Han Yue nodded and said Since the discovery of Chang Xiong, on the way to find out the portal, go look. Often nine This is the official who can decide to find the palace in the rockery chamber, do not know wha.

e two feet and thirty feet. Xiao Han Yue said how to break the old predecessors to crack these syringes Mexican non sub Road Sword, Pindao self confidence, plum blossom needle can not protect the body through the Pindao sword screen, Xiao Daxia please Pindao sweep in this array, I went to remove their plum blossom needle Xiao Han month carefully look at them and found that the four hands of the first person who spent syringes, all look Lengsu, face expressionless, like a sculpture of clay sculpture, in addition to eyes with Murphy, Xiao Han body of the mobile In addition, the whole body static vertical wind pattern does not move. This look of the characters, one between, you can see, is the degree of life and death of people, is the kind of dead or alive regardless of success or failure. Xiao Han Yue gently breath, said Road long, I see these people a little strange Mexican non sub sword has been to move forward, Wensheng stop, said What is strange Xiao Han Yue Road, these people, look woodenly, in the face of a sale fidget cube $19.9 strong enemy, the wind can not move even move, there must be relied on Ink non sub then said Plum needle is the rivers and lakes on the vicious one of the hidden weapon, as they relied on, like this plum blossom needle No, younger generation think they may not rely on plum blossom needle, fidget cube 6 sided perhaps do sale fidget cube $19.9 not rely on Murphy look at the four Han, smiles In addi.people alert. At this time, He Gang, Han Bohu has been carrying a black night wearing a strong suit, back insert single pole, wearing a special hat on the head of the Han, the line came in, hats cover the head and face, exposing only two eyes. He just put down the black Han, said This guy was injured, lying about thirty feet under the flowers. Wang Shou yi said What people hurt him His mind to understand, by no means he sent in the Zhao Fu in the night of the arrest of the arrest of the hands, because the black people who do not see trauma. But heard the noise noisy, sale fidget cube $19.9 more than a dozen arrests, bow chords, knife scabbard ran over. Probably, the sound of the screams alerted the police to catch the night, came to view. Wang Shou yi waved, ordered to quickly retreat. Zhang Lan slowly went to the front of the black people, pulled down a special hat, said take poison themselves Under the lights, I saw the surface of black people thrown up a layer of black gas, it really is the poisoning of the sign. sale fidget cube $19.9 Chang nine flip the body in black people to see a while, said The body does not see the injury, not like the point of the acupuncture points, but no self denial reason Wang Shouyi then said dead Often nine shook his head, said It seems alive Xiao Han said Zhao girl, can not see what out of his poison Zhao Youlan stood up, near the black people, glanced at the eye, said It does not.oat. The fire up the storm, Hot! fidget cube toy the whole ark, shrouded in the fire under the whole, Bai Yuxian whispered Xiao Xiong, this is the phosphorus phosphorus fire team, it is said that the flame to the poison, no matter what, As long as the burn a little, the wound will fester and die, sale fidget cube $19.9 no medicine can be saved, undefined status just heard, can not think of tonight opened the eye. Xiao Han month a frown, said good evil weapon, these people stay on the shore, is not the phosphorus phosphorus mine fidget cube ship date fire man Bai Yuxian shook his head, said sale fidget cube $19.9 may not, these people wear long knives, but not Yin phosphorus fire tube, undefined status known, the two of these people are very cherish the use of poison people, each person has two knife hand guard , Twenty five people on the shore, one of them, may be the head of the phosphorus phosphorus mine fire. Xiao Hanyue said These poisonous fire killer, it seems that it is more terrible than the armored people Bai Yuxian then said Xiao Gongzi means Xiao Han said kill them in one fell swoop, free from future trouble. Bai Yuxian said Little sister also has this meaning, but we only six people, once shot, must be fully applied to. Xiao Han on a white jade meaning of the words in the words, looked back at the master of a leisurely cloud, said Master see those poison killer yet Unhappy Master said Unfortunately, the old monk Xiao Shizhu know the mean.

Sale Fidget Cube $19.9 rds resounding, great generation of catching spirit. Zhang Lan longer than one breath, said Killing life, Wang Xiong, let us collect him. His right hand to explore the waist, remove a pair of gold ring, sub grip hands. Hou Xuan suddenly a flash, Smart extremely bully to the side of Zhao Youlan, one hand to seize the right arm Zhao Youlan. Zhao tight girl, gambling murder bleeding, hearts have been swept fear stricken, but her teeth to hold back, there is no shouting, there would also like to get the idea will hit her mysterious idea. In fact, even if she had known, but also less than dodge. Waiting for the mysterious action too fast, fast Zhang Lan and Wang Shouyi are less than rescue. Zhao Lianlan fragile, the face of death, but surprisingly calm, in addition to some pale face, the fear of the color actually no fear. If the two girls do not scruple Zhao s life and death, despite the shot. The hall suddenly quiet down, quietly can be heard, Wang Shouyi, Zhang Lan understand that there is no chance to save Zhao girl, for a time, stay there, I do not know how to answer. Xiao Han Yue Jian Mei provocative, handsome shine, stare Hou Xuan, a sudden opening, said Let her go Hou Xuan sneered Good big breath, let go of her, your kid is what people My name is Xiao Han, you want to hostage, I can replace Zhao girl. Haha, Xiao Han month, have not heard, you are not feel very weight.thdraw into the room. Zhu Yingying said Xiao Big Brother, I help you. Xiao Han Yue said No, you guard the hall, not allow anyone into the hall. Oh, if they come in Xiao Han Yue said Do not kill. I understand Zhu Yingying not back, standing in the middle of the hall, in order to meet the hall of the enemy. Bai Yuxian whispered Princess, your Weaponry special, powerful odd, but also far and defensive hall and protection of Tang Ming things to you. Early when the heavy responsibility, Zhu Yingying some tension, said White girl, I do my best. Bai Yuxian smiled, Zhu Yingying patted the shoulder, said Shaw brother is willing to guard the hall of the heavy responsibility to you, naturally trust you have the ability to cope with. Zhu Yingying nodded and said I will not let Xiao brother disappointed. At this time, Xiao Han has been and 12 girls started a red fight. Although he is a fantasy sword, but not on a complete set of sword, these girls do have a red concoction of the joint approach, twenty four swords, waves like a general surge wave, wave after wave Of the endless rain, Jian Jian sale fidget cube $19.9 dense, such as silkworm silking, leaving sale fidget cube $19.9 no gap. A burst of offensive, even forced to have a feeling of Xiao Han months overwhelmed, back and forth again and again back. Are these girls in red, really better than those black killer also clever Twelve red girl s swords, staggered with, more and.


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