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Toy Fidget Cube said You go Almond turn away. Xiao Han Yue cover the door, and clothing and lying down, repeatedly thought of Zhao Youlan to apricot sent a message intended to speak, if one beat, co ordination of the art of war between the toy fidget cube strategy, do not, Zhao Youlan also read the tactics of fragmentation Burst of toy fidget cube urgent knocking sound, awoke the dream is sweet Xiao Han month, open the door, turned out to be standing on the outside Zhang Lan, is already on the three pole. Zhang Lan said Quickly washed his face, we are waiting for you to enjoy the flowers Hin breakfast, discuss the event. Xiao Han on the face of a hot, said Little brother last night to sleep a little late, but did not think even snooze to Zhang Lan then said Go grooming, I wait for you at the door. Xiao Han months rush after the dressing, for clothes, hurry to walk out, said Zhang Xiong, casually sent to call me fidget cube shark tank a call on the line, and warranty with great effort The two sides while talking about this side, Zhang Lan suddenly sighed and stopped, said Brother, there is something, I am afraid will give you trouble, you have to bear more. Xiao Han said What happened, Zhang Xiong commanded, brother absolutely comply with, so why solemnly Zhang Lan smiled, said It is toy fidget cube troublesome May also be the most adventures of adventure, but you Xiao brothers, I can not get how to say Xiao Han slightly Yizheng month, said Zhang Xion.e two feet and thirty feet. Xiao Han Yue said how to break the old predecessors to crack these syringes Mexican non sub Road Sword, Pindao self confidence, plum blossom needle can not protect the body through the Pindao sword screen, Xiao Daxia please Pindao sweep in this array, I went to remove their plum blossom needle Xiao Han month carefully look at them and found that the four hands of the first person who spent syringes, all look Lengsu, face expressionless, like a sculpture of clay sculpture, in addition to eyes with Murphy, Xiao Han body of the mobile In addition, the whole body static vertical wind pattern does not move. This look of fidget cube trademark the characters, one between, you can see, is the degree of life and death of people, is the kind of dead or alive regardless of success or failure. Xiao Han Yue gently toy fidget cube breath, said Road long, toy fidget cube I toy fidget cube see these people a little strange Mexican non sub sword has been to move forward, Wensheng stop, said What is strange Xiao Han Yue Road, these people, look woodenly, toy fidget cube in the face of a strong enemy, the wind can not move even move, there must be relied on Ink non toy fidget cube sub then said Plum needle is the rivers and lakes on the vicious one of the hidden weapon, as they relied on, like this plum blossom needle No, younger generation think they may not rely on plum blossom needle, perhaps do toy fidget cube not rely on Murphy look at the four Han, smiles In addi.

said Wang captain did not read Wang Shouyi shook his head, said No. At this time, Zhao Youlan is into the flower Xuan, behind, more of an apricot, apricot carrying a water bottle, and a porcelain bowl, Zhao Youlan mention a medicine box. Pot of water poured into the porcelain basin, still braving the steaming hot, Zhao Youlan opened the medicine chest, remove a piece of white cloth, immersed in water, first in the right hand on the right elbow, piercing two silver needles, On the two black spots. After three times, hot water to wipe the skin change eyes normal, can be clearly seen, it is two small wounds. Zhao Youlan closer candle, carefully look at the wound, meditation in silence. Often nine could not help, whispered The girl, not prescription, in what hesitation Zhao Youlan said I lack of experience, please look carefully, these two wounds, is not a needle injury Chang jiu, Zhang Lan looked down, and that wound is only a pinhole size, but Zhang Lan, often nine, even can not decide is not fine needle injury. Wang Shouyi said girl, what doubts in mind Zhao Youlan said There is a small needle, such as hair thin, long enough points, into the human body after the blood can be accompanied by mobile, within twelve hours, small outside into the heart, then, even Hua Tuo rebirth, Treatment of the Often nine If small needle as hair, then the wound is slightly larger. Zhao Youlan said.r skill, even if they Qiaochu sword and Xiao Xiong with a source, go back to ask the sword of Emperor, the sword of Emperor Hui talent, there must be to cope with the law, Xiao Gongzi appear rivers and lakes of things into his ears, the idea of cheap concubine is the sword Emperor may be trying to spread the news, should the Xiao Gongzi now hard to force the sword Emperor may not be good Chang nine The white girl said is reasonable. Xiao Hanyue thought for a moment, said Now how should we Bai Yuxian said The best part of the rivers and lakes friends invited to help fist Zhu Yingying a look, then said There is no use of power in the official, we have too little manpower, strength is too thin. Xiao Han said This, this Chang nine then said This I went to arrange, Zhang Lan is also considered to Wu to human, regardless of his identity to participate in, are all should be. Xiao Han said This is best not to disturb the official people Often nine smiled, then said I will Tan and the old predecessors and Zhang Lan to discuss. Xiao Hanyue whispered If there are three or five yin and yang concentrated only one application, should have great power. Nine often nodded and said I know. Tang Xiong, to the predecessors, are not injured light, you should take a few days rest. Tang Ming said to Zhongtian together Rest assured, we can support it. fidget cube commercial Xiao Han said No Please tw.rstand, sighed and said I hope we have to find out the reason as soon as possible, perhaps this is symptomatic of the drug, it is difficult toy fidget cube to make this combination of forces soon disintegrated, for its The use of rivers and lakes of human beings, can be awakened by the confusion. You already have these powers Bai Yuxian eyes condensate in the face of Xiao Han Yue, said But I can not tell what it is a country, how come But the smell of non sub sub loudly said Cheng Ying, Shangguanjie, Han Cheng Fang you know Pindao it He called out the name of Central Plains four singles, apparently, in the past has a very deep contacts. Wen Baiqi coldly said Do not know the old friends of the past four do A yellow into the British, smiled, said rooftop scattered people Murphy, who says we do not know Yes, yes, Pindao is Murphy, brother Pindao remember, but do not know Shangguan Xiong and Han Xiong also remember Shangguanjie dressed toy fidget cube in blue shirts, even a Baoquan, said rooftop old friends, martial arts sword, Shangguanjie how could forget. Mexican non sub I remember like, Pindao several visits, have not seen, but also Road, you secretly hidden seclusion, unwilling to goodbye to foreigners, can not think of four would fall into the four color Jianzhen leader Han Chengcheng white cold snow then said Road, the best kind words to talk about, what degenerate, into the leader, it.

Toy Fidget Cube lin sword, but can not argue that point is different. The middle of some different, Xiao Han month to tolerate the red teenager attacked the twenty seven sword, only to find his sword is not the sword of the power of the full play out. Always so poor that the strength is not enough, which makes the sword of the fierce minus a lot of strokes. The difference between the least bit, absurd. Yes, it is true of the Seven Shaolin sword, but the lack of that last point essence. Xiao Hanyue fully launched a counterattack, he has confirmed the heart has blocked unstoppable, by Xiao Han sword pierced by the back of the chest. Since his debut, Xiao Han month for the toy fidget cube first time, the seven evil sword on the power, all play out. Looking back, the flower hall, the already dead a few dead bodies, blood splashing flowers. It turned out that the blue boy toward the flower hall, the guard hall before the guards suddenly opened the umbrella, turning spring, shot iron arrows. Six handle umbrella open together, six iron arrows, together shot. This spring control of the iron arrows, had a great impetus, but the blue sword of juvenile swords as fast as the rotation, the sword on the strength and big, Jian Shi distribution, such as the light body care, six iron arrows, Completely blocked to go. This yin and yang umbrella on the machine spring, just above the handle of the fidget cube reaction umbrella handle, turn again and. $txt2=preg_replace(\"/\\.{2,}/i\",\"\",$txt2);


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